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Date:   Wed, 1 Feb 2023 00:54:07 -0500
From:   "Theodore Ts'o" <>
To:     Eric Biggers <>,
Subject: Re: [e2fsprogs PATCH] lib/support: don't assume qsort_r() is always
 available on Linux

On Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 09:58:29PM +0000, Eric Biggers wrote:
> From: Eric Biggers <>
> Since commit 4e5f24ae4267 ("Use an autoconf test to detect for a BSD- or
> GNU-style qsort_r function"), e2fsck fails to build for Android because
> lib/support/sort_r.h assumes that qsort_r() is always available on
> "Linux", but in fact it's not supported by Android's libc.
> Rename _SORT_R_LINUX to _SORT_R_GNU to clarify that it's really the
> glibc convention for qsort_r(), not the "Linux" convention per se, and
> make sort_r.h stop setting it automatically when __linux__ is defined.
> Note: this change does *not* prevent glibc's qsort_r() from being used
> when e2fsprogs is built using the autotools-based build system, as
> 'configure' checks for qsort_r() too.  This change just affects the
> fallback behavior for when qsort_r() was not already detected.
> Fixes: 4e5f24ae4267 ("Use an autoconf test to detect for a BSD- or GNU-style qsort_r function")
> Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <>

Thanks, applied.

					- Ted

P.S.  Actually, I ended applying it first when I was reviewing the
AOSP commits from
that weren't yet upstream.  I haven't yet updated
go/aosp-e2fsprogs-reconcilation as of this writing, but I'll get to
that tomorrow.

Reconcilation up to AOSP commit 1c856d2bbde5:

AOSP commit: df8e49a9d7e691a148e3fc59df77c9aca86034f9
Upstream commit: n/a

    Update generated files for Android
Change-Id: I7da01654acdf39f4a7e7f6f3829c1043c1a6f079

AOSP commit: 30fa5b9af82695711cc1bf749fbb0cd18afa008a
Upstream commit: cdc9dbf348a99b94a9f750ffdb7e6191d8ac0f39

    Android: run bpfmt on all bp files
Change-Id: Ia08c8d481199dfa917dbed2dc218df167f101ce5

AOSP commit: d08d59557a34c6362e3660e7e35bc118591dbbfaa
Upstream commit: 9aaccbc6fded1b3cfb7c9521665b8b7162f2150f

    Android: consolidate warning suppressions
Change-Id: Icebc03289dae920cb1b673e605c48f7f2b517625

AOSP commit: 890e23673b7496bbf400e6bb5fd555bbb3c4b88f
Upstream commit: dd4a98cc743f87768877a567561bc67506fe9cc7

    Android: stop suppressing warnings from macOS build
Change-Id: Ie6a1c098a2e5b9db42c9a239ddfbf682cbd3bad2

AOSP commit: 0ef947d1d4890b3fd4509bc1f3c98bb0f0a525f5
Upstream commit: c4749950337327946f969b3bfeb67b3cdf60672a

    Android: stop suppressing warnings controlled by -Wall
Change-Id: Ida895a1c5dfdf168bc6f50049680b2d2bfbb2942

AOSP commit: c9aa74eac41f8feeabb2321383161c7cf92cb49b
Upstream commit: 23081a924a098243730d721f941c032ca4addf3a

    Android: consolidate addition of include/mingw/
Change-Id: I92fdaf3e58029dfca3187af928d943270b2a2109

AOSP commit: f22381d07818ff7e55e89698a1daf23ba2357d69
Upstream commit: 62267969523e27604806cb6b149cbf5e0019cf79

    Android: add a new upstream source file
Change-Id: Iafeccde9acca678e665b49a4cdb42ac0672e2a84

AOSP commit: 9f289d0add4f12fa2e4b21754141363a2759d152
Upstream commit: 3d2214e50ce1a69f718427e1c125eb476af54611

    lib/support: don't assume qsort_r() is always available on Linux
Change-Id: I4ed2fd6aef5a0d62960988d29e35acd337bb7d02

AOSP commit: c30a15e5d615748d4824dec26f1bda1a86be979c
Upstream commit: 6605a07f6afe3d9d667ff31855bc607c1904d18b

    Stop explicitly specifying -fno-strict-aliasing
    Change-Id: Ifa637058fd95fdc2b6994a8b801b238e929c1f13

AOSP commit: 7c581e836497595d0748953eb2b533777d9f4fd4
Upstream commit: 97f9109b6633dbf086645c21750ecc5f022d72a3

    mke2fs: stop suppressing warnings for Windows build
Change-Id: I12de1b58e839658568c2f7cd30f1c2a227fe15f2

AOSP commit: c3b223fedcb94e5763c48b93a4445289d13a5eb0
Upstream commit: 0c7e1296e4a1b4318d2a388e8a9832c2e6d0c5f3

    e2fsdroid: stop disabling address sanitization
Change-Id: I89a7a1ec1a45d0a2ed76d2e5938dbc127eb267a6

AOSP commit: 854b5e3e7e21294f560565195cbf925d7ea57c92
Upstream commit: n/a

    mke2fs: stop disabling memory leak detection
Change-Id: I0800b66134c9502b504bda02a71d85f341b057c3

AOSP commit: 3f6a1f7d271c5df9c3d2494c26d8ee108e1c2904
Upstream commit: n/a

    Update generated files for Android
Change-Id: Ia147859dbaed58d6e3d157acf6f0e695bc326b23

AOSP commit: 8c1a8b9620cb7752c8e9406fb4cbc77aa77d7e0d
Upstream commit: 70cbe94019cd24018d28887cf79953a0b41f4bee

    mke2fs: fix Windows build
Change-Id: I24d5ceae1cb72dd68968997c549117bfa0870220

AOSP commit: babec051ea643665d0f0d46c46482841ec62e2d2
Upstream commit: f8a9d77cea1fc924f59f24955a1c8d6878410f5c

    libext2fs: fix 32-bit Windows build
Change-Id: I548b204edd1d7b30ddf9fa3a9c1020179d2cbae9

AOSP commit 0c82cec0d1aa70c993b5231a2c2244eb5175e638
Upstream commit: 7bda04ec457e662c0abb3b55c0e5e5bc625b0fee

    Update lib/ext2fs/Android.bp for upstream change
Change-Id: Ieab0b9ad5a9f7c275153e0f90553761693967762

AOSP commit: 110cf8fb95e1850b5bc64007c9e5ee0f7e1adaf9
Upstream commit: 997902106fab2bc7cb0f7251eb55fad4b721b51a

    resize2fs: remove unused variable 'c'
Change-Id: I959a021ced55127340449380d37046b6b841351c

AOSP commit: 54818f635e4249db903dd17fca22ae11b3c0f3a0
Upstream commit: 810f73f2e58d36f60f11bcb80f03d94efa752a31

    mke2fs.microdroid: Allow non-APEX version of libs
Change-Id: I1aa493bfc188bb78e21efe98423f4a79215f7d95

AOSP commit 2aa5b65667e71bc278117caffa46c331d75d2803
Upstream commit 1f8c70161734a245dc151e2e8c45d2378d6f8a70

    Create blkid_static
Change-Id: I191840a21df1c10f4371acbe8067f39f148f28b8

AOSP commit f12ebffc345741380d9a30ddac528a9b995657cd
Upstream commit 218695a0a746eb5fc2875359dff3226c9709be4b

    Make blkid host_supported
Change-Id: I46c1e18b9dbdbeb41c7dfe4e26496004d1b2b3de

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