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Date:   Sun, 26 Nov 2017 20:18:41 +0100
From:   "Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)" <>
To:     lkml <>
Subject: man-pages-4.14 is released


The Linux man-pages maintainer proudly announces:

    man-pages-4.14 - man pages for Linux

This release resulted from patches, bug reports, reviews, and comments 
from 71 contributors. Nearly 400 commits changed more than 160 pages.
In addition, 4 new manual pages were added.

Tarball download:
Git repository:
Online changelog:

A short summary of the release is blogged at:

The current version of the pages is browsable at:

A selection of changes in this release that may be of interest
to readers of LKML is shown below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-4.14 ====================

Released: 2017-11-26, Paris

New and rewritten pages

    Michael Kerrisk  [Peter Zijlstra, Thomas Gleixner, Zack Weinberg,
                     Florian Weimer]
        New page describing pthread_spin_init(3) and pthread_spin_destroy(3)

    Michael Kerrisk  [Carlos O'Donell]
        New page describing functions that lock and unlock spin locks
            Add a page describing pthread_spin_lock(3), pthread_spin_unlock(3),
            and pthread_spin_trylock(3).

    Don Brace  [Michael Kerrisk, G. Branden Robinson]
            Document the smartpqi SCSI driver

    Tomáš Pospíšek, Eric Biederman, Michael Kerrisk
        New page document veth virtual ethernet devices
            Based on a page from Tomáš Pospíšek, with some clean-ups by mtk.

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

    Prakash Sangappa  [Andrea Arcangeli, Mike Rapoport]
        Add description for UFFD_FEATURE_SIGBUS

    Rik van Riel  [Colm MacCárthaigh, Michael Kerrisk]
    Michael Kerrisk
        Note fork() and execve() semantics for wipe-on-fork setting

    Mathieu Desnoyers
        Update membarrier manpage for 4.14
            Add documentation for these new membarrier() commands:

    Mike Kravetz
        Add description of MFD_HUGETLB (hugetlbfs) support
            hugetlbfs support for memfd_create() was recently merged by Linus
            and should be in the Linux 4.14 release.  To request hugetlbfs
            support a new memfd_create() flag (MFD_HUGETLB) was added.

    Christoph Hellwig
        Document RWF_NOWAIT added in Linux 4.14

    Tyler Hicks
        Document the SECCOMP_GET_ACTION_AVAIL operation added in Linux 4.14
    Tyler Hicks
        Document the SECCOMP_FILTER_FLAG_LOG flag added in Linux 4.14
    Tyler Hicks
        Document the SECCOMP_RET_LOG action added In Linux 4.14
    Michael Kerrisk  [Kees Cook]
        Add description of SECCOMP_RET_KILL_PROCESS
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add SECCOMP_RET_KILL_THREAD description and rework SECCOMP_RET_KILL text
    Michael Kerrisk
        Document the seccomp audit logging feature added in Linux 4.14

    Tyler Hicks
        Document the seccomp /proc interfaces added in Linux 4.14
            Document the seccomp /proc interfaces in Linux 4.14:
            /proc/sys/kernel/seccomp/actions_avail and

    Michael Kerrisk  [Stas Sergeev]
        Document the SS_AUTODISARM flag added in Linux 4.7

    Michael Kerrisk
        Document /proc/locks
    Oliver Ebert
        Document /proc/kpagecgroup
    Oliver Ebert
        Add KPF_BALLOON, KPF_ZERO_PAGE, and KPF_IDLE for /proc/kpageflags

    Michael Kerrisk
        Document /proc/sys/kernel/ns_last_pid

Changes to individual pages

    Michael Kerrisk
        Clarify discussion of kernels that have no VFS capability support

    Michael Kerrisk
        Warn that the clone() wrapper modifies child_stack in the parent

    Goldwyn Rodrigues
        Add iocb details to io_submit
            Add more information about the iocb structure. Explains the
            fields of the I/O control block structure which is passed to the
            io_submit() call.
    Mike Kravetz  [Florian Weimer, Jann Horn]
        Add description of old_size == 0 functionality
            Since at least the 2.6 time frame, mremap() would create a new
            mapping of the same pages if 'old_size == 0'.  It would also leave
            the original mapping.  This was used to create a 'duplicate

            A recent change was made to mremap() so that an attempt to create a
            duplicate a private mapping will fail.
    Michael Kerrisk  [Michal Hocko, Mike Kravetz]
        BUGS: describe older behavior for old_size==0 on private mappings
            Explain the older behavior, and why it changed. This is a
            follow-up to Mike Kravetz's patch documenting the behavior
            for old_size==0 with shared mappings.

    Michael Kerrisk
        By contrast with O_RDONLY, no file permissions are required for O_PATH
            Note one of the significant advantages of O_PATH: many of the
            operations applied to O_PATH file descriptors don't require
            read permission, so there's no reason why the open() itself
            should require read permission.

        Clarifications needed due to NFS reexport
    NeilBrown  [Lennart Poettering]
        Clarify MAX_HANDLE_SZ
            As hinted in the kernel source, MAX_HANDLE_SZ is a hint
            rather than a promise.

    Michael Kerrisk  [Marin H.]
        Since Linux 4.5, fcntl() can be used to set O_DIRECT for a pipe

    Breno Leitao
        Fix argument order
            Currently pkey_alloc() syscall has two arguments, and the very
            first argument is still not supported and should be set to zero.
            The second argument is the one that should specify the
            page access rights.

    Michael Kerrisk  [Michał Zegan]
        Fix bogus description of reboot() from non-initial PID namespace
            The current text was confused (mea culpa). No signal is sent to
            the init() process. Rather, depending on the 'cmd' given to
            reboot(), the 'group_exit_code' value will set to either SIGHUP or
            SIGINT, with the effect that one of those signals is reported to
            wait() in the parent process.


    Michael Kerrisk  [Peter Zijlstra]
        sched_yield() is intended for use with real-time scheduling policies

    Michael Kerrisk  [Adhemerval Zanella, Florian Weimer, Kees Cook]
        Add some Caveats regarding the use of seccomp filters
    Michael Kerrisk
        Document the "default" filter return action
            The kernel defaults to either SECCOMP_RET_KILL_PROCESS
            or SECCOMP_RET_KILL_THREAD for unrecognized filter
            return action values.
    Michael Kerrisk  [Kees Cook]
            In Linux 4.14, the action component of the return value
            switched from being 15 bits to being 16 bits. A new macro,
            SECCOMP_RET_ACTION_FULL, that masks the 16 bits was added,
            to replace the older SECCOMP_RET_ACTION.
    Michael Kerrisk
        Explicitly note that other threads survive SECCOMP_RET_KILL_THREAD

    Michael Kerrisk
        Rework discussion of SA_SIGINFO handler arguments
            Expand and rework the text a little, in particular adding
            a reference to sigreturn(2) as a source of further
            information about the ucontext argument.
    Michael Kerrisk
        Mention that libc sets the act.sa_restorer field

    Michael Kerrisk
        Make it a little clearer that a stack frame is created by the kernel
    Michael Kerrisk
        glibc has a simple wrapper for sigreturn() that returns ENOSYS

        Correct AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT text and general revisions
            Expand on the relationship between fstatat() and the other three
            functions, and improve the description of AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT.
            Specifically, both  stat() and lstat() act the same way with
            respect to automounts, and that behavior matches fstatat() with
            the AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT flag.

    Michael Kerrisk
        glibc 2.24 dropped CWD from the default path
            Document the glibc 2.24 change that dropped CWD from the default
            search path employed by execlp(), execvp() and execvpe() when
            PATH is not defined.

    Michael Kerrisk
        Add some notes on systemd and core dumps
    Michael Kerrisk
        Dumps are not produced if core_pattern is empty and core_uses_pid is 0
    Michael Kerrisk  [Per Böhlin]
        RLIMIT_CORE is not enforced when piping core dump to a program

    Michael Kerrisk  [Miklos Szered, Ram Pai]
        Correct the description of the parent mount ID for /proc/PID/mountinfo
    Oliver Ebert
        Add mmap-exclusive bit for /proc/[pid]/pagemap
    Marcus Folkesson
        Update description of /proc/<pid>/oom_score
    Lucas Werkmeister
        Clarify permissions in /proc/[pid]/fd/

    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a brief explanation of /sys/kernel
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a brief description of /sys/class/net
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a brief description of /sys/kernel/mm
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add brief description of /sys/kernel/debug/tracing
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a description of /sys/kernel/mm/hugepages

    Michael Kerrisk  [Petr Malat, Tobias Klausmann]
        Correct the description of SO_RXQ_OVFL

    Christian Brauner  [Michael Kerrisk]
        Document new 340 line idmap limit

Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
Linux/UNIX System Programming Training:

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