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Hash Suite: Windows password security audit tool. GUI, reports in PDF.
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From: yossarian at (yossarian)
Subject: Anti-MS drivel

Dream on or read below - it has BIND, Sendmail, SSH - the works - or rather
not works.

12.19.2003 News
Apple released Security Update 2003-12-19 described to offer numerious
security updates such as fixes for directory services, fetchmail,
fs_usage,rsync, system root via usb keyboard, file server, and a few buffer
overflow issues.

12.17.2003 News
Apple released 10.3.2 accessable via the software update pane in Mac OS X.
The update includes enhancements for FileVault and increased security for
the system.

11.26.2003 News
Security Advisory William Carrel's Security Advisory is SERIOUS. Mac OS X is
vulnerable to Malicious DHCP responses granting root access to remote users.
Full security advisory can be found here:

11.10.2003 News
Security Advisory FileVault in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) does not securely
delete the files it encrypts that can be restored with file recovery
software. FileVault Security Advisory - Secure Delete after Encryption.

10.31.2003 News
Security Advisory: Mac OS X 10.2.7 and prior along with a USB Keyboard
contain a security vulnerability that allows a user to gain root access to
the computer by holding down a two key combination during startup that only.
Read about root access via USB Keyboard on Mac OS X.

10.28.2003 News
Panther Security Advisory: Mac OS X Panther (10.3) contains a security
vulnerability; With access to the keyboard, an unauthorized user can access
the currently active screen-locked user environment. Security Advisory -
Read full

10.24.2003 News
Mac OS X 10.3 (A.k.a. Panther) has been released. This new version contains
many new security features, fixes and all around new applications for the
Mac OS X users. Amoungst the new features is the file security utility
FileVault, review to come shortly.

9.17.2003 News
New SSH Exploit (detailed here) affects Mac OS X granting the attacker
access to the computer as root. This security issue is vulnerable in OpenSSH
version prior to 3.7, and Mac OS X is currently only at OpenSSH 3.4. To
protect yourself from being vulnerable to this security risk disable SSH
access to your computer by accessing your Sharing Control Pane and make sure
that Remote Login is disable. Or setup your firewall to restrict access to
the SSH port to only allow trusted connections. We will update this issue
when Apple releases a security update.

7.07.2003 News
A security vulnerability in Mac OS X's password protected screensaver has
been discovered allowing a user with physical access to bypass the
screensaver's authentication scheme without supplying a valid password.

5.13.2003 News
Keep your Apple AirPort Administrator Password Safe. An advisory has been
released detailing an issue how an anonymous attacker can sniff and obtain
the Administrator's password when the administrator logs into the AirPort
Base Station to manage while connecting to it via a network or non-WEP
enabled wireless connection based on the units method of password
authentication. Secure connectivity can be obtained by connecting a computer
directly to the computer via a cross-over cable. Full details about the
authentication credentials involved with the AirPort can be read in the
@Stake advisory - CAN-2003-0270

4.10.2003 News
Security Update!Mac OS X 10.2.5 has been made available for update! This
version fixes a security issue in Apache 2.0 (CAN-2003-0132), File
Sharing/Service (CAN-2003-0198), DirectoryService (@STAKE), OpenSSL
(CAN-2003-0131), Samba (CAN-2003-0201), and sendmail (CAN-2003-0161).
Details as follows:

Directory Services - Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server contains a security hole
in DirectoryServices which allows for escalation of privledges and denial of
service attack which is fixed with the 10.2.5 update. DirectoryServices is
part of the operating systems information services subsystem, and is
launched at being setuid as root by default. Credit for this find goes to
Dave G. as noted by Apple's security advisory.

OpenSSL - The new version fixes OpenSSL so it is not suspectable to the
known Klima-Pokorny-Rosa attack.

sendmail - contained a issue where it did not adequately check the length of
email addresses in the address parsing code.

Apache 2.0 - Fixed a known denial of service vulnerability in Apache 2.0 -
2.0.44, the apache 2.0 service is only present in the Mac OS X server.

3.24.2003 News
Apple has released Security Update 2002-03-24 which is downloadable via
Software Update in Mac OS X. This update addresses a few security issues
which are vulnerable including Samba's vulnerability of allowing the
possibility for an unauthorized remote user to access the system. OpenSSL
security fixes are also included in this update, a issue lays within OpenSSL
where the RSA private key could be compromised when communicating over
certain protocols.

3.04.2003 News
A security vulnerability in SENDMAIL included in Mac OS X has been fixed and
addressed in Apple's Software Update. Please update your Mac OS X
immediately. ISS warning discusses the issue.

3.03.2003 News
MacScan Public Beta 3 has been released. MacScan runs on both Mac OS Classic
and Mac OS X to detect, isolate, and remove spyware. This new version
includes bug fixes, new spyware detection and also full administrative scan
for Mac OS X.

2.14.2003 News
Apple has released Mac OS X 10.2.4 which addresses a security issue
discovered by @Stake known as the TruBlueEnvironment Privilege Escalation
Attack. Clicking the link will take you to a page with information on the
subject and the advisory. The security issue exists in Mac OS X system prior
to 10.2.4 and allows for local users to gain root privledges.

1.31.2003 News
Mac OS X Screen Effects' password protection contains a security flaw which
allows for a user with physical access to the keyboard to be able to quit or
launch programs while being prompted to enter the password. When full
Keyboard access is turned on (toggled on/off by pressing shift+f1) the doc
can be accessed 'blindly' although you can not see it, the doc is still

1.25.2003 News
LittleSecrets allows Macintosh (X) users to store their 'little secrets' in
a encrypted format using 448 bit cipher block chaining blowfish algorithm.
The application may also optionally interface with your Keychain. Read the
Review, See Screenshots and Download Now.

12.20.2002 News
Apple has released Mac OS X 10.2.3 which adds security fixes to the
operating system as well as more support and bug fixes. Below outlines the
security updates details.

fetchmail updated to version 6.1.2+IMAP-GSS+SSL+INET6
CAN-2002-1383: Multiple Integer Overflows
CAN-2002-1366: /etc/cups/certs/ Race Condition
CAN-2002-1367: Adding Printers with UDP Packets
CAN-2002-1368: Negative Length Memcpy() Calls
CAN-2002-1384: Integer Overflows in pdftops Filter and Xpdf
CAN-2002-1369: Unsafe Strncat Function Call in jobs.c
CAN-2002-1370: Root Certificate Design Flaw
CAN-2002-1371: Zero Width Images in filters/image-gif.c
CAN-2002-1372: File Descriptor Resource Leaks

11.21.2002 News
Mac OS X 10.2.2 is available for download, go to the Software Update Panel
and proceed to update. The fix includes a few security related issues as
well as many bugs in the system.

The security update addresses, 11-21-2002 fixes a security issue related to
BIND (Domain Server and Client Library Software) where a unauthorized person
disrupt the normal operation.

11.13.2002 News
FWB Privacy Toolkit Volume 1 was released today giving Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
users the ability to encrypt files on their hard disk, folders, and also
securely delete files by overwriting the data making it so the data is less
likely to be recovered. Visit their site today and see the demonstration,
screenshots and technical details or download the Free Trial version. News
I'd like to welcome everyone back to, we've added a new face
to the site and are cleaning up many of the articles. Major updates will be
seen throughout the site because of you - the readers - feedback and
suggestions. Please let us know how you enjoy the new layout and if you find
any bugs or issues viewing it on your web browsers. has many new features and great news to roll out including a
Macintosh security software title for Mac OS 9(+earlier) and Mac OS X alike
can enjoy.

10.11.2002 News
PGP 8.0 Beta for Mac OS X has been released. This is something Mac OS X
users have been waiting for. PGP is encryption software which is supported
for cross-platform use. Note that this is a beta of the software and to be

9.23.2002 News
Mac OS X 10.2 Security Update - "Terminal This update fixes a security hole
introduced in Terminal version 1.3 (v81) that shipped with Mac OS X 10.2
(Jaguar) which could allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary
commands on the user's system. Terminal is updated to version 1.3.1 (v82)
with this Security Update." Updates can be downloaded from the Software
Update Pane, Apple's Security update page can be found here

8.19.2002 News
PGP Corporation announces Mac OS X PGP to be released Q4 of 2002. They
purchased the software from Network Associates. Good things ahead for the
company and PGP product..

8.16.2002 News
The Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium ( STOS ) is pleased to
announce the 1st annual Mac OS X & BSD Security Symposium. The symposium is
designed for system and lab administrators, programmers, developers,
strategists, and other technical staff involved in the deployment and
securing of systems. Past STOS events have been the central networking
events for the Mac OS X/Darwin security community. The Mac OS X & BSD
Security Symposium follows the previous STOS events by providing an
environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and techniques with a shared
goal of maximizing the security of the involved systems. The addition of
Robert Watson's TrustedBSD tutorial and several new papers on various
aspects of BSD based operating, brings even more value to this event. Click
the link for information, content, and registration information. There is no
other event with the same depth of Mac OS X and BSD security subject matter
as the Mac OS X and BSD Security Symposium.

8.8.2002 News
Security Update 2002-08-02 is out and includes the following updated
programs offering increased security protecting from recent attacks and
holes discovered that effected the components; OpenSSH, OpenSSL, SunRPC,
mod_ssl. Download via Apple's OS X Software Update Panel or download from
Apple's Web Site

7.16.2002 News
Fixed! A security issue dubbed as Mac OS X SoftwareUpdate Security Issue
describes how a user could have the SoftwareUpdate Pane install files from
an untrusted server by poisoning the DNS in tricking the computer to believe
that another IP is Apple's host and install malicious software has been
fixed by apple, performing a software update will resolve the issues or
visit the depot site.

6.28.2002 News
Mac OS X users should now perform a system update to install the latest
security fixes resolving the issues described below which allowed remote
users to attack the system.

6.26.2002 News
Security Alert //fixed! Mac OS X systems with 'allow remote login' enabled
in the sharing pane of the system preferences should be disabled until a new
release of OpenSSH has been made available from Apple in the security
updates.View advisory now a new version of the software is out but not
available through the Apple Software Updates. This has been fixed - Update
Software in Pane

6.19.2002 News
Security Advisory Cisco VPN Client for Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X contains
a security vulnerability, when the exploit is executed the vpnclient grants
administrative rights to the local user. More information and fix, update
and advisory for the mac os x cisco client.

6.13.2002 News
Version 1.2 of SubRosa Utilities has been released and can be downloaded
directly here This is the cross compatible encryption/decryption utility
workable on Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows OS. When you delete files use their
secure deletion utility

5.30.2002 News
SubRosa Utilities is the newest cross platform security encryption package
for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows 98. SubRosa Utilities is a suite of
security programs to ensuring your data stays secure. The package comes with
a file encryption and decryption application, and a File Shredding program
to ensure when you say your files are deleted they are securely deleted
making it hard to impossible for recovery. Check out SubRosa Utilities
today, and download right away.

5.13.2002 News
Microsoft Office 98 running on Mac OS 8.1+ is vulnerable to a exploit that
allows malicious code to be run. Microsoft has released a patch that fixes
all the Office 98 applications (Excel 98, Office 98, PowerPoint 98, and Word
98) more information can be found on their bulletin Off98URLSecurity.

5.6.2002 News
Apple has announced today that they will be dropping Mac OS 9 development
saying it isnt dead for the customers just for development. Steve Jobs said
it was time to drop Mac OS 9 at the WWDC today. What does this mean for
developers, Mac OS 9 is still more of a secure OS than Mac OS X is. The
session advised developers to develop for Mac OS X rather than OS 9.
Government agencies still wont use Mac OS X in their environment because of
the issues still within it. Mac OS 9 - We hope developers still do their
development on it to create a even more secure environment and Apple works
on updating and making Mac OS X secure as its previous systems. WWDC up to
the minute coverage

4.18.2002 News
On Guard 3.4 offers security improvements to the desktop security software.
Apple's Navigation Services and restricting the users ability to store files
in protected folders have been added in this version. For update
information, download links and a review of On Guard Read more

4.17.2002 News
Mac OS X Update 10.1.4 is now available and includes the following security
enhancement for your system:
* BSD-based TCP/IP connections now check and block broadcast or multicast IP
destination addresses

The Software Update pane in System Preferences will update the system
software with these security fixes and additional updates

4.16.2002 News
Alert! Unchecked Buffer in Internet Explorer and Office for Mac Can Cause
Code to Execute code. Anyone running Internet Explorer and Office for the
Macintosh should read the information here.

Intego has released an update to their content filtering software -
ContentBarrier which can be downloaded from the Intego Software Update page.

4.11.2002 News
Firewalk X 2 is a GUI based firewall for Mac OS X. The new version includes
setting of rules with expiration, and network restriction based on
application. Download Firewalk X 2

LockOut 4.1 for OS 8, 9 and LockOut 3.3 for OS X is a desktop protection
application by password. New in 4+ version is the Administration controls -
Take a peak @ LockOut

4.05.2002 News
Mac OS X Security update is available for download. To do so open up the
Software update in the System Panel and perform the security update or
download for Apples web site. This update fixes/upgrades/installs the

Apache Mod_SSL - updated to version 2.8.7-1.3.23 to address a buffer
overflow vulnerability which could potentially be used to run arbitrary code
in conjuction Apache is updated to version 1.3.23.

groff updated version 1.17.2 to address the vulnerability CVE ID:
CAN-2002-0003, where an attacker could gain rights as the 'lp' user

mail_cmds is updated to fix a vulnerability where users could be added to
the mail group

OpenSSH - updated to version 3.1p1 to address the vulnerability reported in
FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-02:13, where an attacker could
influence the contents of the memory.

PHP - updated to version 4.1.2 to address the vulnerability reported in CERT
CA-2002-05, which could allow an intruder to execute arbitrary code with the
privileges of the web server.

rsync - updated to version 2.5.2 addresses a vulnerability which could lead
to corruption of the stack and possibly to execution of arbitrary code as
the root user. FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-02:10

sudo - updated to version 1.6.5p2 to address the vulnerability reported in
FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-02:06, where a local user may obtain
superuser privileges.

4.01.2002 News
Protect Your Mac from Hackers and Viruses is a article which informs
Macintosh users about security and details the importances of data recovery
and loss prevention. Read this article now

3.08.2002 News
Mac OS X users running Apache with PHP installed be aware there is a
security issue in PHP versions prior to 4.1.2. has prepared a
4.1.2 install of PHP for Mac OS X which corrects the security issue..

2.22.2002 News
TypeRecorder released version 1.5 of their keystroke saving application
which runs under Mac OS 9+ adding new features to the program.

2.20.2002 News
Mac OS X 10.1.3 has been released you can update with the built in "Software
Update" feature. Networking and Security Improvements include:

Login authentication support for LDAP and Active Directory services
OpenSSH version 3.0.2p1
WebDAV support for Digest authentication
Mail includes support for SSL encryption

2.18.2002 News
MacAnalysis 2.0b9 for classic and 2.1.4 for OS X has been released. This
update for the security auditing tools adds new functionality supporting the
airport, adding new exploits to the security sweep, auto updating and
content filtering. MacAnalysis is available for Mac OS and Mac OS X

2.13.2002 News
Ettercap 0.6.4 just released and tested with Darwin. Ettercap will sniff,
intercept, and log data on LAN networks, used by system administrators to
find problematic situations.

2.07.2002 News
IPNetSentry 1.3.3 for the PPC has been released fixing a few bugs in this
Firewall software, not protected yet from the outside world? Give
IPNetSentry a try - It's shareware, free download get more info

2.04.2002 News
February 2002 virus definitions have been released. Update your anti-virus
software to protect you from the latest viruses, trojans and macros. Find
the links to download the newest definitions from the left hand side of the
web page.

MacAnalysis 2.1.3 X the security auditing suite for Mac OS X has been
released, this version fixing a bug many users were running into and adds
more improvements. Download MacAnalysis X or the classic version here

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