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Date:   Fri, 8 Oct 2021 14:01:53 -0500
From:   "Limonciello, Mario" <>
To:     Sachi King <>,,,,,, Shyam Sundar S K <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] platform/x86: amd-pmc: Add alternative acpi id for
 PMC controller

On 10/8/2021 10:57, Limonciello, Mario wrote:
> On 10/8/2021 07:19, Sachi King wrote:
>> On Friday, 8 October 2021 21:27:15 AEDT Shyam Sundar S K wrote:
>>> On 10/8/2021 1:30 AM, Limonciello, Mario wrote:
>>>> On 10/5/2021 00:16, Shyam Sundar S K wrote:
>>>>> On 10/2/2021 9:48 AM, Sachi King wrote:
>>>>>> The Surface Laptop 4 AMD has used the AMD0005 to identify this
>>>>>> controller instead of using the appropriate ACPI ID AMDI0005.  
>>>>>> Include
>>>>>> AMD0005 in the acpi id list.
>>>>> Can you provide an ACPI dump and output of 'cat /sys/power/mem_sleep'
>>>> I had a look through the acpidump listed there and it seems like the 
>>>> PEP
>>>> device is filled with a lot of NO-OP type of code.  This means the LPS0
>>>> patch really isn't "needed", but still may be a good idea to include 
>>>> for
>>>> completeness in case there ends up being a design based upon this that
>>>> does need it.
>>>> As for this one (the amd-pmc patch) how are things working with it? 
>>>> Have
>>>> you checked power consumption
>> Using my rather limited plug-in power meter I measure 1w with this patch,
>> and I've never seen the meter go below this reading, so this may be over
>> reporting.  Without this patch however the device bounces around 
>> 2.2-2.5w.
>> The device consumes 6w with the display off.
>> I have not left the device for long periods of time to see what the 
>> battery
>> consumption is over a period of time, however this patch is being carried
>> in linux-surface in advance and one users suspend power consumption is
>> looking good.  They have reported 2 hours of suspend without a noticable
>> power drop from the battery indicator.
> Thanks, in that case this is certainly part of what you'll need and it 
> sounds like you're on the right train as it pertains to the wakeup sources.
> For both patches in this series:
> Reviewed-by: Mario Limonciello <>
>>>> and verified that the amd_pmc debugfs
>>>> statistics are increasing?
>> s0ix_stats included following smu_fw_info below.
>>>> Is the system able to resume from s2idle?
>> It does, however additional patches are required to do so without an 
>> external
>> device such as a keyboard.  The power button, lid, and power plug trigger
>> events via pinctrl-amd.  Keyboard and trackpad go via the Surface EC and
>> require the surface_* drivers, which do not have wakeup support.
>> 1. The AMDI0031 pinctrl-amd device is setup on Interrupt 7, however 
>> the APIC
>> table does not define an interrupt source override.  Right now I'm not 
>> sure
>> how approach producing a quirk for this.  linux-surface is carrying 
>> the hack
>> described in
>> Also available here:
>> 2. pinctrl: amd: Handle wake-up interrupt
>> Without this patch the device would suspend, but any interrupt via
>> pinctrl-amd would result in a failed resume, which is every wakeup
>> souce I know of on this device.
> Yes that was the same experience a number of us had on other AMD based 
> platforms as well which led to this patch being submitted.
>> 3. pinctrl: amd: disable and mask interrupts on probe
>> Once I worked out that I needed the patch in 2 above the device gets a 
>> lot
>> of spurious wakeups, largely because Surface devices have a second 
>> embedded
>> controller that wants to wake the device on all sorts of events.  We 
>> don't
>> have support for that, and there were a number of interrupts not 
>> configured
>> by linux that were set enabled, unmasked, and wake in s0i3 on boot.
> We'll have to take a look at this to make sure it's not causing a 
> regression for the other platforms the original patch helped.  If it 
> does, then we'll need some sort of other messaging to accomplish this 
> for the surface devices.
>> These three are enough to be able to wake the device via a lid event, 
>> or by
>> changing the state of the power cable.
>> 4. The power button requires another pair of patches.  These are only 
>> in the
>> linux-surface kernel as qzed would like to run them there for a couple of
>> releases before we propose them upstream.  These patches change the 
>> method
>> used to determine if we should load surfacepro3-button or 
>> soc-button-array.
>> The AMD variant Surface Laptops were loading surfacepro3-button instead
>> soc-button-array.  They can be seen:
>>> Echo-ing to what Mario said, I am also equally interested in knowing the
>>> the surface devices are able to reach S2Idle.
>>> Spefically can you check if your tree has this commit?
>> My tree currently does not have that one.  I've applied it.
> You should look through all the other amd-pmc patches that have happened 
> as well in linux-next, it's very likely some others will make sense too 
> for you to be using and testing with.
>>> this would tell the last s0i3 status, whether it was successful or not.
>>> cat /sys/kernel/debug/amd_pmc/smu_fw_info
>> === SMU Statistics ===
>> Table Version: 3
>> Hint Count: 1
>> Last S0i3 Status: Success
>> Time (in us) to S0i3: 102543
>> Time (in us) in S0i3: 10790466
>> === Active time (in us) ===
>> DISPLAY  : 0
>> CPU      : 39737
>> GFX      : 0
>> VDD      : 39732
>> ACP      : 0
>> VCN      : 0
>> DF       : 18854
>> USB0     : 3790
>> USB1     : 2647
>>>> /sys/kernel/debug/amd_pmc/s0ix_stats
>> After two seperate suspends:
>> === S0ix statistics ===
>> S0ix Entry Time: 19022953504
>> S0ix Exit Time: 19485830941
>> Residency Time: 9643279
>> === S0ix statistics ===
>> S0ix Entry Time: 21091709805
>> S0ix Exit Time: 21586928064
>> Residency Time: 10317047
> Yeah these look good, thanks.
>>>> Does pinctrl-amd load on this system? It seems to me that the power
>>>> button GPIO doesn't get used like normally on "regular" UEFI based AMD
>>>> systems.  I do see MSHW0040 so this is probably supported by
>>>> surfacepro3-button and that will probably service all the important 
>>>> events.
>> We require the first patch listed above to get pinctrl-amd to load on 
>> this
>> system, and the two patches mentioned in 4 so we correctly choose
>> soc-button-array which is used by all recent Surface devices.


I was talking to some internal folks about this patch.  We had one more 
thought - can you please put into a Github gist (or somewhere 
semi-permanent) the output of:

# cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/amdgpu_firmware_info

That way we know more about the FW versions on your system in case of 
any future regressions stemming from this.


If you can pick up the tag:


as well as that value for "Link: <url>" pointing to amdgpu_firmware_info 
in the commit message.  Or if you want Sachi to re-spin to do 
themselves, then Sachi feel free to add my Reviewed-by tag in your v2.


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