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Date:	Sun, 07 Oct 2007 18:24:24 +0200
From:	"Eliezer Tamir" <>
	"" <>,
	"Michael Chan" <>
Subject: [BNX2X][PATCH 8/8] bnx2x_asm.h

This is the microcode for the BCM57710 chip.

Signed-off-by: Eliezer Tamir < 
drivers/net/bnx2x_asm.h | 4900 
1 files changed, 4900 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/net/bnx2x_asm.h b/drivers/net/bnx2x_asm.h
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5604c2d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/drivers/net/bnx2x_asm.h
@@ -0,0 +1,4900 @@
+/* bnx2x_asm.h: Broadcom Everest network driver
+ *
+ * Copyright (c) 2007 Broadcom Corporation
+ *
+ * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+ * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+ * the Free Software Foundation, except as noted below.
+ *
+ * This file contains asm code derived from proprietary unpublished
+ * source code, Copyright (c) 2007 Broadcom Corporation.
+ *
+ * Permission is hereby granted for the distribution of this firmware data
+ * in hexadecimal or equivalent format, provided this copyright notice is
+ * accompanying it.
+ */
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x4c5, 0x53a, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x249, 0x24a, 0x24b, 0x286, 0xe3, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x1025, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0xd22, 0xd50, 0xc0f, 0xe1e, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x1083, 0xe87, 0xe47, 0x7ff8, 0xec8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x153e, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x12c0, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x153e, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x153e, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x1336, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x153e, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x18b1, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x18b1, 0x7ff8, 0x1632, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8};
+ 0X0, 256);
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7ded0300, 0xc594780b, 0xbb7cf0b9, 0xdd925edf,
+ 0x212b9b24, 0x1024d840, 0xb72e0351, 0x09b08a80, 0xbad2a310, 0xa8b4445c,
+ 0xc810840b, 0x6c1ea455, 0x5722c9ed, 0x52836d2f, 0x0dd20f41, 0xa723d2a2,
+ 0xd06c1a0d, 0xc445cba8, 0x3968dad6, 0xaffa2b16, 0x4810a88a, 0x73c1eb04,
+ 0xf7dff96c, 0xefdd999d, 0x209bb2fb, 0x7d39e7da, 0x769f1ffe, 0xdedcdf32,
+ 0xf333ef79, 0x6ccaacce, 0xb1893acc, 0xd20ff873, 0xd8c61477, 0x9f5a68d8,
+ 0xc618e90c, 0x8399776a, 0x3631e4f7, 0x34259779, 0xcdf20329, 0x7906d04a,
+ 0x54094bd3, 0xcf336a7e, 0x7e3b9bd7, 0xb3942576, 0x13d99adf, 0x8961b090,
+ 0xd8c59626, 0xffe33b31, 0x98be40c6, 0x9e04cab1, 0x73de6dad, 0x55fa832b,
+ 0x0096366d, 0x9ab58fed, 0xfa5f98bd, 0x00641284, 0xb5eeed43, 0x7fe81cd6,
+ 0x49695051, 0x09fe4370, 0x8be508f8, 0xac41cd5b, 0x91dc95df, 0x763273e5,
+ 0xdcced1bc, 0x3fef8456, 0x8c45c2b3, 0x2cee092d, 0x4b7a81cb, 0x131e2876,
+ 0xb364b38c, 0x06349a12, 0x33412bbf, 0xddbd5174, 0x38c3dcc1, 0x8d18e70c,
+ 0xfa58f34b, 0xfd0b8c18, 0xeac9b532, 0xd6f1c24b, 0x5149dd5b, 0x746f1cfc,
+ 0x5f3238d1, 0x07182bfb, 0x5afdd5da, 0xeb14e0f1, 0x02dfcc4c, 0x9dda9fe3,
+ 0x2771e730, 0xb5856fce, 0x8f3b4930, 0x3ce1cf79, 0xad9b0496, 0xab844e65,
+ 0x14595ad9, 0x7b7aafed, 0x4dae1eba, 0x9afcfd05, 0xbc7a6372, 0x61773191,
+ 0x3184bf34, 0xe1138b6f, 0x0fa75a0f, 0x9d7f7e8f, 0xab3d12a5, 0xdb999bb7,
+ 0xb19fed1e, 0x8c996300, 0x84279999, 0x49ed6578, 0x4edd2d1e, 0x5b74f4bb,
+ 0xc6da2a9a, 0x82e7e781, 0x9e05eb0e, 0x41f08a7e, 0xad75e29a, 0x29fe6150,
+ 0xe94b9853, 0x0b7afda5, 0x6312d39b, 0x332237be, 0x667efc00, 0x98eb7822,
+ 0xbb4c66ff, 0x00550d4c, 0x650bfc3c, 0x6bbe60fb, 0x7afede15, 0x6bfaa6e6,
+ 0x48bd5907, 0x14d7f5d7, 0x13ce6e3f, 0x7cc0c973, 0x41f793e5, 0x5ee56997,
+ 0x1155f886, 0x1858456f, 0x3ca1980e, 0xa8ea4769, 0xfc5adcfb, 0x7f625695,
+ 0x3a4c63c9, 0x2426b8fa, 0x5369f2ea, 0x75f80cd2, 0x2a5d8eba, 0xcda700f2,
+ 0x2d423dd4, 0xd724ac60, 0x6776fc4e, 0xe6e495ae, 0xae1c89ce, 0xc19d733b,
+ 0xc7efe400, 0xde439706, 0x15ccbfea, 0xb2301f03, 0xea636589, 0x3df1b137,
+ 0x1e21d7cb, 0x074a0f81, 0x01f85d7f, 0xeea6f5a4, 0x974854c2, 0x9c01252b,
+ 0x23c46ac7, 0x6b330ea4, 0x6c3b79c0, 0x6eb4f08c, 0x01e3f168, 0xcdee9e0d,
+ 0x45e53c03, 0x02d7bdfb, 0x6d9073df, 0x275e02ca, 0x59e79be1, 0xfd0bd799,
+ 0x6203cdac, 0x6774015f, 0x10c0a165, 0xceef2fe8, 0xddafc46c, 0x85a1720a,
+ 0x14f00ac7, 0x220f3c11, 0xc0e31b1c, 0xaf1c2f63, 0xbf212783, 0x024f074a,
+ 0xb1e3870c, 0x7806f5c0, 0xd8f017ae, 0x764bff29, 0xcf63c13d, 0xacf04e5f,
+ 0x1d2ab2b3, 0x7811893c, 0xbf1c21b6, 0x03d67c12, 0xe857853f, 0x44bf93f1,
+ 0xc4ab1f8f, 0x3c031ccf, 0x893c0473, 0x364eef04, 0xff27e387, 0x363f1c47,
+ 0x4f0b4718, 0xcf5e8472, 0xc42f3c21, 0xd17ec781, 0x0a7e3d04, 0xb1f8f46a,
+ 0x19e67849, 0xe02799e0, 0xfb3c1271, 0x9f8e3cd8, 0x1e09bb82, 0xe3c1ad9b,
+ 0xe0db2282, 0xca2086c4, 0xebfe1b85, 0x1810e907, 0x45a41c77, 0x67f58c69,
+ 0x9f2c87ec, 0xd133bae0, 0xffd6117f, 0xd5f81132, 0x152bd519, 0x7f59e63b,
+ 0x7058550a, 0xa3fa828d, 0x4546c84e, 0x0cb7d71b, 0x8050f1f4, 0x99db54f7,
+ 0xf805df2f, 0xf48db62b, 0xcf24dd98, 0x142feb0c, 0x7337ab53, 0xcbe630fc,
+ 0xfa849e9d, 0x633b97cd, 0x51791538, 0x04622d4f, 0x58390f63, 0x163964d8,
+ 0xa2e7c8d6, 0xe2fcfa4d, 0xe12f3ea0, 0x013fc12e, 0x8f40c7ef, 0x1fafd031,
+ 0xf4c31e82, 0x0dbb0b13, 0xd051cded, 0x95aacc73, 0xbebc15c7, 0x6c70e9ca,
+ 0xf8e48393, 0x5bb7f5cb, 0xe1c20159, 0xc66ae400, 0x4543b009, 0x62d9bf30,
+ 0x212ca77e, 0xc431e90b, 0x3bea3173, 0x585b9f3e, 0xf4367570, 0x9d81e0b3,
+ 0xeccba416, 0x2c69daf6, 0xae91e719, 0x07798fef, 0xb01f4898, 0x07d02601,
+ 0x5bd75a73, 0xc6e64006, 0xc30f9639, 0xf9377a9a, 0x541ff9f5, 0x2ca7f3e9,
+ 0xed098b41, 0x358562f9, 0x34b7b8c3, 0x38e5cbe8, 0x08d2c3ff, 0xd9bc724f,
+ 0x69fe8340, 0xa24caf38, 0xe1c5df9b, 0x6ca07f07, 0x0595da00, 0x9c09e78a,
+ 0x851bd60f, 0xc5683bf4, 0x4c2eb7ef, 0xd907dcf5, 0xcfcb55f7, 0xc27a572e,
+ 0x0c1854cb, 0xec2fbcda, 0x8725f84e, 0xefa234d7, 0x5cc6dc79, 0xfc237784,
+ 0xe7d72db7, 0xf38c05e7, 0x6faff4e3, 0xaa3f492b, 0x72db5ef9, 0x0d51fa4d,
+ 0x9f6f549f, 0x0e2fcbae, 0xbfaba4de, 0x5d3cd368, 0xc5a6c2f9, 0xeb05f2ba,
+ 0xe7e5d76e, 0xd5d2ee05, 0x0af96dbf, 0x0d2df95d, 0x7fcaeaf7, 0x975eb550,
+ 0x88ffc9bf, 0x738dfeae, 0xcae5759a, 0xa3078b4b, 0xf56f545f, 0x780fee0f,
+ 0x8d8ef93f, 0x7ca2556d, 0xd3fcf92c, 0x8f4a6cc6, 0x5d29ba37, 0x720a7281,
+ 0xd3cdda6f, 0x06f3adfa, 0xbe4b7ca3, 0x90d2c4ff, 0xc9ece0db, 0xec3946df,
+ 0x006cafc9, 0x7e78afda, 0x7cc28d40, 0x0a5def28, 0xfbf263b7, 0x1907a151,
+ 0xade487bb, 0xb1e5cac6, 0xa5fe99e6, 0xd6351728, 0x33836150, 0x45acbf7e,
+ 0x0e2c79a1, 0xe8e87482, 0x8f806059, 0xc7b9dff7, 0xa1d7e34c, 0xfd1cbcde,
+ 0x82955f04, 0xe5f687e3, 0xf08e1cce, 0x502b1778, 0x9265b58f, 0x2c6cec3e,
+ 0x22aa3f4f, 0x7e947cfe, 0xd28738da, 0x4a7e8d63, 0x5156368f, 0x036361fa,
+ 0xe5c6e1a5, 0x18dfbe94, 0xe348f4a0, 0xd2ff4a3a, 0xe1e944d8, 0xbe944dc6,
+ 0xf4a418dd, 0xd297a354, 0xbada9f08, 0x64afd10b, 0xba18daef, 0xf8432cc6,
+ 0x66dfd26d, 0xf854bf3c, 0x62f0f1db, 0xfc5c7ba4, 0x37a980b1, 0x722625ba,
+ 0xe5a8c07a, 0xbefce40c, 0xccf39f8b, 0x551579e7, 0xa3c01006, 0xfd234bf5,
+ 0x83ce2d22, 0xded1472e, 0xcfb09fa0, 0x8590764c, 0x4cccf59e, 0x6803e2d2,
+ 0x65e6fa84, 0xd009f047, 0x9b8a055f, 0x781f4bf3, 0xf1f07d39, 0x4bafd464,
+ 0xa3ae4db3, 0xafcfe3a3, 0xe5cf25b6, 0xdf53c0d4, 0x6e9fcfa6, 0x1fb9ca52,
+ 0x35994ee9, 0xe5c1f91c, 0xe9043a3a, 0xeca94d96, 0xd5b66967, 0xeb1d3475,
+ 0x6c3e6905, 0x17f12a47, 0xdea863ac, 0xbc470d77, 0xb470a27e, 0x3da08fb2,
+ 0xf105e6f9, 0x0be5c7eb, 0xfa2b0bf5, 0xf2ddacdf, 0x1b53da25, 0x2e1ceffc,
+ 0x794a98bc, 0x8b7d6fd9, 0x0cbb6039, 0x8dd0efbf, 0x72dced07, 0xbf2e788d,
+ 0xd953fe37, 0xa01fc931, 0x07630e92, 0x0927c899, 0x4ebebd2e, 0xdbebe5d5,
+ 0xfa74bbfa, 0x7900ff1b, 0x1515e365, 0x7046a0f9, 0x6c3dad45, 0x3ccb03f5,
+ 0x4ba6f82b, 0x0053ae75, 0xd7857ade, 0x72badd3f, 0xac6e95f6, 0x35f344d9,
+ 0xf1bc77c2, 0xe3555ba0, 0x3e6d5fc3, 0x862fa77d, 0x4537ff3f, 0x4c6af1a1,
+ 0xf6664fdc, 0x09ca3240, 0xcf240ecb, 0xce66fe20, 0xbd687e08, 0xf268e303,
+ 0x67f01fb2, 0xb3d963ba, 0x77f7134e, 0x9b26e38d, 0x5fc2f394, 0xcb378edd,
+ 0x3c46de70, 0x6e7db5d6, 0x137ad3f5, 0xe28e2bfe, 0x59f7e251, 0x026c97c5,
+ 0xfdb25efe, 0xd7ca2b03, 0xe14096a7, 0xe3e2f38f, 0xcefc27a7, 0xe88e63ec,
+ 0x4aee973c, 0xe96aff22, 0x0f4eb17a, 0x771c0eb0, 0xf03178fe, 0x034b50d7,
+ 0x662e5807, 0x9102fc82, 0x8fe5eb93, 0xfe8ac059, 0xa6e667d6, 0xe613f462,
+ 0x5f9356b7, 0xd9a5a4b5, 0x49f17e8a, 0x7c472a66, 0x256f649d, 0x6bd0d68f,
+ 0xf84ac9b4, 0xef4eb05a, 0xa99f8037, 0xa99f83cb, 0x19b257cb, 0xadfeb859,
+ 0x970160dc, 0x2ba9e697, 0xa8b9302f, 0x61ac45df, 0x8fd7da0d, 0xbecf475a,
+ 0xdbf0e912, 0xbf118ac7, 0x4078a1f3, 0x4df1e21a, 0xe35f63c2, 0xa3fac62f,
+ 0x1c61c27a, 0x86b7ca37, 0x8781047d, 0x378aedda, 0xbc6f8318, 0x7f246f82,
+ 0x875945ad, 0x4e9121f4, 0xf12a2937, 0x899999ab, 0xe7afcd5f, 0xba4e3ce2,
+ 0x0a5301ec, 0x77c543d8, 0xec932983, 0x43a408f5, 0x257af2a7, 0x8a63f6aa,
+ 0x7acbbe9f, 0xc08d0d4c, 0x01b0187d, 0x41565fc4, 0x0b8e1b47, 0xad9c12ed,
+ 0xa3d5db0c, 0x5b7d429c, 0x5f9baab6, 0xf681fe3d, 0x7b231860, 0x97d6e090,
+ 0x907d813b, 0xfa618efe, 0x7d1e49ef, 0xdf323abe, 0x6e17f110, 0x9b7fa18b,
+ 0xcc86776c, 0xf1b28fe0, 0x1d64676a, 0x9ceb8f91, 0xf48c11e4, 0x4df69b9c,
+ 0xb87f0996, 0x2c33ec4e, 0x97ed2e6b, 0x4ebecbd6, 0x259759fd, 0xf5ffd1a8,
+ 0xf915b76a, 0x866cfea2, 0x2dfe9825, 0xa61b9df4, 0xcd77d1ac, 0xca257f8a,
+ 0x127bd4a7, 0x3b7d518f, 0xbf95a5d0, 0x5efa0a5f, 0x4c19f8f0, 0x559f6fa7,
+ 0xbd210ffc, 0x705fe38d, 0xfa3dd9ff, 0xda77e5ff, 0xfd1e90ff, 0x7f0b1d3f,
+ 0xe2df50a7, 0xc650e03e, 0xfa3f483a, 0xf7e41852, 0xdc3ef89b, 0xa06e3b5f,
+ 0x7ffa3c7c, 0x2a18f20a, 0x1861ff44, 0xfef9590b, 0x3ae5e626, 0x5f7daab8,
+ 0xab9fae19, 0x03759fc0, 0x4d662f5f, 0x10be37a4, 0x9a0e2ffd, 0xff034859,
+ 0x513ff692, 0xbcad25fd, 0xa16b357e, 0x1a0fb8fa, 0x52e1e1d2, 0xa43abb5d,
+ 0xb0afee37, 0x0fa825c5, 0x62cdbaba, 0x376c00ff, 0xffb115e5, 0x412958b2,
+ 0x5e0bfd7f, 0xd4f7cfff, 0xdf302b2a, 0xb3da2299, 0xb6f98280, 0x53fed47e,
+ 0x013dd2d3, 0xf2a36f6a, 0x6572d34e, 0x012bf905, 0xb3daafe2, 0xe973e26e,
+ 0x1daad51f, 0x67b5ffc4, 0xd45c9087, 0xb4a6cd9e, 0x6a40f967, 0x3f367b57,
+ 0x9521794e, 0x535faf9f, 0xa713d67b, 0x9c62319f, 0x2ce07151, 0x125e7016,
+ 0x28847ca7, 0xffa7161f, 0x25d76a22, 0xd9cd76ec, 0x81a42c11, 0xfdf3355b,
+ 0x892ff050, 0x1af7e42f, 0xcf6c0be4, 0xb5be883a, 0xfa3ae92d, 0x4a35e746,
+ 0x937edfd7, 0x0a3de39b, 0xc68d0b3f, 0xff89b3fe, 0x403ff7e2, 0xbc1a2fc7,
+ 0xfdf8fb51, 0x8ff1a18f, 0x3334bea9, 0xe57fa3cc, 0x670fb259, 0x6bcd1754,
+ 0x1fd4d293, 0x89b672f5, 0x7b0079d1, 0xf46feb92, 0xca2fc967, 0xe8cca770,
+ 0x2f75afc5, 0xbdaa6537, 0xcdbbcff8, 0x371c02fe, 0x64bb24f8, 0x717ff43b,
+ 0x4b83d585, 0x0f978b81, 0x69d354c9, 0x553fbe5c, 0x342ae307, 0x7afb923d,
+ 0x2a6033f4, 0xebc5365d, 0x6aaef285, 0xcb007357, 0x09690ca7, 0xc1a73e41,
+ 0x5d19fb4d, 0x77da850e, 0x883b8bfd, 0x01dc72e5, 0x04a129ed, 0xaa031e30,
+ 0xd0d62fc0, 0x3e835065, 0x73bc63df, 0xf630b6ee, 0x13cb8777, 0xefb4e5e0,
+ 0xa1e84035, 0x173f332e, 0x600de391, 0x97683d81, 0xc9bc77ce, 0xd20ca4e6,
+ 0x44e64ef3, 0x99740f3d, 0xd28cce6a, 0x90ded2a5, 0x8976768b, 0xb70ca5af,
+ 0xfc5b0780, 0x6afe22d7, 0xb01c74e6, 0x850d2f50, 0xfa4b0fe8, 0x1fd03531,
+ 0x7e8476ed, 0xc784292f, 0x978e76ac, 0x66e683fa, 0x1961bf3c, 0x281615fe,
+ 0x48515d3f, 0xaf478b78, 0x75bb978b, 0xddfa04f4, 0xdc5df08c, 0xf084debe,
+ 0x146dba49, 0xc2d905fb, 0x17f5968f, 0x16fda59a, 0x1e5d05e3, 0x8befdfdc,
+ 0x2f2d868f, 0x1f017ea4, 0x47c0fa8b, 0x85f7960d, 0x33dd8f8f, 0xbf01f2b2,
+ 0xe1276665, 0xe613f161, 0xeb400da0, 0x05fd2e9a, 0x40feb4ef, 0xe9c60ad7,
+ 0xc36c78be, 0xf177841e, 0x00278a63, 0x45f68af9, 0xb5d018d3, 0xaff80e72,
+ 0x3efd3df9, 0x8be40b64, 0xe8ded16a, 0xd3c701ff, 0x3d9aa5ba, 0xb939b9f0,
+ 0xbd583fa7, 0x135f9f5d, 0xe4418be5, 0x39c405c7, 0x9ff79d90, 0x5de7e56d,
+ 0xb88f01a7, 0x6cf32d5f, 0x8bd52a5b, 0xa4551f9c, 0x728fceea, 0x895282ce,
+ 0x61039f21, 0x3f3da401, 0xa8965dc9, 0xd6efbbcb, 0xafe4af9f, 0xbf9dd1ca,
+ 0x5f20790c, 0x70dc2f97, 0x6c3f2e89, 0xfe5d28f3, 0xe8576d92, 0x51da2bfa,
+ 0xd11f2baa, 0xef2ead7a, 0xaba19f69, 0xcdff6a3f, 0xd798fcba, 0xc5f2ebe7,
+ 0xf2e89687, 0xd52c8fe3, 0xfa38afe5, 0x31ff5d23, 0xbdb7eaf8, 0x4b26d5f1,
+ 0x024f23d3, 0x24923cff, 0x0a770cfd, 0x32ffc18b, 0xe7e663dd, 0x5fe5a62c,
+ 0x7b4b5f12, 0x64fe5a6b, 0x3474753f, 0x368e8d9f, 0xccefedca, 0xaf4f77a4,
+ 0xf4e5fae2, 0x5fa469dd, 0xfd9ccf80, 0xe02b858b, 0x7a727946, 0x5e0dff50,
+ 0x653e24ed, 0x59dba76e, 0x924fd51c, 0x3e84f32f, 0xd157f1cb, 0xdcd06b7a,
+ 0x179c0ad0, 0xdf1d27e8, 0xadc2e2e5, 0xee94f480, 0xfae5e0fb, 0x9f405e7c,
+ 0x63d0623f, 0x9ed1e771, 0x3471e7ca, 0x97abf695, 0x88dcff0a, 0xbd1b47af,
+ 0xacbd9dfd, 0xdb2595e7, 0x7ae0d79b, 0xb1e2b774, 0xa2cdfb41, 0x874c16fe,
+ 0x7c89b480, 0xcaab72ed, 0x726ed052, 0xcfd8dfff, 0x0ce4b560, 0x6ab1d3ea,
+ 0x77a419e9, 0xb2afdfc4, 0x257f5cc6, 0x9e0326e1, 0x52aeaa83, 0x7ddf8c3b,
+ 0x856cf317, 0x74b52c29, 0x3c21b1ef, 0x4ec9bbb7, 0x32e103b8, 0x36a0ef9c,
+ 0x76359985, 0xb1e03ce8, 0x8f0499a8, 0xe38b1d45, 0xd8ff9374, 0xb6c2a2fd,
+ 0xbc38e1e6, 0xf3bba5df, 0xc4739e18, 0xd9b8f383, 0xe0c67042, 0x863534eb,
+ 0x8bd888fd, 0x776156f9, 0x3fbd9dbf, 0xdf89baa3, 0xcf783e65, 0xfd71fda3,
+ 0xe4ada83c, 0xe8f41533, 0x94f86020, 0x8c67c851, 0xbfb7a87d, 0x3ecd43ec,
+ 0xfb71bc53, 0x7f8f514a, 0xf8fe22a8, 0x7cb1a8be, 0x31e5cab4, 0x051bf977,
+ 0x97f23443, 0x82f5fcbb, 0xa4f91a21, 0x2f04c57f, 0x756177ad, 0x7a92f8a0,
+ 0x776837f6, 0x393541c9, 0xe8ff3c3e, 0x1fd3c679, 0xaec3f9de, 0xe3b9fe47,
+ 0x5362b335, 0x7d00d284, 0xddc850b0, 0x5919e6c2, 0x7c3e1aa9, 0xad7831b4,
+ 0x272d1f76, 0x502e9f0e, 0xb9bc1fb9, 0xc56d7031, 0x65d7ec10, 0xc0f3cad2,
+ 0xe50f2070, 0xe1d5b2b3, 0x425ea209, 0xbd70b2e0, 0x659ce7c6, 0x3e402ff2,
+ 0x07597f9f, 0xc20d03ed, 0xd22297fd, 0xfa58de5b, 0xcf189973, 0x4acedf3b,
+ 0x6c5f3e60, 0xcefd90b0, 0xd871f2b6, 0x9f8a0e73, 0xbeeb0858, 0xb85f2834,
+ 0x4be85d2b, 0x1a5b5c3d, 0xa55dae9b, 0x3805c746, 0xb91c2196, 0x8e197f61,
+ 0x03ec583f, 0xbb9b90c5, 0x81ecded4, 0xeb8e6fd1, 0xa403b977, 0x91e53707,
+ 0x1289f41f, 0x2e305ab4, 0x8d685666, 0x73b5f205, 0xa8f10a1b, 0xc177e8c5,
+ 0xc2aaf7f8, 0x9bf5c2ef, 0xf6b4bbf4, 0x14c9fb08, 0x33d9fde7, 0xecd1afc0,
+ 0x7e09b427, 0x195977af, 0x51eb93ae, 0xf5d0622e, 0x6bfb9569, 0x577d8ed2,
+ 0xb9307f7e, 0x7ee49d87, 0xb71b16fe, 0x8abd870f, 0xb7a7f205, 0x331d91e7,
+ 0xffe603e2, 0x4fa3552b, 0x369f972a, 0x76ffbfce, 0x2fec5be5, 0x51f7e854,
+ 0xbf7cce4f, 0xfb4615f8, 0x0f481b0c, 0x15a5f0df, 0xf02538e1, 0xcce3c177,
+ 0x38dd7662, 0x17b323be, 0x9f9c69ba, 0x66a738e3, 0x61c69dfe, 0x7a8c5c2c,
+ 0xe05311e6, 0xce9a2f4d, 0xd0f39b99, 0xe44ecdff, 0x64c66afe, 0xf767feb1,
+ 0x417c6095, 0xfcc97fc6, 0xc82fda3a, 0x9fe651b8, 0x1417f9e4, 0x01f08f11,
+ 0xdc94ffaf, 0x94aab83f, 0xe5121fca, 0xfebcb7ec, 0xa9fd651f, 0x5923fcbc,
+ 0x79abe45f, 0x86ab2ffe, 0x5e3f2296, 0x807c3e30, 0xcebefd0f, 0xc483c431,
+ 0x9bbd9d4b, 0x671cedfc, 0x6f1e4efb, 0xbfd02d04, 0x20ccfe11, 0x1e056853,
+ 0xe2f63c66, 0x6f11539f, 0x0b956c29, 0xcfe029cf, 0xe17ae731, 0x4679e347,
+ 0xfd8bdf44, 0x4554afd2, 0x9624f2a5, 0x5d27e584, 0x32e980ce, 0x1bfd3fda,
+ 0xfb9ecfd9, 0xd65df4a7, 0x4a9fee33, 0xed560d7f, 0xe73be90a, 0x3bb60a17,
+ 0x936bff5f, 0x604bcb85, 0xf78f5f35, 0xfd198fe5, 0x931641d2, 0x1f4fae4e,
+ 0xf5a4a776, 0x9f5b5e72, 0xe793addd, 0x193bb52e, 0xd7d762f5, 0x7a8add1f,
+ 0x31a9f303, 0xfdb447f4, 0xd5cfc217, 0x573263ef, 0xae43e106, 0xf69e90b3,
+ 0xc9bc68ac, 0xf1402522, 0x079cf203, 0x4f44f816, 0x3e635025, 0xa737e977,
+ 0x175dcae7, 0x7bf9e0a5, 0x3c0f88ad, 0xabcd9cf9, 0x713d67dd, 0x0abe60ee,
+ 0xe344ebf6, 0x9e980535, 0x3efbe34c, 0x771b9f27, 0xc9e7f500, 0x6c59bf5f,
+ 0x7c9e5c01, 0x5562cde6, 0x276bf763, 0x9cfb1475, 0x7a2271d1, 0x5edb1ed5,
+ 0x4498b34e, 0xca05e01c, 0x3f419549, 0x462fde39, 0x99790726, 0x347f4166,
+ 0x3f4eace9, 0xf5c0983d, 0x661683ff, 0xf4df2276, 0x70be3c67, 0x791d7ebb,
+ 0x91fb887a, 0xbebbd40a, 0xf87ebe4c, 0xc4d5a01a, 0x1eca1cc7, 0xf812bdf3,
+ 0x3dffb33e, 0xfe6e9c01, 0x1fad1326, 0xe73b06df, 0xab6c634a, 0x1fcf05ea,
+ 0xfc8c61d2, 0xf72a59de, 0x739fa0eb, 0x1b9fa0e7, 0xfaed13b0, 0xfce1d855,
+ 0x00a8e04d, 0xa69acc7f, 0xd9a2fce8, 0x5fa894b3, 0x1c73ff04, 0xa092050a,
+ 0x3091d27e, 0x1ca7fded, 0x21922b65, 0xe0d9da9f, 0xf09a4275, 0x79c147ba,
+ 0xbad322ff, 0x999be706, 0xea19fa65, 0x779334c7, 0x0bd004fd, 0xa7e5d75b,
+ 0xe5d9dfa2, 0x292c0536, 0x4fe7f9f1, 0x6947e08d, 0x4ccf89ce, 0x0a6a0253,
+ 0x276e17da, 0x9a3ebc57, 0xf7c368f8, 0x6ff63714, 0xf971bf6c, 0x00a60aef,
+ 0x75ddfa5e, 0xcc0a60b0, 0x0fd8836b, 0xc1413f01, 0x4507a9b8, 0x4cd2e57c,
+ 0x8d54bf77, 0xed7d2ddc, 0x26bf5486, 0xe3c8dadf, 0xf1139f36, 0xcf186d9c,
+ 0xf3d8c859, 0xb694d98d, 0xfbe9ba37, 0x880f1906, 0xf6fd080c, 0xbd97c48b,
+ 0x7dfa8a51, 0xe90cf235, 0xbd4ad7ff, 0x73fe6103, 0xb46fca55, 0x801a51bc,
+ 0xf0575b3f, 0x5fab2df2, 0xe50027bf, 0xdeeef6fd, 0x4a7e8c97, 0xfb82d29b,
+ 0xf8d05b71, 0xb7a6bf02, 0xbe10548f, 0x0a91b6f4, 0x22d7bbf6, 0xb79855f6,
+ 0xaca7ca3f, 0x2bf7bad7, 0xb4787bab, 0x7e433f7e, 0x71e385b5, 0xefde9e63,
+ 0xfee76fe8, 0xee16cbc6, 0xe8d4bddf, 0xaf3dac1b, 0xffc7189f, 0xe56df5dc,
+ 0x79c7a6a9, 0x2d51c902, 0x9db95b0b, 0x33fd26e9, 0xc515f421, 0x72124f21,
+ 0x99f30f5d, 0xe499f307, 0xce2a7ee4, 0x9f7c1e6f, 0x5638caa4, 0x5e981f1e,
+ 0x9f7cdd9e, 0x57b7dd66, 0xa1ec6fcc, 0xe05fab6e, 0xfa68ed05, 0xa7e10f61,
+ 0xe78f2f75, 0x83d9f7ae, 0xb5b55009, 0x0067b3c4, 0x2b76fbae, 0xd65f5c6e,
+ 0xb9f0f019, 0x0fa64fe8, 0xfb30f35e, 0x3f87c629, 0xf8237367, 0x10fc90bf,
+ 0xfaf64b38, 0x7c864917, 0x800fe482, 0x46fc88b7, 0x46b53f1d, 0x0f7affca,
+ 0x85ab4ff2, 0x7cb73fe7, 0xcc62fc41, 0xe9115eaf, 0xfa6bea9f, 0x535bfea3,
+ 0xbcd3fd65, 0xffec9e7d, 0x50dfef0c, 0xebe2dc3e, 0xa7307a44, 0x68ed0f37,
+ 0xfc82ef24, 0x355e4d70, 0x2f3cede4, 0xdf76b1f9, 0x8f100757, 0xaf9ced75,
+ 0x7e077823, 0x5ff0bd46, 0x1de76116, 0xdb8e71cc, 0xc137f273, 0x458fff9e,
+ 0xc0ca1e7b, 0xa5ef0f9e, 0x6cfbd85c, 0x3df644d6, 0x209e0307, 0x283ac81d,
+ 0x94dd65cd, 0xeea7b7ba, 0x99a4b445, 0xa2a7d37c, 0x0b3bfbff, 0xe98ce5e9,
+ 0x9e105243, 0xf39d0374, 0x87cf9cec, 0x369c4bd8, 0xaf4473a4, 0x1acdf3f0,
+ 0x37594fa1, 0x14e9ab8f, 0x60227fbc, 0x4f41580a, 0xcdef34d5, 0x764ef3c2,
+ 0x35e541d0, 0x84e6ee22, 0x5ac79597, 0xd559e567, 0xe8ce776f, 0xc995cbd7,
+ 0xe6e741de, 0x56795f20, 0x72ac7f5c, 0x10eabe12, 0xa7d3483e, 0xf25ca985,
+ 0xfadb5d77, 0xf1e000dc, 0x10ef3db3, 0xe6b13efd, 0xd699f3f1, 0xf87ead37,
+ 0x81fad75e, 0x67d0f515, 0xbce0dfe8, 0xe79d0f54, 0x49efeead, 0xe5e512b9,
+ 0x55b6660f, 0x9641ff33, 0xdc6d548e, 0xabd05edc, 0x10cde05e, 0xf74c59e8,
+ 0x74c57e83, 0x19a7e81f, 0x1709cfd0, 0xfa12369b, 0xa87db139, 0xb5e0056b,
+ 0x75f254b9, 0xd3e44afe, 0xd7c97ce6, 0x4ef4ad17, 0xf4f3e180, 0x3eab66f9,
+ 0x8e723ebf, 0x8464d177, 0x9e5d84fb, 0xcfb45de3, 0x325ea80b, 0x84bf5a35,
+ 0xf9f281e3, 0x8c98ee6b, 0xced97706, 0xe2df64b1, 0xb3aaadd9, 0xb573ba39,
+ 0xa26eac4f, 0xa01a955f, 0xb3aaac7d, 0x55ce74b9, 0xf50f391a, 0xefd463f6,
+ 0xb7887ed4, 0xee407ce8, 0x0be66bc7, 0xe0367b79, 0x1fc04d25, 0x14e572b8,
+ 0x2c2fff98, 0xd761bd1a, 0x30059fce, 0x245f7464, 0xf54bdc2e, 0xfefaad9b,
+ 0x05417ab5, 0x2897d9fe, 0xe566bbfb, 0xea310994, 0x97ea1a27, 0xc7a7feca,
+ 0xd7ab4784, 0xfd5f50ec, 0x3eda2d9b, 0xd10f4b5b, 0xdfccbe5f, 0xe845fd4c,
+ 0xa3af9813, 0x7ab5be4f, 0xeeab9e25, 0x6094f04b, 0xf7f76cfc, 0xe465e918,
+ 0x5e468f2f, 0x9edcadf3, 0xcf1d9d55, 0xefc974b4, 0x0c099741, 0xfda172e9,
+ 0xd089fb19, 0xa083fc1f, 0xd170dce6, 0x90ca3b8e, 0x59f191ce, 0xaa37f680,
+ 0xa0b01736, 0x3fff7e46, 0x470a171c, 0x28bc6ea9, 0xf83a651c, 0xc7c1dffe,
+ 0x31f07115, 0x87c13bf1, 0xf4ca3ed1, 0x188fb432, 0x5aaa9837, 0xc32e9cf1,
+ 0xd3e7b014, 0xec89b239, 0x6c9796eb, 0x6c405c5e, 0x62f26b49, 0xa596fd9c,
+ 0x374acf6e, 0x795f0fea, 0x702bcc1e, 0xe4e28997, 0x3a7be4b7, 0xcb797cf0,
+ 0x567be6bf, 0x0ccea0e2, 0xc43c67b2, 0x3adfbe1f, 0x841e5afb, 0x68add7c4,
+ 0x9f5d68f2, 0x7f75a76a, 0x17b38cc6, 0x32db3da3, 0x59ce92a3, 0xa029fa34,
+ 0x4cd6b3f7, 0xea443f46, 0xcd6d8737, 0x2fd680e4, 0x495eac0b, 0xafc47c7e,
+ 0xa4f64d5a, 0x4a5bf6af, 0x1c6317c3, 0x6fb056f6, 0x9d35b418, 0xc37ee9b9,
+ 0x96476ae3, 0x5be60ed6, 0x5cbe7ac4, 0x66fde315, 0xdabbea32, 0xde31546b,
+ 0x134f9423, 0xfb5bf7f0, 0xcbf44ae0, 0x349e2c0a, 0x5576976c, 0x63ffdd37,
+ 0xad08786a, 0x039dcdd3, 0x85911e29, 0x520fd033, 0xdd2bfc5e, 0xab082c07,
+ 0xedd3b444, 0xbb8d7b43, 0x64d9fef9, 0xb04e575a, 0xdee83339, 0xd0b98b96,
+ 0x8dc7fb1f, 0xc67aa4e7, 0x19aed2f1, 0xeefd4893, 0xff416feb, 0x2494c663,
+ 0xfc95978a, 0x60a7ec67, 0x9fb31a93, 0x3f4ae378, 0x2186f32f, 0x4a17ef31,
+ 0x9f6bc5ba, 0xe327096f, 0x72a9f53e, 0xa3183cb5, 0xcb8d857d, 0x05fbf1a1,
+ 0xf47373fb, 0x5e0f0efb, 0xc22e76f3, 0x0a47cccd, 0xb23bfe39, 0x3f8f1e90,
+ 0xe63261f0, 0x30fbaeb7, 0x7bfcd30b, 0x6eb8a0bf, 0x485918d0, 0x6f15679f,
+ 0xc4a7ca05, 0x49f9bc6f, 0x55fcca7c, 0xabbd6167, 0x5fe927d1, 0x647c5374,
+ 0xe74634fd, 0xd31eb85e, 0x36c7f1e2, 0x8faa1ebe, 0x7a008e73, 0x3a36c7e2,
+ 0x4548e9d7, 0x67fe22b8, 0x00d69bdb, 0xef4217ae, 0xe8cf7ad0, 0xd23f4a6f,
+ 0xe9930eb8, 0xd3f71b52, 0x76a7e9e3, 0xff889741, 0xa3f5fc2e, 0xfa461f62,
+ 0x220915e7, 0x945f886f, 0xc25d8b71, 0x15baee6f, 0x3cc2772f, 0xe414f1fb,
+ 0x1bf690a2, 0x21d69859, 0x3fbc9b4f, 0x3d3ad1b5, 0x5014e74c, 0xf497eb4e,
+ 0x1b8a7e69, 0xa9f814ae, 0x859254dc, 0x9ec576fe, 0x0bde689b, 0xf5a74c37,
+ 0x7986e569, 0x77096784, 0x3edfc185, 0xf69a34d3, 0x51d1e315, 0xdfd2d7fa,
+ 0xbc767e96, 0xcd5c53fa, 0xfb10c744, 0x4fe90253, 0x4519473c, 0x7e7418fb,
+ 0x2df3fd27, 0x61bf7e56, 0x47df0263, 0x1df782d8, 0x457d47c0, 0x3e9139f5,
+ 0xa66d7caf, 0x6def98fa, 0xa6ea727f, 0x474de60c, 0x2ffbc6bb, 0xf398f84d,
+ 0x646fdcb5, 0xec9be566, 0x2a6d3e37, 0x6abe426d, 0x8a07fc12, 0xe1e9c2c0,
+ 0x7dca54a6, 0xfa4dc5be, 0xd9ef00ac, 0x532f80c4, 0x59a487ec, 0xe72859c2,
+ 0x8af7a875, 0x9c7dbf50, 0x7dd2761c, 0xd3ab923d, 0xe2bd056d, 0x7ee28fff,
+ 0xf625bd51, 0x827be7f9, 0xfb17af5f, 0x14f2c6a2, 0x37479cbb, 0xddbadbe9,
+ 0x516e4963, 0xffdda31f, 0x8fd01ee3, 0xa7081f28, 0x693d6fb3, 0xe2717d4c,
+ 0xb2e3a224, 0xe33788a1, 0xb87b1db8, 0xe3a6fe5e, 0x983826fa, 0x4edfa35d,
+ 0x7fb261a9, 0xbf8606a7, 0xfa41f88f, 0x7c0f3bcc, 0xc7376a9e, 0x0a6fbbd4,
+ 0x5fbf1a7c, 0xab9ddeb0, 0xf447475f, 0xf2e0eb2e, 0x377afe7c, 0xf0899ed9,
+ 0xc42be231, 0x8f5ef683, 0xf378cbe4, 0xd267582e, 0xee320bdd, 0xfb146fe7,
+ 0xed1f977a, 0xe24fceb6, 0x68a52bfb, 0x28f53f5a, 0xb8fbe1f3, 0xbceb6123,
+ 0x05bf7ce1, 0x61e9b7d7, 0xed9fed0f, 0x7698b0b5, 0x34e029ca, 0x37a93fea,
+ 0x4edf8efb, 0xa387add3, 0x3c59dbf1, 0xefdb33de, 0xa595bc44, 0x069d7dca,
+ 0x127dd635, 0x6d9d5e99, 0xce2117b8, 0x8718ca73, 0xf6586aeb, 0x1d757fa2,
+ 0xbfb8aa0b, 0xbf738d73, 0x3aefcfca, 0xaf685fa8, 0xc6b9973b, 0x375fcfad,
+ 0x9eff9f4c, 0xc8bdf627, 0xe5b1c9cc, 0xcd7fde58, 0xe7ea48bb, 0xf3f51590,
+ 0xfd259db2, 0x350fd37a, 0xd8d05eb8, 0x87681ad5, 0xf5c1aa78, 0xfeec7a42,
+ 0xf6da45dc, 0x8f48162e, 0x05833ed5, 0xc514f134, 0x434ec173, 0x3c09e2bb,
+ 0x6f087695, 0x7f3973aa, 0x9b8dea80, 0x2bf9edc2, 0x1d876c89, 0x36f5fbf4,
+ 0xf71e3456, 0x11e1ec1e, 0x7a3d203f, 0xe41fa8bf, 0xf69f8669, 0xb70658f9,
+ 0xdc99df77, 0xe9c7d06d, 0x07c3dad7, 0xf8bb8b70, 0xcdd93770, 0xdcbbc566,
+ 0xe5ce431e, 0xb1c07b7c, 0x788577fc, 0xf6496c9f, 0x1c334a41, 0xf92c5e5c,
+ 0x15ae7a7a, 0x48896f7a, 0x10b4c7ab, 0xe7667fde, 0x47d5edfb, 0x7f88c943,
+ 0xa3c73967, 0xc5d308f3, 0x39f118fd, 0x67edc6d5, 0x076818f5, 0x9bb73af5,
+ 0xe7fc8859, 0x05f23250, 0x28521d0b, 0xa4e0515e, 0x6bd70773, 0x4bec7627,
+ 0xf3a1a05e, 0xfe5b99f1, 0xff9863f5, 0x40775c54, 0x392b197f, 0x566619fc,
+ 0xb3be40ae, 0x7889f1e5, 0x7b29f0cf, 0xa2bf8d1a, 0x1f89a1e5, 0xb3f8fe42,
+ 0x4a41e5e6, 0x680b5a57, 0x0b5b9ffc, 0xa9e7bd21, 0xa7e8ad97, 0xac2b829b,
+ 0xfb3ecf68, 0x0889facd, 0xaf8f67df, 0x5df3889f, 0xf4cbf4f9, 0x4acb657d,
+ 0xa6ff8f4a, 0x3f8fca99, 0x7be54cde, 0xb523fa9f, 0x1eecfe3f, 0x3bc3cfc2,
+ 0x213ed0f7, 0x8ccafc0b, 0xd04eb9f3, 0x8516baed, 0xb2d354f0, 0xc1a05d53,
+ 0xfced75d3, 0x4efb7d7b, 0x7f7c2175, 0xfeeef158, 0x57ca256f, 0xdb753d9f,
+ 0x8ad7e4e5, 0x58afa57b, 0x08a3b080, 0xfd05019f, 0xe00b2b0c, 0x76e7cb54,
+ 0x9739418f, 0x077a8474, 0x70f8deb1, 0x98f88a93, 0x0126e60a, 0xdcac07f2,
+ 0xf711a93f, 0x60495e07, 0x8f9d026a, 0xb8a2299d, 0x99bf210a, 0x024fd10e,
+ 0xeed4c76f, 0x8cff7e22, 0xaffd05c3, 0xba437c43, 0x7df9530a, 0x1d67809d,
+ 0x201303ac, 0x0ce2513d, 0x29427c50, 0xe2710fbf, 0x20e6123f, 0x61acea1d,
+ 0xa6a1677a, 0x41cdf388, 0x7e0f3f3b, 0x68b0f41b, 0x870cfd4f, 0xf3f38ae9,
+ 0x8e48e76d, 0xc7efcd7f, 0xa96edcb5, 0xf1bd5273, 0x9a7b1f04, 0xd4508bbf,
+ 0x1276a960, 0xbdf8451c, 0x4fe71978, 0xed841ca3, 0x5c9fc14e, 0x211e604e,
+ 0x2b4e479c, 0x554e47a7, 0x58f7c550, 0xd59b5b6a, 0xf9d14505, 0xa0ee1f15,
+ 0x3fe791f3, 0x76889a5d, 0x5bf8ef2a, 0xe571ef44, 0x7ef21e7c, 0x3fa71cb0,
+ 0xbb435d06, 0x27bdd89f, 0x31e431ed, 0xbe822f22, 0x5643cae3, 0x1a9cafe4,
+ 0x96c0dfde, 0xc3598a3d, 0xf8ab032f, 0x5bb6be7c, 0x0f4df275, 0x7f38c060,
+ 0x7be9bbb7, 0x8a6de6ce, 0x290ee099, 0xa7362f78, 0x392159a5, 0x3962f113,
+ 0xb0ffde41, 0xf9c15060, 0x7e91b849, 0xfd30af92, 0x4d6fddbd, 0x33768b18,
+ 0x79c6fa44, 0xb23f63a4, 0xaf76bbc1, 0x0a33212d, 0xcaecdbb7, 0x4753fba1,
+ 0x694d7c38, 0xd3007f9c, 0xbead3eb9, 0x38f3fa74, 0xf1956d1f, 0xcf98f96c,
+ 0xc2bf0334, 0xf2695978, 0xe3d423de, 0x60e43aef, 0x04ebe50a, 0x4f5f13df,
+ 0xc1777e15, 0x6fe22103, 0x37e7c749, 0xc563ca9b, 0x7024161f, 0xe770063d,
+ 0xdc247ce2, 0xe321e971, 0x4b3d442f, 0xcef6ef62, 0xc662ce51, 0xa4c6823d,
+ 0x2b8b66f2, 0x46d1ed07, 0xa8654bc7, 0x3f973a47, 0xdbef1838, 0xe8f5dcd6,
+ 0xdefded60, 0xc256559a, 0xdf95b35f, 0xc3f68a1b, 0x2497a1ef, 0x4ca93970,
+ 0xfc478df1, 0x27adb5d7, 0xc6de2cba, 0xc5f655ef, 0x57ce7d5f, 0x56f9d3f5,
+ 0xfa21f22a, 0x487b2df9, 0xd63c95ef, 0x0ecd694a, 0xf4100f7e, 0xe5015298,
+ 0x2a763bd5, 0xaeff090b, 0x837fb41c, 0x707b828b, 0x48a2eccb, 0xd7b707bc,
+ 0xaf80ff92, 0x71c82f48, 0x5c3f513b, 0x9425a906, 0x7579f88b, 0x9507d5e7,
+ 0x0c53d264, 0x91f801f9, 0x19e932e4, 0x27be885b, 0xf520bd70, 0x29f0197f,
+ 0x769ac7f6, 0x7df708aa, 0xfac5e616, 0xf14baa69, 0xda56e468, 0x8d8db71f,
+ 0x19c671c2, 0x6eee35e8, 0x50abb7ce, 0x8e5f395e, 0x121afec2, 0x167da892,
+ 0xf53c7da0, 0xefd8621b, 0xe3870b01, 0xe6e5c619, 0x3177bb13, 0xfe41d5f1,
+ 0x796a4a1e, 0xf571c90b, 0xff9a56e6, 0x09378100, 0x668ef54f, 0x3501bb92,
+ 0xccf50541, 0x788fac38, 0x9dbcef82, 0xc810f5ca, 0x7fc1aab1, 0x9fae0ece,
+ 0x5ec2fdb0, 0xa9ca56e4, 0x76f7f384, 0xe56abfdf, 0x044f6238, 0xd75e243d,
+ 0x61fd7026, 0x2b94bfc4, 0x02198394, 0xea33932e, 0xcfa6b03f, 0x12a728ad,
+ 0x4bd89f9e, 0xa1884fef, 0x8cbea4ef, 0x67497747, 0xb487d390, 0x48f52a72,
+ 0x9005be5c, 0x21ca5cb0, 0x48cf5c63, 0x3889f43d, 0xe7fa94b7, 0x0f3c09d7,
+ 0x79c5e47c, 0x6bf11ea2, 0xddaef9f0, 0x97c70db7, 0x32384af0, 0x05e3eb26,
+ 0xdd9d2e10, 0x49e3e74c, 0x65fe057d, 0x4d77d72e, 0xfaf0dec2, 0xa19e053b,
+ 0x81ea885e, 0x91f9441e, 0xc8ed1af0, 0x1d7c095b, 0x3f3f431e, 0xea36788f,
+ 0xa4b70967, 0xd0b3d49b, 0x03b620ee, 0xd5acbefc, 0x878e12df, 0x737ff815,
+ 0xdef6be54, 0xddf106f8, 0xb8dfe106, 0xfb43d99f, 0xdfea1732, 0xfa957948,
+ 0x4b3fe234, 0xc5f0463c, 0xd04fe9fd, 0x7f24cc1f, 0x7f0bec5d, 0x0874bfb9,
+ 0x1e64fd63, 0xd9500019, 0xfcc7318a, 0xb7642d5c, 0xb91feb47, 0xab29cbf7,
+ 0xc0ad7ea0, 0xa1fbf4a7, 0x49d9b7bd, 0x2277caed, 0x993a37dc, 0xb38f134b,
+ 0x51f25ecb, 0xee2dfe2c, 0x3d456bd8, 0xef413356, 0x8e56b057, 0x39132fc7,
+ 0xe44cbe9d, 0xec394df4, 0xb75ca075, 0x4be4f7fe, 0xd35a6f91, 0x9b91db62,
+ 0x24bde513, 0x5d6227c1, 0x3259d722, 0x353bb46f, 0x7465f586, 0x97d623dd,
+ 0x1afa3e42, 0x03d055b7, 0xeceb3bd6, 0xc31bdfdc, 0x8720f0e9, 0x983dd60b,
+ 0x3ae0fd97, 0x7ea6ab6a, 0x617e044a, 0xd17b65d7, 0x2b39d24e, 0x29423c2d,
+ 0xdb077ae0, 0xe0b9e119, 0x1ea6d275, 0xba42a4eb, 0x9c387e0f, 0x5beb6985,
+ 0x02bf69c7, 0x89b94bd6, 0xf5e37d99, 0xaf5faf9b, 0x30e9b160, 0x7db5d691,
+ 0xe2735faf, 0x63735fac, 0x6e115fae, 0x73269bf2, 0x44fdfc7d, 0xfffb3efd,
+ 0xa46479f6, 0x4ef78ec7, 0xfe09e473, 0xbdf7a0e9, 0xdfb65432, 0xdddf869a,
+ 0xca4bae3c, 0x6875ea91, 0x622bfbed, 0x2dbd70bd, 0x5fd46bfc, 0x61cb2f32,
+ 0x1bf64efd, 0x1de911f9, 0xb1b9e391, 0x852707d7, 0x30efd01f, 0xb6b6af5f,
+ 0xfa60764c, 0xe3872279, 0xc947cb54, 0xd736e714, 0xa33bf66f, 0x8fd9e974,
+ 0x180fa749, 0x1e283af3, 0xcd2f2de8, 0x1aa5ea43, 0x29d82f11, 0xa9700bdf,
+ 0x4cbeffb4, 0x3277c7ec, 0xc5f31f1e, 0xc9c52f10, 0xfdf024d6, 0xde5c2fda,
+ 0x83c25494, 0xd64a7f7e, 0x3b53fb97, 0x903e3fa5, 0x96564df3, 0xfc279fb8,
+ 0x1e1d964a, 0x7163b3a1, 0x27d677f6, 0x98ef422a, 0x4ad9d0e2, 0x3fdf9674,
+ 0x80b3b46c, 0xfcf25ee6, 0xbdd0874f, 0x43cc05e1, 0xd60ba9e7, 0x23405839,
+ 0xf30fadcf, 0xd1ef5b71, 0xe0a8ff8f, 0x3ac45bef, 0xf7bc55b1, 0xa6907c84,
+ 0x5f88abd1, 0xb7fa9f9c, 0xb3afbf57, 0xca5e42d3, 0xfe17fb44, 0x0b7ee66e,
+ 0x149e9f7c, 0x136fef9d, 0x1c91df4d, 0xa391c695, 0xa394f3b2, 0x8acfdbf3,
+ 0xf82273bc, 0xf85bdfe4, 0x1fbfc9be, 0x8d6f9534, 0x04678fc1, 0xa9925e3f,
+ 0xa5deb0fa, 0xe3076e21, 0x31eb93d5, 0xdde91e2d, 0x8c97813d, 0xadc72e02,
+ 0x38cf6fc0, 0xf23be27b, 0x7f29573e, 0x1ac6a73f, 0x85b9442a, 0xf383d734,
+ 0x442a1899, 0x155e77bc, 0x54b4a5ca, 0x24cf85f8, 0xd2dfa154, 0x6aad8cf9,
+ 0x9d27b3ab, 0xfbf5133a, 0xf5dbffdb, 0x753f98dd, 0x27a6f726, 0xebe44d6e,
+ 0x85fe788c, 0x38250f4c, 0xfb35de39, 0x33ffa876, 0x6a7d7a6c, 0xcd397071,
+ 0xed3b3330, 0x5fb9f903, 0x2298726c, 0x452dc0fe, 0xf0ea7798, 0x33f0b5f8,
+ 0x2c8f9c25, 0xa51f652f, 0x80523ee3, 0xff5b4ae2, 0x422a7402, 0xfbf63dff,
+ 0x8fc84cac, 0x96353fdc, 0xe0e898df, 0x5b1adc7a, 0xed158cbf, 0x3f489f91,
+ 0x325eb939, 0xcfe239d2, 0xf68d3809, 0xf3838464, 0xcd2243c7, 0x72fc295c,
+ 0xa696d7e8, 0xdfef4fed, 0x1b019fc0, 0xbefce3f9, 0x52c7714b, 0xe3c26fb1,
+ 0x7dd9776f, 0xb9323917, 0xee2b18bf, 0x5a81fa5a, 0xda8a34fd, 0xc8e17df3,
+ 0x8959b9fe, 0x92331ff8, 0x7970f0b4, 0xda89f391, 0x54bf6135, 0xb8e00b80,
+ 0x59abcc49, 0x94610bbc, 0x9fe39f0f, 0xec7a3e4b, 0x7a0dd877, 0x49fa1f06,
+ 0x9f37fdc3, 0x8bb8fd09, 0xdc503f84, 0xe384df31, 0x4ddb9d0e, 0x3f296deb,
+ 0xbd622d85, 0xd5ccfd0d, 0x3877d1f8, 0xfca9fe92, 0x2cc3c2a4, 0x345b8f32,
+ 0xc8407df4, 0xbccaa66d, 0x867fb4b6, 0xcd7df079, 0x5a1296d6, 0xf96a9d0f,
+ 0x0bfdf680, 0x49ff7137, 0xe910b3d2, 0xcf49ece9, 0x0f1c0d9a, 0x505acfa0,
+ 0x75850d9f, 0x1fe41155, 0x6584f413, 0xe645c91f, 0x8c64f0ac, 0xf765dab7,
+ 0x7eca9c93, 0x2b0d1cea, 0x5ca89412, 0xf2e7fb47, 0xf65ae52d, 0x8fb22e33,
+ 0x9077dfa0, 0xe2591ae7, 0xdc4b3a9c, 0xe44acc6f, 0xbce227e9, 0xdfb156e4,
+ 0x59a449b8, 0xb5cfb1c9, 0xfb7d0a77, 0x9dd2628e, 0xa1c31dab, 0xd3e4f7fa,
+ 0x0e996745, 0x06d48bdf, 0xb3a2f7c2, 0xb6fbe12a, 0xce95fc9f, 0x1871235b,
+ 0xddfc9bac, 0xfc9db5bc, 0x65c656bc, 0xd3cf7588, 0xa1c86f26, 0x3ef813d5,
+ 0xf9f1e5e7, 0x88f3d245, 0xe3ae4f80, 0x9d98503f, 0xae6573de, 0x7e343311,
+ 0x08c29b24, 0xee47619f, 0x3dc91b73, 0x76ef7463, 0x7cfb9b9e, 0x2fc0581f,
+ 0xd6fb5700, 0xdd24cf37, 0xde39eee2, 0xb8e580bc, 0x3fde5df6, 0xfebdc43b,
+ 0xda65d8cb, 0xc0d626b8, 0xaef5bee1, 0xfc7e74a9, 0xac9eee7f, 0x7092678b,
+ 0x39f959d7, 0x3a161804, 0xc8b3f6cf, 0x9b9f8a3f, 0x1c017f87, 0xfb5edaf3,
+ 0xea3e014a, 0xf746d17a, 0x3ddbe6ef, 0xd1ff6714, 0xbdd1378b, 0xc9e60aa6,
+ 0x6432f7e2, 0x05d1467c, 0xcd9b07dd, 0xfde9abbc, 0x0b84bc3a, 0x310cdc7e,
+ 0xc2cbc33e, 0x80299f90, 0xeafed99b, 0xf9c50a57, 0xe47be9f9, 0x5db9979f,
+ 0x44fdfc59, 0x3d60a76c, 0x850c877c, 0x904fbe15, 0x153fa0f5, 0x7a8957f2,
+ 0x6b7a8957, 0xf77a0694, 0x0efb8ecc, 0x78a7de90, 0xbee99936, 0xedcdc79b,
+ 0x4fba7755, 0xca9f7eb3, 0xfcbe74fc, 0x895e12aa, 0x094dcf70, 0x90b8c58d,
+ 0x79fe1cf7, 0x98f7a44e, 0x1ce973cf, 0xf1375874, 0x25b03559, 0xedeaa7ea,
+ 0x1cf6a096, 0x16ca00f9, 0xf5e989ca, 0xef3eb8b1, 0xb0d2f872, 0x3d92577d,
+ 0xa238c660, 0xe6065f44, 0xba612a4f, 0xedaa78d7, 0x8748494f, 0x3bbfcf53,
+ 0xcb7ae91c, 0xf96f270b, 0xf4fdc331, 0x24c2dbe4, 0x1c14eea7, 0x9dddb4ef,
+ 0x7c79dbd2, 0x5764dd9d, 0x4a73f235, 0x14c7ed89, 0x465cb93b, 0xd7375ff5,
+ 0xaef62f7f, 0xfa0deb4f, 0x6fde7a34, 0xfed1a7d4, 0xdeb4fab4, 0xeda34fa0,
+ 0x4ffd3eb9, 0xf5c02b9c, 0x2f6f499e, 0x53bf7a65, 0xcb193fef, 0x4ebcc49b,
+ 0xce3fb859, 0x1ca32e02, 0x6b17b2cc, 0x1df380e5, 0x7c01fff0, 0xe763e3c3,
+ 0x6f246494, 0x66670fc5, 0xb2541ca1, 0xe5780386, 0x525972a7, 0xa991df08,
+ 0x802bb284, 0x40ae95de, 0x56f904c8, 0xdf091e71, 0x1fa009d5, 0x9f66552a,
+ 0x9b95a690, 0x8e73e609, 0xc91b97f3, 0x7d38ef6f, 0xd4df8873, 0xf7da70d0,
+ 0x778bc675, 0xfbddf3d1, 0xc07de871, 0xfec36a51, 0x15fc3ab6, 0x9b03b44e,
+ 0x3eefd0ce, 0x24e3bdcc, 0x3dd615c5, 0xe258daff, 0xefed38bf, 0x4f33e314,
+ 0xd77ff137, 0x45cb7fed, 0x62bfd2ba, 0xf0835f7a, 0xeafedb59, 0x5abb9461,
+ 0xab605ef9, 0xe05ef745, 0x9977874e, 0x023cc633, 0x52a4276b, 0xf83f673c,
+ 0xf7ca2936, 0x1ffe1c07, 0x90d81e11, 0xf2571c14, 0xd055bd7f, 0xef526077,
+ 0x35fdae7a, 0xe92f5f41, 0x1f5e05b5, 0x789577dd, 0xb6fd50be, 0x7bf7c858,
+ 0x8defd8d6, 0x8d3e0936, 0xe70e73f0, 0x5972f7e7, 0x669833d5, 0xdffbf9e9,
+ 0x3e8edc9c, 0xc07cf02d, 0x7488dde1, 0x7f9fe8d2, 0x140c3c23, 0x774c67fa,
+ 0x7ec948a1, 0x003d285f, 0xc27f34af, 0xb4712f7b, 0x615ff9c6, 0x3e07f3e1,
+ 0x1f4e0ffd, 0x678053e0, 0xca5f80bf, 0x7a897bef, 0xe622dcfc, 0x5bd44bb9,
+ 0x81efe4ec, 0x2f7abe4a, 0xe73e362d, 0x3cf2f145, 0xf83665e2, 0xc66fb885,
+ 0xc20d3586, 0xfc679076, 0x96343f1c, 0xce19afee, 0x5c7835d5, 0xf52ffc4c,
+ 0xe3c71178, 0xcf714eab, 0xf413e052, 0xa6ff2f3b, 0xc8c61cf8, 0xf850acae,
+ 0x998af13b, 0xf1f1f5fb, 0x6eff813a, 0x2bc70246, 0xcecff3e0, 0x8d3e28cc,
+ 0x423f4970, 0x3a1f27fa, 0x1ea3fbc5, 0xb7f6c1e6, 0x5cb5e8fe, 0xefcc271e,
+ 0xfc531dcf, 0x119d929f, 0x588ee6f7, 0x1a4d8543, 0x747bcafc, 0xfabc5db2,
+ 0xedb8ffd2, 0xe7ba6657, 0x8e43f465, 0x89da7588, 0xd4ebf53b, 0x21bd4bbf,
+ 0x9ca4b8e2, 0xb55bc3ce, 0xee87bc66, 0xe05c7925, 0x30ef10ac, 0x325e9034,
+ 0x4dff57be, 0xee35a1df, 0xd4a89df3, 0x9333c7af, 0xe9fed42e, 0xf6a2b8e3,
+ 0xa5c718cb, 0x92fd7fb7, 0x61b49c44, 0xdef34bdf, 0x893fd929, 0xf73dc8bf,
+ 0xfdbad9b3, 0x81fd68c6, 0x7eb18fd4, 0xc7d33e7c, 0x86e2fe11, 0x389f392f,
+ 0xcdef7493, 0x9edef132, 0xcdbbf04d, 0xf50cfa19, 0x14dedda7, 0x11247f42,
+ 0x5ef42796, 0xfc893380, 0x5da1a72f, 0x24976892, 0xbbdb25da, 0x7f0b9da9,
+ 0x8dda070e, 0x6afc124f, 0x7bfd7667, 0x07bdf2b9, 0x6e24c4ff, 0x65dc44f7,
+ 0xd17e7f48, 0x3bc37d57, 0xf0116910, 0x9217143c, 0xbc7b7cc1, 0xfceea879,
+ 0x3fbc8f04, 0x2f4ffb2a, 0x90ebbfd7, 0xfbe7d3e9, 0xfbe7d1cd, 0x3b79f5fb,
+ 0xacf2423b, 0xe7d97c84, 0x2d9e7434, 0x599911de, 0x4f8a9dee, 0xc450dd35,
+ 0x7485e0fe, 0x6d7f41ce, 0x8b6fa40d, 0x5f1be2f3, 0x9043c367, 0xdf0dfd9f,
+ 0xe7119983, 0x4ab7983d, 0x75bfdf38, 0xdac5bbed, 0x96e1db78, 0x6f110bf9,
+ 0x877e6fb3, 0x4dd67fec, 0x54fd6887, 0xc77fa29b, 0x7eb7f662, 0x43ef82bf,
+ 0x15fbef9f, 0x7cbe3a17, 0x4c93e69f, 0x8cf11dbb, 0x04d0d7bf, 0xb03c8de3,
+ 0xdc77e69c, 0x73f912f1, 0x02f07e4b, 0xb60d9b9d, 0xe12757f8, 0x20eb173e,
+ 0xf84273fd, 0xf853238b, 0xfc8cceef, 0x86786b39, 0x0975d8e4, 0x83a47fe2,
+ 0xbc8d93c7, 0x5d13be1f, 0xc73f3be0, 0x22bd7ded, 0x65ea00e4, 0x95127b0b,
+ 0x8304852f, 0x88458b79, 0x40cd1bb0, 0xf00edb30, 0xdaef1cac, 0xea7c0193,
+ 0xb8f48ff0, 0xb17aee00, 0x7f17194f, 0xd426dceb, 0x4d15f533, 0x7819a60a,
+ 0x5d3f8dde, 0x7c610302, 0x97d73c83, 0x8e3c44ef, 0xf9a399e3, 0xe02f986d,
+ 0xe2c549f9, 0xd4fc693d, 0x1f7bc8ae, 0x18e78c26, 0x2eef3912, 0x3839e131,
+ 0xc07ae0cb, 0x3cefea23, 0xb72c64b0, 0x1b0fdc3f, 0x5235e629, 0xbb41ed0d,
+ 0x59eeca39, 0xd5e18bb9, 0xc6999f7b, 0x7b502573, 0xdda90a0d, 0x9c6ed138,
+ 0xdede3768, 0x8a832fb4, 0x0aefbaf9, 0xfbac5b59, 0xaff514ae, 0x52aff514,
+ 0xbbf9037c, 0x285b8026, 0x99ca2c9f, 0x8a746f78, 0x87b26e68, 0x95e67f68,
+ 0x883eae9b, 0x75bf24ed, 0x7aa5f889, 0x7334bf11, 0x88b79896, 0x4f78925f,
+ 0x5e92764e, 0xf654933f, 0x7121e906, 0xdfcb2fae, 0x186efa96, 0xaefa861b,
+ 0x46f7f4a3, 0x37a475fd, 0x7d67d77d, 0xac8bbe83, 0x82c799af, 0xcf98b3e5,
+ 0x7f0f2632, 0x416fc767, 0x4d61cc7c, 0x9bbead16, 0x9bb7ae59, 0xf9f4f837,
+ 0x07577ebe, 0x94f88851, 0x7e90cee3, 0x2fdeb951, 0x5f2ffb9a, 0xe9fd92a7,
+ 0xb9ed64f7, 0x83ff5ac1, 0x9acd63c7, 0x57ed39f6, 0x8b9fed29, 0x94a3ac78,
+ 0xfe49b7d6, 0x7558f1e3, 0xac78866d, 0xd07bcd59, 0xb1e34576, 0x69cdddb8,
+ 0xfb58f1e7, 0xdbcffc44, 0x9720ff16, 0x45fbce86, 0xfe2447fc, 0x971e66ea,
+ 0x51c45933, 0x99ab38c9, 0xb26ace22, 0xe3053fa8, 0x6ccfd03b, 0x7a72af5a,
+ 0xfbfe8905, 0x1348be31, 0xc6db357f, 0xe3c608f5, 0x7ff1e74c, 0x831e51fb,
+ 0x86f57d62, 0x0e303ff0, 0x57cbc7d0, 0xaf20ff61, 0xc01eb0eb, 0x593bf241,
+ 0xe518efc4, 0x972146f2, 0x566dce37, 0x363c9217, 0xec4e15ab, 0xcb7f7197,
+ 0x26872760, 0xef143e0b, 0x5d1f002e, 0x9f199c9a, 0x59d862ef, 0x77c17d7d,
+ 0x999e7ca3, 0xcc7b6578, 0xf00fcf1c, 0x694b28fd, 0xc457bd37, 0x50033c2a,
+ 0x892aae6f, 0x8d7ed1e6, 0x17b90936, 0xcf7f2afc, 0x91358aaa, 0x2d61ae1e,
+ 0x1e712e94, 0xfff7f2b2, 0x560fe4c2, 0xd3be066d, 0xd92d93ec, 0xecd7cfa6,
+ 0x5d65f3d0, 0x381cbeab, 0x012c75d0, 0x7493ee55, 0xe10d88cf, 0x5bd48f7e,
+ 0x88e5e84c, 0xbb7a12be, 0x28bca92b, 0xec34f244, 0x20a5f6bc, 0x4975c01f,
+ 0x3b277d8c, 0x3b8c5bcd, 0x5ca72226, 0xdd158ddf, 0x60fb158e, 0xd73af163,
+ 0x2a034a28, 0x1bd80b9e, 0x3e02b7ee, 0xb326b3c6, 0xbe477e56, 0xeb9d2cb2,
+ 0xa6bfbe5b, 0x8f988bd5, 0xbec8c5e8, 0xf88cd859, 0xa40f7a94, 0x25ebce86,
+ 0x7caa279d, 0x972a89dc, 0x30f1929b, 0x9275a426, 0x3e59f27f, 0xb4fecff2,
+ 0xc2f5cbdf, 0x48f8deb2, 0xd1f0d3d6, 0x647c58b2, 0x72a65a4e, 0x9ba25478,
+ 0xe3893009, 0x44f22d5c, 0x3968bcc7, 0xf2b1cde5, 0xbd8bce8c, 0xa95ede62,
+ 0x1f5e988f, 0xf9afb1e5, 0x03deebba, 0xddedec3f, 0x8903bab2, 0x7e862145,
+ 0x1fe4a7c4, 0xfee45975, 0x7e57bfaa, 0xd678a358, 0xdf9acd99, 0x8ebb006f,
+ 0xd732f2a9, 0xe5c5cc3f, 0xfbe18d9e, 0xd43e1a17, 0x97b04dd9, 0xd4eef405,
+ 0xfccdabee, 0xe93c8127, 0xb291ff48, 0x08f7411f, 0x89db8128, 0x826ed2be,
+ 0x9e2331c6, 0x1980f64d, 0x15e997e1, 0x857cfd62, 0xd55f3758, 0x5bfb4096,
+ 0xfbc5923b, 0x60d9832c, 0xd4c867c4, 0xf4cf7e83, 0xeb3eef46, 0xa495ec1b,
+ 0x60840613, 0xecf32979, 0x2a7cff47, 0x9efdd2f3, 0x6aa0d632, 0xe984bdf9,
+ 0x5db27ce5, 0xd2ea9f9f, 0x81f78de7, 0xce3d17f0, 0x23063f87, 0x057b487f,
+ 0xfbcdc07e, 0xa13b565b, 0x3bd7dcfe, 0x763279f0, 0xd5eea1eb, 0x1ff79049,
+ 0x7df15971, 0x3d47f9ac, 0xe8ad306b, 0x5175e1f4, 0x11feb3b0, 0x4f866021,
+ 0xf017bf70, 0x3d80e8b0, 0xf8579f91, 0x7ce0bce9, 0xdfb228f9, 0xe763de3d,
+ 0xa47ee6f8, 0x5fa4af91, 0x53e25134, 0x449345f8, 0xf33693b7, 0xa6944a7e,
+ 0x837ebc81, 0x95015fb0, 0xf8a307f3, 0xdd099dd0, 0x47afa865, 0x1a5961ff,
+ 0x4cef9dc6, 0x1d31f9e5, 0xf3e5131e, 0x21ec7e78, 0x9bef09af, 0xf207bc8d,
+ 0xcff9fdf0, 0x795097ac, 0x3e2f2f09, 0x2bebc4dc, 0xf19f29a7, 0xeee5b5d1,
+ 0x8abf1e64, 0x14a61b71, 0x78c61ebe, 0xdc45e9d0, 0xf1ae9d3f, 0x7c294def,
+ 0xebd640df, 0x6afe6e2b, 0xbfaf8f1b, 0x28ffdc5a, 0x22ac2078, 0x4c8da17c,
+ 0x5385bd41, 0x9d06fe16, 0x773c8d8f, 0xf9d62ca6, 0xb70a427c, 0x7a369fcb,
+ 0x779a47d9, 0x7982ab59, 0x4efafef4, 0xfba0a3dc, 0x4abff7fa, 0x128ef179,
+ 0xeca7ef13, 0x7ef9e3cc, 0x76bb5f3f, 0x078040dd, 0xf004cce4, 0x9f3e1f7d,
+ 0x10f9451d, 0x7078d7ea, 0xb8c9322d, 0x363f3e25, 0xc9c92861, 0x709c88ac,
+ 0xa08370fd, 0xae820deb, 0x82dfbb26, 0xfc28dcf0, 0x4229a1bb, 0xd1b3478e,
+ 0xed1fef64, 0xa6979721, 0xf677e2f4, 0xc720df59, 0xc5be0255, 0x1984caf8,
+ 0x6442cbf7, 0x479dabc7, 0x8f0ebec5, 0x1debe82f, 0x7d16daf6, 0x20cdbebe,
+ 0xbf6245bf, 0x62da91f3, 0x1ca77eed, 0x1fd36abf, 0x4aae7f68, 0xb8d075ca,
+ 0x973779df, 0xd0978deb, 0xc6066f7e, 0x195fa029, 0x5f5f9270, 0xb02ceb8b,
+ 0x3e09d707, 0xf53172c8, 0x6bf73a0a, 0x149f7196, 0x65553bc7, 0xd7be13aa,
+ 0xb8a0ebae, 0x226ddaf6, 0x9dded16e, 0xada77fcb, 0xc6b6773b, 0x9c7e843f,
+ 0xed006e78, 0xfa34ce9c, 0x9cda5add, 0x0773c688, 0xf502dc46, 0x149fe38f,
+ 0x1cfb1e0f, 0xe817d716, 0x94a6564f, 0x8cc94bcc, 0xd67cf2a6, 0x8a8fcfc8,
+ 0xbc5257f2, 0xdb7e88f3, 0xf3fcefcf, 0x4039c361, 0xb4dfb89d, 0x9c4f2531,
+ 0xce298633, 0x98626ea9, 0x894e9be2, 0x7bf8507b, 0x50af74d0, 0x7b3361c4,
+ 0x70e71740, 0xe8db63d1, 0x3ee479de, 0xee9366d2, 0x9b53d23e, 0xa47dd2b7,
+ 0x5f30f2d4, 0x207db40f, 0x288703d6, 0x97f713ad, 0xeb801d70, 0xbe56da81,
+ 0x1078781e, 0xb0faafbf, 0xcf1fdfc5, 0xddf1a207, 0xdafee8a7, 0xe03e1786,
+ 0x7f76d7f7, 0x9afefb10, 0xbf406758, 0x4f77c6bd, 0xe40fac35, 0xff390c3d,
+ 0x960f1293, 0xefbdfa0e, 0xe46cbb53, 0x1bef198a, 0xdb9bbabc, 0x60e7a4ef,
+ 0xca2231dd, 0xc0fd7227, 0xe3c900d4, 0x6a87a109, 0x793ef852, 0x87ae0ef5,
+ 0x53f41a4e, 0xcfbf056d, 0xf9a06242, 0x9f79045d, 0xab06c325, 0xb23c4d21,
+ 0xa65fce31, 0x8dbe85bb, 0xab6ba747, 0xe01ea858, 0x29b376bd, 0xf4446934,
+ 0x1f6c803e, 0x07ba30b4, 0x498a52f4, 0x880c8bde, 0xd7bc8d75, 0x791aeb47,
+ 0x7bce412f, 0x9fbf1348, 0xf2807280, 0x3b8a4afd, 0xf381fde6, 0x915c1f6d,
+ 0x11e48738, 0x47922cfc, 0x97046067, 0x3c7887cb, 0x713995ad, 0x811bf6bd,
+ 0x059c08d7, 0x6d533e7c, 0xfd915e9c, 0x4c9f3125, 0x561bbe31, 0x894f3827,
+ 0xbf147fa7, 0xac43f569, 0x97293138, 0xc87aff92, 0x18f21f65, 0x612d9f97,
+ 0x9712b7ba, 0xc38f9f6f, 0x52ff02b7, 0xeedefd8f, 0xa7fa8d3f, 0xb467eb6a,
+ 0x2e56970f, 0x3d08e7ee, 0xbdfcf754, 0x1e9e3df4, 0xabb77e32, 0x03bc1e1c,
+ 0x3a2a3491, 0xce03e43e, 0x23f1d151, 0xffc882fe, 0xa1bbdb5f, 0x008000a9,
+ 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x5ced0300, 0xd554780b, 0x5e675eb5, 0xc927bc99,
+ 0x11e12664, 0x24188106, 0x86022124, 0x41084e97, 0x0209d55e, 0x7906bc82,
+ 0xa8983c85, 0x36af6ab4, 0x2f440543, 0xad5b4ded, 0x05f8af78, 0x29a916a5,
+ 0x6bc48301, 0xe14041c0, 0x29784b6a, 0x51136d54, 0x08921512, 0x8bdcab97,
+ 0xbdad7ba6, 0xc99cccf7, 0xfa3e090c, 0x8ceefd7d, 0x6759fe9f, 0xdece73ef,
+ 0xded7b5eb, 0x3b3b1d6b, 0x8016efd9, 0x400af1cb, 0x24f44032, 0x00c757b0,
+ 0x42c22554, 0x1c4b4307, 0xb4327738, 0x2300349a, 0xf789bb58, 0xa80409b3,
+ 0x8d36eba6, 0xecb419b3, 0x903c1692, 0x028beecb, 0xafbb2d67, 0xa25f3c53,
+ 0xc892cfbc, 0xece8c1db, 0x3e287d3f, 0xb2217a07, 0xfde3d7fb, 0x88701185,
+ 0x109300d0, 0xe8f06c07, 0xe0fec6ee, 0xe78bf7e6, 0x17fb3803, 0x0f9efac5,
+ 0x83c69ab0, 0xe4cdaee3, 0x0cca28f3, 0x1f6aafdd, 0xffa6679b, 0x11567775,
+ 0x78f4c71b, 0x78b6df3e, 0xd1bc3420, 0x83ba5fa5, 0xf025b3f5, 0xced1ed7e,
+ 0x3ea2134c, 0xeec2bd66, 0xcb8c8d69, 0x45006c82, 0x913bd007, 0xaecc0ad1,
+ 0x88cc71a5, 0x7183e7c7, 0xd8f4fc46, 0xb891fcae, 0x0381a8d2, 0x36e8fa37,
+ 0xbf607f71, 0xf64fc8d1, 0x404dfbde, 0xde26f97c, 0x01c71631, 0x1c1a2f1b,
+ 0x06adf9ec, 0xb53e4628, 0x638c0946, 0x51339ec8, 0x717ee1c8, 0x6e829dff,
+ 0xc0f6f0d5, 0x1f7ec8f7, 0x181c0255, 0xa571f008, 0xfce80e11, 0x4454fae4,
+ 0xcc0dea05, 0x3e4348eb, 0x70193403, 0xf94ccb9e, 0x0a78e3f7, 0x9bb71de2,
+ 0x5497f3d8, 0xec9c1b35, 0x9f38edf9, 0x9f17e418, 0x47247b57, 0xa6659ef9,
+ 0x7fb1fba2, 0x03269cfb, 0x1e9795ea, 0x71f6e9c5, 0x75e0070c, 0xe3975d3b,
+ 0x414cb450, 0x0321bf18, 0x071a0e6c, 0x5002c068, 0x18d97f8e, 0xda3c631a,
+ 0x9d77f62c, 0x06535cfe, 0x75e743b5, 0xa6b1dff8, 0x441843b3, 0x5a1b5a32,
+ 0x93032e2e, 0xf42b932f, 0x73e1d589, 0xe7f781e7, 0xbe7a3230, 0x86fccf78,
+ 0x389597c3, 0x58460580, 0x0bd19bd7, 0x3606ac1b, 0x738e2812, 0x0f489ba7,
+ 0xb2ce9826, 0x68ee2bf7, 0xe874676d, 0xe0e801f7, 0xd6a71cac, 0xa7d0ffa7,
+ 0xd7e70d23, 0x9a72f9be, 0x608c532d, 0x1b3cdfa4, 0x64a53ade, 0xfbaf9e85,
+ 0x3409b1d1, 0x83a32b5f, 0x4a95f7bc, 0x88199c3b, 0xd51aedbd, 0x6f3c4373,
+ 0x052a92e4, 0xf42751c7, 0x199b50be, 0xe3e994df, 0x7e26bdff, 0x0787bdff,
+ 0xbf5d8158, 0xe478b600, 0x30b830c3, 0x20f4c4d1, 0x21d69a17, 0x60343b26,
+ 0xe2e78a33, 0x814766f0, 0xa747c32d, 0x7455133a, 0xaa5ee2ef, 0xae2b7dfe,
+ 0x7bf7b553, 0x7b5506e0, 0x8aae777f, 0xb47eb01e, 0xaaa0ffaa, 0xfafa2af1,
+ 0xfd54538d, 0x574f5707, 0xdeb643d1, 0xb43feaa5, 0x7b556ef6, 0xaa897d76,
+ 0xc6f6dc1d, 0x25cfc64c, 0xbf8c9f82, 0x1529fc80, 0xfc540974, 0x01332c76,
+ 0x851e28f0, 0x442a5bf5, 0xe22a0cbb, 0xd457ef50, 0x37b37eaf, 0x8c36d05e,
+ 0xd25a3b44, 0x301a6cb8, 0xa55a5b3d, 0xefc9a8ff, 0xaa37cbbd, 0x6ad515e9,
+ 0x9aab74ba, 0x358a6fde, 0x087a659f, 0xbf97a0bd, 0x8e5cf7fe, 0x511133ff,
+ 0x452231ca, 0x9b48c72d, 0x19d18e5a, 0xe6c6396a, 0x9f18e5a8, 0x826396a7,
+ 0xa4c72d5d, 0xf6396a49, 0xec4daf98, 0x5f207f9f, 0xf5f042db, 0x47f603c6,
+ 0x72b8d862, 0x902d0e8d, 0xc61981ff, 0x3e47c891, 0xcf3a61de, 0x75dfb43e,
+ 0x9fa0054a, 0x8f6b1fa3, 0xd38fcef0, 0x42474146, 0x03ce0a75, 0xb88c72f2,
+ 0xf999812e, 0x239ed627, 0x9df682ba, 0xcb932734, 0x5b8c5379, 0x9753ecc3,
+ 0xafc8e8a0, 0x559d7188, 0xb809519c, 0xb43ce86e, 0xcc0531ae, 0xa1faf442,
+ 0xf4bbfb80, 0xe4feb1d7, 0x5c68336f, 0x8d9d9fde, 0x412ed18e, 0x278a0d2a,
+ 0x1187fd16, 0x5e527c68, 0x7e49c14b, 0xc9b8057d, 0xd98f2faf, 0xa97ce062,
+ 0xbbec75a5, 0x3417a1ca, 0xeceeff48, 0xd9575bf4, 0xf89e9500, 0x3dfe1037,
+ 0xae2c3e50, 0x935f32e8, 0x7d7ceba5, 0x5e91b472, 0x1e951c92, 0xb0cfb1c8,
+ 0xb50cc21c, 0x398d733c, 0x27ad855a, 0x0fe981c3, 0xd0add73e, 0xcf126e73,
+ 0xaf8c49b9, 0x9d315c1f, 0x59aecc1d, 0x4cef285f, 0xf53346c2, 0xced90ef3,
+ 0xd188cdde, 0xc233dc82, 0x67f408fd, 0xf35dd87c, 0xb7bd9b8a, 0x7193fb64,
+ 0xa9fff8c0, 0xc392caae, 0x77eca2ec, 0x0cece36b, 0x38ee755b, 0xab4ff3b4,
+ 0x83aa93b5, 0x92ff0bc4, 0xcf89e3c0, 0x73f695b6, 0xc7b0ff92, 0x295b3fa0,
+ 0x6eb2b7c6, 0xe36034c5, 0xf08d6d73, 0x3611c444, 0x7bacae23, 0xbfe40bf4,
+ 0xbf2d5eab, 0x7b3f7c56, 0x9fefc95f, 0xcf48d8b4, 0x2935bddc, 0xc0de9e88,
+ 0x4f96e570, 0xf20c4226, 0x4ffc83bd, 0xdef8fde0, 0xe05c58af, 0x322ed5aa,
+ 0xc76d77c4, 0xafeb8578, 0xe523e49d, 0xd7fbaae7, 0x5d71b42f, 0xeca317fb,
+ 0x24f1b146, 0xbd46fb30, 0xf26e09ba, 0xfe906fb7, 0x0be7c8d2, 0xa9198cd5,
+ 0x77697e3e, 0x666aca6f, 0xdbcb6e78, 0xe7f10a71, 0x5cf714e7, 0x8f101da8,
+ 0x2df2557e, 0x2c6daf90, 0xbf7482fe, 0xa15eabb8, 0x041a1c35, 0x4ca0f88a,
+ 0x1f20b1ef, 0x0eb46aca, 0xcd595f7c, 0x4640cb7e, 0xfaecd697, 0xe5f5c92d,
+ 0xd2c7c483, 0xc02d071d, 0xe88602e8, 0xadb64be7, 0x1882f210, 0x5e4412c5,
+ 0x7207efec, 0x18943e39, 0xe45d5e5a, 0xf9757b53, 0x629a3f20, 0x5fb03f38,
+ 0x7ec2f277, 0x7291ee3c, 0x9dd476e3, 0x0025a6dc, 0xaf9027f1, 0xf17fbbe5,
+ 0xf8a5f202, 0x21c5f78f, 0x15745a3f, 0xad37df5c, 0x78d9d8b5, 0xe26ef58a,
+ 0xb14b94a7, 0x3f17b79e, 0xe3e263fb, 0xb63fa3f2, 0x54f3d700, 0x3fcd1e4d,
+ 0xf4bde715, 0xf1139999, 0xd27032fa, 0x31378bbc, 0xa4bc3079, 0x823b4983,
+ 0x12fff7c8, 0xf2dbfc78, 0xb810f31c, 0x687b80f7, 0x73163f5e, 0x3cf11168,
+ 0x7eba2cd3, 0x9897ea49, 0xbf412aff, 0x9f25f62d, 0x715bb5f5, 0x2d1ed65d,
+ 0x0b7f22b4, 0x8d7cb910, 0xf2df3d2a, 0x11c92368, 0x2fc16e74, 0x27fb93a5,
+ 0x95f24e9b, 0xa35741f9, 0xeea91ede, 0x7dfd9d07, 0x67ef91e3, 0x38c28fe3,
+ 0x7c12c5b9, 0x9138313f, 0x1afd93cf, 0x059e9821, 0x8f2d85fa, 0xf7fd9e91,
+ 0x6c3f6e09, 0x5e2b1e1c, 0x849a2eaf, 0xdefef1fd, 0x9bef48b9, 0x463e90a1,
+ 0xfd982780, 0x7d0bd16f, 0x7b2fb752, 0x71fed182, 0x057a775a, 0xc2e75f7c,
+ 0x7d75c5f7, 0x0ebf9b1e, 0x5e5281f7, 0x6e7ae35d, 0x97d781ef, 0x2972bf0b,
+ 0x86795f94, 0xfbd091fb, 0xfd807705, 0x1ffd85eb, 0xfcfffb24, 0x497f97a5,
+ 0xdb93be7a, 0xa1b5e7ff, 0xbf843fec, 0xf630fdb6, 0x67fb7dff, 0xc4b4c7c9,
+ 0x1cf1f3ab, 0xefceb7f3, 0x165f6fe0, 0x0fe4a4fe, 0x9e6fd2e5, 0x73ac9e80,
+ 0xeb439f42, 0x19f9d5ef, 0xe38cded8, 0x8294f6e0, 0x6f6b82f1, 0xc78c4da4,
+ 0x71137c44, 0xa5c62289, 0x9975bc34, 0xde9e2fc7, 0x3ff5ffd4, 0x3dfde00d,
+ 0xc59fd449, 0x7fd63a13, 0xce3fe89c, 0x17d6dfdb, 0xbd5edbdb, 0xfc93907e,
+ 0xe2992d90, 0xdc7f1113, 0x0772e421, 0xc5f38ff6, 0x22a8463d, 0x39c95c7c,
+ 0x8bf91af5, 0xef3fb11c, 0x8215f7a0, 0xcf718753, 0xc5134a5b, 0xd9fd801f,
+ 0x7d81667c, 0x1db9a72d, 0xf6caf8fa, 0x442f14b7, 0x50fe507a, 0xcad78eaf,
+ 0xf032ed77, 0xc23ee8f9, 0x73361aeb, 0xd2297f94, 0xdbc5bf2a, 0xa106d689,
+ 0x6ac239c5, 0x44d4bd36, 0x8085f3bf, 0x6d4282f3, 0xaff4389f, 0x438a60cd,
+ 0x7011fb7f, 0xc63e6bfd, 0x9ed2c3f7, 0xcca988e6, 0x7a4a5359, 0xd9939771,
+ 0x87c72253, 0x30e7fc98, 0x4b9cded9, 0x38f3d17c, 0x53bbeb9c, 0x0d84e7dc,
+ 0xd60b37a4, 0x79e3d71e, 0x588bb302, 0x83ef37ec, 0xcec8b5da, 0x7de896bb,
+ 0xceff67e3, 0xc9eb532b, 0x76ea5582, 0x7a6a43e7, 0x5c97b48d, 0x97b7f5c8,
+ 0xac0335e6, 0x6243ecc1, 0x8193b32b, 0x9547663a, 0x9573c246, 0x13a7c226,
+ 0x644cbf1d, 0xea6bcc72, 0x9cbea030, 0xededc0d9, 0xafe744c5, 0xe73cf113,
+ 0xae0fe328, 0xb10eba73, 0x27f670ef, 0xf6449f5c, 0x6397e679, 0x88bef072,
+ 0x8c61a608, 0xb27fd74f, 0xf52dc48a, 0x48d1e983, 0xc3fe6fec, 0xbf7093ad,
+ 0xd46dbd56, 0xd5d8bd1b, 0x0d7cdab2, 0x87fc97de, 0x79f23b68, 0x4d6add70,
+ 0xae37a62f, 0xf7c14506, 0xb267ae3f, 0xb0d37f44, 0x7adfb00f, 0xabbe7f03,
+ 0x59a20be1, 0xca639d3b, 0xd82398f1, 0x6ae88146, 0xa3326f7a, 0x96c8ddb1,
+ 0x07d248e9, 0x14adef1e, 0xcf50bebc, 0xdf18b8e2, 0xb305d739, 0xc8313e2d,
+ 0x63f1203a, 0x32ce67e1, 0x32b621fe, 0xf90181fe, 0xae784299, 0x43f2a6d2,
+ 0xc3f70037, 0x1e2ad437, 0x0df79b3d, 0xa78d763b, 0xd615ebfd, 0xfe8cf4ce,
+ 0xf65dfa66, 0x2b8e7e73, 0x3d7e6dc7, 0xf58dbc75, 0x02616b37, 0xbec071e9,
+ 0xb144adee, 0x7d03ec2f, 0x4ff0bec4, 0xd86ba728, 0x8bfbaa17, 0xb636a17d,
+ 0x1ecc1b4e, 0x3da35cc7, 0x001827b6, 0x64f6d5d7, 0xcee1f9df, 0x4ccd7c20,
+ 0x0e5f90d2, 0x0f8c3ff4, 0x1d1e7c29, 0x23c38869, 0x6439b834, 0xc64e9fbf,
+ 0xe8f0cd7d, 0x81cf1a00, 0xb3f47369, 0x0e0718c9, 0xfdda0ab7, 0x5bdede33,
+ 0xba7257b6, 0x5ddfb89f, 0x910ffbc9, 0x1d9d05fd, 0xf43c8ed0, 0xf500c7a7,
+ 0xe575fcef, 0xe90c7764, 0xa49ca019, 0x243d31be, 0xa77a95bd, 0x1e40d02d,
+ 0x8d9265ea, 0x44ed2be4, 0x7465efce, 0x234223f8, 0xb0457f9b, 0x49322cf8,
+ 0x9f8bec23, 0xcb4851ff, 0xf727915e, 0x953a4dc7, 0xf3df6dbf, 0xa3fa3a65,
+ 0x5ba338f6, 0x4963e4cb, 0xb125c672, 0x57d135fb, 0xb47ea246, 0xd75b1f25,
+ 0x314f8b44, 0x53f933f9, 0x29ffdcec, 0x63cc1336, 0x3dce50f3, 0x063b40ee,
+ 0x4affd8bb, 0x0f318b3f, 0xee7fdf93, 0x7df17cde, 0xde398e46, 0xd1e30030,
+ 0x1e781f71, 0xdaf7bf41, 0xff9fdd9e, 0xdef7da07, 0x5a4ee9cb, 0x7ce86257,
+ 0xfaee3bd6, 0xb66e3e08, 0x8cf9c78f, 0xd51fef12, 0xe87df4f0, 0xbc35461f,
+ 0x28d5eb4d, 0x362337dc, 0xd40a5e0c, 0x42d39c5f, 0xe439d28b, 0x2569cfda,
+ 0x313fda3f, 0xf8cf3c50, 0xe2f90c32, 0x0cb2be8a, 0x4be3e5f9, 0x139d131f,
+ 0x9fcfd5c1, 0xda71e7bd, 0xf3044687, 0xd83ae3c7, 0xf9fcfc48, 0x41195f2d,
+ 0xf3ffe7e7, 0x17454121, 0xfd555318, 0x55fd4d0b, 0x0ca6b7ed, 0xb64fb556,
+ 0x53d1530d, 0xfaa94633, 0x5f2728ff, 0x379edf45, 0xc8bfd559, 0x87a2a45e,
+ 0xfd556a79, 0xaf543c6f, 0x3469cf6a, 0x7338a015, 0x47ece54f, 0x28e4de1c,
+ 0xd918f540, 0x311fb15a, 0x00aaa3af, 0x5fd18f97, 0x6c47eed5, 0x0efce58f,
+ 0xf1d0b3d4, 0x1bf5264f, 0x8885fb2b, 0x31c4827b, 0x27f23a29, 0x5c638f57,
+ 0x12574e51, 0x455383d3, 0xb8d91f4c, 0x594d2bce, 0x70b85ed8, 0x0bc63c68,
+ 0x1e2fd5ef, 0xf2bc7a81, 0xfa8787b5, 0xc75c73cb, 0x6e5f156c, 0xe2a9caf9,
+ 0x08ac3e4b, 0x2a3de390, 0xa0f4d0ba, 0x29adffaa, 0x93ed55ab, 0xc8058f6d,
+ 0xfa2a57f1, 0x074f3947, 0x807371c8, 0xb5545f1c, 0xb03771cb, 0xd6c74c75,
+ 0x1d6cbdfd, 0x75b0f443, 0xb60df10c, 0x601e218e, 0x206e98eb, 0x19959bc0,
+ 0x732a8784, 0x557ffae8, 0x53be11e6, 0x73fc2769, 0xc6c224e5, 0x7ca1074a,
+ 0x1dadcdfe, 0x4db1f724, 0xa307a48d, 0x5e92d54f, 0x915635e4, 0x543c8c9e,
+ 0xbb971fb1, 0x01471ee1, 0x2d656d62, 0x656767bd, 0x9929e13d, 0xfbb9d387,
+ 0xeee2ff72, 0x7347798b, 0x21efcf12, 0x36ab798d, 0x2fc8ad8c, 0xbd7e47bf,
+ 0x8fc200cd, 0xdd3f249f, 0x78682516, 0xf1c7b797, 0xcdfc7ffe, 0xffb7e4bb,
+ 0xffb20662, 0x9d8e64b4, 0xccc3bb66, 0xa7126f70, 0x56b09e65, 0xf6739f23,
+ 0x398e7c31, 0xce17bc49, 0x01f7b64e, 0x4bdabb58, 0xa2b4463f, 0x089ce8a8,
+ 0x2e0d7b75, 0xf77da3ad, 0xf6f247b7, 0x696749bd, 0xa2fe815c, 0xe9a46b74,
+ 0x96393f63, 0x68a826d7, 0xe9aa7d57, 0xd3b93f63, 0xc5f33a79, 0x79d0a290,
+ 0x9b309964, 0x81936372, 0x061da3c7, 0xdfd8eebe, 0xd3573f41, 0xb1b58b6a,
+ 0x72bb1ef7, 0xf7f22c7d, 0xe424c018, 0xe9861dbf, 0xd7cc3117, 0xcddfd30d,
+ 0xaf9e94f0, 0x3be381e7, 0xc49fe4ad, 0xc831dce7, 0xc6fb8c96, 0xc6fa6ce9,
+ 0xd05be25c, 0xb369f57d, 0x4a1add77, 0x0fb3a976, 0x8fd93ca2, 0x3714dc22,
+ 0x9d8e5228, 0x1fc93724, 0xe52b1d2f, 0x13a70df1, 0x9d057f24, 0x1a9ed01c,
+ 0xff79eb40, 0x4f5f4973, 0xcff10776, 0xffbf203f, 0x98a4f917, 0x1efe7c4d,
+ 0x14d3ed3b, 0x0ed38db3, 0x0c7e334e, 0xdbb7bd25, 0xfe33fe85, 0xed811c70,
+ 0x74111cc7, 0x8dfac2be, 0xe717e998, 0x49eb306d, 0xbc18676f, 0x8758f779,
+ 0xcebafe5f, 0x9c01eb2c, 0x97a67cf4, 0x98274f64, 0x67c5829c, 0x3e9c8527,
+ 0x69f1e28f, 0x52bbfb60, 0x681ba68e, 0xbc0bbf1d, 0xcc93ca3f, 0xd4d8bfc5,
+ 0xee738ae6, 0x0fc6c679, 0xddfa3177, 0x7da7debb, 0x7de9fce9, 0x7dfae3c7,
+ 0xc90fc2e7, 0xe3bf8eaf, 0x375c38eb, 0xc65f1ddb, 0x6f6fcba1, 0xc673a0ed,
+ 0xb133869a, 0xd7f88e78, 0x9fa42d2b, 0x148c93f3, 0xd5882ec7, 0xb8797059,
+ 0x3060975b, 0x892ee7b1, 0x530eb619, 0x45cccb5f, 0x17460486, 0x1d67b9f7,
+ 0x5fc0c962, 0x96191219, 0xc758ee65, 0x748d01b7, 0xef34d14e, 0x899fd8a2,
+ 0x7a5ec1f8, 0x695e794d, 0x3e44270f, 0x1d39f91e, 0x67c10bd7, 0x667bdf79,
+ 0xb9dee71e, 0x87144ff0, 0x7e22cddb, 0xf1430a1f, 0x6c4de739, 0x9714f13e,
+ 0x7c93344f, 0xeb4e5c58, 0x978e3a95, 0x2fec87f7, 0xadd2f8e2, 0xfdff6afa,
+ 0xe086bbe4, 0xc4a77be7, 0xf3884f38, 0x67d9acaf, 0xecc30a34, 0x1a3517d9,
+ 0x73b31fd4, 0xae5fbe04, 0xdff78183, 0x34e1f0b9, 0x1df7db94, 0xa9d6f81f,
+ 0xec1eb4d9, 0x7a1274ad, 0x3ac58b2a, 0x81f44155, 0x7e8807ca, 0x784dd2b3,
+ 0x58bd72a8, 0xfda8aaa7, 0x628dca9d, 0xeb16aa9d, 0x3eba56d4, 0x74f9ee6b,
+ 0x987cdfa7, 0x2857a83f, 0x9779e11e, 0x436f42e9, 0xf3c8979d, 0x1da2e78e,
+ 0x9bfe213f, 0x779d57ae, 0x7d74dc1d, 0x0c497e50, 0x8720ef5c, 0x5fda03ef,
+ 0x027576fd, 0x8feda23b, 0x539c839a, 0x3007eb7a, 0x7a17ef2e, 0x41f0c73c,
+ 0xa68b1fe4, 0x863c7fa0, 0x76fe4446, 0x475c14c6, 0x5d24d98f, 0xd91ce9c4,
+ 0xeda7267f, 0xf3a61da2, 0xdda21dfb, 0x4ed3933d, 0xfde74f49, 0x59ff642b,
+ 0xfa4b769c, 0xc9574e0e, 0xfdf8b3fe, 0x69de9cd5, 0xfd053d9e, 0x07283e75,
+ 0x8c0bded0, 0xeba027fd, 0x1fe5342f, 0x35bf3b40, 0xb404d165, 0xd3fa0373,
+ 0x569f8c64, 0x6a7a401f, 0x6e1d66c6, 0xc331ecbd, 0xe37de0d6, 0xbc3a45cd,
+ 0x7b9f426f, 0x137de0d6, 0xe74afe07, 0xcca4df7f, 0x9e906b1d, 0x8759b396,
+ 0x7f406dfa, 0x8e7bec9d, 0x77bb65a4, 0x327512dd, 0x5a0e0dd9, 0x1deab337,
+ 0x3e4a6eb4, 0xb4519f8f, 0xf5c664d6, 0x38293143, 0x378a198e, 0x483587a9,
+ 0x6f30af2b, 0xefb0f8c0, 0xab51e589, 0xe91cfcf1, 0xbe3f44d1, 0x171b1ffa,
+ 0x7ebd411c, 0x8c35f84f, 0xafd08abb, 0x13b13f31, 0x28b0d5c7, 0x5f589176,
+ 0xc28b2e30, 0x9fe98a38, 0x6653c449, 0xf4144f41, 0x15a78134, 0x53d469fb,
+ 0xd19ac7e9, 0xbb78e20f, 0xf316c1fa, 0x41dcf255, 0xbfbaa0fc, 0xca9f83f0,
+ 0xaf387675, 0xbb56b9c3, 0x62eff992, 0x54057fd1, 0x1cbbfe53, 0x2eff943c,
+ 0xc558f98d, 0xdbf2eeb7, 0xba6ab5e5, 0xd8b1f9eb, 0xf5f14747, 0x1f38b665,
+ 0x488df397, 0xd8afc90e, 0x97e36be4, 0x0bacbfba, 0xf6f3f270, 0xc5bcfc7f,
+ 0xcb8ea139, 0xfde1c589, 0x5fbb9392, 0xffaf0277, 0xd785eb50, 0xfaf9cf3f,
+ 0x31e7fadb, 0x9fe0d7c9, 0x591d255d, 0x9d1d6fb8, 0xec9f1ce8, 0x65710fb7,
+ 0x98502d37, 0x3f03141c, 0xde26fee7, 0x65db1139, 0x77aca11d, 0x8beef56c,
+ 0x6cff91b6, 0xb683eef5, 0xfb957f91, 0x6e4f69a0, 0x105a7f23, 0xf48db8ef,
+ 0x6fe78321, 0xcdfdd542, 0xc0f9e64c, 0x6fdf08ae, 0xeb375bbd, 0x0e7be615,
+ 0xf5bc1e30, 0xd406f3d2, 0x76dbf38f, 0x58fcc48c, 0xea89ae9b, 0x8a5eda1d,
+ 0xc7c50f05, 0x96196f4c, 0x3ced69d4, 0xbc8cf65e, 0xfa5f5543, 0x74bb8d08,
+ 0x6e0bcd7b, 0x95e4bd76, 0x9cf45933, 0xadfc8b9f, 0x0eeb29bb, 0x7f244f6e,
+ 0x3a66c357, 0xa9d12f1f, 0xfe254ceb, 0x79c79934, 0x9e8d5ee7, 0x73e3f98d,
+ 0x325a4f7a, 0x66eb6543, 0xef0c27c3, 0xdaabd64d, 0x67543c71, 0xe5c9c6ca,
+ 0x8bec5ab7, 0xbef82c9a, 0x366e2f73, 0x84affe60, 0xf7c4efdd, 0x80c2fd6f,
+ 0x6bd574f2, 0xfd9f80e1, 0x9e47fe7c, 0x5ed82b17, 0xae8df943, 0xaa72c179,
+ 0xd56d7293, 0xcf28227a, 0x5c466da5, 0x2f3c1b59, 0xab1e5dd7, 0x579efb74,
+ 0x2fa55f90, 0xc70e3eff, 0xefe359f7, 0xe6f75e28, 0x635eb707, 0xb1f6b07e,
+ 0x0cf8e3a0, 0x973c2eb8, 0xb83f221c, 0x63fc8935, 0x33dd38d7, 0x701b9c52,
+ 0x7a5cd6f9, 0xe7a9f316, 0x2cfe7e76, 0xd5fdbb8e, 0x3f51d32f, 0x524edb5d,
+ 0x37d9411d, 0xd075a0da, 0xb77e857b, 0x8692d8bd, 0x3db690fb, 0x6dd7a42d,
+ 0x6c5b2e3b, 0xd8797d43, 0xa90a7b55, 0xaed56ece, 0x255c2b02, 0xadbd43ee,
+ 0xc85d41ee, 0x83cb1db9, 0xcb6b77e7, 0x5f77e783, 0xdddf9e0a, 0x8e3c775f,
+ 0xe40411d7, 0x50ceeb79, 0x79b743bd, 0x8e4c13de, 0x1e759f6c, 0x835d461b,
+ 0x79e25f3c, 0x8e274bd3, 0x9e419c5b, 0x790841ff, 0x199aef96, 0xf325f64f,
+ 0xaa4975db, 0xcff23a3c, 0xc9fe03d3, 0xc9ad9fba, 0x6bf256f6, 0xca47aea2,
+ 0x52e6adbf, 0xb54bd61a, 0xb0d23beb, 0xcf64a43e, 0x6d57647b, 0x501a8ebb,
+ 0xde5be5ae, 0x5b1ca037, 0xc32f32f5, 0xc0da6ceb, 0x10f5e3fb, 0x8e4c36a2,
+ 0x8e47ca47, 0x98c6f31f, 0x896d71c7, 0x2de579e5, 0x5caf3cb1, 0xbbbdf5cd,
+ 0x8b20f27c, 0x7dd7ec46, 0x50f253f2, 0xcd57cd7e, 0x98be4bd3, 0xf9372f90,
+ 0x677455d7, 0xa3aea097, 0x52ec7210, 0xb1e8c147, 0x41ef2b44, 0xdb6dbb10,
+ 0xda2aebcc, 0x85179c42, 0x67e8abaa, 0xd5e76109, 0xe8a7ab3d, 0x8ddf9e7e,
+ 0x5678318f, 0xbe7fec9d, 0xea0fae7f, 0x46496deb, 0x41f1868f, 0x899ad71b,
+ 0x7399de74, 0x1afe5103, 0xd691e823, 0x11639ac6, 0x3cca448f, 0xfd198773,
+ 0x3cf7ffd3, 0xa89fe300, 0x0f26e84f, 0xcf76f790, 0xdfa200f2, 0xb003cdb7,
+ 0x3bce9800, 0x0a8e515c, 0x1e5f08cb, 0x78feada0, 0xbcf3ca14, 0x698e973c,
+ 0x4f7dc2ca, 0x53074fe1, 0xe8e0ba7c, 0xb6f9d8c5, 0xcde97a20, 0xfbb8f2bb,
+ 0xee711667, 0x8b061833, 0x4b1aedbc, 0xdeb6f28f, 0x5fdd5db8, 0x1c72edc4,
+ 0xbad45f0b, 0xfe7f5fd1, 0x389f1e13, 0xf74c3e0a, 0x9c4a7fdf, 0xd89d7899,
+ 0xe1a63517, 0x27472df7, 0x3f60b71c, 0xd4fa79df, 0xca2714a9, 0x707874f3,
+ 0x9d3cfaaa, 0xe2fa67b5, 0xab2d27c8, 0xf5b9e2a6, 0x11adb42c, 0xcb67fc3e,
+ 0xd8afcc8f, 0xf85f6aa7, 0xca7fe1c0, 0xd7cac9fc, 0x7a881ebe, 0xd7ee6b33,
+ 0x66b7a899, 0xea30fdab, 0xd751c1f3, 0xe50adf93, 0xfb6fbf47, 0xe973723e,
+ 0x07c71c08, 0xdf9a1e95, 0x110f2b5f, 0xb4fb50fe, 0x52160f05, 0x1edfcadd,
+ 0x983aa02a, 0x6b5fc28b, 0xb818b763, 0x35d7519f, 0x2dd7f894, 0x41aea0f4,
+ 0xa2666f3e, 0x7380f3d0, 0x0fcf6ec4, 0x3c0edef3, 0xe506fc3f, 0xe3ce7802,
+ 0xce06eeb7, 0x7db93ba3, 0x8e89e7ff, 0xe79b2b04, 0x252f87c2, 0x43b3effb,
+ 0xe5d6cfed, 0xf77e836b, 0x3f0a7cf6, 0x3bafae5f, 0x18e38896, 0x2274ea3a,
+ 0xa0bbf0ba, 0x757e8f4a, 0xe8f4782e, 0x1343e79f, 0x8ab10bd1, 0xb022e186,
+ 0xbb062e11, 0x3883d781, 0x0d819ce8, 0x9e2c1ed5, 0xa7e6b728, 0xa71f195b,
+ 0xa23e7958, 0x1474ef26, 0x913b27be, 0x46dbc1fb, 0x05e7483f, 0x73a0aba0,
+ 0xc652fbf2, 0x6df9c10f, 0xe519e6f7, 0x058750f9, 0x414a6c71, 0x64dfb60e,
+ 0x8186f2e5, 0x29dd6973, 0x4e5e0932, 0x923c59e8, 0xe7427a8d, 0x1e42ec9a,
+ 0xc9e88fbd, 0xba9a6d4f, 0x61a7c706, 0x97fc59d7, 0x4d79106d, 0xa38d054f,
+ 0x2d22a125, 0xe9c71331, 0xf8a56f1c, 0x7fdd22af, 0xfccd385d, 0xbd1bd60f,
+ 0x0c48758f, 0x4875143f, 0x4875137f, 0xc48758cd, 0x3ff30cf0, 0x62bf4b88,
+ 0xe011b92f, 0x053ed5b0, 0xa75594f9, 0xb347efa3, 0x96e29bea, 0x9673f1f9,
+ 0x1bfc40d5, 0x38e3ebba, 0x793107aa, 0xd8576fc7, 0xeb136ea3, 0x5ea7acc3,
+ 0x9577f1a4, 0xac8bb737, 0x921a33fa, 0x13c7abf7, 0x7d71feb9, 0x68bfab6c,
+ 0x4d8c3941, 0x71c5cfb1, 0x0d6be284, 0x2e316f5b, 0xa3a5f1f3, 0x7b65f217,
+ 0xe42f4742, 0x1c0550cb, 0xbe4ae3c1, 0xa23dbe7f, 0x73c63863, 0x836a77b7,
+ 0x7ec8cdd6, 0xf620adfd, 0x455e5cdb, 0x0100df62, 0x1c1c05df, 0xa3ed25f5,
+ 0xbaf0342e, 0x1d3afaff, 0x7ea4dfe5, 0x693ee7c9, 0xc4baf1e5, 0x540c7ba1,
+ 0xcf7dbe47, 0x624b81d9, 0x9703af88, 0xad6bfeb2, 0x999f3883, 0x75de603d,
+ 0xbdcba8fb, 0xe6c0e710, 0x9e9f3c42, 0x1077dc6b, 0xd4df3259, 0xd3e7885c,
+ 0x3794530b, 0xfad91711, 0x6973c44f, 0x38b62759, 0x544dff23, 0x453969b1,
+ 0xbf18dfe4, 0x1f31eea8, 0x6fcfc78d, 0xc5a31817, 0x5d722bc7, 0xb7d1524d,
+ 0xf556f4a6, 0xa01b6c9f, 0x9bef976a, 0xd544319a, 0xf46e720f, 0xe6f9d7d1,
+ 0x04f1c6cb, 0x57ce438e, 0x90fdbfce, 0x0f2e3016, 0xece8379c, 0x9fe654ba,
+ 0xb4ff0b96, 0x3a72ec7c, 0xf46db8af, 0x0c87a463, 0x29f91f69, 0xce1c4f54,
+ 0xd762b464, 0x0962ef1b, 0xe8782956, 0xffb930bb, 0xf393eef4, 0x1782fd1e,
+ 0x5f3cf220, 0xfaea33f1, 0x6a2d92c9, 0x80a5ecba, 0xba9d6ffd, 0x7835a77d,
+ 0x7a7765bd, 0x484fca12, 0x3fa813bf, 0xf1245f72, 0xfbfc63b6, 0xbbda9ee8,
+ 0xfbb49394, 0x21cabe4f, 0xefd40fbb, 0x7bf8ebec, 0xdfabc7b3, 0xede8447f,
+ 0xbd1c29f3, 0x15ea27f6, 0x8fe8bf89, 0xdb5e6c97, 0xeed1387b, 0x16eaf658,
+ 0x972bc8ab, 0xdbdb5bed, 0xab0ebbec, 0xe0fd559a, 0x8a9d6521, 0x4d5fd35e,
+ 0xe75fc86f, 0xff287f7f, 0xd9beb2ba, 0x2b63f580, 0x8fc8509f, 0x7c43f575,
+ 0x50b473fc, 0xc84fcc11, 0x785ad3f6, 0x4cf9ce80, 0x4e9fe48d, 0x307db3c7,
+ 0xf9892fa3, 0x68f57f9c, 0xf9e7ea1a, 0x3d8fbe04, 0xea9dbcbd, 0x5aeab355,
+ 0x1d9a3f28, 0x6593f9c5, 0x5fa0d26a, 0x768e2f6a, 0x6b90fd63, 0xa7e52c45,
+ 0xc08731b3, 0x3b06e7fd, 0x7eb8b4db, 0x767e2201, 0xfa78c06c, 0x6a8d1a2f,
+ 0x118f687d, 0xf27637fd, 0xebc0c1f5, 0xff201708, 0x66061f85, 0xbcc7aeca,
+ 0x9da3b5cf, 0x7a72d69e, 0x9df68a4c, 0x7b1f7027, 0xb499db98, 0x839ed70f,
+ 0x149e7916, 0xd942cecc, 0x929fb491, 0x18865503, 0xf1b2bb7f, 0x7e6505ef,
+ 0x57dabbe0, 0xed8f4a5a, 0x6bedc2cb, 0x2857d910, 0x67ad70fd, 0xd1f24d7c,
+ 0xeff3afd9, 0x27c543de, 0xf54e9390, 0xd9bbf293, 0xe2dce223, 0x9acdbd5e,
+ 0x6c7bcdd0, 0x23b2becc, 0xbd71723a, 0xdf2ef691, 0x2edfc727, 0xd7ecb7d6,
+ 0x67e6e52f, 0xe99d5c72, 0xc9484bb3, 0x6f09faa0, 0x27ea28dc, 0x8746e302,
+ 0x728f5f3d, 0x3ac7b93c, 0xf65dce9e, 0xecf8a4cc, 0x0cee02a4, 0x50767baa,
+ 0xdd4d4d1d, 0xfd78b1dd, 0xc9c584e8, 0x7a15ee5c, 0x94201f91, 0x2fbb27eb,
+ 0x49f4fd06, 0x8f10e83d, 0x4cc8eaf4, 0x7acb71a0, 0xd5be1b88, 0x1ad7ef77,
+ 0xbbc606af, 0xcebc57df, 0x7c9eda7e, 0x5de2ca37, 0xc435ca57, 0xc1b95ebb,
+ 0xfa46f5d5, 0xb37a2edb, 0x9f8de991, 0xbc37b67e, 0xcedbeb4c, 0x9d91cf43,
+ 0xd6f7191e, 0x796e484f, 0xab3fa4e9, 0xf557f3c4, 0x49135bb7, 0xe3debc9e,
+ 0xc4dfa1c2, 0xe23af971, 0x53c03ce9, 0x9f07e745, 0x166dfdee, 0x9f4fadfa,
+ 0xfa508a7d, 0xab134ff1, 0xe5fef0b2, 0xb4aebe1a, 0x246a7a6c, 0xfa5bfbee,
+ 0xb9448d56, 0x69bf7f6b, 0x02c33364, 0x3eee7a44, 0x2d70bdf1, 0xdd338f8f,
+ 0x8f3fdef4, 0x1efb4dda, 0xae9ab8d8, 0xa48a6eb7, 0x53e87dfa, 0xdc6dfbcd,
+ 0x26cefd4c, 0x253dff3b, 0xb49f39c8, 0xadf62093, 0x9f053f5e, 0xc0eff943,
+ 0x1f3adfeb, 0xfb215c3e, 0x56f6132b, 0x5ffffc0e, 0x7f0f97e1, 0xb023f51e,
+ 0x453ebe8e, 0x42fb63e4, 0xb39e715f, 0x792ae537, 0xf87520d8, 0x3adefeea,
+ 0xeb4113fc, 0x40fdc7f0, 0xa929f875, 0x3c34df7c, 0xf99d7829, 0xaf591485,
+ 0xf1c46397, 0x1fd7aa85, 0x9df4b50d, 0x246858f3, 0x083a19bc, 0x21d260ed,
+ 0xc21c878e, 0x9c20e009, 0x93841508, 0x0a708aa0, 0x834e12d4, 0x97594246,
+ 0x4843290d, 0x67fbf23e, 0x8c71fe10, 0x0d31ebb0, 0x8c6fdcfc, 0x18d333a8,
+ 0x3fee5a3d, 0x7ddf5432, 0x01d8eafb, 0x982151e6, 0x1b8aab5d, 0x0fa87fa5,
+ 0x21fcaefc, 0x793df75e, 0x61fd06b9, 0xdc15efe8, 0xfbe7bf54, 0x69e1e13e,
+ 0xf880bdf4, 0x7532213e, 0xb7cc34f5, 0xc0bdfb76, 0x31e42d00, 0x05b5498c,
+ 0x9fc02f7c, 0x19d122bf, 0x30f28a91, 0x16fcd3a6, 0x7741fb0b, 0x7b18b447,
+ 0x7faf2a4c, 0xbf6ffc58, 0x34fa8be8, 0xffad953a, 0xd4e6ec41, 0x2f492fa2,
+ 0x75fbfd65, 0x7c04cea9, 0x4afa2bbe, 0xb73dd63a, 0xaebe3b0d, 0x5bcdf509,
+ 0xd57c5fef, 0xbf0203ef, 0xafac0807, 0x4befcf67, 0x2c76d7cf, 0x84d5f3a3,
+ 0xd7f386e3, 0xb0df5f50, 0x5f7d1f7b, 0x07f8ee30, 0x2dc17df4, 0xf7d1341f,
+ 0xbcf67b05, 0x02fbf417, 0xf1a337a9, 0x61fe02fb, 0xe05f7d12, 0xefa79fd3,
+ 0x5034f5c3, 0xf7e0c68f, 0xae5fd405, 0xab7e5f87, 0xfb020bef, 0xe9336a15,
+ 0x157bdefb, 0xdbf77d1b, 0x57dfe462, 0xc5234195, 0x3e1ef761, 0xcbfae169,
+ 0x9c5f35e3, 0x4bf298b5, 0xde605fb2, 0x4a71e64d, 0x875ea83f, 0xef8977d3,
+ 0xdc30d8d0, 0xa215df38, 0xd7ad77d7, 0xe22a9198, 0x02f7e135, 0xafc205e7,
+ 0xdcf7172f, 0xe50069bb, 0x09672145, 0x67875ff8, 0xea4f7e78, 0xf97bd4b7,
+ 0x81eb15bc, 0xffb949d6, 0xf663e40f, 0x9476110b, 0x560bf64f, 0x3ae47f5a,
+ 0xf009cf27, 0x9f851e33, 0xc4ef88af, 0x1023cb82, 0x32f62b4f, 0x8630cfd4,
+ 0x0c618c31, 0x18c31863, 0x318630c6, 0x630c618c, 0xc618c318, 0x8c318630,
+ 0x18630c61, 0x30c618c3, 0x618c3186, 0xc318630c, 0x8630c618, 0x0c618c31,
+ 0x18c31863, 0x318630c6, 0x630c618c, 0xc618c318, 0x8c318630, 0xff0eec61,
+ 0xa39b150e, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x13f84186,
+ 0x21b4c2c8, 0x7367db88, 0xc64addfa, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0x8fedb6db, 0xf654c65f, 0x008000f9, 0x00
+ };
+ 0, 12265);
+ 8192, 7065);
+ 16384, 93);
+ 24576, 93);
+ 32768, 93);
+ 40960, 93);
+ 49152, 93);
+ 57344, 93);
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xe6f, 0xe19, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x419, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x3e5, 0x3e6, 0x3e7, 0x3e8, 0x1e2, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xd49, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x9dc, 0xd49, 0x9b0, 0xb3e, 0xd30,
+ 0xd49, 0x9ed, 0xa07, 0xa12, 0xc97, 0xa26,
+ 0xa3d, 0xa2b, 0xd49, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xd49, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0xc16, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xc40, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xb29, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xc76, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0xc7b, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x13f5, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x1446, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x221e, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x22af, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x221e, 0x7ff8, 0x1ef4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8};
+ 0X0, 256);
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7ded0300, 0x4554780b, 0xdbdd7096, 0x9ddfb7dd,
+ 0x90f093ce, 0x1bc884dc, 0x0108486c, 0xc0427683, 0xc8b63820, 0x362a0e3a,
+ 0x91e1210f, 0x59718604, 0x00eedd9d, 0x8d186046, 0xf8338a82, 0xa0cc20db,
+ 0x0804cecb, 0x0da09063, 0xa8830e09, 0x71919951, 0xf2023758, 0xe0c48170,
+ 0x7cc38eb0, 0x55539d6c, 0xba6f7ddd, 0xf7ee8321, 0xf983ff7f, 0xaadd4ac6,
+ 0x79d4f75b, 0x4e73a9d5, 0x99891b55, 0xb909db90, 0xf968ff0a, 0x24210323,
+ 0xdf865a3d, 0x9269ebfc, 0x0685c846, 0x26ce6a93, 0x536efc64, 0x5f5a76f8,
+ 0x410a49b4, 0x4ad37e5d, 0x17213e48, 0x957ab237, 0x5ba9f5a1, 0xdd793b69,
+ 0x82d2b640, 0xa4c8736c, 0x16d39080, 0x9d19fec2, 0x6420c932, 0x175595ae,
+ 0x033fda6d, 0x346f2fc6, 0xff7d2b13, 0x0bc18374, 0xa55b25f5, 0xfb689110,
+ 0x5e95279e, 0x2179fc74, 0xd2aadea9, 0x1467d6fa, 0xf2c849d5, 0x117aff37,
+ 0xfae02bbe, 0xaa216022, 0x3efdf002, 0x21286da3, 0x263b43f3, 0xcce3a2f6,
+ 0x64792edf, 0x1bf99dfa, 0xf9edf0a5, 0x190a5cf0, 0xb60bb8e8, 0x903a89d9,
+ 0xe09570c1, 0x4b1e7177, 0xcddfa25e, 0x14eb3806, 0x3dfa339f, 0x022f9f81,
+ 0x1fed4475, 0x957a2fad, 0x57be877e, 0x03c92bf9, 0x8994ac53, 0xff7e9ebf,
+ 0xfdeb1ee2, 0x7e6038af, 0x677f4a35, 0xfe663cec, 0x3f31e606, 0xe89949b4,
+ 0x2936b800, 0xc7468773, 0x1d6db05b, 0x70312d51, 0xc3d7e86d, 0x2faed31f,
+ 0x0d1008bf, 0xf109f33c, 0xfe003bd6, 0xb0cf7290, 0xa477f3e8, 0xc1464264,
+ 0xf8cd06f8, 0xce910484, 0x0309e206, 0xd39349de, 0x4eb74b13, 0x4b6e96b7,
+ 0x09bbf992, 0xd39a79e0, 0x1b8099e1, 0x4c8175cb, 0xa80b9f2c, 0x810be708,
+ 0x18be5881, 0x9ff3e0f0, 0x7cb10a07, 0xf2c5e029, 0x961940e5, 0xec3e029b,
+ 0x7ee04af7, 0xfc06b72c, 0x8197fcf8, 0x0d5f2c72, 0x7ff3e354, 0xf2c32c0d,
+ 0x7c4102df, 0x2ac0ebfe, 0x9d00772c, 0xb02bb968, 0x81ddcb01, 0x3d7bf610,
+ 0x3dcb0db0, 0xfe7c7a81, 0x2d1fc053, 0x1aeebc93, 0x524fa523, 0xf6537129,
+ 0x5f3ea920, 0x53d6898d, 0x0f7ab1a7, 0x428d5d7f, 0x0e63d3f1, 0xf5fa53ad,
+ 0x31ad6eae, 0x4bdef6d3, 0xd0567b59, 0xdb42dcbd, 0xf6b256b3, 0xe5be757e,
+ 0x6fdeda56, 0x101f6b3d, 0xa36e5baa, 0xb0b603ed, 0xadf521f6, 0x7db4edcb,
+ 0xbf6b0348, 0xe15eec25, 0x5a5bf5a0, 0xd5af3d58, 0xeb49c2b7, 0x7d594779,
+ 0x0add5b74, 0xf47f7d17, 0xc0bef629, 0x6d130ef7, 0xb9140b1c, 0x74a5ebcb,
+ 0x42e7411f, 0xef59017a, 0x450efac1, 0xdac7dfb4, 0x9c1ebccd, 0xbe52f5ee,
+ 0xfde265da, 0x9ed8c3c9, 0x6707fa27, 0x1e3176b3, 0x9e7ac729, 0x10bf8c59,
+ 0xef23bbeb, 0x47f7c62f, 0x11ffde45, 0xde4777d6, 0x8ffb0c7f, 0x2fffbc8a,
+ 0x023d7f58, 0x8fac0aff, 0x24ffc08e, 0xbfc08f6b, 0xe047b596, 0x1efac3af,
+ 0xe93cfdfe, 0xd6906f39, 0x97fe4917, 0xe5db9f80, 0x3a0272ea, 0x04ce18cc,
+ 0x22527e39, 0xfe5c83f7, 0xdf915123, 0xf149bc9f, 0xf8efbc82, 0x862bc15d,
+ 0x69e3ce6c, 0x8bfb9f50, 0xf38e1235, 0x7697900b, 0xefd38e85, 0x388ce3fa,
+ 0x6719a85c, 0x3172e1c4, 0x1c71afce, 0xd9c6f75b, 0x16ac7871, 0xc5f3c39e,
+ 0x8e388d38, 0x1af37bab, 0x16914ef1, 0x8a16779e, 0x7e23f671, 0xcf07ba52,
+ 0x7e280fae, 0xbb38e8a4, 0xc9f8a03e, 0x230e71c6, 0x83dd193c, 0x42c3ef27,
+ 0x1f7938cd, 0x3e718b96, 0x757a7842, 0x1f5d9c6f, 0xf3c2d58e, 0xce317ce1,
+ 0x6fa71c71, 0xf795e6f7, 0x9e169151, 0x718a168f, 0x7271c73e, 0xeece37ba,
+ 0x67f96a3f, 0xfc231ff7, 0xd3f11173, 0x1af37bbf, 0x7f9689f5, 0xe1127d46,
+ 0x7842ff9f, 0x9c6f7706, 0xf9689fdd, 0x1127f767, 0x8c1221fe, 0xf37bbc33,
+ 0x2d27f51a, 0x53fa8cff, 0x38ac7f84, 0xc1eec8ce, 0x5a67faf3, 0x59febcfc,
+ 0x38293f04, 0xe0f7414e, 0x8b427d19, 0x2227d19f, 0xe38de9f8, 0x38deed8c,
+ 0xe2d09faf, 0x1113f5e7, 0x38e2e4fc, 0x5e6f75b7, 0xf16a4fa3, 0x0464fa33,
+ 0x9c70c33f, 0xa10f0e12, 0x3c4b0ce3, 0x5a739ece, 0xc739ecfc, 0xd5b233f0,
+ 0x76d1706f, 0x00f12653, 0xfacf6338, 0x376d1282, 0x0abad1a6, 0xa9f897a5,
+ 0x7ac2357e, 0x6e5e143f, 0xbb681a0b, 0xc8f27b73, 0xbaec6a35, 0xa24e325f,
+ 0x97cae87c, 0xbb8ef635, 0xa7a9a6c8, 0xec68a694, 0xbd29b482, 0x698cf534,
+ 0xe67a9a39, 0xef358383, 0x52339af7, 0x70b3ef53, 0x77dea6ac, 0x7de68969,
+ 0x6a77c7f5, 0x4e5673da, 0xd773d4d5, 0xfbd4d74e, 0xa9a59faf, 0x5f38dc0f,
+ 0x2de0de33, 0xa1f5344b, 0xd4d31fdb, 0xd72c3787, 0x6b4d3dd4, 0x2d91f534,
+ 0xcfc66acf, 0x4d33f23f, 0x66e8e0bd, 0xf8f0bd4d, 0xc7f79a6b, 0xb3a9da9e,
+ 0xd3ee1cab, 0x00dd7843, 0xed1db476, 0x055f734b, 0xbee2e4ed, 0xda3fac16,
+ 0x47f581d7, 0x700ff36f, 0x04fe3a53, 0xeb43185e, 0x7716ff8a, 0x528fbb1c,
+ 0x5099264e, 0xd85265fa, 0x89957db5, 0x8be519f2, 0xfd2bac92, 0x9565a33f,
+ 0x993fd1dc, 0x1721ff96, 0x560f8007, 0x81da324a, 0x06a90376, 0x099bb1be,
+ 0x9baae1f2, 0xc6095e0b, 0x6ceae1f0, 0xb8c5e7a6, 0xfceb23ab, 0xd75841db,
+ 0x3d78949f, 0xe1d71078, 0x5c15b327, 0x1cd6d797, 0xe973070c, 0x668fd978,
+ 0x516add82, 0x0b1c3da8, 0x19e1428f, 0x033cf08a, 0x009f3cf0, 0x42ff4b1e,
+ 0x9cd63c0d, 0xd63c0d72, 0xbef05d88, 0xd0f79e0e, 0xdb3278ee, 0x55fff582,
+ 0x48385ef3, 0xb392c485, 0xa559e10c, 0x3c0d7290, 0xaf3c08b6, 0x036edc80,
+ 0xe0e3d278, 0x2d58ffa7, 0x6be6727e, 0x73b113f1, 0xf9e0e98e, 0x86c7e398,
+ 0x7cd7d6f0, 0xf393f0cc, 0x998fc318, 0x1e16277e, 0xbb5e8457, 0x246f3f01,
+ 0xa032c780, 0x7e9f8b48, 0x11f8b50b, 0x4cf91676, 0xc71b4f07, 0x39e1038f,
+ 0xf0c6d350, 0x08c7efd3, 0xed5cd98f, 0x7326d371, 0x043aad96, 0xed9a857a,
+ 0x240807a4, 0x1068eefd, 0x7a4214ac, 0xca54b212, 0xb51eb841, 0xfda5be51,
+ 0xbf28db2f, 0xef83bec2, 0x9f6ce627, 0x7694fca9, 0x095aa121, 0x5c9511f6,
+ 0xb234e636, 0xfba1167d, 0xbc299bb0, 0x5d2f1b17, 0x7f8513fe, 0xa81196ce,
+ 0x10a4a8d7, 0x9f08ffe8, 0xe181955a, 0xdf5f1087, 0x263ea87b, 0xa9df5f46,
+ 0x0bc9b0c3, 0x047991fb, 0x0722ec61, 0x4e99d48f, 0xebc8c5b7, 0x7ada0dbc,
+ 0x175b4845, 0x9fc31770, 0xe9a7ef14, 0x7dd085fe, 0x3fba09c2, 0x898cf280,
+ 0x70a3ec3c, 0x1bfba29c, 0x63cac4a2, 0x546feb0d, 0x3ce9336b, 0x1e4b974e,
+ 0x6079123a, 0x04e1cced, 0xef419e36, 0x9c2973ef, 0x2ff111f7, 0x77e7e70d,
+ 0x0cabb833, 0x597911ec, 0x00956d0a, 0x6227aa6e, 0xf61fc8f4, 0x5c429a2d,
+ 0xef0bd7d8, 0x97cf9f7d, 0xdef82d18, 0x21c9998c, 0x6de62f58, 0xf7bcd548,
+ 0x9776d203, 0xaa43d70f, 0x3ff7e82c, 0xefb6fbe5, 0xd53a6fdf, 0x6dafd316,
+ 0x5089b343, 0x69bdb53a, 0xe9c3caf7, 0x3b6d7e7b, 0xefd23345, 0x07ddfe21,
+ 0x0fedb5ca, 0xeb02b713, 0xbad543dc, 0xe3f4cbe7, 0x1c28f050, 0x54fc04b3,
+ 0xb35c0191, 0xa0ccdb79, 0x55ecffb6, 0x3e86a0a6, 0x02950f94, 0xa9073fde,
+ 0xf1c2f38f, 0x4fed75fa, 0xd1d41fe9, 0xde8f183f, 0xffce9fff, 0xaab9d06f,
+ 0x54f538b1, 0xd51777cc, 0x153d4a4f, 0xb6c16fd3, 0x8af5347b, 0xfd340fd0,
+ 0xa9986de7, 0xaea47f69, 0x7b3ed342, 0x7d4d62d5, 0x349ff066, 0x565e1ffd,
+ 0xa87f69a3, 0xfda6b57a, 0x3467f281, 0x5ff81ff5, 0xfefff4d4, 0xed349bfd,
+ 0x59159bd2, 0x52aae7e0, 0xc13d59fc, 0x3347f73f, 0xf9452cd9, 0xd9f5f056,
+ 0x5f962640, 0x6b2c5404, 0x7d52ff40, 0x6561ef2e, 0x5999e6d5, 0x9f05b7a0,
+ 0xf755319f, 0xe57476ad, 0xd57ebd4f, 0xd7fd21f3, 0x4492ec1b, 0x1285a17e,
+ 0x6f1e81f1, 0x227d9897, 0xebe49f9e, 0x51cb211b, 0x4c2a16be, 0xecee16fe,
+ 0xb0f20259, 0xaff70950, 0x971e2476, 0x8f384bd4, 0x6a6f508a, 0xb3d2c614,
+ 0x363e0e9f, 0x06fdf9fe, 0xac257efc, 0x7ec06387, 0xe1966df6, 0xbee6e1fb,
+ 0x78030ef7, 0xb4c8afbc, 0xc74c691f, 0xa07cee75, 0x1194f52c, 0xf2c3e7f0,
+ 0x2c7ee06c, 0x58fc074f, 0x63940a9e, 0x8d502279, 0x19605b65, 0x82069f96,
+ 0xac0f1e58, 0x4093f2c2, 0x02c7961d, 0x43fcb01b, 0xc5e58420, 0xc14b1780,
+ 0xd0b7ffa7, 0xb7ff9555, 0x91dff5d3, 0xaaae9c8e, 0x70f066ec, 0xc1d5aeba,
+ 0x380b4a2b, 0x557be805, 0x116f6666, 0x9efd1daf, 0x4d7fc29d, 0xca0fcc6c,
+ 0xf4edd7fd, 0x67e856ef, 0xe8481fac, 0xbf439d78, 0xe77e0fe9, 0x00d463ce,
+ 0x3f3c4ecb, 0xe212fd3d, 0x6be50481, 0x6366dfe1, 0x9550a578, 0xac849191,
+ 0xcf1bf419, 0x9237562c, 0xdebf7814, 0x8e07eb13, 0xed380b8c, 0x39557e06,
+ 0xcde7d987, 0xf08f8606, 0xcebdcf2e, 0x9956bf28, 0x5f83fa3b, 0x4cc9fc9b,
+ 0xeb235d60, 0xe058dfb9, 0x02eac82b, 0xe3a7ff5f, 0x6d74a4e3, 0xd097b47c,
+ 0x7d9c45fd, 0xe61be8db, 0xc0bed6ab, 0x7f813b57, 0x0d9dfbe9, 0xd0c89203,
+ 0xc90f38e8, 0xebebe32a, 0xd0f3bde0, 0xefb02e2b, 0xeeca6497, 0xf1897953,
+ 0xdb3ea8b7, 0x6f9988ed, 0xdeb6a355, 0x31952759, 0x349a837f, 0x47e8186d,
+ 0x2e54fbb7, 0x2c4cb1e8, 0x324b38c5, 0x54a9f715, 0xb84217e8, 0x9464f6c9,
+ 0x16022fcb, 0xc35df7ec, 0x289c6891, 0x24e40d1c, 0xf4581f7d, 0xfdc4bf6a,
+ 0xf19df213, 0x38fc052b, 0x1974c9a4, 0xfd0b0bec, 0xfbb055ff, 0x62eb1188,
+ 0x437aaadc, 0x3c0b7cd0, 0x1ef9aedf, 0x31154f7d, 0xd739abb0, 0x39236fe2,
+ 0xaa8ff82d, 0x3760a5f2, 0xeac6dc62, 0xc92fdad6, 0x63557a9a, 0x9ec6b74f,
+ 0x9ea83f81, 0x11928523, 0x67216af8, 0x3696458b, 0xe6594fc5, 0x816cd86e,
+ 0x58e8d27f, 0xab785125, 0xb3bfd624, 0xb77dc561, 0x0eb3d0aa, 0x8f87abe7,
+ 0xa31eefd2, 0x0bfc3131, 0xfa8f9d0c, 0x8bfff0e2, 0x4f94ffc0, 0x1fccca17,
+ 0x17412c40, 0x0cc921c8, 0xfca2a6ba, 0x3f044710, 0xbf426730, 0xe3175313,
+ 0x875b7dd0, 0x7264ded6, 0xfb665e77, 0x5f77fd7a, 0x1ebddfe3, 0x7fb72afe,
+ 0xade61130, 0xe36563c7, 0xe31f8a97, 0x057ff469, 0xfc0a3c51, 0xbdf06dde,
+ 0xcfe3a066, 0x0299f6df, 0x14d675f2, 0x35f8ffec, 0xf8577ef4, 0xeda7991d,
+ 0xd92e79d1, 0x7f7b44ed, 0x0e3c33c9, 0xf0ad2419, 0xfc8559dd, 0xaf6857c3,
+ 0x8ae83818, 0xa882e44f, 0x81e22d7d, 0x02a0939f, 0x8673cc7e, 0x9bb002ba,
+ 0xc02c3567, 0xfafcc5fd, 0x23f80a4d, 0x0cb9102e, 0x7c8175f0, 0xa18bcae8,
+ 0x0506fbd7, 0xd9da82f9, 0xa4e16227, 0x4ea6b676, 0x7d4d6ced, 0x019a992e,
+ 0xebb9b3f1, 0x8f6b744d, 0xbfb4d4f3, 0x6bfa6065, 0x05aea91e, 0x4364e4bb,
+ 0x02b77dde, 0xa97f5e1d, 0x8b3bf000, 0x014ef736, 0x78807e3c, 0x2bf7debc,
+ 0xaec8ffa0, 0x1bbfe870, 0x9c5d5be5, 0xd161e394, 0x8a1bc936, 0xb9c737c3,
+ 0x75fc16be, 0xffc3c78e, 0x3251e5cc, 0xcbc9d2b2, 0x34cf961b, 0xbbcf91a2,
+ 0x033ffe0d, 0xad39093f, 0xfa4cf902, 0x7667e316, 0x7e325f19, 0xd1f7e397,
+ 0xdf1d05ca, 0x9f8e9df9, 0x9efe05db, 0x135fc6f1, 0x75834cb0, 0x55692d65,
+ 0xd21ddf81, 0x7f283ad1, 0xf411b52a, 0xa57dd3e7, 0x04938e91, 0xdbfd5083,
+ 0x870d756e, 0x5250f24a, 0xe9dc6a03, 0x8df66a31, 0xdd468549, 0xcd1c923e,
+ 0x7074f3a5, 0x462fd038, 0x37f64eeb, 0x43cd3471, 0x68e3a2f9, 0xa449b7f6,
+ 0x74adf70d, 0x64f3cd3c, 0x4a9eb6af, 0xa5fa0954, 0x4f9f6996, 0x5fd03834,
+ 0x0e413c96, 0xe55e3199, 0x4673729d, 0x41b01c0c, 0x19f780ce, 0xc4e9c91c,
+ 0x77fe8613, 0x5a413c39, 0x8c1beca7, 0xd0d26707, 0xb79f20b6, 0x1cdc5e46,
+ 0x09ef0a0e, 0x3a9abc1d, 0x9f535385, 0xa1a6746c, 0x127aa31e, 0xd2c398f4,
+ 0xd2bef0ca, 0x7e983998, 0x0fbfc5df, 0x380b1900, 0x3bf7d81d, 0x86ecf163,
+ 0xbefb3770, 0x7efd39e6, 0x7d1e96a7, 0xf37ab1dc, 0x67f76e16, 0x1a0f7c99,
+ 0x64163ca9, 0xfbe01b55, 0x2e6a9945, 0x694dffae, 0xcb394fc8, 0x5a49c84a,
+ 0xe208ea97, 0x412d7735, 0x876e7bff, 0x2b92fccc, 0xe99ba16d, 0x090b6658,
+ 0xd022475a, 0xbb8865cb, 0x963ca2ac, 0x341f728d, 0x1d4de7d1, 0x3123f225,
+ 0xf87acefe, 0x03ff8e93, 0x7c0177a3, 0xc21ef6bf, 0x96e3d4e3, 0x3ad0fb7b,
+ 0x9c5ef2e8, 0x9f0eb460, 0x57c7f687, 0xd2081d16, 0xb452ea71, 0xa888d3fd,
+ 0x3d001d17, 0x7013fa25, 0xd43c5290, 0x97ef22d9, 0xfaa22aac, 0x1c7be2c9,
+ 0xdc5882e4, 0x456e2183, 0x8f8829c2, 0x168676c4, 0xda5b81ee, 0x41f2da26,
+ 0x2fcc250e, 0xb119d9b8, 0xb660153f, 0x0f510ead, 0xfa7f602b, 0x60503e1a,
+ 0xfea8ba9f, 0xa1976c03, 0x54accb4e, 0x04afa701, 0x20d951e6, 0x62f2fa89,
+ 0x50559f2a, 0x0ef83c47, 0xf0637378, 0xfd869c12, 0x769b78a3, 0xbabdbc4d,
+ 0x8801ea72, 0x36f147f7, 0xa9b7874d, 0x9dcfc007, 0xfdf46f08, 0xba7d5592,
+ 0x57ca278f, 0x93bf00db, 0xc630e58b, 0x42398eff, 0x5bbff312, 0xe3e42ed1,
+ 0x87604a6c, 0x1d21ff08, 0x11c61ea7, 0x13de29fc, 0xb88fd97c, 0x5fff0307,
+ 0x5c04ff8f, 0x7bbd1b9f, 0x8c37bc60, 0x3a4ae9de, 0xe2ed17ce, 0xa7bf7ec9,
+ 0x172a2f34, 0x03cfe1c4, 0x34cb2b3b, 0xa7f000eb, 0xf1726b80, 0x850e4312,
+ 0xb1d619b7, 0xd27ce8f4, 0xfdad0597, 0xbdd33ce9, 0x36e407b2, 0x043fe4cb,
+ 0xdfdd71df, 0xd0508611, 0x93cfe268, 0x12b9510c, 0xc7ddabdf, 0x33b5fbfc,
+ 0xd472d0e5, 0x8c126d57, 0x36a7e517, 0x30753f1d, 0x0cfc6a7e, 0xe9b2a9f9,
+ 0x8d4fc633, 0x8fc02535, 0xdb924d95, 0x71d2c6ac, 0x43c80971, 0x2316cf94,
+ 0x05d964df, 0x4eb12bdd, 0xe6f918f9, 0x03cacac4, 0x78a0df10, 0x3f4b8b6f,
+ 0x7798bf0e, 0x1dd7fa22, 0x50c9f9ca, 0x447835da, 0x46acdcf6, 0x99fa2af1,
+ 0x7bf60a4d, 0x805ff155, 0xb61554ef, 0xd9e80dbd, 0x1743e879, 0x23ae37d8,
+ 0xfbc3f753, 0xa29469ae, 0xcb239f30, 0xa81f204b, 0xd10fce8e, 0x2248e1c4,
+ 0x8fb0411d, 0xc98be312, 0x0d5f0463, 0x64fe219f, 0xafe7d3a8, 0x9d16f8f1,
+ 0x1435da3f, 0x261fb82f, 0x498fe626, 0xc9781935, 0x23f49bec, 0xfb0a8a9d,
+ 0xf63295c9, 0x6872874f, 0x6257fcec, 0x519354bf, 0x7a090f63, 0x9aa37e0b,
+ 0x99f10edb, 0x69df9b1a, 0xafe58f4a, 0x0c4e7b14, 0x20153e3f, 0xee54399e,
+ 0xfaccb747, 0x94c3ac21, 0xc630beaf, 0xb2661ff6, 0x7f44be02, 0x7478dbe0,
+ 0x32f5efa1, 0xabe3628d, 0x968effb4, 0x1bb00625, 0x02cf4bbb, 0xb02e7fbe,
+ 0xf49dea93, 0x5a2482fd, 0xd7953d42, 0x6f7af07b, 0xee3bf656, 0x7cfa2591,
+ 0xf7f6c293, 0x6e2c4d23, 0xc1ee8c49, 0xc91a8f10, 0x399459f1, 0x211bd718,
+ 0x4a57b0cf, 0x7d38c14a, 0x8e9cca10, 0x25e8191c, 0x21d8d8e4, 0x71749d87,
+ 0xb2aa31cc, 0x1c3f3e87, 0xc6bef3a0, 0x41ceeafe, 0x7b3c5f06, 0xe7872275,
+ 0xe3aced86, 0x89b8ec5d, 0x676a5f80, 0xd695353d, 0x525d072b, 0xedcb5e80,
+ 0xcbc6b795, 0x7dc3d447, 0x1719caf8, 0x7e2f03ec, 0xe78b2e6d, 0xc711f90f,
+ 0xfdc0a1d7, 0xcfb09ef8, 0x08394490, 0xb75bda02, 0xff840aa1, 0xcd8c7b50,
+ 0x066aba43, 0x298d05fa, 0x25db5eb0, 0x2dbc57cc, 0x190a7f3c, 0xfa47ef0e,
+ 0xbe54ab91, 0x98fd1b0f, 0xb0987747, 0xbd814d78, 0xc4ea19ba, 0x0ad9ed9c,
+ 0xeccd7ee3, 0x1ffd0b2d, 0x920bcbec, 0x60534aea, 0xc6ca4911, 0x36898b71,
+ 0x1a90515e, 0x263e8234, 0xdfd1b2fd, 0x6ba2de35, 0xb3e2c1ef, 0x8c60c064,
+ 0x4fb850f3, 0x2a16ec45, 0x8380d67a, 0x33f1a9b8, 0x4f4ce079, 0x12ef7f29,
+ 0x03ceb7fe, 0xfa9279fa, 0x9c694f03, 0x7f3bc5f8, 0xeb1ca033, 0x08dbf8f1,
+ 0xd29e7d1e, 0x2c78aedc, 0xce95a551, 0xe3d3f838, 0x816f8f49, 0x8a7e3d4f,
+ 0x534a7b8f, 0xd178aed4, 0xfc30e1e3, 0x6a1f780d, 0xa025050e, 0x61dbc303,
+ 0xe3065e6a, 0xb9d845e0, 0x61069de3, 0x3b5da2e7, 0xc7a3c381, 0x793c5757,
+ 0x88c84ca7, 0xe036ffc2, 0xe27c08c3, 0x3d00aa39, 0x2b644c92, 0x3b7c33cc,
+ 0x052ae5c6, 0xbc59795f, 0x143676ed, 0x9fb403e8, 0x1a618f49, 0xcfa3babe,
+ 0xd3bd95cc, 0x0112de60, 0x5fedc9d7, 0x02dfed6b, 0x2f816830, 0x7748d9ec,
+ 0x7b6d1f8a, 0x4907c32a, 0x5f14ed65, 0x37c5ae27, 0x76dadc13, 0x79fa37c1,
+ 0x18fe1aff, 0x3d1fe513, 0x5134de9e, 0x50f21cbb, 0x803e917a, 0xf27be1e7,
+ 0xd19fd093, 0x7af8e2c4, 0xcc7d1a7e, 0xc61f7917, 0x523f8897, 0xf28bf777,
+ 0x99eb0de3, 0xc57aba06, 0x067199e8, 0xf4f147ff, 0x38ffa08c, 0x2471a74e,
+ 0x8ae0dfb8, 0x311c77ce, 0x1fe1157e, 0x893fd74a, 0xbd26f679, 0x98779e61,
+ 0x3f538454, 0x505f915f, 0x645fbfc4, 0x5c618471, 0x02a0f28a, 0x6adf64b6,
+ 0xd8b6f2c2, 0x1fbc4df7, 0x8f9e30e9, 0x7be103d0, 0x287bf310, 0x7b55c87e,
+ 0x930eae14, 0x163f4464, 0x74bce387, 0x4dea3864, 0x582bff83, 0xb36c2f17,
+ 0x1fe00d04, 0xc3fb8634, 0xb1a974fa, 0x9db632a5, 0xf50b9ff6, 0xf70e3f48,
+ 0x5047f002, 0x67d8eafe, 0xe38e6d0e, 0x25f6125f, 0xe3d45315, 0x876e0e42,
+ 0xa7ce87a5, 0x11a471b8, 0x6df3d5c6, 0xc11af109, 0xebf3d50e, 0x0331d204,
+ 0x54f9eb9e, 0xca3797cf, 0x8a7ec20f, 0xe51345f0, 0x129fad0b, 0x47f281f9,
+ 0xdb6bb00f, 0x1e7f3ff3, 0xf377decc, 0x5bc4652f, 0xd77da87f, 0xabb1895b,
+ 0x46d3d913, 0x8a81af3e, 0x1519473f, 0x0673875d, 0x5be432aa, 0xfb78a7dd,
+ 0x476173c1, 0x405f6f5c, 0x9786e85a, 0xe3833dc2, 0x0da65ebb, 0x4b838e54,
+ 0x9be810a4, 0xf0472887, 0xff66b9b8, 0xf1dac33a, 0xdfb4e3e9, 0xb8019a8c,
+ 0xfbc1f92e, 0x91f7c06f, 0x965ac1ce, 0x76064027, 0xdcfd87f4, 0xba4ccbc3,
+ 0xf20a6ffd, 0x9f9e0cf1, 0xdbed29ff, 0x6dc60533, 0x8a194f4b, 0x7f4d7671,
+ 0x3cc5f7fd, 0xdfeae3f4, 0x5afee2ab, 0xc4f2dbc8, 0x6154bde0, 0xde0464f6,
+ 0x2f0606c3, 0xe74cb3c5, 0x2834d9d5, 0x9f0e26b4, 0x916fd28a, 0xd1a98d73,
+ 0xf33edb7a, 0x7438a1fd, 0xf811df15, 0x0ab4907e, 0x8f137e7c, 0x6cfc8b0f,
+ 0x0faf2fbf, 0x1fac7da3, 0x14a3b72f, 0x7adcafed, 0x85dced09, 0x6cf2c5f5,
+ 0xf6cdbd8d, 0xedec5db7, 0xde38fdfa, 0xccfd86c2, 0x41afaede, 0x03617dfb,
+ 0x8a6c9fdb, 0x40517fe4, 0x2e1da286, 0x885e9df6, 0x17aa2d1f, 0x36125efb,
+ 0x803e70aa, 0xeb5b5ff5, 0xc5ceac35, 0x3fef237d, 0x6fec0571, 0xa860fb22,
+ 0xbc1f635f, 0xacd09956, 0xfef307d9, 0x99307d91, 0x7dad7cd0, 0x3c7f7d30,
+ 0xfca983ec, 0x5d4650ac, 0x2b167e5f, 0xfc47a72a, 0x8b39e97d, 0xe312ad6f,
+ 0x47f3d087, 0x024d45a7, 0xf7cd5cfe, 0x9b2e77c9, 0x75be7685, 0xb3be95c0,
+ 0x9417f3e8, 0xce474664, 0xfe0d831f, 0xf6ae0017, 0x43fa5703, 0xf3554d9e,
+ 0x1e814f17, 0xdbf1e268, 0xb4728123, 0x377d047b, 0xbe0ecc2b, 0x0bb35073,
+ 0x8d7705f6, 0xfb05c8fa, 0x16460b9b, 0xa85f3a2f, 0xab51ec68, 0x8c336132,
+ 0x1e8a4a2f, 0xa2e5e803, 0x926396fc, 0x243eba2b, 0x095effd6, 0xf2b93ff4,
+ 0xb7cc0641, 0x0ba0e1aa, 0xf61e7df0, 0x6f5fe045, 0xf880ce68, 0x1f1da2e3,
+ 0xb41f60b9, 0xdaf6614b, 0x0bab6305, 0x770b79f6, 0xf71e7b53, 0x078ce14f,
+ 0x37ce9e28, 0xc3582ecc, 0x5d89633e, 0xc6bfe0ff, 0x375da882, 0x010c12ce,
+ 0x1837b75c, 0xae1756bc, 0x295fc287, 0xdaba955d, 0xe50e1777, 0x74029bac,
+ 0xcdcf2620, 0x5a48d0f0, 0x8893ded0, 0xf902d7f8, 0xcaf26f4b, 0xee970d5b,
+ 0xc59915bd, 0x048872bd, 0x0d3f9076, 0x4d25789c, 0x26f65623, 0xec688eb8,
+ 0xbd44f3bd, 0x7bd056f7, 0xec048c87, 0x87d9ebea, 0xd9fa1b3b, 0xcc779c55,
+ 0x5ff001f3, 0xcabd8eb6, 0xe1aaacf9, 0xa79044d2, 0x0fbe124a, 0x365595ce,
+ 0x7261dc18, 0xf2bcbd2d, 0xd5e7381d, 0x815264de, 0x0e9bdb2f, 0xbd43865a,
+ 0xad7e80d1, 0x868b77aa, 0x6c5d1f00, 0xde019532, 0xee7df6ab, 0xeb17f902,
+ 0x0326c5f7, 0x3a6f6f3e, 0xb8c5cf89, 0x87531b17, 0x43b3bac0, 0x96bffb66,
+ 0x83b1bfb7, 0x4aeb783e, 0x3bee2a67, 0xec71dc39, 0xaa5d8d58, 0xffc76bb7,
+ 0xe39bd994, 0x0eb89dd3, 0xf8b37b08, 0x24e95938, 0xafaf5fdd, 0x555f4eb7,
+ 0x13747db8, 0xc8f10919, 0x0ba92bc6, 0x9bdb2e40, 0xe8e5eeec, 0x46766107,
+ 0xcf17cb7b, 0x47e7864e, 0x69f7e80c, 0x3e4062bf, 0x82e6f03e, 0x2c4736ac,
+ 0x3e916b9e, 0x797e7b97, 0x7fed2f71, 0xf98da0f9, 0x219e8d9b, 0xba3c673e,
+ 0x98c97b84, 0x25ec1cb7, 0xf82b2c63, 0xa3c8eced, 0x7d02e25d, 0xe81718cc,
+ 0xb26a0898, 0x14cfc6ff, 0x1557ff90, 0xea335f5f, 0xc83b7aab, 0xf4949075,
+ 0x72e9bc86, 0x7e01291b, 0xee21a8ea, 0xf775b4cd, 0x50b65921, 0xcd6fe43a,
+ 0x5ed900f6, 0x15d479e3, 0x764a75f5, 0xe0a8be8c, 0x9aceebe7, 0x62537d82,
+ 0xb3316f9e, 0x83d9e338, 0x7d465ff3, 0xb93347f7, 0xb7face39, 0xd3f4ccd2,
+ 0x7938252e, 0x213bf43b, 0x96c939e3, 0x1b78dfb7, 0x8e2a28f2, 0x3d6023a9,
+ 0xfc666199, 0xb5e478df, 0x6927c85a, 0xc0464e3c, 0xccb60a2c, 0xbbf4c834,
+ 0xfcca897b, 0x76654751, 0x53788f5e, 0xaec27e61, 0xb3c3807a, 0x165c90f7,
+ 0xcbd82feb, 0x98a623f3, 0x8947084d, 0x7683f999, 0x05492a1e, 0xe2aafbfd,
+ 0x3c86609f, 0xb56d5385, 0xbfea352e, 0x98d0f612, 0x0f273ba3, 0x398e7fa3,
+ 0xdc81bb2f, 0x06cdd1ea, 0x967aaf98, 0xaba96490, 0xbbc7447d, 0xbdbc763b,
+ 0x1478d9e7, 0x9720038e, 0x8574ff02, 0x5a50c9fd, 0x4c6adbdf, 0x020bf381,
+ 0xe21e62ff, 0xf13d6afb, 0xe8a0726e, 0xc35e7778, 0x04910acf, 0xb73c8fe0,
+ 0xf2373b90, 0xf78ac7e5, 0x63f33361, 0xd9fa85f5, 0x3bb43683, 0x88f5f176,
+ 0x02ccce64, 0x053a0a3c, 0x10fecccd, 0xfefa24f0, 0xd7a666e3, 0xf2f7f945,
+ 0x35266bf5, 0x5bb37c88, 0x1a84bf42, 0xa5fa5b0c, 0x987ebf41, 0x378d1d17,
+ 0xf8471ffb, 0x9afeb55b, 0xb65936c6, 0x27dc7e83, 0xbcf86325, 0x846bf69b,
+ 0xc8f58ccf, 0x08c78d7f, 0x6dfcf1ca, 0x8d3f998b, 0x79737b84, 0x0bf20ded,
+ 0x38e4c3f2, 0xe5a253dc, 0x2b4da698, 0xc37e237a, 0x28ab902e, 0x40dca89e,
+ 0x00a75d59, 0x652c56bf, 0x5e7e3ce5, 0x1f8362a5, 0xc6ee73e5, 0xbec11399,
+ 0x30820e7a, 0xfce23fb0, 0x2f5b644a, 0x7371f3c8, 0xfbb80bfc, 0xd73dbe70,
+ 0xbe19aeb0, 0xe7ebf94b, 0x8db18f80, 0xe00f3ccf, 0xb73d7e0a, 0x94e384c5,
+ 0xc8c7bf03, 0x75d38869, 0xefc651f7, 0x4a98b663, 0x8f79d3a6, 0xf8371209,
+ 0xd96ef765, 0xbdfd006a, 0x9b39f817, 0xd3ac39c9, 0xb1ae0f67, 0xdbeb063f,
+ 0xff013267, 0x94852eef, 0x8b9188ef, 0x6baf4d96, 0xb6fe77e4, 0x67e8c99a,
+ 0x60914b6e, 0x56e426eb, 0xe2977de0, 0xfff28499, 0x97fc9d3d, 0xc0fff7b2,
+ 0xcb8eb2e9, 0x2a32baff, 0xf251f4ff, 0x1e496496, 0xcf1fbeca, 0x735bf6af,
+ 0x121df2f7, 0x5d43d5ea, 0x65bf80fc, 0xd5cdb57a, 0xf2bf7e8f, 0x9fdc4eae,
+ 0x7ce3e047, 0xf054aeb3, 0x67e4b64d, 0x0b9ca6f6, 0x0578a2f8, 0x137b467e,
+ 0x4e716df4, 0x8f14b368, 0xb973971f, 0xadcae355, 0x2b1f6bd0, 0xbd023ffe,
+ 0x57ab4a0b, 0x3a9d1d80, 0x7a7c8825, 0xa567f24e, 0x1ced75d0, 0xbd1c73c8,
+ 0xcb973af0, 0x26bf26cb, 0x1c2bb22f, 0x75f017a4, 0x6191dd39, 0xc946db5e,
+ 0xed11f40d, 0x6fb646ea, 0x13c7ccb8, 0xa0df2fcf, 0x7ef047dc, 0x767acbac,
+ 0x917e8cd9, 0xe742c50e, 0xd6c43fd9, 0xa0952233, 0xcef9105c, 0x156f205e,
+ 0x1e9b1d74, 0x339d8eb3, 0x0abf21d5, 0xe30b103c, 0x6cc9cbf7, 0x70e6bfde,
+ 0x43e70a7e, 0xd43de262, 0x4c4a3780, 0x93120dae, 0x7f8c0377, 0x49d8e0ee,
+ 0xc577f7c8, 0xdb05fbe7, 0x267f2137, 0x8047b997, 0xf46759de, 0x76879358,
+ 0x5b2dc7d5, 0x13fdc05f, 0x5e0b2ff0, 0xca0e5b5f, 0x1c480e41, 0xfe510ffe,
+ 0xe09fa18f, 0x7d17ca03, 0xd0f4312c, 0xb38885f3, 0xd2ecbc09, 0x72e6e9c5,
+ 0x985be53c, 0x9eb951be, 0xdcbeb44a, 0xbb5b9d30, 0x659e57c8, 0x2cbe5694,
+ 0x993f146a, 0x58951950, 0x261602ce, 0xfb644f87, 0x78a38d8f, 0xa2a7a27a,
+ 0xeb7aa0ae, 0xf7664a09, 0x467c68c8, 0x3cc579c4, 0x3e30b0ee, 0xc9671448,
+ 0x5a27f932, 0x259c7134, 0x33af6606, 0x9841d97e, 0x98b7073c, 0xaddb9fb9,
+ 0x5aa6fbb1, 0x6e037dd8, 0x29583523, 0xcf672fea, 0xb850716c, 0x4e0d68ee,
+ 0xb9c2a619, 0xbbb4e0f4, 0x6e5e61b2, 0xf38698c9, 0xa5f0d772, 0x47a0fd1e,
+ 0xc93fe86c, 0x8219e7eb, 0x93d538fe, 0xc43fe307, 0x99e823e9, 0x75fade68,
+ 0x033d112e, 0x74d1f616, 0x1fd7aede, 0xcdddbc85, 0xd1fcbd4b, 0x26e5717f,
+ 0x6823cb7d, 0xf1639207, 0x2d47c0ed, 0x874b1d6c, 0x4bf687f5, 0xfe73b20f,
+ 0x527a710f, 0x3c00cdca, 0x13316dd4, 0xe421f738, 0x97cd35d7, 0x5715fe09,
+ 0xe951e29a, 0x3234eab8, 0x5029ee09, 0x6fee32bd, 0x1d7dff6a, 0xbb51a7de,
+ 0xc7964cd5, 0xd38923e0, 0x091a692b, 0x72c4a585, 0xae95b2dd, 0xf2316963,
+ 0x22d50c67, 0x0ef951df, 0x345fc8c6, 0xa9577afe, 0xee4f6e26, 0x7f2d795a,
+ 0x4d56cfc5, 0x3be4d16e, 0xb8d1fef0, 0x6b96e4fd, 0xf7d03be5, 0xe1df214b,
+ 0x8377b31d, 0x7fe5c585, 0xd053f206, 0x6240daa3, 0x767afce4, 0x6fca8dcf,
+ 0x908bf715, 0x9b1fad46, 0x6d8cefca, 0xff2bfa2a, 0xecaae00d, 0x1879fa75,
+ 0xe589aaae, 0x2382260f, 0x1c85d38d, 0x69472827, 0xf8036abe, 0xee5c840b,
+ 0x75f0a4b1, 0x7f812bd1, 0xc829f05f, 0x229fd835, 0x19fe0f7e, 0x3e544a67,
+ 0x93149ea1, 0x8a76b027, 0xbfcf165c, 0xf1c5bef6, 0x9d05eced, 0x8c7a133e,
+ 0x81f7b5ea, 0x9ca6eb2e, 0x87fb60c8, 0x31e6febf, 0x3a0aafda, 0x304a81a1,
+ 0xfc87f9df, 0xf72f2f1b, 0xf4003fbc, 0xdeec7bc9, 0x25661198, 0x945d7908,
+ 0x0677547b, 0xafc40f7f, 0xe93b0a49, 0x1beab8fe, 0xfdd0f1d8, 0x963237e9,
+ 0xaf8bff2f, 0xdfec1b2c, 0x2d43d946, 0x401bc809, 0x22c9e23d, 0xc5e50b21,
+ 0xf7cb1b7a, 0x78766e2a, 0x25da5e41, 0x90fde60b, 0xdbbe8ec2, 0x13457d69,
+ 0xaece3395, 0xf6ff7eb1, 0x80453a62, 0xbcc1e8df, 0xaeefe1eb, 0xbde7881b,
+ 0x5f1e758c, 0x2277de4c, 0x38a2573f, 0x1b32d170, 0xdf84b7fa, 0x03a3a8ac,
+ 0x29a724f9, 0xd1f5865b, 0xe229e7c8, 0x9d7cfac2, 0x1a76875d, 0x282bdd60,
+ 0xfb015bad, 0xff66d183, 0xb1bbe015, 0x28bb5a45, 0x766eaa5f, 0x224d7f02,
+ 0xe5c9de2c, 0xec8db523, 0xf256b707, 0xec2f36b1, 0xf59ec6cb, 0x57fd87ee,
+ 0xec488f92, 0x5f24661c, 0xfe056cc5, 0x774af34b, 0xfe0a71d1, 0xf13c3083,
+ 0x2a1d7671, 0x492ec091, 0xd4952d6b, 0x7bf95da1, 0xf353ec03, 0xd004de59,
+ 0xb29fec55, 0x297075fe, 0xff4493f8, 0x1eb656fe, 0x8ff7eadd, 0x9d29d707,
+ 0xbe95864f, 0x50fee63f, 0x46728433, 0xc19b0797, 0x4f991425, 0x7af1c105,
+ 0x1e7105b7, 0x8bf98f3d, 0xb0ae9ca1, 0xd9ec6775, 0xf45be630, 0xa69826a8,
+ 0x51eb5372, 0xaa6e3bb4, 0x8e80956e, 0x401d0ebb, 0xb6b4fb78, 0xd5cb92b0,
+ 0x0a5ebe4e, 0xff73a6b8, 0xe98574f3, 0xb30bdaff, 0x313f6133, 0x7cc7ead8,
+ 0xda8f311b, 0x9c267f62, 0x7900d967, 0xf389f922, 0x1558c644, 0x8ff2dfee,
+ 0xdd55f984, 0xf036f6df, 0x9d9f7e9a, 0xd204e471, 0x33196323, 0x591c3783,
+ 0x6d7f0122, 0x3efe3078, 0x0d8be85b, 0x9318efdc, 0x35bb718f, 0x3c9a2ec6,
+ 0x139ec533, 0x8f9e5fa3, 0xe2ec63e6, 0x68b718f9, 0xc27b0ffa, 0xc994768a,
+ 0x15e0113b, 0xe35e7ce7, 0xfd8819f7, 0x3ad3c09e, 0x60d3c32b, 0xc1d33deb,
+ 0x71f80a9f, 0xcd7e3e53, 0xcdbcff1a, 0x6f615693, 0xad213e31, 0xb6e19fc2,
+ 0x0b23dac7, 0xfd787f04, 0x3f8c8de3, 0x639c03a6, 0xc8cd430a, 0x66c165ff,
+ 0x089bfbe0, 0xc6328fe7, 0x7f3e7a1f, 0xf9c29adc, 0x4fef03a3, 0x4bf387c8,
+ 0xa562f471, 0x6983d995, 0x37c825ad, 0xc1e60e54, 0x577a0af7, 0x8a184c1b,
+ 0xf5864f73, 0x4555b966, 0xbd0af3f8, 0x6e67c0cd, 0xe300cfaf, 0xbe591a36,
+ 0xefb66d73, 0x6bc9f818, 0x0acf15d3, 0x0c59c709, 0x53cbd478, 0xd0d1c803,
+ 0x71a51ca8, 0x1f9e933f, 0x5af8e11f, 0xf89cf1ce, 0x1580fe3b, 0x70bd97e1,
+ 0x3be4046f, 0xf4739041, 0x824eba52, 0x072a12bc, 0x7294e014, 0x5bc83177,
+ 0x091e85ef, 0xd186fce8, 0xe9f00b5f, 0x4aeb13c7, 0x748bc591, 0x62f5e1bd,
+ 0xc76bf33b, 0xacebbfd8, 0xd4f97f6c, 0xafdbd04c, 0xbf40565e, 0x0f1e42aa,
+ 0x8acfb48d, 0x7ced9be1, 0xf07c31de, 0x3a13d473, 0x3debd03e, 0xf5441f3d,
+ 0x51ef5684, 0xf4656dbc, 0x5a70f661, 0xd30352eb, 0x973d5a17, 0xf45d3e88,
+ 0x9f8f0e85, 0xb6bfbd1b, 0xefc13b62, 0x0f975a27, 0xd6c7ff58, 0x6bd603e5,
+ 0xa5b2cbac, 0xc51277e3, 0x8326a2c7, 0x3c8b7e0a, 0xe2bb3f9e, 0x9f9829c7,
+ 0xe4bd72f0, 0x58bfad81, 0x68359197, 0xa4eee2fd, 0x5a16e4e1, 0x979007d2,
+ 0xa0a9ec13, 0x065a4efd, 0x8ab29c61, 0x2b264b9f, 0xdafae107, 0xd315ee2e,
+ 0x08a9d9c7, 0xd83fb449, 0x8af8309e, 0x9487e242, 0x9626e6b5, 0xad72f857,
+ 0x5dedd70d, 0xf77f3a47, 0xfee7ad00, 0x42734658, 0x5fbfdfaa, 0x29e324c2,
+ 0xe22c1798, 0x6fdd6232, 0xa2436039, 0xd03b0a5d, 0xae5abf2f, 0xa5f906ab,
+ 0x72893ef4, 0xc6316ebd, 0x391d2ebd, 0x70720299, 0x19abf1a9, 0xdc68d407,
+ 0x37c0fea9, 0x9c76b105, 0x360d5b88, 0x1ad3fff8, 0x3c3a4fb3, 0xe3d324f0,
+ 0x0164fcba, 0xdc1f0447, 0x967061bf, 0xf6cf9012, 0x5af104e3, 0xf98e78af,
+ 0x389f7f01, 0xf8e41e98, 0xb427f712, 0x2ad9fd37, 0xc678850d, 0xe1d82b25,
+ 0x7ffc5bef, 0x370df805, 0x55be6075, 0x41a5d373, 0x7aa6cfb0, 0xfcf06fe6,
+ 0xb263e606, 0x223e6375, 0x07cf5eef, 0xdd9a7a7a, 0x862963fe, 0xba651d28,
+ 0xa47801bf, 0x917ffda6, 0x1748bf20, 0xf167db47, 0xebf7c2a6, 0x2874be2d,
+ 0xe7385c61, 0x03d3e741, 0x9ddfc3ea, 0x6ea9079d, 0xb27cc77f, 0xcde2a36c,
+ 0x58748c27, 0x045ee1c4, 0xa7803e71, 0x123e74c1, 0xe7138eff, 0x1be2df7b,
+ 0x24147008, 0xdf87c1fd, 0x4306f8b5, 0xc4ce149d, 0x4cb27e7b, 0xbe7f8c5e,
+ 0x0331d356, 0x25a3b1e8, 0x6bfa06c5, 0x81efc59f, 0xcee5837e, 0xcf7fe019,
+ 0xb3c9f56f, 0xe7f15d70, 0x325d79f1, 0x0daaf7e2, 0x1dfe5760, 0xfe35bbf3,
+ 0xf5e0bafc, 0x51338436, 0x9d918bfe, 0x9c6eb9bf, 0xdfa1b493, 0x339eff7c,
+ 0x541e21fd, 0xdc19e6f9, 0x61be566f, 0xbe956246, 0xf8092831, 0xfc7162ef,
+ 0xa07cfef5, 0xf6a463da, 0x76361dc6, 0x6921728e, 0x16057bc5, 0x18f62fd5,
+ 0xb09af463, 0x5a988e6b, 0x47f8c0a7, 0x0d481946, 0x9e4bfb95, 0x1c483dd1,
+ 0x536ed97d, 0xf7b8fe35, 0x5e31aec0, 0x1f49df3f, 0x3ed2ee3f, 0x80fe8ac2,
+ 0x613b3a29, 0xf7e98d99, 0x976636d5, 0x8597b810, 0x37e179c2, 0xbb77cc4e,
+ 0x2ef7f230, 0xa1717438, 0xe0bca3e1, 0xd5673830, 0x938843fa, 0xe072bf05,
+ 0x88ca66fe, 0x38d5e7df, 0x8e32f2a3, 0xf71aef9f, 0x952ebbfa, 0xa3b29ff6,
+ 0x83182d39, 0xd3be7d3f, 0x030fd86a, 0x986d8d3d, 0x9ef6421f, 0x2a7b80cb,
+ 0x9839eca7, 0xf115f306, 0xa67cfd4c, 0xbe44ab2c, 0xc916d079, 0xf205eb0b,
+ 0xe83c5ddc, 0x1c3c0b9f, 0x2fae7119, 0x13178bac, 0xf1cf79d8, 0x633c977e,
+ 0x31fd807a, 0x5ee70945, 0xe02b0fcb, 0xbd707c14, 0x0ac9d8bc, 0xff5377bb,
+ 0x77c8a9fc, 0xf54824ad, 0x99370fea, 0xbbdd5cf0, 0x969e3e57, 0x6671e947,
+ 0x9cbdc9a3, 0x4bf94eb2, 0x81d67dcd, 0x198471df, 0xd46728fd, 0xe5f02e70,
+ 0xbe5897bc, 0x3f8d99ed, 0xf07880cc, 0x5abe527f, 0xb798e148, 0xcbcf84c9,
+ 0x9f08fd37, 0x36fce39f, 0x8c74a5ef, 0xb2dbbf13, 0x59e60326, 0xef27b7fe,
+ 0xa1df7903, 0xa08c87b8, 0x92edc2e5, 0xfe6ebf26, 0x2ea6ab16, 0xf991cbe2,
+ 0x3bfcd14b, 0x6cd3c295, 0x5d9dbf93, 0xff8badb0, 0xecc6d9b1, 0x4bddefaf,
+ 0xea395de7, 0xcd5fda12, 0xf2f5b36f, 0xd701872d, 0xff88f0db, 0x5a16e77a,
+ 0xa337ff1f, 0x7066d707, 0xdf801582, 0xf1cfe994, 0xb8918c7b, 0x245b9e37,
+ 0x8284c75e, 0x30ef71c4, 0x6fc003d5, 0x44345fe3, 0x5cf0dfe2, 0x9c45bfc4,
+ 0x86ff1f5b, 0xb3d00834, 0x0b7f8bd7, 0xc1c7d7fe, 0x9cfc6cdb, 0xe6fbe712,
+ 0x7bbc59b7, 0xb30311ee, 0x27a3ae6b, 0x8db803de, 0x0fc3df40, 0x5dfadf82,
+ 0xaf778d8e, 0xf709599c, 0x94299c35, 0xce419220, 0xc597315c, 0x36698393,
+ 0x4080dc6d, 0x28c0e57e, 0x54f2ef7d, 0x7cd0ea44, 0x4d62e177, 0xf5f767be,
+ 0xf1e5b5d6, 0xaf3b1b25, 0x7a6bd7a0, 0xd29ff9b9, 0x1c46536b, 0x62741bec,
+ 0xcf280bf9, 0x85fa60ef, 0x17e88f5a, 0x23edca5a, 0x7013debd, 0x7d173809,
+ 0x7942439d, 0xd8ab70b1, 0xaad8c8be, 0xf4597e80, 0x4a127f75, 0x2bf74efd,
+ 0xf671ec83, 0x1f7d742b, 0xa69dcf0a, 0xffe001f0, 0x76b9c991, 0x74738310,
+ 0x87cf0d3f, 0x4193af6c, 0x417f082f, 0xd26d1f64, 0xfec5a7ee, 0xf8cec0a1,
+ 0xdb3b26e4, 0xcfce7e87, 0x527f08f7, 0xe761316d, 0x0849926c, 0x3f22defc,
+ 0xf493f84b, 0xdf9109fe, 0x6a660648, 0x00c16efc, 0x937385c9, 0x2c1603cb,
+ 0x58dc0657, 0xb13206d6, 0xb150155c, 0x8818135c, 0xe400dae5, 0x0e39c1e4,
+ 0x0175960b, 0x06cf9637, 0x1f5cb132, 0x7f694950, 0xc40c2bf0, 0x86e5d052,
+ 0xf9d61ff1, 0xab9b4959, 0xeb3f4254, 0x4bc53b74, 0x195394fb, 0x67ec2ab9,
+ 0x142f313a, 0x1f81cb73, 0x41f8b3f7, 0x9c31d4bb, 0x8648e7dd, 0x50fbdec4,
+ 0x2b3fe3cf, 0xc677fe29, 0x7635ffe1, 0xf2c87791, 0xe24aab2f, 0xbb412faf,
+ 0xf61bdd91, 0x82fa5fe6, 0xffbed3dd, 0x41afbc1b, 0xfc8437ef, 0xddeb78c9,
+ 0xea4fae7a, 0x2cf6faf8, 0xba31b5c8, 0x2f7f04bf, 0xf2d7e5f8, 0xe0a7fefc,
+ 0x1f2d04bc, 0xf978b3b1, 0xd86581f3, 0x392ef53f, 0x74be9739, 0x7180c1b1,
+ 0x19168b84, 0xaa17a5f7, 0x400d651d, 0xf0c76377, 0xcf89887f, 0xe767623c,
+ 0xabcd1279, 0xa07fcf96, 0xa3b5abe2, 0x2fa3b9ff, 0x37815de8, 0xd8673e3d,
+ 0x27b65c99, 0x34f6ff38, 0xf14fbf6f, 0xbc476d3e, 0x7c47ef6a, 0xd67decc7,
+ 0xebf9fcce, 0x3e7f04a1, 0x2ba659f8, 0x6a16defc, 0xdafb327f, 0x8e3da2f7,
+ 0xfed1323f, 0x48c70f5c, 0xfd279307, 0x62945dbe, 0xd605bedf, 0x946fda08,
+ 0x057fbe3d, 0xf6f198fc, 0xe983b2ed, 0xd7af4cd5, 0xf2a35760, 0xbd58519a,
+ 0xf7b0d81f, 0xf062ba94, 0x73fbe45b, 0x45ee206a, 0xe3e609ca, 0x5b5f26d5,
+ 0x0606739e, 0xc8cfe0ad, 0x1019cbf1, 0xf568c987, 0x7e742b17, 0x7e066b0e,
+ 0xaea907af, 0xf7cafe01, 0xfcf938cb, 0x12485b16, 0x3c4d329b, 0x7965683d,
+ 0x8003fe30, 0xd53982c7, 0xdaafc02b, 0x5bb0617b, 0xec8ff471, 0xfe5838da,
+ 0x21e21316, 0x1873cb7f, 0x72dfcaaf, 0x898a5187, 0x79dbb577, 0xf9c1c6be,
+ 0x4857e059, 0x86751794, 0x72dfbbeb, 0x6fca27bc, 0xceff6938, 0x724e1bf3,
+ 0xafe2ce7d, 0x9f513a8b, 0xeb6765bf, 0xee21cfc8, 0xf3f9f14a, 0xbaee2239,
+ 0xbb64fd09, 0x1049fa94, 0xca560837, 0x8918ef98, 0xf961cf5b, 0x21f7911b,
+ 0xff9f4d7e, 0xafc59cbc, 0xc19e867b, 0x2b65d9f8, 0xde5def8b, 0xf710266a,
+ 0x1ea0f8ac, 0x161b71e3, 0xbb5244ca, 0xc97e9bce, 0x4c6ef3c4, 0xf4038f90,
+ 0xe8233d07, 0x0145194e, 0xdbe2447a, 0x871e78fa, 0x95fdc1cb, 0x98edb7f3,
+ 0x6bd27c04, 0xf7048a61, 0xbeb80acf, 0x1df2faed, 0x8e19b3ae, 0xd9d77151,
+ 0xbf5cf09e, 0xd7d7eace, 0x1f6f2673, 0xd7f5fa47, 0x7e725fd9, 0x7e7439b2,
+ 0xc4578868, 0x7b16c3a1, 0x10e3ff17, 0xf43f1c47, 0xcf8ffcf5, 0x1c7053db,
+ 0x9c51ffbd, 0x214bacdf, 0x8713df0f, 0xdfe19fff, 0x6077d797, 0x935a453e,
+ 0x4d0f5714, 0xbf111457, 0xe311cdb9, 0x53ebd6b7, 0x80eea9a7, 0x5af11b2d,
+ 0xea1af80a, 0x298b5350, 0x39dd2b1c, 0x32a3cc76, 0xf0682779, 0x7fefc098,
+ 0xfc8c52d9, 0x0efcfc20, 0x9b4ed6ab, 0xbcfd10ef, 0x3778c377, 0xdfcfd025,
+ 0xee024877, 0xda5fa0fb, 0x5ff1a252, 0x5a75bf0b, 0x73825075, 0xc25e695d,
+ 0xfaa727ce, 0x07904c6b, 0x36788633, 0x83d27ad3, 0x6bd062ee, 0xfd9ee529,
+ 0xbdad6ae0, 0x2f25cfc0, 0x392e7826, 0xe7f57712, 0xf8009da0, 0x275f3d8e,
+ 0x3f3101d6, 0x75cd3eba, 0x1ca9f5b0, 0x7d6099f1, 0xfff90efa, 0x1ffc78d1,
+ 0xa0c7af43, 0x09af4f5d, 0xba53df70, 0x5e205fa6, 0x60d74a3f, 0x2bfae877,
+ 0x6ee9771e, 0x28d1a73c, 0x98fcbb7d, 0x217878ae, 0xf9121e1e, 0x38755fcd,
+ 0x9cfcd3be, 0xabf9bf18, 0x8d1baf80, 0x2ffcbf67, 0x03f80a6d, 0xc0581f85,
+ 0x8b638fab, 0x524d95e7, 0x8ab3ec1e, 0xd35caf9b, 0xf3c09cae, 0xb2373bcd,
+ 0x6380ba7d, 0x132ff089, 0x0a2285f5, 0x1321d547, 0x277ad109, 0x1bfe80f4,
+ 0x1fdc10a4, 0x3c6879dc, 0x91ede7d6, 0x1fbc2a48, 0x39c2b6f4, 0xbd843980,
+ 0x6b28549f, 0xf64eb5ee, 0x4f0def6a, 0xd4d14b2d, 0x7bda7dd3, 0x9fdc7bc3,
+ 0xe9ef69a3, 0xef69ac1f, 0x53523e5d, 0x7b5aa9bf, 0x5d16786f, 0xd9eb628f,
+ 0xfd353bc1, 0xaa9aadfb, 0xa75cdfa9, 0xec5c37bd, 0xf9f01743, 0x4b30d80c,
+ 0x58774f7b, 0xf7314b0a, 0xfee1cf0d, 0xb5860587, 0x8739c36f, 0x9af9a141,
+ 0x43dcbaf1, 0xf909b8d4, 0x10f77af1, 0xdef77f0d, 0xc06f2c21, 0x0b4c7987,
+ 0x2fdb69b6, 0xb8feb439, 0x3835d2eb, 0xd5d15be0, 0xaba5a99c, 0x135db555,
+ 0x5a81f66f, 0x657b8b3a, 0xe9cde112, 0x8dc1f2d1, 0xa78f4de2, 0x7fd6a74c,
+ 0xf7f26593, 0xa39c4276, 0xcf01a971, 0xb8b1968d, 0x3fe1dfdd, 0x138ce7ef,
+ 0xa2f710ef, 0x661be3e9, 0xe29862ba, 0xf42d0f9d, 0x52bbe058, 0x585ff353,
+ 0xf741ea1c, 0x6fd46b69, 0xa253d7ae, 0x0f39faa4, 0xf6ed1fe0, 0x6bc3f25f,
+ 0xcfb756c6, 0xc4238d19, 0x9743c7bb, 0xc02b77a7, 0x20f7a37f, 0xba127c88,
+ 0xd93895be, 0x8cea5bba, 0x9e44df59, 0x12df5887, 0x31e7438d, 0x3a70e005,
+ 0x45265da9, 0xec17b2ed, 0x8ec3e42e, 0x034219df, 0x3179a3b2, 0x1fa0de22,
+ 0x2e7748af, 0x4f7749b0, 0xb648ed67, 0xc9c0ff4e, 0xf94f99d6, 0xbc1516bd,
+ 0x84b3f22e, 0x8ab55abd, 0xdee0d3ed, 0xf598a686, 0xc4e9c2a2, 0xe2c615fe,
+ 0x26ef980a, 0xd46fdb1b, 0x83ae124a, 0x7e12d9b5, 0x094b65f7, 0xc59d7bb6,
+ 0xf3e650e5, 0x5c7c02b2, 0x4fdf78e9, 0x315bcc05, 0x5f9f3fc4, 0x2df064e9,
+ 0xbfdef1e6, 0x22d07cfb, 0x45a709e2, 0xcfe907cf, 0xa97f0bab, 0x05bba077,
+ 0x9e8dcbd4, 0x817c0217, 0x41f82a49, 0x327d37ef, 0x8e78772a, 0xedbb36bc,
+ 0xd740c9d9, 0xc81e0d77, 0x078f563b, 0x20d3c3ed, 0xc0f6534d, 0x9236633b,
+ 0x9f5a56e5, 0x9fd15417, 0x06fba26e, 0xb0c7a527, 0x70cb6163, 0xcce4df5a,
+ 0x3e8c7c46, 0x7e0fdbee, 0x08d3fed3, 0xee630984, 0x0f1ba915, 0xdc1477bf,
+ 0x4896f3c8, 0xacf7e6b5, 0x512f1726, 0x9df06272, 0xe63171be, 0x6cfc8b47,
+ 0x7806cffa, 0x47c3f712, 0x92bcb39f, 0x26e94b22, 0x87289ba0, 0xe7efe285,
+ 0x303b7317, 0x12fdf468, 0xa1ac3ee8, 0x9ba7ef0d, 0x1cc3f427, 0xdeffcf19,
+ 0xef71e9cb, 0xbcd71e46, 0xa1aaf572, 0x46b79a20, 0x3f7027c7, 0x4e69bcde,
+ 0x5e6677bc, 0x139e3653, 0xf7093e26, 0x1f4d55ff, 0xe75f50f8, 0x3f61bbe7,
+ 0x4884fde6, 0xe0240f70, 0x1a59c984, 0x46a7dbfa, 0x3b5ad0f5, 0xef69f7e6,
+ 0xedcc5c8b, 0x6b1b79d1, 0xe3a4f40e, 0x8215fefd, 0x992415f7, 0x61bcf03a,
+ 0xdf4b95fb, 0xe33f778b, 0xf224a779, 0x6efef1c1, 0x7e10ff61, 0x9388b77f,
+ 0xee0906c2, 0x4175c6e7, 0xe70aec66, 0x9d43e712, 0x6fe93f7e, 0x9e61fb79,
+ 0x0f25ebed, 0xd51655c4, 0xa6e3ef6b, 0xbdee3cfa, 0xb1fe7e6a, 0xfd461d71,
+ 0xefc8e07d, 0x5bf7f933, 0xe2000f20, 0xefd96be5, 0xd89bf9cd, 0xef94e9bd,
+ 0x97b5ef35, 0x39b39411, 0x2a90a4ab, 0xfc77bd75, 0x47d28e11, 0xce197ae8,
+ 0x7506fbc6, 0xf87798f7, 0x915e7da0, 0xe96ff311, 0xa769a5fa, 0xdefe96eb,
+ 0x95fddd73, 0x41e7c441, 0x8f1fbbfe, 0x9de5c73c, 0x4b313fdf, 0x1d7893e0,
+ 0xf9d119c5, 0x7c17f90b, 0x224488fb, 0x736f83ef, 0xf1079956, 0xe4ad6b3b,
+ 0x351f5951, 0x1f023f16, 0x8c9adef3, 0xf36634e7, 0x93aece79, 0xe297ef30,
+ 0xfad72341, 0xbcc5167b, 0xb3bcc2e7, 0xa3ef7faf, 0xaa4afefe, 0x5f80546e,
+ 0x2aff7ee2, 0x2abf8333, 0x05bde095, 0x903c9d94, 0xec226790, 0x1774859e,
+ 0xde91c3cb, 0xbef17b30, 0xc58f4a91, 0x7113f884, 0x157490e7, 0x443ea2ec,
+ 0x40d5f5c5, 0xdb129b11, 0x17fbc7ee, 0xf84a4e0a, 0x0b05113b, 0x87afbc24,
+ 0x9b77d918, 0x1cddccbe, 0xa27d0e7b, 0xbef9f18b, 0xebba7d3f, 0x60a5da5d,
+ 0x8cf3c4bc, 0x7380ee33, 0xd7df05bb, 0x3c4af7d5, 0x7fd7998f, 0xa75f6ba9,
+ 0xd59f7f6b, 0xdc65716f, 0x3c8e7101, 0xf9d3ecd8, 0xec6dc915, 0x81d22fbe,
+ 0x736f8be7, 0xdbdf3828, 0x1f78991c, 0x97a7d176, 0xeba17ed1, 0x9d2cf040,
+ 0xdf8ba15f, 0xb2459123, 0x9cfbaf00, 0xac1712fe, 0x479e766f, 0x9c32b862,
+ 0x76b5f9c5, 0x311bb521, 0x64ded69e, 0x92d4c8c7, 0x5e30fd7d, 0xd88bde2e,
+ 0x513c7c1d, 0xf040367f, 0xb1f6cc7e, 0x59a2fcdf, 0xbee8bb45, 0x2c5defd8,
+ 0xc82faafa, 0xb8b3c0bb, 0x5782313f, 0x2e9df15b, 0x9bb867f0, 0x33fbb176,
+ 0xf2f80f88, 0x91ff1156, 0x2ec02bc3, 0xe3c7f7d8, 0x164e30a9, 0xfcc289dd,
+ 0xaf4b9fe8, 0x47d576a6, 0xab42fb51, 0x18bd28df, 0xe9cfbf9d, 0x979821ec,
+ 0xc7a7bed4, 0x573a58a6, 0x003d98b8, 0xe8cf50fc, 0xda75eec4, 0x74524acb,
+ 0x297ef79d, 0x211ddff1, 0x77ed0341, 0x47eb1f71, 0x5878c1c1, 0xc801ded5,
+ 0xf3173657, 0x1d258f27, 0xc7bcc28f, 0xcf16fd36, 0xe7158f8d, 0xf36acfc6,
+ 0x8cf06c29, 0x7635c9e2, 0x444bde2e, 0xbff50579, 0xef1078f9, 0xaa9eb448,
+ 0xd5e2fcc7, 0x014bc549, 0x831326ff, 0xa0730c93, 0x9f8f429f, 0xfe4a92af,
+ 0x2caef009, 0xec767067, 0x2b393031, 0xbf81736c, 0x418f72ba, 0xb32b3806,
+ 0x7e543c99, 0x07f71439, 0x1d993db5, 0x1cb65b75, 0xcb6f2054, 0xbb02e6dd,
+ 0x979f96ac, 0x7272e5ab, 0x065b725b, 0xdb6e5ff8, 0xf904b373, 0x5d488717,
+ 0x32e3e01f, 0x9851e369, 0x5aaf45ef, 0xcc16fc0f, 0x3d3ae2b5, 0x197fedcf,
+ 0xec64b7e4, 0xa7800cd9, 0x0dc1837d, 0xbef2fa7a, 0x87c059d9, 0xfe9d5493,
+ 0xe50def07, 0xc20649df, 0x1eb013d6, 0x4efcdf28, 0x27017562, 0xe81535c0,
+ 0xb6bcf941, 0xfbcfbe00, 0xb656fd73, 0xe7235931, 0xcfc3be5d, 0x12624fcf,
+ 0x606d2643, 0x6571e6e7, 0x6938f2a7, 0x847f8ee3, 0x7bce3b75, 0xa3fcecc9,
+ 0x75ce1937, 0x8af937ac, 0x24dd9ed1, 0xa5cf01b9, 0x6f1467a1, 0xc0d21d8c,
+ 0xcb7d27f9, 0x548f6833, 0x468af6f0, 0x98af27e6, 0x6298a756, 0xe7c6d0ed,
+ 0xd2b5fef0, 0x087ffb2d, 0x0ed2da7e, 0x370fde07, 0xba56f881, 0xcf059c59,
+ 0x93097be9, 0x0b8b76ef, 0x37f6ecf3, 0x807faea6, 0x69e77d80, 0x0c9fa6c9,
+ 0x7a8d9bef, 0x0d9f4a3f, 0xcfa53269, 0xbc42db24, 0xe77ae5f7, 0x716109f1,
+ 0x4a383bb6, 0x69a7fda9, 0x164bedbf, 0x5323be27, 0xaf8f5cfb, 0xa7e52ad3,
+ 0x3ef8aea4, 0xe7f77fcd, 0x816d2ab4, 0xaec7c4b8, 0x08afe45c, 0xaefc3a1d,
+ 0x8ff2707f, 0xa4a17d03, 0x7afe9caf, 0x50dfde0e, 0x7d60fd06, 0x73c368e8,
+ 0xd8bc7ace, 0xe0eb6dcd, 0x366204fe, 0x2f3d79e1, 0xc8ca72fc, 0xb98cf478,
+ 0x8310c117, 0xdadc08cf, 0xf4c6d2f6, 0x41af70b5, 0xe780d1a9, 0xf59e0543,
+ 0x75100efd, 0x40d9adfd, 0xd943eab7, 0x8704ffb4, 0xf9c709e4, 0x7aeaf5de,
+ 0x8941d93a, 0x4b7abcc3, 0x8df778a1, 0x876e8f5d, 0xbd478332, 0x33a8cfb8,
+ 0x4f52bec2, 0xdb12433f, 0x693c509f, 0xcf6ea5ee, 0x16e51aa4, 0xf9b707d8,
+ 0x429b3ef1, 0xa677de0b, 0x49193fd7, 0x63c50dca, 0xf8fbec2e, 0xe22ed034,
+ 0xded6ab77, 0xe0ce33ff, 0xbf0248cf, 0x14274ddf, 0x781de726, 0xaf51791f,
+ 0x6eb0255e, 0x3ebd86ae, 0x050e97e8, 0x4c915df5, 0x375d2ac2, 0x09789757,
+ 0xbfda99c4, 0xa4bee372, 0xf385de08, 0x90e78a15, 0xf458f14a, 0x05678e4d,
+ 0x5f5363a5, 0x74f4179b, 0x38b1af53, 0xe9af535e, 0x9dfac132, 0x4b6bd432,
+ 0x8e80abfc, 0xb2337fed, 0x2e0ffa71, 0x4fe6fd65, 0xa96f7e84, 0xd30f0d5f,
+ 0x69278671, 0x5eb169d7, 0x30b5f5d2, 0xb27dd709, 0xd4dfbe0a, 0x6889b1eb,
+ 0x7af8dcdf, 0xd7e9e38d, 0xa656f5eb, 0x417623af, 0xfdeec5d8, 0xff3979e7,
+ 0xb8f4c49c, 0xf0ad1df8, 0x834fc1d8, 0x90e678fd, 0xd0c73641, 0x49e2d3b3,
+ 0xa5cdf882, 0xe049798d, 0xc7443c67, 0x391bdf87, 0xa41dfbac, 0x37b9f423,
+ 0xebe53ea6, 0x73e62316, 0xffa0ad7d, 0x4cfe4a72, 0x573bae76, 0x2387dc8a,
+ 0x3b9f5151, 0x7c9f5b50, 0xb43dfb2f, 0xe77a7e7f, 0x687bf093, 0xf5154cef,
+ 0xbee127fa, 0xb0aab9ce, 0x687f78b3, 0xbfed05ef, 0xee77f6c2, 0xe3b7fd11,
+ 0x2a4915fb, 0x8ca9f3ce, 0x704be3fa, 0xd4f3655f, 0x785e28aa, 0xfb4c4f7f,
+ 0xddaf67a9, 0xb5e77e7e, 0x30fabfdb, 0x77f47b4e, 0xdfda6cca, 0xf3bfe075,
+ 0x41877e20, 0x2ec7f5ba, 0xccbae7f0, 0xb0c7b7c1, 0xbc408475, 0x9d9433a2,
+ 0x51af2f14, 0xefc1ef94, 0xc57e4063, 0x6d073bd4, 0xdefc7ca5, 0x61231eb8,
+ 0xffa8975f, 0xdfda85dd, 0xd289f8b1, 0xfa15edb6, 0xb4de4fde, 0xb410567b,
+ 0x012796ef, 0xff3d8c5f, 0xe51578de, 0x4ffbe30b, 0xfc60b18d, 0xafa289f0,
+ 0x45ef705c, 0x20ca4abb, 0x9265f88e, 0x5a5bc9ac, 0x25fa549d, 0xc097e3f0,
+ 0xdfd0e973, 0x4267b9a8, 0x7d262f94, 0xa5b57ccb, 0xbf45ce5d, 0x485f7008,
+ 0xe30ff0fb, 0x7745e409, 0x89e73ee0, 0xc68769a2, 0xd1b0bec3, 0x7ce236e4,
+ 0x80bc06e8, 0xf01b4de7, 0x85e217fe, 0x287281f6, 0xa78bea87, 0x0fbc9caf,
+ 0x8f6daaf4, 0x41e20529, 0xb16e066b, 0x69aedf00, 0x54c2f764, 0x996ad9ee,
+ 0x358f431d, 0x54e7bf2a, 0x8dee590d, 0xe1ac43f1, 0xf3f46de7, 0xf86493de,
+ 0xe62de74e, 0x07bfe74b, 0x69655ef0, 0xf8bd00cb, 0xf409d174, 0x320e9657,
+ 0x76da39e2, 0xa47a848b, 0x97cbe784, 0xff7019a4, 0xe2a67e0b, 0x65b2f598,
+ 0xf4314a60, 0x7cb2762f, 0x4e0eb17e, 0xe699f434, 0x64cbf583, 0x7ac471c0,
+ 0xbb186137, 0x4dc266a7, 0x0bcf764e, 0x51dea7df, 0xd803c6c8, 0x66e5afd0,
+ 0xf9ebccfb, 0x154ee89b, 0x9fbd23d7, 0x25fefc49, 0xcf34a75d, 0xfee24e3f,
+ 0x85e91b71, 0x7fc1a7bf, 0x6836d087, 0x981caaf3, 0x7e82a177, 0x15f276a7,
+ 0xec4583d6, 0xc04ff93c, 0x3f7c06ef, 0xec7182d6, 0x09e2bee8, 0x8181cfa4,
+ 0x76f11072, 0x73fb8ccc, 0xde26a761, 0x8b23108f, 0x108d7bc3, 0xd4ca7f6f,
+ 0xf3e70996, 0x7f15635c, 0xead1ff3c, 0x6f734924, 0x8bf3e12e, 0x0dab5fee,
+ 0xb9b5bfb0, 0x85099e58, 0xaafded17, 0x3f9eecbd, 0x0adf99d9, 0x993677f0,
+ 0xf59c7355, 0x02179457, 0x5790bea1, 0x867a0edd, 0xe78259e9, 0x76efc404,
+ 0x60cb19d6, 0x360eda3f, 0x299bd516, 0xffac4e75, 0xcc157037, 0x0080005f,
+ 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7de50300, 0xd554780b, 0xf33ef0b5, 0x9324849e,
+ 0x32484277, 0x01288081, 0x95100486, 0xd024275e, 0x3bc20408, 0xaf090248,
+ 0x01324804, 0x54b63fc1, 0xd4180806, 0x8bd1782a, 0x583b43fd, 0x8350b450,
+ 0xe8350d44, 0x55b15784, 0x6a22aa1c, 0xa14786e1, 0xb4010954, 0xb96bfb17,
+ 0x77bdad6b, 0x44c9ce66, 0x77dfa2d4, 0xf57e9bff, 0x9c7ecfb0, 0x7b5ad7b5,
+ 0x73def73d, 0x0d856151, 0x63198c19, 0x98364e0d, 0xe257cab1, 0xc615e8b7,
+ 0xdddfe3ae, 0xfaf93650, 0xdd3ea038, 0x086c6766, 0x04ac7594, 0x0c5fd3db,
+ 0xf7fb1763, 0x6861e678, 0xcac7517f, 0x9abce355, 0x169f45b4, 0x37d98e30,
+ 0x9e8e3554, 0x19c6ab55, 0xd369c7c0, 0x3bf553c0, 0xa6553c35, 0x553c1556,
+ 0x04da781a, 0x781a6d3c, 0xc3535eaa, 0x556e6553, 0x81a553c1, 0x23c04da7,
+ 0x559f6bdb, 0x0c525b8d, 0x3afcde16, 0x58cdd7fd, 0xe77bce2c, 0x8cfeee2b,
+ 0xc9f17c2d, 0xd8c61670, 0x38fac305, 0xb6c54efc, 0x784ee135, 0x0ee0d5fe,
+ 0xf78375b7, 0x279e7d1e, 0xb3b8f3a3, 0xf38d0a6d, 0x191e17b7, 0x7dff7087,
+ 0xf386d19b, 0x4dd9cc67, 0xc5df0a19, 0xaec8027f, 0x39af66ed, 0x3058e11c,
+ 0xf2a00d96, 0xe87e5e29, 0x0bca1eb2, 0xce327b9f, 0x3577df0e, 0xaab74f19,
+ 0x25d24ce1, 0xc49bd3e0, 0xf5b559e0, 0xc018a32f, 0x6bed62e3, 0x7b6d2e11,
+ 0x28b5defc, 0x2fa0df78, 0x1b044535, 0x1c58c9cf, 0xad7f97f6, 0x6efc02a6,
+ 0xf59723e3, 0xc2394f00, 0x7ee7477e, 0x31616c13, 0x3fc1fae7, 0x5fb7676e,
+ 0xc1f1fbd7, 0x44f9303c, 0x6eaff4c6, 0xd38a701e, 0x2fe38743, 0x7f79f0b1,
+ 0xe18ff5ba, 0x455fbd0a, 0xf0d2bb74, 0x0efedfeb, 0xb8e575e8, 0x776341d9,
+ 0x15b6af41, 0x5fc7d950, 0x600137b6, 0x59aef0f1, 0x2afd053c, 0x7f679e8c,
+ 0x7c55e301, 0xe1b87668, 0xf53b157b, 0xa2d70805, 0xdd8f079d, 0xb458f409,
+ 0x963318cb, 0x129ba34f, 0xf80f4017, 0x9fa64d7f, 0x1f770b1e, 0xf787f8e4,
+ 0x74fca3cb, 0x60ebb459, 0x19dfeb1c, 0xbef0391f, 0x7d082335, 0xf47d381a,
+ 0x42657eaf, 0xbaf0b87e, 0x3ad3e2c2, 0x10bc47f7, 0x3a9d051d, 0xe769a6e8,
+ 0x5eb0fa02, 0x3f60fa7e, 0x76e7467b, 0xf9263659, 0xfe5bf099, 0xf381d991,
+ 0x7dedff2e, 0x79ff08e1, 0xebe73543, 0x9ce26bcd, 0xa372ddf0, 0x4f46ce3b,
+ 0x97fcbefe, 0x65fe68cb, 0x31c59747, 0x5133979a, 0x97e68c37, 0x579af388,
+ 0xbe14653f, 0x884acf9f, 0x0337caef, 0xb9f9e19e, 0x0aede581, 0x898e2eb2,
+ 0x19fe7175, 0xbf306333, 0x4ebe26f3, 0x7bd27fdd, 0x58fad1b6, 0x8fac18cc,
+ 0x87c91665, 0xb9fca84b, 0x369d9be0, 0x3f87f51d, 0xfebf204b, 0x6f19d92d,
+ 0x7d6ff9c3, 0xd1f487c8, 0xdf191d1f, 0xe0c1eb4a, 0xae50f816, 0xf839f8c3,
+ 0xdda3f39e, 0xeff45430, 0xd19f4f09, 0xffe01d69, 0xbdf152de, 0x7aecfe80,
+ 0xa21dc11a, 0x1c67840c, 0xf9da4b97, 0xe21522e9, 0xb1f3f867, 0x580abe00,
+ 0x6fbd7cdf, 0xf47c475d, 0xbd7c7bd9, 0xcf7bac74, 0xe76a3c84, 0xc3e37a33,
+ 0xe424ff79, 0x64cb4f47, 0x9937df05, 0xbad83799, 0xeb146ade, 0xf92f5d5a,
+ 0x2836e004, 0x017e7e11, 0x743797bc, 0x824ff3e3, 0x4237f3fe, 0xfd01bebf,
+ 0x9de17bf0, 0xb5eb93c7, 0xa383c84c, 0xfd43feb8, 0xf3d59feb, 0xfad5df75,
+ 0x1a7d7aed, 0xb27e7d69, 0x7bb1ff63, 0xd27c7d61, 0x46a7d720, 0x67d66a5e,
+ 0xd7c14bf9, 0xdf0d27e7, 0x5f7e7d6d, 0x0bacb3f2, 0x0685f9f9, 0xe61a577f,
+ 0xf677eafc, 0x95a8f1ae, 0xbd094f7f, 0xb20e59d7, 0xced0d8f7, 0x6ef927fc,
+ 0x532a6fe1, 0xf802324b, 0xe0a5f24d, 0x4a3f3f37, 0xfd7afbbe, 0x2fdfada3,
+ 0x7d71cee4, 0xf30650fb, 0x1fe2029a, 0x198536e9, 0x2f3c1158, 0x37669ded,
+ 0xc6d7fd00, 0x17a81c5a, 0xd64bea4f, 0x09ff5a30, 0x0b26feb4, 0xbda199b8,
+ 0xf4c3e50a, 0xc3db50e6, 0xffdcfeb0, 0xf839ca60, 0xce1ab20e, 0x9bf34a7f,
+ 0xc77c205f, 0x896dcc8d, 0x02d7f3f2, 0xb398c94b, 0xfa2420d1, 0xc65f242a,
+ 0x98f7aa3f, 0x0c969fe1, 0x57f00ff8, 0xc7a330c1, 0x45fde30c, 0x8df04057,
+ 0xeabdbacd, 0x897d0427, 0x86f800a9, 0xfafd797d, 0x5ca38070, 0x00a081c2,
+ 0x80b0177d, 0xc32fa83f, 0x7f390c27, 0x410de2b8, 0xd8526f3a, 0x2c3c00e9,
+ 0xf8cba8f0, 0xfe716ff7, 0xbed46f71, 0xb37475ab, 0x7c09ff9f, 0xb19d3a75,
+ 0xf034f853, 0xf3f206e9, 0x478e66ac, 0xe9e28557, 0x1af27449, 0xffb24f11,
+ 0xfef72146, 0xd0d67973, 0xd93f5812, 0x408ff78f, 0x19960bf9, 0x90977de9,
+ 0xf6dc57a7, 0x572bd408, 0xa0457b9a, 0x3872b8de, 0x6bdb1c27, 0xf82a39e1,
+ 0x1615ddfc, 0x55ca5e7a, 0xdd61ebd6, 0x64ed625d, 0xad73b94f, 0xbb105b6c,
+ 0x8764696e, 0xa1fa607e, 0x5fe497a8, 0x0ec7ad35, 0x7f9a3d3a, 0x33a030c1,
+ 0xb4eff1fe, 0x7ffa8394, 0x9eb8af1d, 0xad479f10, 0x820aa3ad, 0xc0ad73cc,
+ 0x5f7dd8db, 0x4d8e5098, 0x22334e6c, 0xeae6263e, 0xc075c351, 0xb0a460f5,
+ 0x1658b2b3, 0xdf7635c2, 0x2077e13d, 0x1deb0e3d, 0xababc056, 0xa4a9b2f9,
+ 0x88f18dff, 0x7afda3e3, 0x8f98e8c6, 0x73f33c78, 0x3ac3732b, 0xf5c75b78,
+ 0x51395401, 0x4e50c1af, 0x238fdfd4, 0x33be013e, 0x4e7a3691, 0x8c6d9b1a,
+ 0x3466ef85, 0xe1e906da, 0xfb45ddbb, 0xaa769133, 0x64fd124f, 0xbc15eebb,
+ 0xad9329dd, 0xa3fcd82a, 0xe7fcf9a2, 0x099f743c, 0xba274444, 0xb5753a49,
+ 0x7a2fbebe, 0xe61e3f65, 0x68f6811d, 0xa37242ae, 0x5a331f33, 0x14f2570f,
+ 0xe434cacf, 0x8f2f3d67, 0x0f283c55, 0x7af1d6de, 0xec8544f7, 0x5ae7c91a,
+ 0xf826befc, 0x63ff7e55, 0x7246f651, 0x57e2493b, 0xaf0b55e2, 0xeaf20f6c,
+ 0x3f7940ee, 0x6fd069be, 0x557ef815, 0xc1d362b3, 0x56865550, 0xc3ec8393,
+ 0x67f4460d, 0xb8f9dba6, 0x603050cc, 0x9cdf0072, 0x3d103489, 0x35de67f6,
+ 0xeae3f913, 0xf38666a3, 0x1cbdce77, 0x6df37a8e, 0xbb9de39d, 0xd11dfd70,
+ 0x235f6db3, 0x615e3e9f, 0x086b9d1b, 0xe08d371c, 0x6d91549c, 0xa334f544,
+ 0x1f18c5a2, 0x226747c0, 0xbe5ea8a3, 0xcf615eef, 0x3df0f7c4, 0x98fdc382,
+ 0x21836d99, 0x237c1a32, 0x467ea142, 0xbfe72475, 0x131686f2, 0xbda8d395,
+ 0x8efc9efc, 0xc9cd1d76, 0x7881ed69, 0x54363c98, 0xd9ac7ef5, 0x8411d4bb,
+ 0x14a36b3f, 0xa3be4f21, 0xdf02705e, 0xff339106, 0xa585e9df, 0x1ab42f52,
+ 0xfecace51, 0x017f02f9, 0x983e217a, 0xd2b2585e, 0x59748f1e, 0x3c57b7b2,
+ 0x6f25922e, 0xa60b8c8e, 0x3807de17, 0x3ec720ec, 0xcf867900, 0x2f41934b,
+ 0x0bd00c0c, 0x27c4ad93, 0x47b77eda, 0x1e5da4e9, 0x3a482f5c, 0xe17ac0fd,
+ 0x410bd47d, 0x28e8f5d6, 0xda985eb5, 0x617a4a5c, 0xb33d64ea, 0xd9e9d807,
+ 0x0bd23751, 0xa9d371d9, 0x0684746c, 0x27c41be1, 0xe27c7133, 0xfa83bf13,
+ 0x97144561, 0xd13d5af7, 0xf94f1c95, 0x8bbc72a6, 0xe17df0f5, 0x25f1ca57,
+ 0xf7b21453, 0x231df33a, 0x1d325dfe, 0xfc82b8e4, 0x92f8e5c7, 0x69e39062,
+ 0x2d5c93ac, 0x383ab940, 0xfef2ae50, 0x0f5c2555, 0xfed29ab8, 0xefea08a3,
+ 0x58746f5d, 0x7ebdfda0, 0x50343b39, 0xea88aece, 0x7396ce42, 0x39b57b39,
+ 0xaea3ec8b, 0xc84277e6, 0xe9679057, 0x517c208e, 0xecca1458, 0x333df801,
+ 0xbb19f7e8, 0xadbc7d71, 0xa3b6f477, 0xfdf5cbdd, 0x3f7e835b, 0x0f80fd18,
+ 0x09cf3c05, 0x633f03be, 0xfbac2e74, 0x5edcb99c, 0x27a1dcae, 0xf23555fc,
+ 0x5db55ef5, 0x3ca1d8f1, 0x130bf32a, 0xe5ed1796, 0xc1980cf1, 0xba00ecd8,
+ 0x75bb7a2f, 0x6fd6126d, 0x8e6e1c51, 0x7c877b43, 0x3be63804, 0x325f9116,
+ 0x087edcd6, 0x4e7d8ddb, 0x7e416c71, 0xbfdc14d9, 0x16fd14aa, 0x5ef5b478,
+ 0x8e95cf92, 0x2d6fe475, 0xafaeaeda, 0x0f97506c, 0x4f34b909, 0x0dd8cdef,
+ 0xe8ef65df, 0x99f4c11d, 0x8f81d76c, 0x1f117ff2, 0x831f0147, 0x058f8c6f,
+ 0x8c262dcd, 0x3c5b7c4b, 0x1ff9d37c, 0x677e128e, 0xeb8c1b26, 0x273a2fed,
+ 0x1ff70dc9, 0xee300f00, 0xe3bd0ddc, 0xeff8024b, 0xb78be098, 0x136b2575,
+ 0x42955db1, 0xc1eacaed, 0x517286a1, 0x27a41b03, 0x6af5a9ba, 0xb46f3e87,
+ 0xaa2ebe93, 0xcecca5de, 0x6ab3bc40, 0xcf72bfe4, 0xa1dd5186, 0xf406b8be,
+ 0x939fb437, 0xf8c12e69, 0x3b6b51d1, 0x9fc945c9, 0x9fce68fa, 0xc7a7344a,
+ 0xb9edee99, 0x149a77a4, 0xaf3bad1b, 0xa021eb95, 0xfbca158b, 0x51aff8ef,
+ 0x33360e82, 0x374e4bad, 0xd709d017, 0x5166a8ed, 0xddf6e06e, 0xdccbe68c,
+ 0x316e6fff, 0x6872bf62, 0x2408ad1f, 0x677afcab, 0x00b8ecb7, 0xc53dee7a,
+ 0x429b7bf9, 0x81e64b71, 0xe7a105ff, 0xed28e88d, 0x4f4aef8f, 0xb47d1789,
+ 0xad47ae9a, 0x0059b1be, 0xc55efb5f, 0x3ebc0cf1, 0xd117bebb, 0x52473595,
+ 0xfa26c17c, 0xbfa33a49, 0xcbf93760, 0xf4501013, 0xecacf3ab, 0x4f5efc8c,
+ 0xca05576e, 0xcb77e91b, 0x56eda2e7, 0xbc1559db, 0xabb2aa91, 0x3676d129,
+ 0x7cc4de30, 0x845aa714, 0xf1ae002f, 0x914d92fa, 0x0aedafa8, 0x1d151bd9,
+ 0x75a76ff8, 0x9fc6137e, 0xe335f510, 0x0e9b04b3, 0x4d9f78e9, 0xbd11b7be,
+ 0xfef28b66, 0x141fa1e4, 0xd6af5e01, 0xa0661de9, 0xfd9d34df, 0x239470d8,
+ 0xae191b0f, 0x196fab8b, 0x87ae5c9d, 0x7d291e92, 0xf5118cfb, 0x1b7c2962,
+ 0x67f4abf9, 0x119c5f5c, 0xfa047cf0, 0x50b189d7, 0x026430d6, 0xa3b27f7c,
+ 0xf81da465, 0xa3e0ca61, 0x3bae306b, 0xec76c729, 0x9d71d218, 0x4f1d219e,
+ 0x7f90e5d7, 0x8562df75, 0xa071d5d6, 0x329ff61b, 0x31d8ed39, 0x5d716ef8,
+ 0x8a48c52c, 0x0b53b19c, 0x96f45ca1, 0x768761de, 0x7587c673, 0x316bb8c3,
+ 0x38c1adf3, 0x7abe98d7, 0xa7801256, 0x53c5eaa2, 0xd072ee10, 0x2967986f,
+ 0x323a3e6f, 0x0af5cb1e, 0x4bb977f5, 0x32c0f14c, 0x4d974dbe, 0xf3fbe183,
+ 0xdda21da1, 0xb9dbcf55, 0x580e2ab6, 0x037ef089, 0x5bf9c1c9, 0x5f218615,
+ 0x16afd81f, 0x02c7ae3e, 0xa1eafae3, 0xb0cb943f, 0x35bb8e3f, 0xae216a72,
+ 0xfa93805f, 0x08795b0f, 0xe87ce4e5, 0xb7ccd507, 0xb78d3175, 0x09615ea0,
+ 0xb0f95e30, 0xe186c7b4, 0x1d196f78, 0xcb41ff58, 0x9f5714d3, 0x844bdf09,
+ 0x5be8e7f1, 0xf67b6247, 0xf686c553, 0x8e3c9b20, 0xac4977e8, 0x4f9e9637,
+ 0x614bba76, 0x04378ed2, 0x47b76bc6, 0x337924f7, 0x5ae566bf, 0x3bab579c,
+ 0x7c474d36, 0x7a84d975, 0xc7898cf9, 0xde02cf7f, 0xdd0ec04b, 0x42633eef,
+ 0xba307dbd, 0xdb9bf517, 0x64f24d94, 0x78a02b1e, 0x6e4ac962, 0x635a9c57,
+ 0x476828f5, 0xf8296d19, 0x331aff7e, 0xe4ed53cf, 0xb92da4fa, 0x6dfa24f5,
+ 0xcc8debe7, 0xaeadb00d, 0xd214f5ef, 0x230efcef, 0xb37e99f1, 0xd956e491,
+ 0xdacf1e4e, 0x3dc7cf5f, 0xb1cb9dbf, 0x4653cd9c, 0x032e7ca1, 0x79a66479,
+ 0x7cd5e5a9, 0x371e42fb, 0x3be5bf5d, 0x3d0e97e9, 0xcf2d63db, 0x2e40dc83,
+ 0x293758b9, 0x7e31328f, 0x3c995a5e, 0x6df21373, 0xf8da95b1, 0x7f3e7bbc,
+ 0x4567f512, 0x5537c318, 0x0a53db06, 0xeb8603e7, 0xd779a8a3, 0xe5f7c8e7,
+ 0xe2075645, 0x1be21cff, 0xd1a3c9d7, 0xef9d4f14, 0x973c2529, 0x73c26ab1,
+ 0x3f3526d9, 0x33d12f4f, 0x2a3ea067, 0x20ce650f, 0x9f83eb72, 0x77c27f01,
+ 0x1e293566, 0x53e582ab, 0xa60d9687, 0xaae08db2, 0xd1fe7a11, 0x0fdfe230,
+ 0x06bcb81e, 0x72e673f9, 0xcd9da185, 0x516b25dc, 0x526d55cf, 0xb9430fec,
+ 0x5fef396c, 0xee11fd06, 0x7ce69e0f, 0x476cfc04, 0xdfaaaf7e, 0x6fda8870,
+ 0xfe38ec55, 0xc94a5b07, 0xeb77282e, 0x3d6fd519, 0xe83f7645, 0xecbbca21,
+ 0x90e3eb77, 0xcd6aabdf, 0x0e98e036, 0x77fc91fe, 0x510ac8ca, 0x638b329f,
+ 0xb7e824c0, 0x941eda34, 0x4a85f50f, 0x7e449e87, 0x7f39b971, 0x7469da9d,
+ 0x31b852e0, 0xff89ea3f, 0x91e9bf24, 0xf9fb06df, 0x8e7d7f6d, 0xbceff909,
+ 0xf90cca07, 0x95e348d1, 0x28e32f3d, 0x3da05bac, 0x12b1f924, 0xb3e50af8,
+ 0xfcb51f96, 0x04df89d7, 0x0ef96a1f, 0x08a9ff6c, 0xac6b7de7, 0xdace7704,
+ 0xf86b533d, 0x6708623a, 0x2807dace, 0xc0df300f, 0x8f12dde3, 0x0f9e0695,
+ 0xa571b059, 0xb7f54509, 0xc7034786, 0x9c7d7e93, 0xb578fa89, 0x3f25e1c9,
+ 0xf642a875, 0x7b5b38e6, 0xea45a22e, 0xb862bbdb, 0x5f1ab59d, 0xcb159da2,
+ 0xf4bf283c, 0x3bc23a49, 0x9953b54b, 0x04a7b7a5, 0x62535fc6, 0xd7d3dc64,
+ 0x87e7df03, 0x2c4ef942, 0xbcc68c87, 0x5359be5e, 0x7051d08e, 0xd1d0b189,
+ 0xc7e5efe8, 0x943bb28b, 0xfac927d7, 0x2a9cbc6e, 0xf1bbbbfa, 0x7d64fdf6,
+ 0x940f2f18, 0xfdbc61f5, 0x93ea8c5d, 0xbb47c263, 0x9b3e1033, 0xa8f1be0a,
+ 0xfbbf629c, 0x91d66f53, 0xd7b5a8fd, 0xf191896f, 0xe9f1461a, 0x1fdfe682,
+ 0x81563cc7, 0xed179ba5, 0x7e34e628, 0xc7601ada, 0x7902ac30, 0x23f04637,
+ 0xa037098b, 0xff8d185e, 0x59d13e06, 0x97b406bc, 0x2dbc18c6, 0xac2dce38,
+ 0x2fae76d6, 0xc6d9b326, 0xfb5d59eb, 0xce4ea867, 0x8ab3f805, 0xb41ab193,
+ 0x161c6aa3, 0x7740378c, 0x4ff2b392, 0x2f28dbb1, 0x86cf1202, 0x9cc2bcfe,
+ 0x1ca1ebba, 0xc247843e, 0x12e8e127, 0x2180a04e, 0xa7ace10a, 0xf382ba71,
+ 0x1bb320d2, 0x909798f3, 0x0f6e88cf, 0x5dba458c, 0x07c132b2, 0xeb261ca2,
+ 0xbe74467f, 0x45eb2914, 0x9f535639, 0x791b29a8, 0xfd3129fb, 0xbc61bb46,
+ 0x94e77a65, 0x47efe018, 0x68dc4b62, 0x3b9f0117, 0xc9e7c8bc, 0xcc27f226,
+ 0x98756ea6, 0x090baca7, 0xbe00c01f, 0x338ac1dc, 0x2cc57f70, 0x6267e7c1,
+ 0xa4673c78, 0x51f57d79, 0x0fc03bb4, 0x5dfd095b, 0x61355e5f, 0xf9bf227c,
+ 0xafe10994, 0x8a39046a, 0xbe632c4f, 0xf4e4deab, 0x4b9be104, 0x37c97a31,
+ 0x8d829f7c, 0x7260f5e3, 0x2831359f, 0x7972e7a7, 0xe44f64b6, 0x292f2c48,
+ 0xbdfef6e5, 0xc48d77c3, 0x2d05c56e, 0x8b39f06b, 0x16441eb5, 0xd763bd44,
+ 0x7b409de8, 0x5a3ab8b9, 0x1eb59e55, 0x6c7209a8, 0xaa924d56, 0xee79131f,
+ 0xa1567ee9, 0xa0a16378, 0x4784f4fb, 0xbd3ddf29, 0x0d6ee8c4, 0x79bf2f18,
+ 0xe10a21a5, 0x6f4856ae, 0x63b39a82, 0x867c19bf, 0xdbf834f0, 0x36461d03,
+ 0xc156fd09, 0xf0917ee5, 0xc1ca8a97, 0x0f1055af, 0x2dfc2626, 0x36a7f70f,
+ 0xa60d46e4, 0xe1039fb8, 0x351f3570, 0xcb19fb62, 0x7ee26fc0, 0x2cf7f12f,
+ 0xe9dbb409, 0x1b800f4b, 0xff2371e0, 0x4acd79ca, 0x7b44673d, 0x41f510a4,
+ 0x6ce7cd38, 0xea7f0aab, 0xbab57172, 0x5d46ab3c, 0xe4231ade, 0x0fd63f6e,
+ 0xc9a7dfd7, 0xe1788ec7, 0x28c7cfbb, 0xca1fcc06, 0x05f4abf7, 0x2b1f903b,
+ 0x8c01de4c, 0x965425ca, 0x157de1ed, 0x46d5a5ea, 0xe51b2da7, 0x7bf72576,
+ 0x5ba70a81, 0xb4280e49, 0x396067be, 0xac809f60, 0x73beb2a7, 0x539094f9,
+ 0x4b05adab, 0x9f801f49, 0x5c82798a, 0x9510d383, 0x30a2eb41, 0x2d3b7c98,
+ 0x0308fff8, 0xf57005ed, 0xba04a641, 0xe11499f4, 0x9f5cf8c1, 0x18dd4a37,
+ 0x0593ea9f, 0x3ca3b774, 0x3ed779e0, 0xd24286fa, 0x644d031f, 0x79118f0f,
+ 0xefa071d8, 0x787724ac, 0x13ca55de, 0x3ceaf3e7, 0x672f7a6b, 0x17f406e6,
+ 0x02fe1c7a, 0x4db8cfe5, 0xfa5f928f, 0xff7f9588, 0x9fdc3d91, 0x4438caa9,
+ 0x29de36f2, 0x5c09f4f2, 0x7ca3c6ee, 0x04d7f943, 0x81e257f2, 0xf1396fe4,
+ 0x6ef89c49, 0xf829f312, 0x5b825351, 0x1b2778c1, 0x2570419b, 0x983edc0a,
+ 0xc7f9a764, 0xcf90380b, 0xde2ace50, 0x20ebba11, 0x9b41deef, 0xf9ff887f,
+ 0xe944fd6d, 0x6a1eb21f, 0xc5fc10bf, 0x8fb83159, 0xec95a126, 0x87eaefe6,
+ 0x0bf8cd7e, 0xd30f8d82, 0xca543f23, 0x2ffa91a3, 0xe3283e29, 0x1fe95de4,
+ 0x92a745bd, 0x885b4623, 0xe98cde4a, 0xf93f96ab, 0x19dcb50e, 0xaa97ac3f,
+ 0x9fb3827e, 0x5e527eaa, 0xa53caa96, 0xfb552ee0, 0xaa398569, 0xb46139b2,
+ 0x3ed5bdaa, 0xed0e5551, 0xfdbaaf7b, 0x2a172f9b, 0xc7308780, 0x933b556c,
+ 0x025addc5, 0xb583a878, 0xdb0a2c32, 0x32f04b2d, 0x44b0debf, 0x4364b0ec,
+ 0x678a37f9, 0xfa368604, 0x9f685b85, 0x95964851, 0xd88b5efc, 0xc8375867,
+ 0xa9fe45ec, 0x067a0eeb, 0x9cb6dfde, 0xafccf4a9, 0x933af812, 0x25b181cf,
+ 0x3f01c577, 0x27b76c65, 0xefb6f8f1, 0x258fa436, 0xecbb7184, 0x65d90b15,
+ 0xde9f5103, 0x9dc71fe1, 0x16383d94, 0x772c67fa, 0x68fe43de, 0x86f5b313,
+ 0x8098cf76, 0x5ef7a8b2, 0x8cbf5131, 0x339d56a6, 0x637bbd60, 0x64f81db9,
+ 0x987b88c1, 0xbea33788, 0xda74daac, 0xaa80f184, 0x87da16e6, 0xb4e0a038,
+ 0xff7bed09, 0x0ce7a17b, 0x1fb821ed, 0xe086c5ea, 0xc71713fb, 0x875e689a,
+ 0x5e2f5c84, 0x39f617a6, 0x394a578f, 0xddabbc5d, 0x4278c7ab, 0x295e3aa5,
+ 0xd794b6e5, 0x52f30ef7, 0x76e4037c, 0xea527f50, 0x9ae39001, 0x9a2f9e7a,
+ 0x387c7685, 0x1ad3f5c9, 0xc72eaeb9, 0x8cf5c876, 0x8eff20eb, 0xce82e817,
+ 0x3c0937ef, 0x24bc785e, 0x24fef087, 0xc41433c6, 0x1c5f16a7, 0xd3c2378f,
+ 0x15cf994e, 0x7bb6d2f4, 0xf3cb8135, 0xedc85d9d, 0xcf9e8243, 0x944cbe28,
+ 0x1082ae6f, 0xb819cbe2, 0xe90b254f, 0xe8b5f7f0, 0xacbf1567, 0x1fafd430,
+ 0xfb49bcb7, 0x5fb84c9a, 0x6292e309, 0xd185533f, 0xcdf712be, 0x56383f00,
+ 0x9aaa7d02, 0x657f04bc, 0xbe0b5643, 0xf1e26caf, 0x8f235717, 0x56b15667,
+ 0xe99efbf2, 0xc79fae02, 0x536a3b72, 0x77e09dac, 0x5137c095, 0x3d9a37cf,
+ 0xdfe9051e, 0xe297714a, 0x0f5b0a3d, 0x59d667e5, 0x4fd9830a, 0xd0df11fb,
+ 0x133ac0ff, 0x54bf0033, 0xc79c7f40, 0x2643e4a1, 0xef14fb8c, 0xe1bf2852,
+ 0x053a386a, 0xa5aeb7f3, 0x85768646, 0xb262ef84, 0x0fccfc8f, 0x733f0ae7,
+ 0x7c6b8f2e, 0x23db94b8, 0xa17f79fa, 0x4af4eb38, 0xbdce67e1, 0x0fa1f14a,
+ 0x399f85cb, 0xa645c78f, 0x1e79962f, 0x3e4b1f35, 0x96a3f2d5, 0xfe55ff5f,
+ 0xf22b1ddc, 0x00d8fd71, 0xef40f3d4, 0xbbe7e891, 0xefe4601f, 0xdfb97e15,
+ 0x9e807188, 0x558e6d6b, 0xf7afee50, 0x39f8c1ac, 0x07ebcfdb, 0xb8516c55,
+ 0x8bdfb17c, 0x33aa49f3, 0x7cbfdc31, 0x10e9d048, 0x7bf709d2, 0x142576b1,
+ 0xd7c1abd7, 0x1a50e513, 0x3c0013ee, 0x856464be, 0xc4df28bb, 0x57ff4be5,
+ 0x1c3cb613, 0xc7f7afc0, 0x72953e72, 0x95899fb0, 0x6b3d42ec, 0x718ee868,
+ 0xbe469dc7, 0x8c453b6f, 0xfb57bbd7, 0x3cf009a8, 0x8befbe2f, 0x9650f2e5,
+ 0x3f7c163f, 0x845bc6ba, 0x394d8f70, 0xabfa8156, 0xb1c96467, 0xebafa858,
+ 0x8a0c87f9, 0x234e1737, 0xf22f9e3d, 0x38effb6e, 0xcc1f7f5f, 0x086b7acf,
+ 0x925e0fd1, 0x7671939e, 0x360ddeeb, 0xef6b5fe4, 0xf2c1f1c1, 0xbae9f2c0,
+ 0xb0256766, 0xf5aeaa7e, 0x4f2ca7a4, 0xd4c177d8, 0xe5ff764a, 0xae3eb451,
+ 0xd97bd025, 0x77011def, 0x77d8937f, 0x7a431cde, 0x61b2e419, 0x5f806658,
+ 0xf720f02d, 0x6f7b5a3d, 0xb7dd7a25, 0x663be798, 0x4a551c54, 0x495b3fb1,
+ 0x4e8cd3f5, 0xf7c03763, 0x31c288b1, 0xfb19d367, 0xbc2b8883, 0x7142c2b5,
+ 0x6c2b23ab, 0x48adf654, 0xd16df2a0, 0xfd40ff25, 0x7615a7f0, 0x50394f2a,
+ 0xb8f11bdd, 0x02a9f93f, 0x7a5e5bcc, 0x23f028cb, 0xd782d1e2, 0x29eb36ae,
+ 0x91b5755e, 0xf09137ef, 0x9dd6bccf, 0x78f34495, 0x6a33c532, 0xe73925de,
+ 0x0a3cbf28, 0x1541a0fd, 0x3ed2d6a7, 0x69cf9ae1, 0xd049eedf, 0x69079417,
+ 0xcad571e2, 0x3b26a3a6, 0xb5d141f0, 0xa7671a28, 0xae147dae, 0x0aebf733,
+ 0xd938f7ed, 0xcf14d974, 0x79a511f5, 0xf9dc45ea, 0x2e48b8ce, 0xe9079a3f,
+ 0xcf22de88, 0xb77bf72a, 0x708ff6dc, 0xc6a587a4, 0xaa47fb4e, 0x0e29eb0e,
+ 0xf688f0f3, 0xb9105b70, 0xdc6cf18b, 0xd891f4af, 0x2fada4b7, 0xe37bb934,
+ 0xc142817e, 0xa1fadac7, 0x3f7cfe71, 0x622eefee, 0xeb47cff2, 0xda1bfc19,
+ 0x9cdc544f, 0xeb40c173, 0x47c987fa, 0x87fa32cb, 0x41dec02c, 0xbea990ff,
+ 0x9a7c26ef, 0x7955d393, 0xdffc4eb8, 0x81d99dda, 0x8075554e, 0xf3e42ce6,
+ 0xb6d9e8db, 0xae3b21e7, 0xfb484b1b, 0x5817a853, 0x17f91d1f, 0x9db56e95,
+ 0xeb813bd3, 0x1c09dea5, 0x84f7e05f, 0x07e463ef, 0x677b404d, 0x4bf81c5c,
+ 0xbf87597d, 0x5127e014, 0xfd2f6cbd, 0x27ae0b24, 0xa03f6ef8, 0xe0414bcb,
+ 0x6230941e, 0x614bf62a, 0x19bf89eb, 0x95f237f0, 0x71a59e76, 0xf5ca7d7c,
+ 0x73d71d3c, 0x69dfc506, 0x1dc76b3d, 0x8a5d909e, 0x2c63aee3, 0xcb9e982f,
+ 0xdcacf314, 0xae5f08c4, 0xa784514d, 0xc1536c8b, 0x8bc7e008, 0xc033c700,
+ 0x0a0a978f, 0xee312342, 0x1a105251, 0xfebfcdd5, 0x508536ab, 0x13e975bf,
+ 0x7ca14ba3, 0xe63bf23f, 0x2c729bc9, 0x9b99e788, 0xdf93baf8, 0x1e9de93b,
+ 0x8868eb8d, 0x7984ddb1, 0xa7cd1ebd, 0x1bbed1c2, 0x345267b2, 0xe0aebfae,
+ 0xe7cf1f9c, 0x84b3595d, 0x56baaff6, 0xf112ffb5, 0x9fb87f8a, 0x67d09162,
+ 0x5133c7c0, 0x193457be, 0xbcb43f49, 0xae1571f2, 0x50e6b6e3, 0xdc5e77ca,
+ 0xac38c9fb, 0xbd3bf4bf, 0x45e5074d, 0xddf88c35, 0x4f27faf5, 0xbd73fae1,
+ 0x8e4b4662, 0xe87e6a2d, 0xad9fee32, 0xf687be68, 0xf8ec5467, 0x6541d761,
+ 0xff64fdcd, 0x2b27f2c8, 0x3728052c, 0x2e5c0cdb, 0x4dda6a2c, 0x2fa2ecf6,
+ 0x7cc00eaf, 0xffbdc5f0, 0x31ca286f, 0x87571bd7, 0xbd72fca2, 0xd6287576,
+ 0xad0d5ebb, 0x9c97660e, 0x9d13d04f, 0x7b4c7ea4, 0xff8aa0cf, 0x207a124c,
+ 0x5e7d76ad, 0x90d7c04f, 0x811d93a3, 0xf486c8fb, 0x8679d1d6, 0x46e7ef21,
+ 0x57e80bcf, 0xe1e433eb, 0x7347c1fb, 0xf006e743, 0x51825e63, 0x14ef9dca,
+ 0x5ce261b7, 0xacd38c82, 0xaec819f3, 0x1e2b9771, 0xf8661bf4, 0x014e7474,
+ 0x3f6d14ec, 0x2d2e97b2, 0x4c3cf688, 0x98c14176, 0xdcb183fe, 0x08f981db,
+ 0x4c1cb6e6, 0xa687b00f, 0xdfb474fb, 0xecd9b0bb, 0xe668bb45, 0x6961f3e5,
+ 0x19f2b718, 0xb4b7df68, 0xfdf46697, 0xd39448d3, 0x8f4c78da, 0x1f2e9b6a,
+ 0xcb5457be, 0x6d2f886c, 0xc2fe067c, 0xced21e70, 0xec6bc6d2, 0xec168dbe,
+ 0xd9d74f6f, 0xfc6d1e10, 0x4899da46, 0xeb20c6b7, 0x5f3c667d, 0xd51d72cf,
+ 0x8f4474fa, 0x4b08df5a, 0x89a73c3a, 0x9b5046fa, 0x6d43c06e, 0x986da4f3,
+ 0x72fdab77, 0xf87f685a, 0x137bed6e, 0xef5c2ad9, 0xde9611b6, 0x1fcbefd8,
+ 0xf864a65b, 0xbdfb44f9, 0x3e5cf13e, 0xe081edfa, 0xac5e2dfa, 0xcf4a1fdf,
+ 0xcfffc745, 0x57e073d6, 0x258f8f77, 0x8f067abf, 0x5abf707b, 0xdca41fab,
+ 0x118ee395, 0x772cee78, 0x02fd902f, 0xddc92ffe, 0x6a76f131, 0x4279a3d7,
+ 0xefc5f934, 0x77b68e4d, 0x2f7e3ceb, 0x95174383, 0x697c79d1, 0xcedcb9a7,
+ 0x5ff41683, 0xe5ff3c9c, 0x1478ac9a, 0xb9d76fc5, 0xb7b2140a, 0x0f46455d,
+ 0xf97093b6, 0xea38f326, 0xf291a714, 0x93fed28a, 0xbd4761f6, 0xa51de783,
+ 0x41ed28bd, 0xcb8f015f, 0xebcc1e4e, 0x111c5ec1, 0xc9e7043f, 0xb90cbbf7,
+ 0xac67bf83, 0x47fa20e0, 0x8c2aa6d3, 0x17b0bbd6, 0xed6a7f25, 0xbeffb949,
+ 0x0bd63a2b, 0x2beb94be, 0xa42eb345, 0xe85fba9e, 0xd3d42ae9, 0xbfa7a8d1,
+ 0xdaddd950, 0x4f4f4171, 0xc7eff845, 0x073c1f80, 0x08286fbf, 0x105f77e6,
+ 0xf497cee3, 0x46c81df3, 0x6f999378, 0x5d8bfa25, 0x6142cfe9, 0x7f5574c7,
+ 0x5ff71c7f, 0xd78eb46e, 0xf8ebc0ff, 0xebe1ffd1, 0x33eec3b8, 0xa0df9f05,
+ 0x7127ec84, 0xabe8879d, 0xeeb8d97d, 0x38a468fe, 0x5cddb6ba, 0xff81a761,
+ 0x83dfe2aa, 0xfa1d26c9, 0xee72ae3b, 0xda45d7ff, 0xe4bf21df, 0xb7ed3d4d,
+ 0x1dfe0459, 0xaf0b67da, 0x8159e8d9, 0x673c3076, 0x794a3f6c, 0x6ae51985,
+ 0x0630ebf8, 0xa717fd8b, 0x62fcfed1, 0xa2714b96, 0xdb48e6e2, 0x7502506a,
+ 0x1fb40db1, 0x6f4dbdd1, 0x7ed816df, 0xe16f6c81, 0x449ab371, 0xd79e6acf,
+ 0xe2fbe956, 0xaf3dad6a, 0x8977ffd6, 0x76574fb8, 0x562d6bc0, 0xeb0e4f2e,
+ 0x61577d69, 0x632068bc, 0xbadfb926, 0xaa39c786, 0xf9d2579a, 0xff514ae4,
+ 0xe28f8357, 0x830f9448, 0x379a17a6, 0x643ae1c4, 0xa7fe754e, 0x24fbeb72,
+ 0xa079b527, 0x8f2e46a8, 0x917a155c, 0xd0aa19f7, 0x7126c77e, 0x1f6ed55e,
+ 0xb807788f, 0xe78ec798, 0xff90ce1a, 0x37cf6338, 0xe138fbcc, 0xcfbcaa7f,
+ 0xd21883a1, 0x53ef2aef, 0x88d474d5, 0xcdb7c17e, 0xef8d9cff, 0x9c50c388,
+ 0xe3c0d530, 0x8acda9af, 0xa94be30d, 0xeddfff62, 0x7ef842eb, 0xa37313c0,
+ 0xba4bdd71, 0xf8e04db4, 0xb3f0fb6c, 0xf437ec6c, 0xfb86c184, 0x70fb5f0a,
+ 0xbc49bbe9, 0x4638fb4c, 0x8a1a589d, 0x89db497e, 0xcf88a125, 0xf489e0d7,
+ 0x21b8f578, 0x81713c68, 0x05fc9e3f, 0xe58cc1ca, 0x006c9e22, 0x8fe617bd,
+ 0xadfb68cb, 0x0ead7215, 0x97c8aff3, 0x80bef87b, 0xd192c4ba, 0x27ba7e54,
+ 0x3862879d, 0x6ed7984f, 0xfb8c63e0, 0x62c983f4, 0x21b7f9de, 0x3cf316ac,
+ 0x7f25b175, 0xb4f375a0, 0x06eb8ece, 0xc8be53fa, 0x7a4ecbbd, 0x79865110,
+ 0x7ba0019a, 0x8a17942c, 0x6dcdb8a1, 0xe0897e82, 0x085e6297, 0x798c99a0,
+ 0x258c47e5, 0xf98adf0f, 0x6383169f, 0x23b93125, 0xa3cc027a, 0x0ccfc89f,
+ 0xfc066108, 0x244f36ae, 0x5f32e1f3, 0x32dff324, 0x7f60a45f, 0x29db8f3c,
+ 0x9559345f, 0xbb323737, 0xccb0f51b, 0x561ead0b, 0x24bfb8cd, 0xa9cc42f2,
+ 0x27fd1e60, 0xed3bec49, 0x7c9afc4b, 0x41713dcd, 0xe35335f2, 0xee1e77f8,
+ 0xc79192fb, 0x3cb5fe41, 0xc43c7ae1, 0x58f35372, 0x6b07ee76, 0x791c1ee0,
+ 0xaafc8e25, 0xee8bfeaf, 0x7cd75835, 0xa5e0f495, 0x51f33376, 0xc795b13c,
+ 0x148d9bcd, 0xfe04b83f, 0x7e806c59, 0x8f8e297d, 0x8739afbb, 0x2fa343d6,
+ 0x7fdb1437, 0xb2e9c714, 0x93c9bdee, 0xfb77ded0, 0x04de8e0c, 0x1ab7f709,
+ 0x6821867d, 0xba44dcaf, 0x320f8ecc, 0xd7084b3f, 0x1575da4f, 0x4c63d623,
+ 0xce73c702, 0x72dfdc87, 0x10f9e52d, 0x5c27dc9b, 0x87e0f3cd, 0x1130c192,
+ 0x60f8f0f1, 0x7c3d92f9, 0x02f17b1f, 0x7735ce85, 0xd1992f95, 0xe53bea74,
+ 0x1c69be4b, 0xc84136ba, 0x0e3cfebf, 0xbe78f7fd, 0x7aaa26ff, 0x94b23650,
+ 0xc44def9c, 0x1062567b, 0xf1c4dfbc, 0x7eff7527, 0xfd88cfc7, 0x73bbf37e,
+ 0xf85fbf62, 0xe3cf7f17, 0xf19ef86f, 0x867bfe73, 0xc33df7df, 0x3e9835bf,
+ 0xbf9adff8, 0xe7e7e7f7, 0x43ddf1b9, 0x5eeda3ca, 0x0fa79016, 0xd150a57f,
+ 0x1befce75, 0x505ab722, 0xbd7cca6f, 0xbd8fd3cc, 0xd6b3e783, 0x5b3c5ae5,
+ 0x5ede7f14, 0x89372be2, 0x8cb66bfb, 0xfadc6ecb, 0xe5f4e29a, 0xebfc6346,
+ 0xeefe460e, 0x6bcf2b25, 0x112d8331, 0x32d05cf3, 0x29d82271, 0x79e0d675,
+ 0xdceef6d1, 0x6f4ae90f, 0x07b293b8, 0xa9d2c626, 0x7b306700, 0x571121ed,
+ 0x8a3135b4, 0x3d833237, 0xd77d2271, 0x51f6889e, 0x3efe01c4, 0x5b9ccbdc,
+ 0xda7b2e08, 0x6817da44, 0x9ef8434f, 0xa8daf910, 0x30d27dd1, 0x76051cbe,
+ 0x36f5e621, 0xfc8f7e60, 0x93b51b56, 0xc897dbdf, 0x9184f7bf, 0x757f9829,
+ 0x29f7cadf, 0x9ef465bd, 0xdcf0552d, 0x99e3378e, 0x8dcbca34, 0xfacd3946,
+ 0xe3e553ce, 0xce862fe8, 0xf0be52e3, 0xf5cf1dc8, 0x2237fda5, 0x41cf272f,
+ 0x18ff47ec, 0x6f6fb8e0, 0x8ceff116, 0x39d0777d, 0x81ba5708, 0x8fc9dcf0,
+ 0xe3817114, 0xe321ae22, 0xf53f3202, 0x290f1167, 0xedfbe44f, 0x05bc624f,
+ 0xff18adca, 0x6fa3f008, 0x4f2d3ae2, 0x9f4eb20c, 0xc83c7850, 0x078f36fd,
+ 0xbd1c9965, 0xbee803aa, 0xd4b7e04c, 0x3211f3cb, 0x9882f3be, 0x47a700d7,
+ 0xd64ea687, 0xf226feda, 0xd2eee663, 0x1eb2fe21, 0x03cd7bd0, 0x08727df0,
+ 0x063a47be, 0x8915a7e3, 0x77590edc, 0x74f29db8, 0xfaf935bb, 0xc226897d,
+ 0x9c49edcf, 0xdce1f72f, 0x6f5f79e0, 0x1b346ac3, 0xf4db8623, 0xc544f2c1,
+ 0x9c230fe0, 0x6e1c75a5, 0xaf62f789, 0x73bf073d, 0x5afb60ea, 0xa796667c,
+ 0xbd3c50e5, 0x3a5af2e2, 0xd5e5f507, 0x7c537743, 0xbf4764cc, 0x3aab6662,
+ 0x893536ce, 0xa377d5c7, 0xbb788d81, 0x717e40c7, 0xe2063dd6, 0x2b62a8a3,
+ 0x4651adf9, 0xe586efa6, 0xca1edc09, 0xc1c98bcc, 0x491c9b32, 0x61e66076,
+ 0x0cbce47b, 0xea2bdc7f, 0x88b1a59e, 0x97c9afb7, 0xf203127a, 0xf68e32a5,
+ 0x95a5f36d, 0xfb47bd6f, 0x24bce542, 0xb3de645e, 0xdca97cab, 0xfbcae0af,
+ 0xc2bfb54c, 0x851f6865, 0xbdacc6f1, 0x5cf24ca7, 0x3f9a425a, 0xe7b59a9f,
+ 0x6551e532, 0x7d55d4de, 0xe869ec99, 0x59fec267, 0x9044fe40, 0x782b8d97,
+ 0x7115f53e, 0xe609a81e, 0x7eb804ef, 0x67c7f307, 0xdf1bcc33, 0x2fa2bebf,
+ 0x1c2bbd3d, 0x62b7dcf4, 0xcd5d3d18, 0x2aff2997, 0x4fbf72f3, 0xf1dfb4ec,
+ 0x0abf880f, 0xca8f1e7f, 0x3e9e3cda, 0xf069c784, 0x379e30dc, 0x2165bd72,
+ 0x5cdd9db9, 0xc17e8a9a, 0xa4968fdf, 0x9855dc22, 0x8be00b47, 0x1ac3a736,
+ 0x8170fe89, 0xb3f98ac3, 0x740b96ac, 0xe0caa18e, 0x3a07fba3, 0xbc698bee,
+ 0x36e7f7cc, 0xbf115b67, 0xd5df3d37, 0xdf33bff4, 0xef893b35, 0x23f29663,
+ 0xdce740b3, 0x4ec3cf82, 0xf900bceb, 0xe780aeb0, 0xf7a5d64b, 0xb1b7f5a4,
+ 0xdce467a0, 0xf36af180, 0xea22fc78, 0xe06b749e, 0x8c9397fb, 0x58508fdc,
+ 0x96393041, 0xb3775dd2, 0x60948afd, 0xdbdb7f76, 0x81038fc0, 0xa594f60f,
+ 0x54bcfb8a, 0x7975b7f1, 0x50c35373, 0xb3371d2e, 0xa73e3cde, 0x4d31bf8a,
+ 0xe1c64d9e, 0xd414fc60, 0x74f233cf, 0x90786b4e, 0x3da19cfc, 0xb8906265,
+ 0x715aac19, 0x893b921f, 0x9a68fde1, 0xcc47db7c, 0xb43a7ef3, 0x23a79e9b,
+ 0x6799907d, 0x2f802b60, 0x1e8c6b33, 0x3cc9bbcc, 0x332dad5c, 0xe4f8f909,
+ 0x345b265b, 0xc29c37b5, 0x746fd2f6, 0xebad6de4, 0x151cfd09, 0xd37b9d0a,
+ 0x9b8acbc6, 0x2862465a, 0x5f5b1064, 0x06ed0b97, 0xa06ceba5, 0x9f986eb2,
+ 0x8c7614cb, 0x7c86ae36, 0x36877684, 0xaf8da6be, 0x9f74124f, 0x7fa6ec24,
+ 0x1ca5fe17, 0xe5a38e57, 0xb9dded97, 0x5e2aed5e, 0xd7d449bf, 0x4bae65e6,
+ 0xd58e7a47, 0xb51bd431, 0xe92c2379, 0xefcde301, 0x3dfbf7ce, 0x98bef981,
+ 0xcf1f7cc0, 0x7cf369eb, 0xb5659e52, 0x84e7417c, 0x465c8237, 0xe04ae57d,
+ 0xd7ac8179, 0x9ca30fb3, 0xf5c9c3f0, 0x979846f3, 0x4739ec8f, 0xa2f3e324,
+ 0xbdee8d73, 0x32e3c50a, 0x2fb67ec7, 0x20acca14, 0xbbd9ce92, 0xdd5f4ade,
+ 0x58cfe50d, 0x4ec510c3, 0xfc8ea279, 0x2689e611, 0x1a3e53bd, 0x4d67fdf7,
+ 0xe9147419, 0x48c8a535, 0xbd26f7fb, 0xbf8a3853, 0x042ab2df, 0xe855f7df,
+ 0xefa9073e, 0x62f0ecc6, 0x23e59c84, 0x7d2f2054, 0xe0359d6f, 0x309ac8fa,
+ 0x9340f281, 0x6973f327, 0xe2d72fa0, 0x4ef499fa, 0xfc4608de, 0x80bbdd5d,
+ 0xfd2abfdb, 0xeff93fb8, 0xf791ef14, 0xbee3440e, 0x5ebf0c85, 0xfa0bdaca,
+ 0xafafcc2a, 0xda9eabbe, 0x784eddde, 0x206afa94, 0x83d42be8, 0x9e781351,
+ 0xf9ff4b5d, 0xd2ba9f82, 0x5dc95d3f, 0x9ee233d4, 0xa12524c2, 0x63b6beb3,
+ 0xb476e75c, 0x2fba15cf, 0x3bfe2bad, 0x3af9c89e, 0xedbb0bb2, 0xcbaf80b8,
+ 0x3f4d4efd, 0xbde8fe4c, 0xf3c3ffee, 0x92cfc247, 0x97e92479, 0xaef6120d,
+ 0xe78a667c, 0xa0ee7ebf, 0x2e9ffc88, 0x92a01dcf, 0x0ee746fd, 0xc1dce8a2,
+ 0xdecb1341, 0x3c89f685, 0x2029e487, 0x2fe0e8bb, 0x7cfb5a3e, 0x8113dd0c,
+ 0x0f41a0c7, 0x5efd251e, 0xd910f609, 0xf09fcd4f, 0xdf036ab8, 0xa4d95db7,
+ 0x81d4ef3e, 0x73d7a14f, 0x8f947e61, 0x4762fb11, 0xfc27fb89, 0x0dfbc9f1,
+ 0x9749f181, 0xf72b17dd, 0x9eb87adb, 0xb52bc552, 0xd62ac9f1, 0xab6afb4e,
+ 0xea0715ca, 0x5e2a1f8d, 0xbd493dd9, 0x225fbbaf, 0xb0a67fbf, 0x9ed05144,
+ 0x2a0ae8b5, 0xebfcff68, 0x16b73cfc, 0x2e248e3f, 0xf7159f9f, 0xa77b3e89,
+ 0xc661e742, 0xb3c7fc88, 0x3173f3af, 0x73ca66cf, 0x21cf3c31, 0xdcf21bf3,
+ 0xfcfeadcb, 0xdf9e46c6, 0x75c04868, 0x4cc9cf27, 0x45e214d8, 0x074c613b,
+ 0xf755b81f, 0xb3c49c1e, 0x34e79871, 0xb5887bf3, 0xca48f670, 0xf8f2893e,
+ 0x93b7cde4, 0xd8829272, 0x72260f49, 0x7f7da478, 0x3f7a924f, 0x6303f81f,
+ 0x00fed493, 0xc0feb595, 0x7c67cacd, 0xb9b9f888, 0x983c7ef3, 0xc7137f3f,
+ 0x7eff75d7, 0xd82affc7, 0xbc45abf8, 0x5e3fcb4a, 0x8182e711, 0x0342e76c,
+ 0xb73dacf1, 0x9d79f5c8, 0xee80ff62, 0xdf937b6b, 0x6ae5214b, 0xff1f185d,
+ 0xe54f2171, 0x7e3105f3, 0x5c78319d, 0x6ed165ec, 0x18f9de99, 0xedbf5bf2,
+ 0xff6538ea, 0x729c7506, 0xaa945360, 0x5ddbc83c, 0x70eb3ed5, 0x10fd554f,
+ 0xfaaa6ddf, 0xaa678fdb, 0xdeb477ca, 0xd77f6aa9, 0xcaa8475f, 0xc7576a3f,
+ 0xa6beef29, 0x0366538e, 0xcfb606c7, 0x9cd1ccb1, 0xfcd374b7, 0xf3d5ca93,
+ 0xcf56ae4a, 0x3d46b52b, 0x7ab734af, 0x7aeabd5e, 0x251fbd06, 0x196cf30a,
+ 0x16cf3ddf, 0xe6a7ed2e, 0xf7ec565e, 0x15ba5e44, 0x2e7935ed, 0x3d87ef1a,
+ 0xf7f03200, 0xfb4d7e3b, 0x70be2e70, 0x45e2fc8a, 0xde19e9af, 0x23b6d05b,
+ 0x3be9798c, 0x62c7ba1e, 0xbe9ea361, 0xa1de0cc3, 0x6dee0293, 0xf9e40e03,
+ 0x48c317d2, 0xc97c2e44, 0xfd0b19ec, 0x6672be17, 0x69439e00, 0x5cf3c55b,
+ 0x39f817ee, 0x1d6ee676, 0x4bef0930, 0xc159b037, 0x28fb33ee, 0xde2fec49,
+ 0xfafb4a13, 0xe42ded94, 0x986c2fcf, 0x9b3cc466, 0xc934776c, 0xf3f1db28,
+ 0x1e2bcf51, 0xbe00dff2, 0xdca778c0, 0xf3e9ff6f, 0x6c2dff5c, 0x3fbdd232,
+ 0x6aefb70b, 0x17ae7bc3, 0x7dd3371e, 0x97edae67, 0xbce6af49, 0xecf093b8,
+ 0x03b3d26a, 0xb9a5fd6a, 0xebc79d8f, 0x492b1aaa, 0xfc9941ef, 0x7e06aaaf,
+ 0xbdb7ef8f, 0x8bd17707, 0x03715f7b, 0x7eed170a, 0x20e31c2e, 0x0b6df37f,
+ 0xfb7e3f27, 0xddefdfd7, 0x0dc27de5, 0xbfa03efc, 0xcec4abe1, 0x343df4fd,
+ 0xe76f31f7, 0x7c0064f7, 0x0bef0343, 0xf391e3f0, 0x9f9da2e5, 0xbbef12ff,
+ 0x4fa5f4ff, 0x56f0897e, 0x2feaf3fc, 0xd6fa4a7f, 0xe1b9436a, 0xba7de17a,
+ 0x4bf65c2f, 0x40e5c1ee, 0x3dcff3db, 0xc38c0bfb, 0x6defc87c, 0x3e7bdb6f,
+ 0x6dbbf905, 0x187117d7, 0x77ba5af7, 0x9789c524, 0xcf139cbe, 0x475ec6be,
+ 0x837cf5be, 0x37f7dd7b, 0xb8414fee, 0xcd7d022e, 0x1767e8c1, 0x25435ff6,
+ 0x2edb6fbf, 0xc1de85ee, 0xe1be85ef, 0x938dfa3d, 0xed08ffc6, 0xaf7e469f,
+ 0x83ef0dcc, 0x38e80f7e, 0x6fd05bf0, 0xf97fbf07, 0x720abe22, 0x3d5df41f,
+ 0x7fe9f7d4, 0x57ef38de, 0xc6cac0bf, 0x83ef2ee8, 0xbc037ef6, 0x2dfbfbc9,
+ 0x7aa39c3d, 0xe97f7ea0, 0x36ff7437, 0x1dac6dd2, 0x3cf8fbef, 0xbfbbfd05,
+ 0x3ee9db1a, 0x66bdf6ba, 0x67d033db, 0x680fdee1, 0xccbdb4fd, 0xdc4c98e3,
+ 0x31d6df97, 0xb9cf712f, 0xb6b8b188, 0xa47bf186, 0x7ef1fe05, 0xbd387b69,
+ 0x7349f717, 0x4cf795fe, 0xe5a5fbcb, 0x6e5405ef, 0x45c798fd, 0x59f97835,
+ 0xf8dfe90f, 0xa30ca5e9, 0x7b5ffdf3, 0x87c4b76f, 0x1d7bf84d, 0xfc1adb74,
+ 0x7b8eef1e, 0xe49d05f5, 0xf71de8fd, 0x387943a1, 0x580f9595, 0xb6d07910,
+ 0xdeb3df85, 0x94fe85d6, 0xb46a88e7, 0xbfcc54eb, 0xe921f5ab, 0xbff82378,
+ 0xf4167e2d, 0x0feeabb0, 0xcfca7897, 0x8f7ee261, 0xc39ce3d1, 0x5c7ddec1,
+ 0x438cc796, 0xac3a987e, 0x2731fea3, 0x611e23c6, 0x60117ee2, 0xa75e0b7c,
+ 0xf64fcbc7, 0x16a47d18, 0xdb6888e3, 0x0dc277c0, 0xc8e10cad, 0x32313bc7,
+ 0x1dcaf3fd, 0x24547d7e, 0xf82e5df0, 0xdef6f849, 0x3f4897e1, 0x9ee1c075,
+ 0x83d9ce36, 0xf945cfc7, 0xdef77e08, 0x63f28ec6, 0x17de034e, 0x9faaa111,
+ 0xeaa99c36, 0xf8097d27, 0x619453bc, 0xf274fadd, 0xc7c2931e, 0x533e9e70,
+ 0x5ef87b40, 0xce4f7e2e, 0x7f1feecb, 0x71b4fd57, 0xbcff0675, 0xf280daa0,
+ 0x7050c235, 0xabac2ae0, 0x46c51888, 0xdd243ffb, 0x628fac0a, 0x9f3fd2be,
+ 0x9f1f34d9, 0x83436fbc, 0xedcfac37, 0xd51ae426, 0xf10c79cf, 0x68eba05e,
+ 0x23f6c6ef, 0x7fa03e25, 0x291d035f, 0xea87fea5, 0xf7863f67, 0x53f9c86d,
+ 0x5e103d39, 0x96cb970e, 0xc029207d, 0xaba0ed3f, 0xe5f09abb, 0x4650111b,
+ 0xca6a7b78, 0x07f00121, 0x1d5dcbe2, 0x80086d9e, 0xfc03db17, 0xf5149bd3,
+ 0xfebc51f8, 0x63f57d74, 0x32fee1ee, 0x3f098b63, 0xfc25f301, 0x77a0ef4c,
+ 0xd0b9b8f5, 0xcfc0a47f, 0xc78b1ea9, 0xc46f7ce1, 0x369bb367, 0x45bdf9d0,
+ 0x363a15db, 0x83c7a7e7, 0x6c8be7c4, 0x1e0fff12, 0xf4fd7841, 0x0d89e5e0,
+ 0x120ffbf2, 0x94684fdf, 0x3f65e5f3, 0x4078c17f, 0xea75698c, 0xd56b7bfa,
+ 0x8eb3a7fd, 0x3e61c7f1, 0xff077a64, 0x7e60f7c2, 0xff3e050b, 0x11e0ff59,
+ 0x95bf0077, 0x39248dce, 0x5fe5e729, 0xdc696b8f, 0x81a1b80e, 0xfcc6ed02,
+ 0x31c78d51, 0x8fda3bab, 0x1a79a3cb, 0xbc961ca8, 0x51e208f6, 0x3f2587d6,
+ 0xf2af1414, 0xff89ffbb, 0x9275b904, 0xdffad531, 0x5b9757af, 0x1bcf12f4,
+ 0x20cd2c8f, 0xe3cb28ed, 0xe632de30, 0xe5f0d43f, 0x89f96599, 0x023db971,
+ 0x037b8fe4, 0xfc3f1fc9, 0xafa8fdbc, 0xf7c28a40, 0x186f257a, 0x8bea15b7,
+ 0x637b7846, 0x8a28b6fe, 0x5097d93f, 0x454be78f, 0x5ed46e7c, 0x45307bfe,
+ 0x4bdede21, 0x69f3fc32, 0xdfdf29f9, 0xcfcd5eef, 0x6de294db, 0x0e6af088,
+ 0x2f412b46, 0xd44444b4, 0xf7ed0b3c, 0x835f54ff, 0x9ac9ec76, 0x78a7ba68,
+ 0xcfcf3261, 0x8d488fee, 0x254273c3, 0xfa248f0f, 0x4f15adcc, 0xf9e98ff7,
+ 0xbd7f3fc6, 0xaff81c3a, 0xe742b37d, 0x19f47ecd, 0x78c1dcc8, 0x1e2dd4cf,
+ 0xf4ef6fbc, 0x182951a7, 0xf4fb287c, 0xf10323ec, 0xb89e9d7d, 0x6acbecb7,
+ 0xdce6d7ba, 0xe323b4e6, 0x75b9fde0, 0xa5af5a7a, 0xa82161e1, 0x657dce6f,
+ 0xf076823f, 0x6d8acdb9, 0x6e738c15, 0x37ba02cd, 0xe9229cec, 0xade12cf0,
+ 0xe059936c, 0x52f0d9ed, 0x5d5293e0, 0x18bc9d07, 0xc91f9b9f, 0x6f3763cb,
+ 0xbf0db71b, 0x742df4f7, 0xb253796f, 0xf0193f33, 0x39c530b3, 0xfc6f9f0e,
+ 0x071ff773, 0xe69e3ce0, 0xbf5ee6e7, 0x766e3b36, 0x7f9bbe80, 0x7febef91,
+ 0x8a5f64c3, 0x9211bd70, 0x46c9b8ac, 0xa1fda068, 0x005e4573, 0x7766a4f8,
+ 0x48617f10, 0xfb2fcf32, 0x5a25e4f9, 0xbcd1f97f, 0x8bf36f3c, 0x9ace2f24,
+ 0x7499d86b, 0xae393f7f, 0x9ea8bc76, 0x96c43e3c, 0x84f87b73, 0xd21844fb,
+ 0xe3fb84e3, 0x54bb40b0, 0x785941f2, 0x9f7e9b98, 0xf48c2c26, 0x8ac349f9,
+ 0x3cc00f73, 0x92366fe6, 0x39bf98dc, 0xc63b7976, 0xf918d7f9, 0x5fc1467e,
+ 0xc49f6265, 0x02c6cda8, 0x9217c3e4, 0xf9233fb9, 0xe29cf80c, 0x5897c842,
+ 0x66121b2e, 0xc0c67dc0, 0x9cf0b3ef, 0x07cd88f5, 0xaa9c637b, 0x1335b16c,
+ 0xcdb2a2fd, 0x6b63c266, 0x06db9858, 0xc3c24aed, 0x5cf0910c, 0xf3e7cc95,
+ 0x3d3b64eb, 0x80ccf473, 0x59e175fb, 0x7a19036b, 0x0d10f005, 0xff350be5,
+ 0x73a814fe, 0x533c17f0, 0xb8be076f, 0x79850882, 0x53d4695c, 0x9c198c7c,
+ 0xff38fc86, 0x6f95e3bd, 0xc36536ee, 0xcbabcb3f, 0x9ab43df8, 0x842acefb,
+ 0x6fb5a47d, 0xb9a0f7b5, 0xef41a3d8, 0x1fdad365, 0x7b0b274f, 0x768fdc57,
+ 0x87d8daa5, 0x185bbff8, 0x4e4ecefd, 0xcaeff73d, 0x33bc786a, 0x23399a27,
+ 0x3736bee9, 0x338d57dd, 0x6cbabb40, 0xfa1362e3, 0xb77f3027, 0x5c7fea0d,
+ 0xc3ee98bf, 0x253cc52a, 0x2f9b6fae, 0x9429f70c, 0xc48e8b2e, 0x88992dfd,
+ 0xd9c38c37, 0x7df10198, 0x882a4592, 0x4756338f, 0xa40ce2ca, 0x5ef095af,
+ 0xc705cbf6, 0xd6fa869e, 0x8131f995, 0x277702e7, 0x19de251b, 0x1c88eefe,
+ 0x9fcafcef, 0xf393ff91, 0xd1725bab, 0x648b2dae, 0x869e9dbf, 0xa14c4c74,
+ 0x5da2167d, 0xf69faad9, 0x94acede1, 0xc75d2bf7, 0x2f603bef, 0xdbbfb99b,
+ 0xf102d997, 0x4df6b73b, 0xff832993, 0x4f7016db, 0xa8f2cba5, 0xd3e9ed0f,
+ 0xf187af50, 0xee5f6167, 0x96f2aa17, 0x506f22a5, 0x4d6653a4, 0x4dda71a4,
+ 0x264f0eb8, 0xfbcf78f3, 0x2b9fdcc9, 0x5f90714d, 0xd998f95e, 0xf78d2ab1,
+ 0xf973cbd7, 0xe377f13d, 0x2ffff37c, 0x998af9c2, 0xad577efc, 0x15a4f295,
+ 0xde7810c0, 0x066065d7, 0xcb8e1453, 0xdc42b2f9, 0x8fef0d7f, 0x9564bde3,
+ 0x555e5c61, 0x31fcf246, 0xa86e9232, 0x17b397b8, 0x80712f1f, 0xf7c77fbf,
+ 0xadfd7f15, 0xd15f1003, 0xdb285f74, 0x89fb17a9, 0x430d8fed, 0x9f53bebd,
+ 0x4b89fb85, 0x851fedd7, 0xda2e4cf7, 0xc9cb8835, 0x871bbedf, 0xe0917ceb,
+ 0x1f915687, 0xdc650d9f, 0x3259f54f, 0x7d242ff7, 0x98f8133f, 0x87df92bd,
+ 0xba70d6c8, 0x3f7bae54, 0x5f2010ce, 0x107e572a, 0x1f900c67, 0x5be825ff,
+ 0x438be619, 0xb2f95d79, 0x4fca0071, 0x0536397f, 0xda93f2f9, 0x1f91c357,
+ 0xdede613e, 0x54738c36, 0xd7181d5b, 0xdfb1d8ae, 0x209bb3d4, 0x57e150fa,
+ 0x53c3de01, 0x77173c38, 0xf6829bbe, 0xdc0be55a, 0xf14caae1, 0x4b78c1f5,
+ 0x9d3d0ed5, 0x7c6aad0b, 0xdf20fff5, 0xe924e969, 0x81f48553, 0xd050b1f5,
+ 0x92e90aa5, 0xe3cf7c89, 0x35ae5036, 0x4c8a9d02, 0x22380650, 0xe01d3852,
+ 0x2f7f2e7d, 0x67f4a9f4, 0x15d67c35, 0x70a6fb7e, 0xa4f80579, 0x14df5f3c,
+ 0x2bad77ce, 0x32fd255f, 0xe1cbdd7b, 0xe675ba73, 0xef1d8ab7, 0x6bdfc49e,
+ 0x32b468ab, 0xedf34ec5, 0xe42aff98, 0xfa379c3f, 0xf0ef3861, 0xf92de7ae,
+ 0x4e14d6f2, 0xbe1a859f, 0x0aeb88ec, 0xd4a24bf8, 0x2909b679, 0x89863f9c,
+ 0x8435b327, 0x5e91fce3, 0x602f9276, 0x0438c820, 0x6bb8b934, 0x922ff90b,
+ 0x737bf21e, 0x6e413e04, 0x2f27f138, 0xc55bfe24, 0xbd5aec7d, 0xfdd05a35,
+ 0x94f89ad4, 0x27c3c026, 0x454d29db, 0x010d0f1b, 0x71d8abdf, 0xf309ac26,
+ 0x2edc354f, 0x84cdf9c8, 0xc90f88d1, 0x29771717, 0xc85fac06, 0xe1257fb8,
+ 0xf968f092, 0xcfdc44a1, 0x78bab39d, 0xe71820f4, 0x5862fba4, 0x03c40caf,
+ 0x0a4e6787, 0xc4ee4fdf, 0xe5c01160, 0x21e7e26c, 0x7ddf894f, 0xd5e6b53c,
+ 0x5be7bc70, 0x8a6973f2, 0x7df293cc, 0x24f09d18, 0x4380ece0, 0x91e127c0,
+ 0xd0f398fc, 0x7081d1b4, 0xe252f96b, 0x5b27f255, 0x2ce32b1e, 0xf5753e2a,
+ 0x53bf4538, 0xf52f7da0, 0xcbf419ff, 0x47b20e30, 0x841c60f1, 0xe903b2d5,
+ 0xca527a01, 0x16ebf859, 0xdfc96f78, 0x1b298358, 0x94f2f1d6, 0xfdfe5c9e,
+ 0xdc2a37d5, 0x6fa7d7ee, 0xf34f53fc, 0x5e67d1f8, 0x0be5047d, 0x525bbfd5,
+ 0xf155e62b, 0x6fda01e9, 0xe47cc956, 0xe2f7b3b7, 0x3ffaf954, 0xae5a7b8b,
+ 0x91111c1a, 0xf91dec41, 0xa30574fc, 0xbae97c7c, 0xc76ff377, 0x91bcf175,
+ 0xae9425f6, 0xb4f74919, 0x6736d82e, 0xe9d3f228, 0x5093ddba, 0x74f85e9e,
+ 0x39e109b0, 0xd1f5c75d, 0x9e433582, 0xee937bc5, 0xea33975a, 0xb5df284e,
+ 0x0ff11061, 0xb2eb878e, 0xad165974, 0xf55b93cb, 0x1e9277b9, 0xca123f05,
+ 0x590dcf2d, 0x06e3bf8e, 0xa59532f6, 0xf312765d, 0x9f7819ec, 0x3b37971e,
+ 0x2ad85c84, 0xc156d5d6, 0x57ab3927, 0xfe21d1f7, 0xb81d58b7, 0xba05d56f,
+ 0xaae8013e, 0x2573fd0b, 0x165af3ed, 0x1753f74a, 0x91fdf99b, 0x65846fc5,
+ 0xfcef86ae, 0x5076e155, 0x125989b9, 0x059fa933, 0xc5382ff7, 0x547ec1f7,
+ 0xf7e5a7c5, 0xa4790877, 0x5ff4c7ed, 0x3e3e450e, 0x50bde023, 0xd454fcfb,
+ 0xf7b6172b, 0x383e428e, 0xfb4ad7bf, 0xe26bce90, 0xa937603d, 0x7d80cbf6,
+ 0x5d832aa4, 0x17635674, 0xf0e7f669, 0x14ded138, 0xf9247db5, 0xef7168b9,
+ 0x3dfb6088, 0xa129e23b, 0xa1f6ed5f, 0x6cdebabd, 0x67077dc3, 0xfddcbe45,
+ 0x1fdf9eb2, 0x7dfce16b, 0x0f2ce5f6, 0xfff343da, 0x1bf3cbcc, 0xc0f91e78,
+ 0xd8f48786, 0xcf3d5e7e, 0x93d87723, 0x454c371b, 0x28e2bfb6, 0xfef78b59,
+ 0xee2ed95e, 0x6ece6305, 0x50f23b1a, 0x3b6bbda2, 0x4a3f6b52, 0xda9bf2bb,
+ 0xd4efd291, 0x526793da, 0xc1cd5c44, 0x892f881c, 0xbff76927, 0xbc0ee401,
+ 0x456da7df, 0x9f91d939, 0xe7a128ae, 0x63d4e525, 0xbf6b2f98, 0x8f7da3a8,
+ 0x77fb5ffb, 0xab1d1e3d, 0x47a2dc6c, 0xa2b6d53d, 0x7c67f686, 0x9e9aa2ba,
+ 0x6a3f4e92, 0x6d76a16c, 0x77cd594d, 0xef5ede01, 0xb4e5c116, 0xf31147a0,
+ 0x46bec519, 0x91913ed5, 0xf7c1b468, 0xf7e01e8a, 0xbe62cf23, 0xb234b4b0,
+ 0xa5da1983, 0xe942cb45, 0xd94bf8fe, 0xd81d6e61, 0xf2b67f4d, 0x5e72ef7d,
+ 0x6bee3bab, 0x8c71e47d, 0xd6cdac97, 0xc7cff28b, 0xf67e553b, 0xf8c1dfcf,
+ 0x4f8c64c2, 0xf8f7ff90, 0x5d7f8c78, 0xa1eb283a, 0xd697f50c, 0x6e0fe130,
+ 0x9e97fea0, 0xf04ff594, 0x7eb275fa, 0xb9ffaf23, 0x0de597a8, 0x9a95fa9a,
+ 0x3979a7fa, 0x78e3753e, 0x3f482b8c, 0x9daa5fbd, 0x84ab49fb, 0x47dbaedf,
+ 0x05a925cf, 0xbdf152fd, 0x0273e1c9, 0xa27e8b5e, 0xffeba077, 0x2fd9dd82,
+ 0x47faf015, 0xcf8ed3bb, 0x0276c87f, 0x17bef02f, 0xf3b37fbe, 0xfef83efb,
+ 0xf7a77b6e, 0x1afbe2b7, 0x11a2fbcd, 0x83ee1b4e, 0xee2bdf6d, 0x51330987,
+ 0x5f9e4d90, 0x261fdd74, 0x64f56e82, 0x233fc9af, 0x7f10e7e3, 0xf4469a9c,
+ 0xfbe2613f, 0xf7844ec4, 0x9199dfa4, 0xc4ff1de7, 0x5db1fdec, 0x3ebe4f51,
+ 0x3c234bdb, 0xe3c6ef28, 0xf8519dbd, 0x853ed034, 0xd6e60689, 0x375d67f1,
+ 0xbefc6fd2, 0x7be271ce, 0x88dd8b3a, 0x9e416476, 0x71728992, 0x8de630ca,
+ 0x7dedbd00, 0xef982993, 0x4e78f797, 0xb7bceaf3, 0x8f1a7ac0, 0x400f08f7,
+ 0x7abd737c, 0x9febe4c2, 0xa6bf2019, 0x5c3972a6, 0x8451f184, 0x07ae01eb,
+ 0x8a7ee067, 0xb26fbe4c, 0xe87ce028, 0x418e02bd, 0x8d13fdfe, 0xcdc961d7,
+ 0x1803b034, 0xbc59d0c1, 0x3345fbf4, 0x092f77c4, 0x80cf10fb, 0x8c4befe0,
+ 0x54cacf17, 0x3a5d872e, 0xefd88f2e, 0xaababef8, 0xfda47fa5, 0x8f78553d,
+ 0x227fde33, 0xf5f76bda, 0xf2e54a2c, 0x9b77b5dc, 0x505f9f89, 0x185857ef,
+ 0x1be11fb8, 0xdff057ec, 0xfb425cc7, 0xfb53147c, 0xf2b29c5c, 0x9e07566f,
+ 0x6a619efb, 0xbab0f610, 0x6f914cdd, 0x2e764889, 0x7a927e45, 0x7faf2b4f,
+ 0x2fbbe622, 0xb600f9c5, 0x09952fbb, 0x04edc7fd, 0x5367fb6d, 0xc09e2275,
+ 0xb59fd682, 0xe385588f, 0xbdb518b0, 0x25641870, 0x93b72fcf, 0x79b5741f,
+ 0xa3f3ed08, 0x7f14303d, 0xc638fc3c, 0xdc65f33f, 0x72a3edcd, 0xb7397197,
+ 0xe5c63c6f, 0xa7a57f0e, 0xfea44ffe, 0xcf5c71e1, 0x6e734a3f, 0xa7d7efc1,
+ 0xba13d015, 0xac3b400d, 0x1efab860, 0xa1b989fe, 0xb1e4f2aa, 0xf97baad1,
+ 0x524e4ea7, 0x7a8b0b95, 0x9be7daa9, 0xef11837d, 0xa7edcef7, 0xe6bfcfbe,
+ 0x5c51e59b, 0x70be3c61, 0x63f3f9a2, 0x2ecf8033, 0x143bd56d, 0xf60bdf58,
+ 0x57863b6e, 0x077d4b97, 0xef023a42, 0x61dbfacf, 0xc73bed3d, 0x50fe7f38,
+ 0xc8bb9ebf, 0x570d4f7c, 0x916e7afc, 0x95d900ed, 0x5a77d237, 0x59d4073d,
+ 0x2f2ff746, 0x77e0730d, 0xa4fc69be, 0x1f6d5525, 0xc8176574, 0x1b9aeba7,
+ 0x3d8c2b7f, 0xc76de428, 0x86c5e6fb, 0x46f67bc0, 0x11dc504d, 0x1b5fa7e8,
+ 0xe3ac18cd, 0xea4e7545, 0x474d7557, 0xeb034ae5, 0x987e88df, 0x7ff48c3d,
+ 0x2af1527e, 0x3554638c, 0xf96bfdf2, 0x7e98fe2f, 0xbd62b657, 0xebe7da93,
+ 0xe31834ff, 0xe5af232a, 0x7af938d1, 0xde015876, 0xf5c3931b, 0x89b5c45a,
+ 0x8d75def4, 0x1ec6fb51, 0x7f902725, 0xcf4f77b2, 0xc4969fc5, 0xf7ae3e38,
+ 0x9e70f7df, 0x3ed57ce4, 0x77b5fd1c, 0xd706acf4, 0xdf773bd5, 0xe5a1fa4d,
+ 0x815959a7, 0x5495f4f6, 0xdad7f093, 0xb77da4bf, 0x11da87af, 0xe44714bf,
+ 0xb7924e79, 0xbdd19ef0, 0x9f9baf09, 0x15c63f41, 0x215debce, 0x838c1e11,
+ 0x3561bcb4, 0x36717ae0, 0x7eb80d9b, 0x7ab0de72, 0x664e7e71, 0x39c2fda0,
+ 0x8b92dc6f, 0xd2c9c9f2, 0xa0656787, 0x455e72de, 0x2c76c27d, 0x94cfba27,
+ 0x0df323bf, 0xbefb53f9, 0xb1e38ea4, 0xd243d054, 0xc7a0b667, 0xdfc1037f,
+ 0x800003c7, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x58ed0300, 0xe7146c7b, 0xbdbd9f11, 0xf6c73bbd,
+ 0xb3ec19dd, 0x3bd93609, 0x38292130, 0x87905f8b, 0x6a2cf2c4, 0x94699c31,
+ 0xb584eb47, 0x1db2f15d, 0xa40f263b, 0x0ec17922, 0x5d49c822, 0xea908aa9,
+ 0x9a138bb6, 0x69824da4, 0x242da1a0, 0xab879467, 0x49b4c6a0, 0x988854d3,
+ 0x627121c6, 0xc7f34382, 0x6772a2b5, 0x1ee5bdbe, 0x554d0d36, 0x59cc7fa9,
+ 0xeedf4ff2, 0x3337cdf7, 0xe6f999bf, 0x0747a35b, 0xef500e98, 0xf3870586,
+ 0xb9a83601, 0x3402a99a, 0x2b7490ec, 0xe666a007, 0x8fc0bb3d, 0xeee6bb28,
+ 0x96f444ab, 0x70009d68, 0x6eff84af, 0x2830e7a6, 0xe6f8034d, 0x15d35cf2,
+ 0xfb8e6800, 0x5a002a00, 0xef0245e2, 0xb0235f8b, 0x9f620e35, 0x3c8d8b0f,
+ 0xc7e500b5, 0x4d79e223, 0x9357d7e7, 0x589c86fc, 0x6fe50ba9, 0x76d2cb68,
+ 0x3b8beca1, 0xc700abc2, 0x20e28fed, 0xbf41300c, 0xeef19325, 0x28a81978,
+ 0x39f15be7, 0xa3544702, 0x7b42ad44, 0xfc856be2, 0xb15cf886, 0x740569ef,
+ 0x77ccfb40, 0xca00eb64, 0x0bbe5f03, 0x401e01aa, 0x05ed0175, 0x600871c0,
+ 0xefc4105b, 0x2776b70b, 0xc9c5ffed, 0xf9c4c902, 0xe5bd931f, 0xf9ba5500,
+ 0x6f5e7a13, 0xf8fdb579, 0x052c5aac, 0x5af29e30, 0xdc6e3803, 0xf71302e7,
+ 0x81a22efb, 0x6602b1f8, 0xd2d3fd10, 0x3719eefe, 0xee65bc9a, 0xe50c5950,
+ 0x158d2dd5, 0xc6eb89dc, 0xbf84529e, 0x50fe079b, 0x9ff7c41d, 0x410b4b48,
+ 0xdebad806, 0x6c41417a, 0xff45ec7a, 0x2bbef8cd, 0x764cdc68, 0x7a079c7d,
+ 0x7461ea1e, 0xb679cbe1, 0x6ff413ae, 0x06753a3b, 0x563bbf40, 0xfdb946ea,
+ 0xf51347e8, 0x5796efe9, 0xcbf88f13, 0x60405dae, 0xf64c1402, 0xb5f8d6e3,
+ 0x6aab5fc2, 0x20103325, 0xfc21befe, 0x4f47b4d6, 0xe312e8f0, 0xb49c4496,
+ 0x32409c50, 0xbc3bee3e, 0xf05bf1ff, 0xb5b98c39, 0xe6b7d452, 0x865af220,
+ 0xabe22576, 0xe17bee46, 0xd93f1437, 0x8cacfc76, 0xcff9b6af, 0x3a979f88,
+ 0x400f0090, 0x2d3ebe20, 0xa2fc966e, 0x2847f2a4, 0x71b15f77, 0xcacfc537,
+ 0x31b75afc, 0xc007ac5f, 0xb0bdabf5, 0xb27f3a21, 0x2f146f5d, 0xf6fc87bb,
+ 0xfbdb0c96, 0x4b5bfdf1, 0xa8e90c96, 0x2af7c0e7, 0x3935642a, 0x4dc54daf,
+ 0xee0d5e71, 0x1f8efc45, 0x147d5af7, 0x848ea827, 0xbf1c2ff3, 0xfe8bdac1,
+ 0x97e3033c, 0xcb1d1c44, 0x5a8e2956, 0xf316ce5f, 0x5809af5b, 0xf56fbe12,
+ 0xa28dcf8f, 0x92bf97bf, 0x07fb2315, 0x0372c95e, 0x56627bee, 0xbde91b63,
+ 0x57eb95fc, 0xfd2fe848, 0x380dd798, 0xfd3afdaf, 0xcf0e7a7e, 0xbf8a00ed,
+ 0xe7f1137b, 0xb8a579f0, 0xd1e17fff, 0xd1e1cde1, 0x77e1cfe1, 0x7df1b16f,
+ 0x9fc3bff2, 0xf197d7c3, 0xe7bff7d1, 0x7c0aefa3, 0xf0dff93c, 0xc1727581,
+ 0xeccff261, 0x4d53ad5c, 0x03e1c7fa, 0x42438c4a, 0xa32b043e, 0x1fdeae0b,
+ 0x80fe1227, 0x295bda20, 0xfec954ec, 0xfd90ff4c, 0x97d69fe4, 0xfdb67dbd,
+ 0xbb1fd970, 0x30fd93c2, 0xabe8fed9, 0xb7e37eb6, 0xd55f7e91, 0xb315a70f,
+ 0x35f71db8, 0x0769650f, 0xdbafa8a6, 0xe0e58814, 0x0a876dfb, 0xceafaa2d,
+ 0xfd15b279, 0xec89b9e4, 0xa0e7d44c, 0xc33f9f5d, 0xe52c0d3d, 0x07670717,
+ 0xbe8dbea8, 0x6b8c832d, 0x54f59746, 0x6387d087, 0x0fd513ae, 0x1ad3f8e3,
+ 0x367b9cf3, 0x7babbbc6, 0x74f58496, 0x3ef1b145, 0x4ff5b3d9, 0x8adc4ffd,
+ 0x7b1c2fef, 0x7b999672, 0x507c76f5, 0x5017bb95, 0xb8140f9f, 0x9f79f88b,
+ 0x0baca55e, 0xf79b2584, 0x920f0ee5, 0x6f00a71d, 0x37fd41cf, 0x137fad83,
+ 0xaea8790c, 0x07b0c337, 0xe851bf50, 0x0f3a8909, 0x0ffc62fd, 0xb4e42235,
+ 0x32e7f742, 0x6db9b3f2, 0xa9e21ad3, 0xf389282a, 0xc919f9a5, 0x496e50b2,
+ 0xc0f31558, 0x7f287f8d, 0x6a96824b, 0x441dda18, 0x9cc390fd, 0x2c5be7d4,
+ 0xbec3afe5, 0xcd1139e4, 0x8c33de7e, 0xeb0caaf3, 0x5cb6b5f5, 0x4de7c2cd,
+ 0xabcfa4cf, 0x3c8ae886, 0x3ef80faa, 0xf4b65b86, 0xd2afbfa7, 0x68c98f3e,
+ 0xb873f36f, 0xaa36155e, 0x1eb6fba9, 0x125f9f4d, 0x1dbd0a0e, 0xdb4cab3d,
+ 0xd98f1b5f, 0xa6d87d76, 0xa6202780, 0x2509cd0f, 0xf87a86fd, 0xfd379e29,
+ 0x373a0650, 0xf84b03ef, 0x2ff1fa0b, 0x214fbf65, 0xc5067bb6, 0x0eec7cbf,
+ 0xff1d2f3a, 0xe53dea6d, 0x0ea273a1, 0x216e0c73, 0xf47a7b5a, 0xb11c70db,
+ 0xefee37c7, 0x278b31e9, 0x1fd329fb, 0xda67f699, 0x66cbc4e7, 0x61b4f4d3,
+ 0x03766d1e, 0x59369ccc, 0x2f3d2b6e, 0xe1df2c9f, 0x59f6cbfd, 0x3fcdce1c,
+ 0x340e2587, 0x76a826d0, 0xf22e98ec, 0xd2feeea6, 0xf9c53180, 0xc4e5e8e7,
+ 0xaa386f6d, 0xe8fc4587, 0x2bdf9465, 0x3e7225bd, 0x5bbeb7fa, 0x7fa97a0a,
+ 0x8ab85ae9, 0xe83940ea, 0xa23983bb, 0xae794d9e, 0x84bb0c6e, 0xbccb86dc,
+ 0xca171ea9, 0x8247bf39, 0xf5fe22bd, 0x1e149a9c, 0xe53d1e5b, 0x38e4d707,
+ 0xc66a7871, 0xb6fe203c, 0x20780f76, 0x286fd932, 0xd6a1d44f, 0xff4cbac4,
+ 0x3455e601, 0x58fdeaf7, 0xc9c7e19f, 0xb828187e, 0x71b3e313, 0xbc28d650,
+ 0x4fe07f1d, 0x44f6b1d4, 0xcf295a5d, 0x5d3e500f, 0x500d2c1c, 0xaaa8bd3d,
+ 0x296f3485, 0xc70864fa, 0x0458db92, 0x58694fa2, 0xe3f941e4, 0x1f42e5ef,
+ 0xe78b3fca, 0xdbb54ab0, 0x6f48b307, 0x5166d73c, 0xb7f8e67f, 0xf286095e,
+ 0xed7b13e6, 0xec58b045, 0xbfb54beb, 0x243dd7d5, 0x36ec69fb, 0x13497613,
+ 0xaecbe092, 0x3ac6bf43, 0xed51f544, 0xdaa76d09, 0x8731547a, 0xdf1091e7,
+ 0x6ff409ce, 0xcc4511f4, 0xcf2e786b, 0x1bdfa2f2, 0x667b96ba, 0x9e70f8d0,
+ 0x980ee746, 0x3afd5a7a, 0x7af155db, 0xd0dfea11, 0x14e4d61f, 0x91a790de,
+ 0xdd6ebf54, 0x37f05673, 0x57235f05, 0x0c91f788, 0x4fc6d29e, 0x9b5f4f10,
+ 0x2b5fde2a, 0x173ea1f5, 0xa795cfb1, 0x71381fb8, 0x7121f90f, 0xc84b6c8e,
+ 0xf3619c1c, 0x442d6e02, 0xeeb7fe71, 0x265bc12a, 0x6cff835f, 0xf3a1e45c,
+ 0x403af90b, 0x72fec57e, 0x20dfce3d, 0x3ffd5a41, 0x6fffa898, 0x78c5a075,
+ 0xf0ea9f44, 0xd4e78e81, 0xa20fb11f, 0x451d3bf1, 0x876efc62, 0x8ebdf02a,
+ 0x3c470279, 0x253fb9b0, 0x440030bf, 0xbca11efc, 0xec9422aa, 0x281e1ef3,
+ 0x47d22282, 0xd3afd44e, 0x4239a5d1, 0xf56c001f, 0x3a7fdcde, 0x5b3d626a,
+ 0x07dfa7a7, 0xa2c2bbea, 0x7b75ddee, 0xf97e9136, 0x7a744379, 0x8481bdfa,
+ 0xc451ef38, 0xa7666bdd, 0x6e03bfbd, 0x3f47be4c, 0xc2ab0c9f, 0x15d5dade,
+ 0x5dbf7269, 0xb8da6b77, 0xfd11ee3e, 0xb9c4e9df, 0xb7de9ff9, 0xfc70f932,
+ 0x5d0fb8dd, 0x5fbc9150, 0xfda8d43d, 0x7bae317e, 0xfa22a0e8, 0x179e91d8,
+ 0xdfe506fd, 0x88306a41, 0x7887a0e7, 0xf3b5de5e, 0xe9473a5e, 0x5df946de,
+ 0xe3de2aff, 0x12556312, 0x1f3b3b57, 0x98ad96de, 0x8bd1f824, 0x679fff88,
+ 0x73bfc459, 0x3acd1b8f, 0xd461f73d, 0xcf4d7cff, 0x439d1746, 0x5102c9f2,
+ 0xfd897ef7, 0xeeebdd08, 0xb3927457, 0xbf791de5, 0xbb1bdf6c, 0xe5481d68,
+ 0x251e1d33, 0xd7acfb92, 0xa94687be, 0x3cbf4413, 0x7ea3edeb, 0x8d02444e,
+ 0xa8b02c8f, 0xee24d68e, 0x0fbdce35, 0x3f3d0905, 0x7fb05539, 0xac9f9a6f,
+ 0x2bb3b232, 0xf544bd18, 0x568d93fd, 0x3b57a899, 0x64be440a, 0x63c473fa,
+ 0x17fdf1d8, 0x2a87be27, 0xe64adce9, 0x7f112ecf, 0xa115dd03, 0xa8de7c61,
+ 0x67922168, 0xaa0ce542, 0xcadd2347, 0x91e44b6a, 0x4af717ee, 0x5388a2e9,
+ 0xb711bf67, 0x39e90776, 0x740a5dd2, 0x4c7c6d0f, 0x50f7da8e, 0xffe6242d,
+ 0x11603640, 0x0c56ebca, 0x6be64c28, 0xc15933d3, 0x3773b491, 0x7adc6d2f,
+ 0x24704674, 0xc09b3e25, 0x94a847ce, 0xcd4f14dc, 0x27582bf6, 0x2822d31b,
+ 0x2dfa85af, 0xee301baa, 0xd3aef3a1, 0x2f48c5a3, 0xfa249573, 0x6d41f5d2,
+ 0xb1ddb925, 0xe76229bb, 0x406d029d, 0x6970c67d, 0x36b084b0, 0x055225db,
+ 0x1d5afccc, 0xb80daeed, 0x47963e44, 0xe526b542, 0x31bf4463, 0x222aeb82,
+ 0x7a339f76, 0xdc44b0a0, 0x02fa234f, 0x9e7a63d2, 0x905e11a1, 0x53b6cbc6,
+ 0xd9c9e29f, 0x9c94dd23, 0xee78ea7f, 0x3ea2df99, 0x0af4440f, 0xf000d79a,
+ 0x68f77d08, 0xb3f8df30, 0xba4c2654, 0xb3f987dd, 0x69fcec0e, 0xa8c4e5f0,
+ 0x1016827e, 0xec75af76, 0xc406c776, 0xd8ca3dfc, 0xac27e3b0, 0x646037c7,
+ 0xe1d1f39c, 0xd313bd05, 0xebdf5dff, 0x3ace7386, 0x0505dbf4, 0x91d8c4f5,
+ 0x31996c74, 0x0835258e, 0xa6871475, 0x03f713e6, 0x047c4de8, 0xb1d27fb1,
+ 0xeb6efe37, 0xbaa4175b, 0x9ae1812d, 0xf6c96c40, 0xad1f5197, 0xcb1b94bf,
+ 0x7f697cc1, 0x3ca2db3e, 0xa7a892dc, 0xf38befd8, 0x21f7e9c2, 0xe1f51218,
+ 0x1ff704c1, 0x39bcc075, 0x879d3bd8, 0x51b99f13, 0xc69981af, 0xcddfc877,
+ 0xdab393ae, 0xbd47fe71, 0xb7ba7e9d, 0xd6417f9e, 0x057ce0d6, 0x35de51d7,
+ 0xefa051cb, 0x9a63184a, 0xeca7b7c8, 0x565054f8, 0x7831da0e, 0xb9515368,
+ 0x374d8c4b, 0xfd0975d9, 0x435cf680, 0x31c9ca9b, 0xefa20ab5, 0xc50aabc4,
+ 0x6f4ee8cf, 0x4bd7c89e, 0x73ebc59d, 0x7972796d, 0x66458e32, 0x9975f0a7,
+ 0x5cbe0c97, 0x5ea8503e, 0xffb13ce1, 0xa41bd00d, 0x69e1c4be, 0xf2239ca5,
+ 0x2c88fdbd, 0xda76e9ce, 0x3aa63133, 0xfd0f91f9, 0x8caffa2a, 0xaf77eb7e,
+ 0x65bf4479, 0xbf6a5fe2, 0xce28dbd5, 0xcb7ca6ed, 0xacbea243, 0x2bee72cf,
+ 0x7d5fb55f, 0xbf38923c, 0xd142c217, 0xaa75c967, 0xf02ff49b, 0x890c3a89,
+ 0x62536a7e, 0x678ffb4d, 0x831d5217, 0x5c447b93, 0x77a1cf39, 0xdd9388ba,
+ 0x53161961, 0x44147d5f, 0xf47354ff, 0x6fddf15a, 0x0269d1cd, 0xf122f1fd,
+ 0x6f67f47c, 0x7bfc8a56, 0xf89970ba, 0xf5f4f97e, 0xc67e1d02, 0xebf9f65c,
+ 0x07f8e4f0, 0x1c7e6df2, 0xd0cb2a3f, 0x72afa8dd, 0x4ebedced, 0x8a16f7f4,
+ 0x86a93f6f, 0xf04f34f9, 0x71513434, 0xece4f9f5, 0x5f854cdf, 0x4015e64e,
+ 0xf3bbf0b1, 0xcefb5493, 0x7cd8a632, 0x2c911d8f, 0x424c7fda, 0xbc4e3082,
+ 0xd3951460, 0x76b041f7, 0x73189d53, 0xb3fdaac5, 0x7ba35f49, 0xf281e621,
+ 0x7f7c492b, 0x88c469f8, 0xe58c9e51, 0x39231681, 0x77c4b3c7, 0x53af271b,
+ 0x302614f2, 0xf5941eee, 0x187f5413, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919,
+ 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919,
+ 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919,
+ 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919,
+ 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x19191919, 0x017fc6a7,
+ 0x9b8bc43f, 0x00008000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x92300408, 0x94019869,
+ 0x4e0cea60, 0x7ed64219, 0x6faf339a, 0xb6db6c55, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb805f8fe, 0x0061ff64, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x92300408, 0x94019869,
+ 0x4e0cea60, 0x7ed64219, 0x6faf339a, 0xb6db6c55, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb805f8fe, 0x0061ff64, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x92300408, 0x94019869,
+ 0x4e0cea60, 0x7ed64219, 0x6faf339a, 0xb6db6c55, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb805f8fe, 0x0061ff64, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x92300408, 0x94019869,
+ 0x4e0cea60, 0x7ed64219, 0x6faf339a, 0xb6db6c55, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb805f8fe, 0x0061ff64, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x92300408, 0x94019869,
+ 0x4e0cea60, 0x7ed64219, 0x6faf339a, 0xb6db6c55, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb805f8fe, 0x0061ff64, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0, 12745);
+ 8192, 13014);
+ 16384, 2912);
+ 24576, 95);
+ 32768, 95);
+ 40960, 95);
+ 49152, 95);
+ 57344, 95);
+ 0x649, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x600, 0x61b, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x357, 0x7ff8, 0x3d6, 0x3d7, 0x1e6, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x480, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x41c, 0x408, 0x41e, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x9ce, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xa27, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xed4, 0xf3d,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xf87, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0xed4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8};
+ 0X0, 256);
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7dd50300, 0xc5547c0b, 0x3d9cf8b9, 0x9b3bece7,
+ 0x081083cd, 0xf2200d86, 0x3c204966, 0x31024dc5, 0x5044c45a, 0x90583eb1,
+ 0xa06c8067, 0xedbd5edc, 0x50f2effd, 0x9f1b6a91, 0x11758b45, 0x1641a8a8,
+ 0x86e09209, 0xadc8822e, 0x6a5a36f4, 0xc406ad41, 0x08490880, 0xcb4af168,
+ 0x999bef9d, 0x1b273ddd, 0xfdfd1f12, 0xfcfe377f, 0xf5e6730d, 0x6f9af7cd,
+ 0x5666f9be, 0xe8622621, 0xf865c84d, 0xa7908ebb, 0xa8c84265, 0xf3d91a58,
+ 0x2749134d, 0xea8d6ce4, 0x5210e532, 0x5c8d53b4, 0x364bf347, 0x1bc84148,
+ 0x190858f6, 0x7af34849, 0x0dc9f796, 0xcb4f1cbf, 0x6c992ec9, 0xd88909a6,
+ 0x9083240d, 0x7f613326, 0xcfcc24ae, 0x92ecb0b3, 0x81ef7b0d, 0x9ad417fe,
+ 0x6fb68588, 0x903d91aa, 0x0a59b65f, 0xd7968912, 0x49ec643d, 0x941f9ffb,
+ 0xcd171642, 0xe8cc7e6f, 0xe564224a, 0x619a6f9e, 0x69d7015c, 0x8cb899bf,
+ 0x325fdf00, 0x5210871a, 0xdc5edc1e, 0x5e53f693, 0x740db92d, 0x52f5f29c,
+ 0xf091bae4, 0xb4ca0a5d, 0x6c5b45df, 0xc18035c4, 0xb8e09970, 0xcf658f38,
+ 0x7f6971d1, 0x9632a944, 0x13c6c526, 0x5fed39f8, 0xfc88e387, 0x38e89792,
+ 0xabc55db4, 0x58a61b92, 0x10de2061, 0xceb9bf1d, 0x1da36332, 0xd8c2b7e6,
+ 0x1e7e293f, 0x79875eb3, 0x18370794, 0xd700ed8b, 0x21bce306, 0x6d16feb1,
+ 0xae168df9, 0x7bbb7d75, 0xe9f5cae3, 0x69453f69, 0x9cbe58ff, 0x0ec84f10,
+ 0x658d07f0, 0xffdf6343, 0xd210a524, 0x8997fa0d, 0x9feb1ccb, 0x977e0090,
+ 0x78023b89, 0x7724e127, 0x9cdadd3c, 0x4b2dba5a, 0x803b6de1, 0x0e9c57e7,
+ 0x989df98f, 0xc4cfe13e, 0x0bbf29f4, 0x7fb5fce1, 0xf8cfa600, 0x37fdf8dd,
+ 0x3e9831fe, 0xfa60f7e7, 0xd304bfbc, 0xac52fe0d, 0x033fd1b7, 0x2f7ecdd3,
+ 0xbfd17f7e, 0xfc97d300, 0x15fdf895, 0x6e987dff, 0xfbf007f5, 0x4c1aff36,
+ 0x30abfbb7, 0xb5e9c1dd, 0x7ac41fd3, 0x305bfcbb, 0xf087f3ad, 0x5afe1bfb,
+ 0x3c051f4c, 0xe3d934d2, 0x3a50a15c, 0x4e224f25, 0xad2426ca, 0x4a8574b4,
+ 0x59d369f3, 0x6ab7bbbe, 0xa9e29185, 0xa79a1cfb, 0x6caacc74, 0xe5a26158,
+ 0x7959cb59, 0xa57380ef, 0x5ef79699, 0x56fbcacd, 0xd0b4ae95, 0xb24fbef2,
+ 0x55826bf2, 0xfcb4ad2b, 0x7cac4d9a, 0xa561a870, 0xae0f968d, 0x23c3e561,
+ 0x9a7655ce, 0xe59fbe1f, 0x574a1af3, 0xde7cd125, 0xdd1f9661, 0x41cab558,
+ 0xc13e8fdb, 0x0d6f8fda, 0xfe38aec9, 0x4ad2a1d8, 0x5342813d, 0x07ca1e3d,
+ 0x644e7479, 0x16f9901c, 0x8a30efcc, 0x1e3ddbf2, 0xc4cf2eda, 0xb13b81f3,
+ 0xbdb4677c, 0xa2a3f317, 0xf2b0e7ed, 0xac85fb68, 0x097eda3c, 0xbca977e6,
+ 0xf986593e, 0xe07ea2d1, 0xf45caca7, 0xcac67e47, 0x3f7fa24d, 0xe3a2ebe6,
+ 0xd8fcc6af, 0x106bf8e8, 0xf8e8bade, 0xe8f2b28f, 0xfe618ff8, 0x28fe3e0d,
+ 0x804f69e9, 0x792a5fd6, 0x6efe079f, 0x202e5431, 0x4894d3a0, 0x43f5c826,
+ 0x72019912, 0xa1713f7a, 0x2ae87b9e, 0x7fe407a3, 0x1bf9bbc7, 0x5fe03f41,
+ 0xfde7e43a, 0xf60e6d6e, 0xb5ea05b3, 0x7d3f6918, 0xef27ef3b, 0x7e9a31bd,
+ 0x205bdef2, 0xf08ed9fa, 0xcfd6bb58, 0x69c6f78e, 0x5caf79e1, 0xe11bb3f4,
+ 0x5e6d7471, 0xa09e7f79, 0x8bcfe785, 0x10fb3f45, 0xc1aed49e, 0xc528f3b3,
+ 0x9fac4e4f, 0x7e29479d, 0x10e7ec24, 0x35d193f6, 0x307d4678, 0xa8cfd346,
+ 0x7e88160f, 0xeaf382fe, 0x767eb5d9, 0x0b4e307e, 0xa2e507cf, 0x9e118f9f,
+ 0x6bcdaeec, 0xb41387d4, 0x58b87cf0, 0xfb1273f4, 0x7eb5d3e9, 0xe2d31d76,
+ 0x28b1d767, 0x9fb15a7e, 0xd79b5dfe, 0xfc5ae3e8, 0xc51e3e8c, 0xcfd8d7cf,
+ 0xb3f5aea0, 0x3f16b8eb, 0xf1478ebb, 0x9fa09063, 0xd79b5d61, 0xf8b54fe8,
+ 0x1469fd19, 0x27ec363f, 0xd4f06bb7, 0x4fc5ae7d, 0xfc51e7dd, 0xf7404ba4,
+ 0x33c1aefc, 0x3f16b4f6, 0xf1474f63, 0x33f61573, 0xd4fd6bae, 0xa7e2d69d,
+ 0x3f1474ee, 0x135e71fd, 0xb1af36bb, 0x33f1685f, 0x7e288bf6, 0x853f6386,
+ 0x1e105b95, 0xda19fb42, 0x9c6f3f71, 0x379fead3, 0x33fd31ce, 0xf50048f2,
+ 0xdc499abe, 0xd684ce00, 0xf34480d2, 0xbbcd3a4a, 0x2f10f520, 0xac0a7fd5,
+ 0x71a043ff, 0xe5a64063, 0xb929d549, 0x76f15d6b, 0x8075e140, 0x8348c71f,
+ 0x4e70cec6, 0xa9f26ab0, 0x76355293, 0x9e94fa42, 0xf4c67c9a, 0xe67c9a3e,
+ 0xed34835d, 0xd5c9ce7b, 0x1e2d7be4, 0x2f67c9a7, 0x77b4d42f, 0x4d46fcfd,
+ 0xb7d59f79, 0x1efdf268, 0xdf26b1f9, 0x9ad9c9ff, 0xe5f580fc, 0x6d06fe9a,
+ 0x0fc9a65a, 0x4d0ffea9, 0x4acd587e, 0x5e1dde4d, 0xeee7c9ab, 0xffd35c7f,
+ 0x6acf43c8, 0x5f87f9f2, 0x7cc7e4d0, 0xfda6b2f4, 0x69af13b8, 0xecce13f2,
+ 0x765dd9d6, 0x9e60d367, 0xb6cec197, 0xca69fda1, 0x5d1da236, 0xfcc66d90,
+ 0x98edb34f, 0xef44e9ff, 0xd74a4e35, 0xb183405f, 0x0ef46f34, 0x0bb02677,
+ 0x240d2529, 0x81af5213, 0xbe5f698c, 0x477ca546, 0xf7b0a4f9, 0x68c7fea5,
+ 0xf6b433ea, 0x79e9a14f, 0xe02ac143, 0x019235d3, 0x9326d1f9, 0x9b23e04a,
+ 0xae5f2089, 0x637f3ab9, 0x1fbf8e20, 0x297c61ce, 0xba387dfa, 0xc00c1f6e,
+ 0xc490fd3a, 0x71b781f3, 0xc7287e5d, 0xd572eb88, 0x8123b78a, 0x9cbfb47e,
+ 0x5d82669f, 0x7b52366b, 0x231e1e39, 0xc2086785, 0xe9f014f3, 0x63c01db3,
+ 0x03463fee, 0x02cfa58f, 0xa8963c0d, 0x006ef19d, 0xd3c28fc7, 0x6331e1c0,
+ 0x0d1585fe, 0x1a150091, 0x10fb9f73, 0xb246359e, 0x358f0340, 0x808bcf0a,
+ 0xf08eea9f, 0x169c7fd3, 0xb5ca7d3f, 0x2dda89f8, 0x73f0e81f, 0x4563c394,
+ 0x1c566b78, 0xf3e9f865, 0x263f0c1f, 0x3c3c4e3a, 0xeabd288e, 0x1d3d9e00,
+ 0x099ae7e1, 0x5df4fc5a, 0xb08fc5ac, 0x3aa7c89b, 0x9da38e78, 0x1d8e50f5,
+ 0xe2b039e1, 0xdf4fc338, 0x263c239f, 0x49dba553, 0xadbd4c8b, 0x33d04195,
+ 0xdd27acd4, 0xb8e94041, 0x52d041a3, 0xc841e909, 0xdc1f527d, 0x4ad4fc57,
+ 0xffd696f9, 0x15f94aca, 0xbf7c25f6, 0x967aa731, 0x855a51f1, 0x48941f04,
+ 0x7137dd3e, 0xcb5398d9, 0xee8461f6, 0xf0a6aed3, 0xff9ed736, 0xff0a43ea,
+ 0x50234d9c, 0x214951cf, 0x9f2e7f50, 0xf8664f9a, 0xbb34a421, 0xa267ea8c,
+ 0x32df6694, 0xb03c8b14, 0x104f995f, 0x307276c6, 0x6a6d4ab7, 0xf9df938c,
+ 0x85f9b4eb, 0xc05e6d41, 0xa4ff005d, 0xf74e3ef8, 0x23ee8435, 0x06fba23e,
+ 0xa9fb6942, 0x5296664a, 0xf74c7c7c, 0xa46f903f, 0x27281ffb, 0x4fab0564,
+ 0x3af30871, 0x0416c6be, 0xff757cba, 0x2bac2308, 0x72a3ef33, 0x0217af1f,
+ 0x852670e4, 0x6fcf94bb, 0x534d2056, 0xaaf16cde, 0xde011eb8, 0xf8ca1e29,
+ 0x1e276efc, 0xf7ed3bb5, 0x2a65e5ee, 0xe1a503ac, 0x83885325, 0x64d77b90,
+ 0x3f18e551, 0x01964f0f, 0x32c903f5, 0x4b70fd50, 0xd69508cd, 0xf51e6520,
+ 0x38dc6378, 0xf9b44ad3, 0xf9b54b5b, 0x1aa3d566, 0xcb9a5d28, 0xf281b224,
+ 0xb433edce, 0x0c71d1e5, 0x313788a9, 0x5b9d295e, 0x2798548f, 0xfdff4c6d,
+ 0xdf832763, 0x67143727, 0x47f3fec1, 0xcc337b92, 0x02e5ea07, 0xe11a0f3d,
+ 0x529b8cfb, 0xf6696bdc, 0xd1f9b288, 0xe1ed3931, 0xf6264a25, 0x4fef8477,
+ 0xf363d83f, 0x3e758618, 0x48483b8f, 0x0f597585, 0x6d5e1dff, 0xfa05cefe,
+ 0x687e31f9, 0x0e3e74e2, 0x93d3407c, 0xff1407c0, 0xc41f3827, 0x83e332f4,
+ 0x7483e026, 0x3e33d7d8, 0x6a024f98, 0x31f8090f, 0xc6dc1f31, 0xfbd040f9,
+ 0xdbef4e76, 0xafe77d38, 0xbb47f2d3, 0xe1b93c79, 0x82574c81, 0x57b23cf9,
+ 0xf3f68625, 0x3e0cc9f2, 0x7052eff2, 0xeeeb8533, 0x6df96d4a, 0x3979fa3a,
+ 0xf66288fd, 0xbefe5294, 0x20b4fee7, 0x39bb99e8, 0x7bac66fd, 0x711eadec,
+ 0xd398f9f4, 0xd3670f47, 0x81aa8dba, 0x205c6fb6, 0x1a7fb011, 0xa33afd39,
+ 0x34e24cc3, 0x70f4fd02, 0x9b4fbcce, 0x4c48159f, 0x416d5f3f, 0xefb889da,
+ 0xa437424b, 0x9793889d, 0x34ca5b45, 0x3bc185f9, 0xafe7f534, 0x9f29a59b,
+ 0x5350b55b, 0xa59aef7e, 0xc0acfc9a, 0x33fa9afd, 0x29a15bef, 0x61f2bbbf,
+ 0x0b9df94d, 0xefe4d31e, 0xa9a33ef0, 0x0d8cfb7f, 0x4b5bf29a, 0x4f94d25f,
+ 0xc9aed92b, 0x34ea7997, 0x0b3da5f5, 0xccbf837b, 0xdf3ef467, 0x477cfc1d,
+ 0xa905e44d, 0xfa131ebd, 0x85df84ee, 0x03fc9bdf, 0x77e53d30, 0xfed3f7e3,
+ 0x00ae9831, 0x03d74dfd, 0x7d4b1d43, 0x0deacf8f, 0xc1c85f7a, 0xbb3baaa7,
+ 0xef5eded2, 0xa89cf5e9, 0x917f5edf, 0x3a6fb02c, 0x962d3ff2, 0x07ac2948,
+ 0x73b3122d, 0x7c93f7c4, 0x2564249d, 0x4c8d8ba6, 0xd6bf174e, 0x68e410a3,
+ 0xbfd231b1, 0xbf71ded2, 0x7ce12424, 0xd5f556e6, 0xdd7f39c0, 0x0b7c0d60,
+ 0xfc9a7983, 0xb5e32da2, 0x3fc7cd72, 0xf84657b3, 0x1ddd602a, 0xe97b760b,
+ 0xc9e8030e, 0x69ecbec8, 0x4f5e0143, 0xbb6be60d, 0xc67a7ae1, 0x4276925f,
+ 0x62973c01, 0x033fca7a, 0x17bf26d3, 0x05fe13d3, 0x57f71e98, 0xbfe8da62,
+ 0xfd8fd30f, 0xf23f4c01, 0x03f4c1af, 0x47a6157f, 0x7d30ebfc, 0xf4c41fdf,
+ 0xa60b7fb0, 0x9843f9ef, 0x316bf836, 0x307bf66d, 0xc712f215, 0xc47bbd2f,
+ 0x77d08bf1, 0xe29e1f42, 0xf81a72fc, 0xbc5f1125, 0x938be5a0, 0x85f2256a,
+ 0xe9ea0f5e, 0xdf77d7a0, 0x18061f95, 0x587e187e, 0xd1d2cc18, 0xe9576fbb,
+ 0xde9e2e7d, 0x064e0c03, 0x23f7a70f, 0xda45783a, 0xad23940b, 0x7b3133e7,
+ 0xcc6c788f, 0xebfc2b4f, 0xb4fccac4, 0x42debfdc, 0xf500ddff, 0x4200d094,
+ 0xf21b6bfb, 0x2fc1fd3f, 0x1a8476de, 0xcf1d3980, 0x0ebf4f4f, 0x860240f1,
+ 0x6adfe12b, 0x50a57865, 0x1eba1095, 0xbaf81dac, 0x2bcb367b, 0x1211d604,
+ 0xa9fbc772, 0x4e02fda3, 0x01df80bb, 0xda676606, 0x1f0cc9f6, 0x69ee1d91,
+ 0xf57e3149, 0xf7fb5a99, 0x43f27b00, 0x8cf58113, 0x7c5aed04, 0x3f3e6805,
+ 0xe68eaf86, 0xfbde99d1, 0xef9f85ff, 0x4a4e8fab, 0x4b5fc657, 0x250fdd21,
+ 0x7d9667d8, 0xc86c3e67, 0xc03c3e06, 0xe6adbdf9, 0x2432649a, 0xe0d78fd6,
+ 0x09d07262, 0xe0c97c9d, 0xe7ff07ac, 0xcd20a6c5, 0x77bd924f, 0x9c9db4c9,
+ 0xf601c67c, 0xd1924b6f, 0x4d438640, 0xedbb3eed, 0xec0746e0, 0x1a659663,
+ 0x3af2279c, 0x5092cba6, 0x6f1ed38e, 0xf36ad517, 0x0952556d, 0x92b8b3f3,
+ 0xfd050fa7, 0xe89e74ec, 0x1332fa07, 0xb2cfd153, 0x44f3a34c, 0xb20bd41a,
+ 0xa0a75579, 0x9bf69ffc, 0x0d0fdeb1, 0xc4fd4747, 0x9f21a8e0, 0x0a20f6d2,
+ 0x5c76fb97, 0x567e43bf, 0x7fc1182e, 0x57eac245, 0xd0b23fb0, 0x3ec32fff,
+ 0x1798288e, 0x7242fafd, 0xaff884c0, 0xdb478cd6, 0x2059c4b9, 0x6e58ebb4,
+ 0xf824d214, 0x29edd296, 0x68b91e7e, 0xb5a9c58b, 0x793452d7, 0xa70f6d5f,
+ 0x7f837ec6, 0x463a0180, 0x169f8052, 0x625a7673, 0x297a346e, 0x8cca55ab,
+ 0xfb145adf, 0xebc2891a, 0x65fd5893, 0x0ed0933b, 0x3f18f65e, 0x06900c0f,
+ 0x63d9bfe0, 0x28970778, 0xfeb1f954, 0x0c46cae8, 0xcf2f7f34, 0xcfb97389,
+ 0x79f70048, 0xf955cb9f, 0xaecea760, 0x7b768459, 0x11836879, 0x8967d9f6,
+ 0xfcf404a1, 0x239ef259, 0x22ce4e2f, 0xbae111b2, 0x6ed68d77, 0x4d56fba5,
+ 0x355bee9e, 0x96e479f9, 0x9abf380c, 0xb74aa4f7, 0xd58fb8d0, 0x26648794,
+ 0xe549f377, 0x7efeb083, 0xdb77935a, 0xaec7c078, 0x6e41f2e7, 0x2ce2d366,
+ 0xb7ca77aa, 0x39046bbc, 0x85fc6ce9, 0x3db73f50, 0xc571fa1c, 0x579ddabc,
+ 0xd92c3c72, 0x09827922, 0x723fbbd6, 0x51f4233d, 0x4b83e72b, 0xd21f97df,
+ 0x2a1f8689, 0xb909ef65, 0x7c2f8c5b, 0xdfc90fc0, 0x76ccffa3, 0xa0feb7fd,
+ 0xfda2f7fd, 0xbffa6be7, 0xdff683f4, 0x66fc1daf, 0x8bff4125, 0xb0070dcd,
+ 0x4123d382, 0x47cb857d, 0xfa2774c1, 0x25aa5aa1, 0x27d689b7, 0x6672e21e,
+ 0xfb003d30, 0x92d796c5, 0x567e8187, 0xcbee4e69, 0xb96878da, 0x283f978d,
+ 0xf44b308d, 0x739a92fb, 0xed06fdff, 0x099612c7, 0xbd54aa88, 0xf744af77,
+ 0xc41dab85, 0xb4f94293, 0x034cf285, 0x4f147ff8, 0x362bac0a, 0x7bea08f2,
+ 0x8cbff338, 0xffab4efa, 0xf476cb27, 0x97adb4c3, 0xa04aafd1, 0x7c53ac2a,
+ 0x41932b1f, 0xe5409ebf, 0xca9077de, 0x41b7cd0f, 0x4ebfa80d, 0xdb7afdc2,
+ 0xcfcc22c1, 0x1a4893af, 0x38b3afcd, 0x943ac186, 0xfc6831e2, 0x5a2569bb,
+ 0x78093a7f, 0x3f3f601a, 0x100fcf87, 0xe22ee302, 0xa9a56ef9, 0xbff4faba,
+ 0x1cd73f38, 0x8429bcef, 0xfc917bce, 0xd7f001c8, 0xf5a19f74, 0xcb93b7c7,
+ 0x40460dda, 0xb9726742, 0x7f368b68, 0xde9492bd, 0x46d01034, 0x8eaf80ec,
+ 0x78a773f4, 0xebffec6c, 0x8ebb2309, 0x4c7e3d47, 0x5a7c5a99, 0xda7c5a5c,
+ 0xa5f0e806, 0x5b9267c3, 0xfcba1f8b, 0xcf84af06, 0x347d31e4, 0xf850fdfd,
+ 0x0e7c00ac, 0xfe93e18e, 0x98339a95, 0x3d9c0188, 0x73f20894, 0x81223d96,
+ 0x1e955c6c, 0xa3a7c15c, 0xc81b1791, 0x2777b409, 0xf267dca1, 0x8dc42879,
+ 0x431e0272, 0x39a59758, 0xf91b3fac, 0x0164d9c8, 0x2e4a7ca2, 0x8e98ee0f,
+ 0x7fdb293f, 0xbd6d366c, 0x3878f81e, 0xac084bee, 0x65ccbf53, 0x2bb16af4,
+ 0x85dfd841, 0x1cd766fc, 0x088607dc, 0xeabd839c, 0xd439ae27, 0xefcd797e,
+ 0xb91434c4, 0xff02e190, 0xdfba5cf4, 0x90fcfaa2, 0x2d7d406a, 0xaa7ff9c6,
+ 0x49f1eb91, 0x43f105ff, 0x000ed42d, 0x784b513f, 0xc86af9b3, 0xcf18cad7,
+ 0x1aa94be0, 0x8737e308, 0x303f1c55, 0x607e8cc7, 0xeb8abd5f, 0x099cf371,
+ 0xfa23bf18, 0x25cb0e6d, 0x096e87e0, 0x37b8ea7f, 0xae68fd6e, 0xac20627d,
+ 0x1218cf5f, 0x8ad5afdb, 0x1fadfbe1, 0xc7e9dbeb, 0xea14656a, 0xa1f65fc7,
+ 0x6b28a8f3, 0x3fd97e43, 0xef9c46ef, 0x32e4b0ce, 0xe58bb851, 0x14347ebb,
+ 0xa2ff0bce, 0x3c48bd30, 0x30656653, 0x0bd33797, 0xe1967f55, 0xba6e925c,
+ 0xbe314ad7, 0x27cbcf1e, 0x01492585, 0x608474fd, 0xf39591fb, 0x2f189ed0,
+ 0xc808bcff, 0x10961f93, 0x048df94f, 0x3546a7e3, 0x1c7e1a28, 0xf9d1447d,
+ 0xf03282c1, 0xed46d8cd, 0xb4a7f1f7, 0x1f05b7f9, 0xf006483b, 0x649793f1,
+ 0x968cec09, 0x495ee256, 0xd39968e1, 0x6ae000b3, 0xd0dc40b9, 0x5c92e5a6,
+ 0x7aff6892, 0x5f223144, 0xe764633c, 0xb3cccf14, 0xfa505707, 0x1caf39be,
+ 0xdd5f0afd, 0xe89dedef, 0x17662b5c, 0xae036492, 0x38649e31, 0xd949fadf,
+ 0x3d95096a, 0x9a51eaa9, 0xe0bebed4, 0x82bfc153, 0xb3cc7b5f, 0xc609837a,
+ 0xc212aaf1, 0x806f3857, 0xb6b88464, 0xa381123d, 0x5e95e692, 0x9f42bf8d,
+ 0x2ccac806, 0x7b57c780, 0x90eb08de, 0x9ed89c39, 0x20715af9, 0x0caf35df,
+ 0xb93880ac, 0x0be1529f, 0xefd4aeb8, 0xf8dfe893, 0x5c217144, 0x59aae6cd,
+ 0xb9d6df40, 0xe802f266, 0xc7aaa54d, 0xefc0492d, 0x483c3745, 0xd4b67de1,
+ 0x33e4eb80, 0x0fe11baa, 0x0e2c212c, 0xc4e4894f, 0x16a0c7e3, 0x07385438,
+ 0x983d9956, 0x004b75e6, 0x7f1ffbb7, 0x4639c077, 0xd21345cb, 0x57f727af,
+ 0x55037688, 0xaabd8f66, 0xf82acc7a, 0xa3a4162f, 0x0ebdb83c, 0xdeba1cd7,
+ 0xf8a5af0e, 0x09f7604e, 0x4bd52dfb, 0x2b851475, 0xfe406ed5, 0xcb8f1e24,
+ 0x8f99f549, 0xf200bf88, 0x221e547b, 0x63f25112, 0x017532fa, 0x679c1f9d,
+ 0x97b63311, 0x892452c2, 0x6691bbea, 0xbb06447b, 0xb4cbfc00, 0x4a63f57c,
+ 0x473b1570, 0x04be8377, 0x7ee84f1d, 0x68d2bd63, 0xcf7e9ab9, 0x150ab8f1,
+ 0x385eb794, 0xa9a7d09e, 0x83002b8a, 0xb880b55f, 0x9fa62403, 0x26728349,
+ 0xfb441e7a, 0x2e7df5b1, 0x50676a25, 0x4ff11ce1, 0x7af1f719, 0xfce5cdfa,
+ 0x1deaaaf4, 0x761ef801, 0x304df5b0, 0x0616dc57, 0x332dfba7, 0x7cc587ae,
+ 0x99fb1d3d, 0x827a0821, 0x73c3ae44, 0xe8599f2e, 0x189ead05, 0xc6236d7b,
+ 0xca3d8d8d, 0x0e1d1ce0, 0xa85c45e5, 0x6ed03c2e, 0x5c9f1454, 0x2cbb707f,
+ 0xcfb79c37, 0xfdcdc74e, 0xd0a9c988, 0x0307f91f, 0x87e7e032, 0x3e7a17d2,
+ 0xf2a11118, 0x8437f1c7, 0xd07799c2, 0xf943cd19, 0x5fab5534, 0x7646cbd2,
+ 0xe088fd87, 0x855e3d2f, 0x3be5eb1c, 0x3ef73ef7, 0xff7d5790, 0xef8d8a44,
+ 0xc7e31bea, 0x921de667, 0x156f4193, 0xb8507c50, 0x9672e1be, 0x03782172,
+ 0xf0c9e3e0, 0x8b9016f5, 0x6c4ebcef, 0xd6e3ada2, 0xef647b89, 0xd1d99552,
+ 0xc543c00e, 0xa6460bde, 0xef4822bf, 0xb953df28, 0x2e427680, 0xa2af7f04,
+ 0xb1be86a5, 0x42965a75, 0xe546b460, 0x26a7cf40, 0x64d9deb2, 0x0387b38b,
+ 0x5947e829, 0xf5b4edce, 0xb9650e3c, 0xf53dd3c5, 0x77d77a0a, 0x718240d1,
+ 0xd29f0a7e, 0xe87d046a, 0xc12468bb, 0x9f81efb4, 0xbe4fc520, 0x254f3f06,
+ 0x8852cfc2, 0x7ff5182f, 0xeaadfe02, 0x0ffc2d28, 0xbff062b9, 0x83c8ab6e,
+ 0x9c3bfd3c, 0x31ef4719, 0x8cfb95b5, 0x78aedfec, 0xa9f215f9, 0xe1b1cb97,
+ 0x69780ca0, 0x1a649f2f, 0x11f195e8, 0xe5e83f66, 0x56b48d34, 0x5cdf54a8,
+ 0x0cfbf0e0, 0xd1f3f9ad, 0xc0346f7e, 0x1d4b5bf9, 0xbdee76c1, 0xa68fd027,
+ 0xb249eb97, 0x1f986de7, 0xacd34869, 0xe9d7ed0b, 0xe5f73b00, 0xcf82bdfa,
+ 0xed939573, 0xaf017af7, 0x082be4c2, 0xb54a339e, 0x3ce97f94, 0xf1620d7b,
+ 0xb1c6bdd3, 0x5c5390b8, 0x69e59e7f, 0x7e565caf, 0x78c5e79e, 0xa2285ea2,
+ 0x0bbac094, 0x12fc142a, 0x5e69fca2, 0x7cf5517e, 0x5065fc02, 0xaa418f4b,
+ 0xca60242a, 0x427f2f6d, 0x7de9dade, 0xf1893c9d, 0x8fd7f3f4, 0x0763ed47,
+ 0x732dc7d8, 0x7b224948, 0xb1c7d854, 0xf7ee57fa, 0x9a27e013, 0xb83c4b9a,
+ 0x8939669e, 0xcc74a25b, 0x9b924252, 0xd8ba9ff6, 0xd679eb85, 0xf0015714,
+ 0x91d51643, 0xd5a2c7e8, 0xbbfce34a, 0xe1b749cd, 0x94bf9a64, 0xc29dbd98,
+ 0xe34e81e8, 0x6bfb127c, 0x87711fb7, 0x283cef40, 0x3c60d7b9, 0xd4342502,
+ 0x0f797857, 0xff2bf323, 0x4335694a, 0x4603ccfc, 0x7ee858a2, 0x6e1397fd,
+ 0xc8b42b71, 0x30db6d71, 0x4f35ebd8, 0x1abfeb68, 0x6e9bcaf9, 0x8db27f04,
+ 0x85a9a7ed, 0x467e8d93, 0x0f4191e2, 0x10a9fe0a, 0x3555a974, 0xbec0b174,
+ 0xcd2e8e3f, 0xdeb8c549, 0xf3e42f37, 0x95e746ea, 0x0a5e6893, 0x5798a7f2,
+ 0xf98731ae, 0x179d09c3, 0xbe16d3e5, 0xc17017bf, 0xbdd838f9, 0xec36f7e4,
+ 0x735ed7ef, 0x76abf00f, 0x03d2559f, 0x473eb8fc, 0xe049366b, 0x73f3a557,
+ 0xabbafcc3, 0x77a02995, 0xe4cddfba, 0x38b70f4b, 0x383fc2a7, 0xb69439a7,
+ 0x79da2d61, 0x7df2c3c4, 0x253cc05f, 0x2e65e014, 0x2d7383d7, 0xfaf119a5,
+ 0xb9bf49ef, 0xf962514c, 0xc0b8d16e, 0xfe389a01, 0xcb03fda7, 0x577ad126,
+ 0x975d991b, 0xfe3eda41, 0x5e671d19, 0xfb0dcd8d, 0xb7b28df6, 0xeb3ee004,
+ 0x212ebd71, 0x80252b9d, 0x12f3c963, 0xda073679, 0xd04e7e11, 0x197ddff4,
+ 0xa78a6f1d, 0x62f0afa3, 0x45ae4c36, 0x7252b525, 0xa3d2ce4c, 0xf068f7f8,
+ 0x75f40e9f, 0x22147f00, 0x064ab0fd, 0x4ff089fa, 0xd19285d0, 0x852c7c05,
+ 0xed1afedf, 0xa72a52b3, 0x0b657e71, 0x1f9c69c8, 0xaffea5a8, 0x3f280557,
+ 0xcf3fedfd, 0xb0249127, 0x40935ba7, 0xfcfd4e4e, 0x7f1049cf, 0xb39fb7f5,
+ 0x596fa47d, 0x0f7dc232, 0x1a977bb7, 0x8d85bc99, 0x5e61f3a5, 0x40fffd33,
+ 0x8fb9293f, 0xa42dd39d, 0x7cfe386a, 0x083d23a5, 0x66884df7, 0x639ed17d,
+ 0xbdd8512e, 0x0dfb7d0d, 0x5d4fb646, 0x98c1bd58, 0xbc3802e5, 0x9c7001ff,
+ 0xa744f1e2, 0x453f986a, 0x7abb35c0, 0xdd6c1184, 0x1226c24f, 0x2a2de761,
+ 0xf8f0b79e, 0xc94fb9c2, 0x1e24becc, 0xeef144bb, 0xcfd578e5, 0xeb1d1663,
+ 0x73af2a3e, 0x218a72eb, 0xc3ee602e, 0xbc53ee12, 0x6fcc85e1, 0xd40f9ba2,
+ 0xa3d539ff, 0x3a1efbde, 0xcfd3f407, 0x85fc7daf, 0x67c7c487, 0x8c5e21cd,
+ 0x9bfbd0e3, 0x817f87e7, 0xf7e675fd, 0xda918dfe, 0xcc3ce08f, 0x9ce1a327,
+ 0x873f0ce1, 0xec417b86, 0x3a609a3c, 0xe762e8df, 0x2ddfcbbd, 0xabb8e606,
+ 0xb9fa3b72, 0xeffaf3bf, 0xddf6f496, 0x92cfa056, 0x1f8e63ca, 0x362aa1d3,
+ 0x9f60fdd0, 0xe4ef7cd8, 0x8386a5f3, 0x4eedfa0a, 0x173bbf3e, 0xe3e217a8,
+ 0xf98a76cd, 0x91f3a68c, 0xf311f363, 0x59e5c258, 0x8bf04fcc, 0x9cf9d7e0,
+ 0x9fd5566f, 0xfa646ecc, 0xa38930e4, 0xa0afa0b7, 0xdbdffce7, 0x6ee6ee50,
+ 0xe9ee2829, 0xca847382, 0xa3d7a089, 0x7a3f0d74, 0x092ef50e, 0xb1f8b264,
+ 0xc3ec2648, 0x6cc6d59b, 0x7d3d2390, 0xf65db99b, 0xea2fcf6d, 0x746fcc8d,
+ 0xf03aa94a, 0x4defe033, 0x1c84ef8c, 0xf5b5d92d, 0xf2e39075, 0x40394f6d,
+ 0xaa573f8e, 0xc5fc6032, 0xc0701f9b, 0x2529c239, 0xfafd00e0, 0xb3c99079,
+ 0x261c9e5e, 0x2fd39f86, 0xc82a62ff, 0x559b57c3, 0x0f271ca7, 0x6df19d62,
+ 0x144c4531, 0x0c35151f, 0x8c7f343f, 0x3c421fe5, 0x54f8bf94, 0xf30bdc06,
+ 0x2b8bb6d5, 0x1175f1e2, 0x6c57b7dc, 0xe418acfa, 0xf15a47cf, 0x1f5f45bc,
+ 0x8a98bbc6, 0x8cb365e7, 0x63fa89c9, 0x1fdb137c, 0x34bde237, 0x9be30d5f,
+ 0xe94f5c05, 0xc743fddb, 0x241f023f, 0xbc96f4c8, 0xc761b9eb, 0x7ee03d70,
+ 0x3ccfbe5b, 0x871de9b3, 0xdc59df84, 0xe3685b42, 0xbc59bbab, 0x3b17ee00,
+ 0x399af7b2, 0xabbc8a5f, 0x9047c596, 0xfd394f30, 0xdfc1ab16, 0x5bfb4b3d,
+ 0x06e4d47c, 0x2ade2eba, 0x8b5c0297, 0xfef5beb6, 0x458f4a38, 0x29f4d5db,
+ 0x29761a6c, 0x01f7dd6e, 0xe8c6e6bf, 0x2de3be51, 0xcfe07f86, 0x165d18d4,
+ 0x832b7f6d, 0x8f8f6d0c, 0x71bdfa22, 0x84fa0248, 0x5de47d18, 0x3f0230ff,
+ 0x2247be7c, 0x6fa94710, 0x3a41780f, 0xe9453a72, 0xa3e7aba6, 0x263d01f4,
+ 0xe0ed03e8, 0xdebe967e, 0xa4dd7c27, 0x5df88cfc, 0x0dc981f0, 0xeaf05ef3,
+ 0xff001c4f, 0xf192a549, 0x640f73f5, 0x40b4fac0, 0x3138640d, 0xfc17df65,
+ 0xfe70dff6, 0xb7fddff3, 0xf2f3820c, 0xb17e60f4, 0xd7980f40, 0x16b7f5dc,
+ 0xc479f7c3, 0xe0b77c8b, 0x9a678a39, 0x9290a97e, 0x62e409ed, 0xffad89a5,
+ 0xe1305f27, 0x8049fab9, 0x7815c28f, 0xe0f6e64f, 0xffb75c52, 0xbfbe7a2d,
+ 0x725ff30c, 0x24c3b9be, 0xd6a869e2, 0xd3d7e38f, 0x83ba7957, 0xe9b7cf3f,
+ 0x8fa006a1, 0xeee4eefc, 0x4a0f288d, 0xba43e380, 0x822ffb4c, 0x5d1f8cef,
+ 0x5107f08a, 0x506be9bd, 0xb161963d, 0xf1f396f1, 0xcb93dae2, 0x15b70839,
+ 0x664f6fce, 0xbef7f624, 0xfe9ee5ca, 0xc9ec6835, 0x79337c98, 0xf230f4df,
+ 0xdcc385d1, 0x1f72101e, 0x7ac12b2c, 0xbba46a0d, 0xfd87b583, 0xef704545,
+ 0x7c3fb074, 0x4dbd74b5, 0x549bd724, 0x72dad72e, 0x6e1427c1, 0xc122ec05,
+ 0xfc79272f, 0xce1fcc39, 0x493de761, 0x0badc5db, 0xd1cf183e, 0xaf213fbe,
+ 0xf83eb9f3, 0xfe56934f, 0x096efac9, 0x3b7a28fd, 0xaa7cbda5, 0x545f9f28,
+ 0xc7ff7bef, 0x08be3e54, 0xe9d4f909, 0x2e7c9d4b, 0x7cb12d78, 0x6efa117e,
+ 0xd2aff9f2, 0xd03bf39f, 0xf8759b9f, 0xfbdd0b6b, 0xc7576efc, 0xbfebd478,
+ 0x8fce7042, 0xd907a44a, 0x3fe7ac3a, 0xafe577c1, 0xf60de92c, 0x04df9448,
+ 0x8b7e725f, 0xbbe0a3f1, 0xed3faf2b, 0xc73813f4, 0xaf303ec0, 0x15fb089b,
+ 0x179d9bb3, 0xf986735c, 0xd923cd1d, 0x3ac0697e, 0x1aeff305, 0x0ec0a39c,
+ 0xd77e3a98, 0x8e93f717, 0x4e87e7f9, 0xcc59f977, 0xfda41d7c, 0x9e257c10,
+ 0x0cc3a38e, 0x1221df4e, 0x3afb83ec, 0xdfef1c8f, 0xbc9999b6, 0xb5e8faef,
+ 0x4167c03c, 0xc66490cb, 0xdeb8d95f, 0x5b6abf09, 0xfa0c95c0, 0x17dc2db4,
+ 0x0eda90e3, 0xee8949ca, 0xe9c4bf5b, 0xb7b70afb, 0x2a91365a, 0x488fe219,
+ 0x8111da2b, 0x2f8c664d, 0x8afbb7d3, 0x8befc5eb, 0xe03fa00f, 0x634b25e3,
+ 0xb33f2271, 0xea77cf99, 0x5d1b5f9b, 0x8506be54, 0x3f601837, 0x41936830,
+ 0xe6688f1b, 0x724b9d7c, 0xbea7af81, 0x891a4969, 0xdbb2b4e7, 0x3e1c7202,
+ 0x8826f467, 0x1fcfd223, 0x6b7b07fa, 0x1f9d9994, 0xee86a1bc, 0x676bfbc5,
+ 0x23f604cd, 0x45aac675, 0xb6cce089, 0x4eeb3830, 0x50fcba30, 0xb1682978,
+ 0x7ce10a47, 0xfbe11379, 0x099d3d1b, 0x216f4fdb, 0x16d4de78, 0x9abe5996,
+ 0x5051939d, 0xed009d1e, 0xe35ed12e, 0xda9af3e4, 0x3dc0afed, 0xe4b08abb,
+ 0x9e704834, 0xe37468db, 0x83229e7a, 0x12e11b1e, 0x439dedf7, 0xdff1c7a7,
+ 0x7882b328, 0x8dee37d9, 0xe72f013b, 0x9c0918cf, 0xb7f67b93, 0x3bfd603a,
+ 0x7e43ce1f, 0x9467cfd3, 0x97e1a5d9, 0x71327e1d, 0x5e3edc52, 0x45f1cf4f,
+ 0xcf009ede, 0xe6ab6a90, 0xe35354fb, 0xfc027772, 0x1fa598d7, 0x9abb1f84,
+ 0x0f8e5976, 0xe2f6390b, 0xff6882f9, 0xee397b40, 0x978e489e, 0x077570ad,
+ 0xefab2c3c, 0xbaf01ddb, 0x6ed4bfec, 0xab6bf889, 0x6d1fc59f, 0x400a7783,
+ 0x1ca86b8e, 0xe3938f0f, 0x39c72a1a, 0xccf9dbed, 0x6f1cac3f, 0x644e3905,
+ 0x08fa7187, 0x3e161e39, 0xac3c7286, 0xf35f7b46, 0x2f3f337e, 0xa58e50e9,
+ 0x1c59d36e, 0x4096db8b, 0x881e036f, 0x5201e191, 0x79e40718, 0xe794b7db,
+ 0xef061641, 0x979e4abf, 0xbe3c24ed, 0x266f4f44, 0xa8eacbcf, 0x77404b3c,
+ 0xeacbcf26, 0xd3d78b09, 0x7680f1c9, 0x57dacc72, 0x5f7b5844, 0xefafce6d,
+ 0x7ae5e3a2, 0x60883754, 0x47ae4c6e, 0xb6f5cbc5, 0xe0fae48e, 0xa45ae595,
+ 0x533cb93b, 0x4ee3edb9, 0x58775740, 0xc6f2e71b, 0x3bd593d8, 0x28ff2f80,
+ 0xc176afbb, 0xdbeccc7a, 0x727b1eff, 0x29c5f024, 0x381fcf0e, 0x03fb34df,
+ 0xb8f17fd8, 0x2a9ed067, 0x34f55fda, 0xd92df79c, 0x8bd012a4, 0xd0c73515,
+ 0xc3efd29e, 0xdfa57d85, 0xd23d0b8f, 0xdfcb9c59, 0x7265f8f8, 0xfe4bc223,
+ 0x223be324, 0xadfff9fa, 0x560f3823, 0x5eef0fbd, 0xf33b3808, 0xe8798813,
+ 0xd0f312e1, 0x9089f7c3, 0x0f241197, 0x8f1443fc, 0x3f812f28, 0xacdf78c8,
+ 0xcd6ae0b4, 0x719f2b3b, 0x555793bd, 0x9e6e0450, 0x72bf7e32, 0x07a5bade,
+ 0xa8c3dee0, 0x305cae23, 0x338fc7ab, 0xf55f6179, 0xe515a592, 0xd325d059,
+ 0x12fbb0a2, 0xe8de3e5c, 0xfc085959, 0x9c95abe6, 0x22f8feb0, 0x32bbe35f,
+ 0xaaf99efb, 0x6168f818, 0x2134e4bd, 0xc2339e1f, 0xae98af7e, 0x794fc0c3,
+ 0x8fb873e1, 0x205f585b, 0x7585fb43, 0xa2043e12, 0xd3a08fc7, 0xca4f8db7,
+ 0x056df0e0, 0x6700edf8, 0x38df5b2b, 0xa7dca27c, 0x17f03404, 0xc1f17b3d,
+ 0x0bb7062c, 0xef015d4c, 0xb3bc28a8, 0x07579c64, 0x14e1eaf0, 0xde0cef78,
+ 0x8e968b4c, 0xde709a7f, 0x70d8fe88, 0x37f6974a, 0xe7cfd6df, 0x4fb80d23,
+ 0x4abefe13, 0x866c9bd9, 0x1b4bae7d, 0x2b484c4f, 0x00ff45c6, 0xee6c3ffd,
+ 0x51ff71d6, 0xf1d83abf, 0xa8ef6720, 0x965f3fb8, 0xf70eeae4, 0xaa82ef82,
+ 0xbcd33f74, 0x7a8014dd, 0x7e4dfe62, 0xde1fbb8f, 0xf4c12a1b, 0xddd4bfb4,
+ 0x7d4e2e2f, 0xd9e733de, 0x8200d4f9, 0x49cd1f71, 0xca277fcc, 0x88c8b06f,
+ 0x3f381bbf, 0xfe1a562c, 0x4bd821f9, 0x01f21a9b, 0x3c4ba6ae, 0x2992e46e,
+ 0x6cd6f9e1, 0x6bdc4ede, 0xa4e007bc, 0x7d7b337c, 0xfb16714a, 0xce7b9e37,
+ 0x07bdb3e4, 0xfdd237ee, 0xc234378d, 0xfd48fe08, 0xc4b9be7d, 0xfbd37883,
+ 0x4792e71d, 0xf7a51f70, 0x9529363b, 0xdaafb846, 0x81225eb4, 0x36f8fc04,
+ 0x7f0063c4, 0xdf87e074, 0x8424316a, 0xdbb823bf, 0x91ac3fdd, 0x87af2fd0,
+ 0x15a6fe77, 0xebb5c20f, 0x3cd9ebd9, 0xf94bf9db, 0xf4bcc53c, 0xebc69370,
+ 0xb8bafc48, 0x4feecc30, 0xb3223c57, 0x8dc79075, 0x7c057808, 0xb462f2c5,
+ 0xc9d65a77, 0xcddb6fa8, 0x107c1023, 0xb3dd09ee, 0xa2af725a, 0x676a2aed,
+ 0xf7f9054d, 0x2fe0fad2, 0xe088f96d, 0x46b2d9fa, 0xf53e020a, 0x6efb15f3,
+ 0x6f796f11, 0x1a663e58, 0x801ce896, 0xa50e65d1, 0x773b9c0b, 0xfaf6bf44,
+ 0x2fddc0a3, 0x8483be3e, 0x30bf5f70, 0x9fbb8378, 0x69947f46, 0x3fa141f2,
+ 0x674139f8, 0x132a44f2, 0x3f2115eb, 0x7c849e42, 0x17c60dbd, 0xc12a15c4,
+ 0x80395903, 0x3f50c7b7, 0x437b23dd, 0x781f1e16, 0x99f3e007, 0x83ee3cf3,
+ 0xa30c69e3, 0x0a795ccf, 0x8f48ef7e, 0xce683c51, 0xb45b7609, 0x3bef8a7e,
+ 0x210f311f, 0x7a7e6207, 0xbfe3d039, 0xdf47bc33, 0xc06eeb19, 0x32ce5475,
+ 0x7e06be54, 0x1d34ded7, 0x5b966602, 0xaad3459e, 0x6cf289a2, 0xa654869a,
+ 0xe606427f, 0x7fe3130f, 0x6917c7c4, 0x03f4b596, 0xfc07c40b, 0x86df21a9,
+ 0xf0bd2ce7, 0xa5c7153c, 0x792558f8, 0x817dd808, 0xf3ae08b7, 0x1f64e9b9,
+ 0x3c46d9e0, 0x54ae4063, 0x5bf72a6b, 0xfa59f8b2, 0x1ba90597, 0xeef8edf6,
+ 0x824cffd4, 0x136dd8f5, 0x81266ff9, 0x364eec9d, 0xfe12f7f0, 0x79ddf2c9,
+ 0xf9665c9e, 0x997e512c, 0xdbcdefb5, 0xf3193213, 0xcd394583, 0xa2e1fd43,
+ 0x0879625c, 0xcae5a4f8, 0xbc32695a, 0x9d5aa563, 0xed597fcc, 0xae7c0c19,
+ 0x49bed818, 0x7188d379, 0x5e1e226e, 0xdeb0bab5, 0x5f0a2b83, 0x509c41b1,
+ 0xf705c7a1, 0x58c12b18, 0xd3ddf6e9, 0xb21e9c55, 0x2def80cd, 0xb3740a40,
+ 0x8d79d95b, 0xf1a927a0, 0x6afb860c, 0x0c19e424, 0x56598971, 0xe295b26f,
+ 0xc350ef37, 0x9a839044, 0x07c83ef7, 0x0ee80b3b, 0x821de4fd, 0xfd2868b7,
+ 0x21b55d76, 0xcb37ae3e, 0xed0e905a, 0x9cf0f928, 0x66dc788a, 0xe6af1f46,
+ 0x39725efc, 0xe0b95dc9, 0xf79ed35a, 0x5d2140d6, 0xa52df307, 0xe90fd0d9,
+ 0xd0fd4115, 0xcbf8d852, 0x4e7839b1, 0x7f1ac7dd, 0xe7606d4e, 0xb521a4f6,
+ 0x7184764b, 0x2f187dd8, 0x7b559a97, 0x03c63664, 0x973ed098, 0x83f41e3c,
+ 0xacdb88da, 0x89b6fed0, 0x926e7c7b, 0xf1e0c819, 0x7b060611, 0x5cec7e7a,
+ 0x329c4ddb, 0xcf0b9f8c, 0xd205f4fb, 0x4f9a6296, 0xc5483682, 0x77ea5b3c,
+ 0xa31c3be1, 0x9b5e2c6d, 0xee093ff6, 0x616e3e0d, 0xb7984fef, 0xb9fc4f10,
+ 0xb32b4cd7, 0x54dad763, 0x1aab73e4, 0xb6f405ba, 0x82711cf5, 0xf782a6de,
+ 0x3c438c23, 0x57102060, 0x741aa2f0, 0xeb5c3c42, 0x02f5c540, 0xce796e2d,
+ 0x2d38c0a8, 0xbfa2fe9c, 0x81ae8dc7, 0x2bf1d710, 0x58bfcb1b, 0x5a13e2c0,
+ 0x2106373f, 0xcb35352e, 0xbf1f195c, 0xd6cac332, 0x85491dff, 0xfd6958b7,
+ 0x2d73aa57, 0x7aa10fc0, 0x47fe812b, 0x448ca1ef, 0x726a90e9, 0x527e852e,
+ 0x72f853cf, 0x14807e70, 0x446ba70a, 0xb8f3c532, 0x782eed1b, 0xf77e88cf,
+ 0xb45f5e00, 0x39046e84, 0xc06add68, 0x8cdbc87b, 0x6fc832ee, 0x5739736b,
+ 0x42727cc1, 0x56cf9c56, 0x9b67ce03, 0x32d075b5, 0x01daf70a, 0x3146be2c,
+ 0x8296ba14, 0xc511b1fe, 0x6f9bfb4c, 0x31457a65, 0xacdca014, 0xbe7d32b3,
+ 0xebe4c0da, 0x9b8e8971, 0xd0ffbb1b, 0xa7f6cad2, 0xc837a6dd, 0x996b1740,
+ 0x91128fb8, 0x009e0ec1, 0xf1d0790f, 0xa0d5d827, 0xce339f8b, 0x489f74a2,
+ 0x76073f08, 0xfb4f1e1f, 0x095767d9, 0x47e26bcc, 0x4bde318b, 0xc75e71c4,
+ 0xd25ae3f9, 0xbd699b28, 0x77122f6b, 0xad9bf604, 0x4e1049ce, 0x6d45dd71,
+ 0xf121567c, 0x071e3c28, 0x7cc995d7, 0x5da2029c, 0x3ac3273f, 0x3229c74b,
+ 0xb53bbeeb, 0x7cad07f9, 0xd926c97d, 0x90ccfeec, 0x2fdd7067, 0xefe3ba31,
+ 0xbc78887d, 0x5fcf76ed, 0xd039ae21, 0xfb4492a0, 0xcefe913f, 0xfee2d74f,
+ 0xd17e5f74, 0x8377f18a, 0xe00555d6, 0xfd41c49d, 0xef943f58, 0x93bf78ec,
+ 0x95e81df2, 0x4f4b9e6b, 0x2c61f583, 0x152237d7, 0xe47c067c, 0xe47c664c,
+ 0xbb931e1c, 0xa41cd68d, 0xb41bf01f, 0x5bb2f217, 0xc899de0d, 0x73f9419f,
+ 0xed85e823, 0xf5a71676, 0x19e61e8b, 0x9c624f20, 0xf5ff9c13, 0x962b83e9,
+ 0xde6155ed, 0x6675b25f, 0xc68bcf52, 0x543938c6, 0x7caf8c1d, 0x5369aaae,
+ 0x57634fc1, 0x83257cf1, 0x7f04bffb, 0xb66abe08, 0x7a34e2c7, 0x514bf1c4,
+ 0x5f719fdd, 0x2125f455, 0x7e389cce, 0xe09bf6e1, 0x08818997, 0x244eb5c6,
+ 0xb82b7ecc, 0xef4052e0, 0x33a5f9e8, 0x2900813e, 0xe55dbbd0, 0x6e564397,
+ 0xe5f9455f, 0xeb9f8392, 0x7964f869, 0x2bf7517d, 0x396a49f9, 0x3e54747f,
+ 0x5df4c6d6, 0x9e2b33e8, 0xb26e8e57, 0x1cbefbb2, 0x982775cf, 0x30aed97e,
+ 0x6c3db27d, 0xddb27d42, 0xb9e2f5ee, 0xf3f32666, 0x08dbc511, 0x9eee4ef1,
+ 0x38dad766, 0xf5c4dd7e, 0xd08d4840, 0xffad3d1d, 0x63ae8c5f, 0x9b85ca6e,
+ 0x1cc7a499, 0x4f23d726, 0xbbc03719, 0x0ad84f6f, 0xe6bd00be, 0x82b95904,
+ 0x8277d09f, 0x38ae5bdd, 0xb77d4461, 0xc5bbcf6b, 0xf0540f60, 0xbbd18e78,
+ 0x1c2e2ddf, 0xbe30fd02, 0x97f38afa, 0x4c058fc8, 0xda2bfbe2, 0x12c68277,
+ 0x276e97a6, 0x6711d52e, 0x81f78bcf, 0x864f814a, 0xf463d7c5, 0xcfeef76c,
+ 0x2007d289, 0x61fa703c, 0xd30fbe2f, 0x4b39fbd9, 0x6005715e, 0x9df6719f,
+ 0xe2ae1188, 0x06eed913, 0x77dfebbc, 0x1c78b7c9, 0x346b8836, 0xfa660e56,
+ 0xf02fb2a9, 0xfc339095, 0xfd0cf8a3, 0x6b0bc06d, 0xdb80ece3, 0x711fbcf9,
+ 0xba3cec2b, 0xf88418d1, 0x6b0947fd, 0x21c4ec27, 0xb9e72636, 0x13bd5fcb,
+ 0xe05bcee0, 0xe7da78c1, 0xfefc6492, 0xf731122b, 0x15ba3a05, 0x54854bf4,
+ 0x2949d157, 0xa5288f56, 0xb4ffc003, 0x0f359bbb, 0xe6c27fc6, 0x12f00e1d,
+ 0xb420f5a5, 0x372e3d1b, 0x7db3f40f, 0xe434eac4, 0x85370e2b, 0x3db364ab,
+ 0xab808706, 0xa7e98d97, 0x86b36c27, 0x76b146db, 0x8f6a7fa0, 0x09bd9935,
+ 0x3f9e8ef4, 0x18e7f542, 0x09f1c45f, 0x4f8c45f0, 0x179099a4, 0xd3cf19f8,
+ 0xf3efffdb, 0x57c034c9, 0x05e69d9c, 0xb93ef83a, 0x51c59fd4, 0xd1d0b8b1,
+ 0x187dbe32, 0xce6cc38d, 0x79c3742c, 0x1f8f4566, 0xecf94a63, 0xde811ffc,
+ 0xc67bd87b, 0x7813bec2, 0x6017249e, 0xc1236ebf, 0x8f641efb, 0xf969fb05,
+ 0x21f6535b, 0xa1dfcfa8, 0xef8d89fb, 0x6829bc0f, 0xefe0ee77, 0x48888f21,
+ 0xa08e9768, 0xa95dcccb, 0xd2466f60, 0xec8efbd8, 0xe39b893e, 0xc4db35fb,
+ 0xd73b802c, 0xe02fa136, 0xcb01f5e9, 0xee2581df, 0x760b9ef5, 0x26f8a26c,
+ 0xf704924d, 0x2e2441dc, 0x4cfed167, 0xae702253, 0x012dec2b, 0xfb9fd087,
+ 0x6d2bbf78, 0xe75d3f4c, 0xa0eee761, 0xaa0e01f7, 0x528dc3c7, 0x6eb10e0c,
+ 0x0d4895ec, 0x06050dd8, 0x5b117a4f, 0xbd7ef057, 0x70ddb914, 0xebacea99,
+ 0xe74a5c60, 0x05116e96, 0xbfeb5ee3, 0xd07f06ce, 0x47dbf094, 0x22299e00,
+ 0x8dadd6ee, 0xdddbd5bb, 0xfb126ec2, 0x293f6111, 0x5f608274, 0xef85bd81,
+ 0x8a7df0ff, 0x3757bf93, 0x3f466221, 0xae6de3fc, 0x0fae1e81, 0x14ff0a14,
+ 0x74b93f0e, 0x8a04f2f9, 0xfc44a9ff, 0x8e2c2ab5, 0x6e5d2099, 0x6fce9482,
+ 0xb11241ca, 0x726f3852, 0x1c78e44b, 0x463cdd5f, 0x89bf879b, 0x3afeb119,
+ 0xd397afab, 0x62b912f1, 0x4db7fbfc, 0xf9d9fa0f, 0xecfc1fd8, 0x1f5c63fc,
+ 0x8180a039, 0x3b07a637, 0xe6ebe0f7, 0xf75b2341, 0xceffedf4, 0xa19c7ee5,
+ 0x81f81871, 0x06feeef7, 0x7737ddd7, 0xd83ef37f, 0x573f6397, 0xc769f808,
+ 0x19323e7d, 0x3263a5fd, 0xe8851ef1, 0x8d59f7d7, 0xc8efb08d, 0xbe3de237,
+ 0x0f1e1403, 0xe67d93bc, 0x9fa027f1, 0x7998270b, 0xc66fd079, 0x62fc62ef,
+ 0xf81fb7a3, 0x7bf98bdd, 0x6624078e, 0x03f28967, 0x46b45dfc, 0xcfe117ae,
+ 0xd25f4f14, 0x94467680, 0x3e4aa77e, 0x11d01257, 0xfe0b8efe, 0xe4fdc2bb,
+ 0xce7152ce, 0x46f1c6d4, 0xf3c51df6, 0x966bebb6, 0x5fc7602a, 0x4f13299f,
+ 0xb837b8dc, 0xe713c46c, 0xa6dcf8ef, 0xbec873b5, 0x0a989e97, 0x3243f1fe,
+ 0x85f2ed5e, 0x0c33bfb7, 0xc2720df2, 0x578137f3, 0xc3ebc781, 0xfbe0154b,
+ 0x17267669, 0x6e3f8d9d, 0xe18fe510, 0xecc26f40, 0xe5097cc5, 0x37d74f47,
+ 0x8d26ff77, 0x7c1a5fdb, 0x816f4477, 0x37874177, 0x032614ce, 0x83a33a3e,
+ 0xd0f74f9e, 0xbce805f9, 0x017e7422, 0xe9bdc76a, 0xbf7e6277, 0x82f3133f,
+ 0x1bf57d3f, 0x140ec0d3, 0x8d39397c, 0xbad8c9f1, 0x3d88d227, 0xf681a746,
+ 0x1e8bc41c, 0x1b3ed36f, 0x27ca8499, 0x3ee01a40, 0x60e7588d, 0xe546437d,
+ 0xebf5e8f7, 0x5df2eddb, 0xd4796193, 0x5dd36baf, 0x9eb4bab3, 0x92add7e9,
+ 0xa80a5543, 0xb96562a3, 0x6601d6c2, 0xfe780bb7, 0x9d6f4a42, 0x6ba7b52a,
+ 0xe9e9f047, 0x8e5fad3d, 0xe25e109a, 0x4878f955, 0xa03ef147, 0x8eb17e1e,
+ 0x498f3677, 0x9f5f2d76, 0x4fe9353f, 0x6ff012c3, 0x2fac7c47, 0x18a0fa17,
+ 0x34c5c806, 0x34c97600, 0xb3d2067b, 0x7891a2f8, 0x2f5a5ee0, 0x6e34f90b,
+ 0x7a53215d, 0x84fd3f23, 0xf11db7af, 0x0345c553, 0xf8c5a6f1, 0xcc7dad4a,
+ 0xa7557c06, 0x1ce0d954, 0xd97b5aeb, 0x8f8a64aa, 0x4e159f49, 0x46abf3c7,
+ 0xd9d70103, 0x7db9f0e4, 0xf7104fe0, 0x7bc30ba8, 0xf70f808b, 0xbfb80d2b,
+ 0xc840b96a, 0x68767163, 0x0d95786d, 0x74dab1ec, 0x0706fd19, 0xbee68852,
+ 0xe99dab67, 0x6d13da91, 0xca093d53, 0x9a4927fb, 0x9d224afb, 0xc3e93c46,
+ 0x2dde9fc0, 0xc520fd09, 0x8f880c6b, 0xadfb9249, 0xee4bb074, 0xb661ef60,
+ 0x2b7e8fd4, 0x7cdfc29d, 0x93ea0a77, 0x2d0fb5c9, 0x84c25275, 0xdf8791fe,
+ 0xee49675b, 0x62bd6817, 0xc5f31b97, 0xdf707273, 0x699ffa37, 0xf940a6d3,
+ 0xfc1baa0d, 0xc5e5931f, 0x395fdc0a, 0xc2e5299b, 0xd4b772fe, 0x7604c2b8,
+ 0x871b1975, 0xb0690338, 0x4a6f7d3f, 0xc8b588da, 0x757f224b, 0x0a465aee,
+ 0xe76e3eed, 0xfbf0bdf9, 0x956fcb07, 0x64e4fef0, 0xc4091667, 0x1af153f1,
+ 0x8f6a5f4a, 0x5eee12dd, 0x4e3df048, 0xf8e30499, 0x07bf00fa, 0xe2af5adb,
+ 0x96b7033b, 0x2b5048da, 0x37d7281f, 0x35a6be72, 0xa875836f, 0x25fccc2c,
+ 0xd348cfb7, 0xcc252fd4, 0xf572117e, 0x7f7f2e23, 0x9293ad24, 0x5b53ff69,
+ 0x0c430e1b, 0xdf7c8dfe, 0xdd8934bc, 0xaf722253, 0xeee7a051, 0xe06966f0,
+ 0xad00d1fb, 0xd6e4dc7c, 0xa31e6fe6, 0x93e5ebcd, 0xf2357be2, 0x06e4a653,
+ 0xb70adf7c, 0x467f98af, 0x7af41fa3, 0xf3fad6e1, 0x7eff60fb, 0xaf0c4deb,
+ 0xede82f42, 0x289ebd75, 0x02ae340d, 0xa12d2ebe, 0xf004fefb, 0x017d5f7c,
+ 0x2630dfbf, 0x78debdb7, 0x44fdcec7, 0xd8ab9157, 0x09fabfbe, 0xba169be0,
+ 0xf0129a1e, 0x8457588d, 0xca98a01f, 0x3909f031, 0xd7fe8e93, 0x3ca917c9,
+ 0x00fcc5a7, 0xed423d51, 0xfb02770c, 0xafbda4e7, 0x7aa2be46, 0xf9a9fe85,
+ 0x98cedfdf, 0x037550ac, 0xbd8bbf7e, 0xf50f2048, 0x8b1ffa18, 0x2e5342e1,
+ 0x0e7a6f3c, 0x853e3dfd, 0xbd716bee, 0x2f7688dd, 0x35293de8, 0x54840726,
+ 0xaeb177e1, 0x76624ccd, 0x389fd47c, 0x7df8d55d, 0x03147f04, 0xa7ae40de,
+ 0xefefe8cb, 0x71887f2a, 0xa17cd5ff, 0x24a487e7, 0x23f48ebe, 0x0fc2bafd,
+ 0x5f040f82, 0x3f95d7e8, 0x1d41fce8, 0x49d92bad, 0x1def0c19, 0x0d6f2bac,
+ 0xeb7f5150, 0x839b13d7, 0x76f40ff9, 0x9d9db94a, 0xf038dcbb, 0x27d83b56,
+ 0xe0be8533, 0x7f8093eb, 0x17c63af2, 0x56ce356f, 0x07c9bce0, 0x4f139ef2,
+ 0x15f7e677, 0x86b1587c, 0xf293dfa0, 0xd74013c3, 0x78a92777, 0x9f5cd9fe,
+ 0xeb09c932, 0x7bf604d2, 0x9eb85342, 0x55ef0a2a, 0x73ebffc0, 0x9d057eb3,
+ 0xe1fce26f, 0xa9c47ee1, 0x88fd091e, 0xfc14f4ed, 0x5cdf9683, 0x39230522,
+ 0xe34f3a31, 0x6c7af5ed, 0xed873f1a, 0x1be85dec, 0x937b9d05, 0x7b4affde,
+ 0xe84e8ee1, 0xe9ebda2a, 0x74f6015a, 0x7d92ba02, 0xec05be2c, 0xf5eba06e,
+ 0x77ec1517, 0xfed6924e, 0xf72670b9, 0xe447b857, 0xb1f1f5f5, 0x6674f9fa,
+ 0xec25def7, 0x8bef6e7b, 0x58546f71, 0xeb677fbc, 0xd7af194d, 0x9ff3bad9,
+ 0xbdbf5a49, 0xafd08ba0, 0xf5cef0ed, 0xeb74476f, 0xd7b6ff4c, 0xfba2abbb,
+ 0xff421fbc, 0xbac5fe8a, 0x5eabf420, 0x16778b2f, 0x07bcfbf5, 0x9fd01837,
+ 0x3fdf2d72, 0xe9656b5f, 0x5cec49cb, 0xf8493aaa, 0x5639d97b, 0xf99daf60,
+ 0xa334be83, 0x4901f95f, 0x03c53f46, 0x7fa80ca3, 0x1d18d887, 0x0f251ee9,
+ 0x0f6db3e6, 0x42946fb3, 0xb9c00642, 0x2e764f6c, 0x4a44ad5b, 0x15bbaf51,
+ 0xd7537102, 0x3e3f18d8, 0x4ee066f0, 0xe381e718, 0xd0ab0dfd, 0x00691d0f,
+ 0xae7466bb, 0x295be782, 0xadfa1726, 0x184deb9b, 0xf752d56f, 0x77e17bef,
+ 0x24be5aa8, 0xfb667bf8, 0x73d14deb, 0x1b9e1325, 0x8e21921c, 0x6095a5a2,
+ 0x1984e23c, 0x3fd82291, 0x561a4b5d, 0x9c7cbec1, 0xd79bdd91, 0x926cebd3,
+ 0x3ba3b7b8, 0x7167a867, 0x2c494524, 0x73e3a48e, 0x3c228686, 0xbad85067,
+ 0xd7fd69e2, 0x838c339c, 0xfb47b135, 0x740f86f3, 0xf3a3a7fa, 0x76466d86,
+ 0xaefad52e, 0x264ec04a, 0xfa13d2a7, 0x773b3a6f, 0xf563dba8, 0x8e701cb8,
+ 0xbafbecc8, 0xae3d3d3d, 0x1fd71d61, 0x085ad8d6, 0x6d56db68, 0x09618d58,
+ 0x3d1b1fdc, 0x93e3d3ff, 0xbf8f59e3, 0x127bb082, 0x5b0a63ec, 0xdfbf114b,
+ 0x9c469cf7, 0xb26b6f63, 0xdd6f807a, 0xb03be726, 0x7ee09ffe, 0x6d13bab9,
+ 0xdb8bd056, 0x007a7a9a, 0x8b5f3d1e, 0xb88fdb73, 0xdf9c4f7f, 0x73b30b6e,
+ 0xb30fb817, 0xb7bdea9f, 0x5c6237ab, 0x8f97d9e0, 0xa2d0fc61, 0x06626437,
+ 0x12756d7f, 0x341c9fbf, 0x5e5fbac2, 0x35b9e323, 0x69fc8395, 0x42b6f171,
+ 0xc6da2c8f, 0x7f2ce3de, 0x429c14cd, 0xfebf97db, 0xbf8830e9, 0x7ad95e6f,
+ 0x201f7e00, 0x7ec4b2f0, 0x38d02eb7, 0x2e53de0c, 0xc9fb1257, 0xa1f3f1fa,
+ 0x19b67533, 0x16c44ef8, 0xe583fbf6, 0x5355dba1, 0xcb2f7edc, 0xb4b8e2a1,
+ 0x2f07d31e, 0x00ee7849, 0xc7bfc5f0, 0x3ff5de2b, 0xe0c492f3, 0xf08355ab,
+ 0x5be5863b, 0xbdc337b6, 0x2623f2be, 0xb6f9afdc, 0x2e77c39c, 0xc56db68b,
+ 0xad5f6138, 0xe96bf64c, 0x2a7fbba7, 0xaa5e2047, 0xf3bd86a2, 0x3f18f34f,
+ 0xf7621155, 0xbdedbe96, 0xeadb459f, 0x14500f5f, 0xa2f1da2e, 0xd3b1d603,
+ 0xf81d9b0d, 0x2b96eeee, 0xf0ec67df, 0x61e854fe, 0x6134e384, 0x776fa972,
+ 0xff774393, 0x3f1a4b6c, 0xc7e48894, 0xf0c7f7c7, 0xd171f8c8, 0x0b7f2fd6,
+ 0xbccf7bf7, 0x016fc5f6, 0x3cffc5de, 0x9f385bff, 0x4e2c7b23, 0x5efa9fd8,
+ 0x8fde0bfe, 0x3be6ed14, 0xf9babed8, 0xf77f17a5, 0x8ec1f82c, 0xcdaa7bb2,
+ 0xe1b327f5, 0xf6f365de, 0xafc033af, 0x327ebcb7, 0x77cb97da, 0x0af33b52,
+ 0x3acd2fe7, 0x1ee8eff9, 0x7d9abeeb, 0x59d700d9, 0x22535f4a, 0x7df8b9fa,
+ 0xb78b10b8, 0xab83de8b, 0x3ae0f766, 0x335c37bd, 0x216be6ed, 0x7546af8e,
+ 0xf4e89a83, 0x4a61dbfe, 0x82dfe1c7, 0xbeecd57e, 0x94f859d9, 0x03dbfee0,
+ 0x3957ae0e, 0x99acbefd, 0x50b3fcfb, 0xe1d69358, 0x1748b7fd, 0x2bee26f0,
+ 0x54f0e2df, 0x5e6e4039, 0x1bef057b, 0xd0a6dd02, 0xfd6f3689, 0x75ee1b32,
+ 0xef5b529f, 0xba0eb8c1, 0xa05f81fe, 0x28affebc, 0xdf3bcd3f, 0xe12d3f45,
+ 0xa39b83f7, 0x3af7e2f3, 0x6df19625, 0xe6f7624a, 0x3ee1fe38, 0xfa6de81d,
+ 0x639fdf9d, 0xc7bfabfc, 0x2f47ee29, 0xbe21f4d9, 0xcbc7a6e3, 0xbfe10edb,
+ 0x1a4bd18e, 0xef478b13, 0x1f024e88, 0xe8c7c04e, 0x89a1fbf8, 0xef462def,
+ 0x893a7311, 0xfbd1a0fb, 0x013f349f, 0x495fd2f3, 0xbcd07d02, 0x6d2bdd81,
+ 0x23bf1356, 0xbe8bee2f, 0x98b3a3a9, 0x21f2477f, 0xfc19d8e8, 0x3b3f16df,
+ 0x57ec2e1c, 0xc655a78f, 0x6d79f7c4, 0x1b6eccc9, 0x491574e1, 0x1edba9b4,
+ 0xd5a843c2, 0xa61e2972, 0xa3be8aad, 0x5bdfc6e2, 0x55efc58b, 0xbf1f1f5e,
+ 0xfcbc9197, 0xc59d80fa, 0xc7a6e5d3, 0x7e7137d6, 0x65c38175, 0x05809133,
+ 0xb8f209df, 0x2ab67fc0, 0xfd86ecc5, 0x7476bb5a, 0xc6e730d9, 0xd4768bda,
+ 0xf5822bac, 0xe08fd4c1, 0x6fd11a7d, 0x3287bf2e, 0x77c46ec4, 0x4f42943c,
+ 0xa3e7bc26, 0x60dd1aa4, 0xbb8bb617, 0x6e54364b, 0x9c37e9a7, 0x3f412f0f,
+ 0xb2b5bf68, 0xb6723fdf, 0x623fdff2, 0x9cb2a4e7, 0x39011adb, 0xfd0923ba,
+ 0xeb57a47f, 0xc2aef0c7, 0xbb0633fb, 0xbc167fd1, 0x57d001e5, 0x255ec965,
+ 0x5473f699, 0xfa357f5a, 0x24deedd3, 0x6bbee758, 0x71fb5dfc, 0xddda1989,
+ 0x8bb59636, 0xb93d371b, 0xecb8fc5b, 0xe2fbf8fe, 0x3c5d6d9d, 0x24fc17a7,
+ 0xefe6bfb0, 0xdd7be1e4, 0x271d9c74, 0xdc87180c, 0x7171656c, 0x2e0dbf62,
+ 0xec671854, 0xfcca571f, 0x79a0209c, 0xbd96ab5f, 0xa0fa3dc7, 0x8ab708b7,
+ 0x56ed890d, 0x18e6fef1, 0x3cb8c412, 0xe35bbbfd, 0xd9d5ddb9, 0x64ee78bb,
+ 0x493d6f2e, 0xac1efe4f, 0xb685fde6, 0xfef07d43, 0x23ddbc10, 0x5d1bbc53,
+ 0x1a931932, 0xaa1afbe3, 0xe5fee167, 0xe61efceb, 0x7bcec3d0, 0x785afe01,
+ 0xe318c41f, 0xfbf0ddab, 0x2728460d, 0xa5ff4133, 0xd47ad878, 0x9b77b2a2,
+ 0xa0356853, 0x33d9aa5b, 0x234ba096, 0x8fff3124, 0xe4ebe70b, 0xcfcd5cff,
+ 0x9de052ed, 0x2fce3a1d, 0x5f8d060d, 0x872e66fb, 0xbb332737, 0x4c7437ea,
+ 0xcd5bf7e0, 0x18455755, 0xbe066f7d, 0x55e0c3ba, 0x352a7de1, 0xff0552bd,
+ 0x5f8c724e, 0xbee9975c, 0xec6de8ed, 0xc6a3e83d, 0x8f4fb9aa, 0x79cbdd8c,
+ 0x9e00e00f, 0xb9e2a731, 0xcb8e0cd6, 0x392b9736, 0xb42f4e25, 0x9ddc45d9,
+ 0xe77f192b, 0xd317dbc2, 0xa1363f23, 0xa8c47a9d, 0xef16238d, 0x53f788a8,
+ 0xa22afbc4, 0x5586c17c, 0x1c3f6049, 0xaf7da019, 0x9f993cab, 0x45142a17,
+ 0x19e3cfc0, 0xfbce8e9e, 0xe3bf0a99, 0xe93f67fc, 0x7ffaef07, 0x6cb9c775,
+ 0xcb6fa503, 0x792fbfbc, 0x6ddf969a, 0x1e0256f4, 0x5e356666, 0xbe78a465,
+ 0x0839fa6b, 0xdf37684f, 0x394f3f6f, 0xc358f780, 0xf9a7dc16, 0x01537fe6,
+ 0xeff909e3, 0x6493be68, 0x27804aef, 0xf04caefa, 0x8a8f7c53, 0xdf5e2494,
+ 0xbc5ffaf5, 0x44f824e3, 0x453abdc4, 0x4f4e809c, 0x6d0af788, 0xc0339a84,
+ 0xfe371ef7, 0x1fd0a69e, 0xc572fb74, 0x272102b8, 0x5e272e6e, 0xdc41e7d8,
+ 0x81b6584d, 0xf94038bc, 0x4b02e4f6, 0x8e438775, 0xcc7b5bc6, 0xdc201454,
+ 0x4f9fca1a, 0xd5faf0fe, 0x55236fb0, 0x93684369, 0x8be81ded, 0x1990123a,
+ 0x8a47929c, 0xcbfb17d7, 0xef58be99, 0x1747055d, 0xf17d6aff, 0xa3b7327a,
+ 0x0dd8beb9, 0x53f0409b, 0xc246ae00, 0x20d6713b, 0xf43f9dff, 0x11fb9843,
+ 0xfc56777c, 0x124d413e, 0x641c8383, 0x63c6d57c, 0x1d3a6626, 0xfd977dec,
+ 0x5f78ae83, 0x01a36471, 0x5b240d1e, 0x8a7ed953, 0xbe8d0c6a, 0x4ac07bda,
+ 0x96d99de0, 0xf006d31a, 0xd385b43b, 0x3f035516, 0xe04658d6, 0xfdfd741c,
+ 0x8d1f724f, 0xe075e67f, 0xce33aa4b, 0x36dd0e1a, 0x45f7f698, 0x43d3cd43,
+ 0xd1befa69, 0xe7f03efb, 0xb6437912, 0x7cafe293, 0xb355f065, 0x83edf30c,
+ 0x0aa1e1fe, 0xedb92809, 0xa3adf7fb, 0x4f27e11f, 0xee11531a, 0xf9bce1a1,
+ 0xd8477f68, 0x245e063c, 0xddaede58, 0x027bebef, 0x8dd2bfff, 0x5f2f0dd9,
+ 0xe8f5841c, 0xbc1c0a38, 0xc29c917e, 0x80682099, 0xbe15f5f5, 0x345f372e,
+ 0x5a1bfa68, 0x78c3205b, 0x6f552243, 0x862eefe2, 0x8fa42e4d, 0xe7d3bd93,
+ 0x3768254b, 0xbdffd4b4, 0x6cd7c43f, 0xcc7eb6b5, 0xd8175ced, 0x156716b9,
+ 0xb6dc7781, 0x40d53f72, 0xff1050ca, 0x718bbe2a, 0x1f193a66, 0x945b7a08,
+ 0xf62d722a, 0x7dc03117, 0x09abd6cf, 0xdb4c0fbe, 0x71ae3871, 0xfb48fac1,
+ 0xad10fbc5, 0x6f3c16f5, 0x32015ffb, 0x80008ac4, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x98ed0300, 0xd554707b, 0xfbbfc019, 0x24bbbbd8,
+ 0x245ddcd9, 0x06e1b1a0, 0xe8928092, 0x80c4208e, 0x04206ae4, 0x6768c665,
+ 0x267198fa, 0x9e47911b, 0x76a5b16b, 0x81378cec, 0x274eb55a, 0x2c61db55,
+ 0xcea85ed3, 0x4b389ad8, 0x4982c0dd, 0xa94889ba, 0x061276d3, 0x363a605b,
+ 0x041d8a32, 0x8d1d8976, 0xbefd0e0e, 0xbb25ee73, 0xfd3a809b, 0x6fc0c0f7,
+ 0xfb8f3dcf, 0xbe75ef9d, 0xf4826f73, 0x032f8fbb, 0xf49b8180, 0x55000d97,
+ 0xdb0901ef, 0x3bc8196a, 0x41548024, 0x1f31a4ba, 0x8e016fa0, 0x59ff01b9,
+ 0x46f306be, 0xe3779f80, 0x82801aef, 0xc2c1b51e, 0x4a3d8ab6, 0xc749a008,
+ 0xc8076e45, 0x082ac153, 0xcc80e7f1, 0x7ced39f3, 0xd5ec2e3e, 0x6529eef3,
+ 0xdb1f21cf, 0xc032e970, 0xfc4e8072, 0xe2c4b809, 0x28181283, 0xc7a0eb47,
+ 0xfde9a596, 0xcfdd93d1, 0xf2875f15, 0x1f0c941d, 0xebfc0fb6, 0xc7da11f4,
+ 0xa06f6c59, 0xd80f9c7e, 0xb1ea39df, 0xea9ef8fd, 0xc5ac9484, 0x6fcc7576,
+ 0xee75d81b, 0x95858d17, 0x7b647944, 0xd47ff62f, 0x6248ab1c, 0x523d05fb,
+ 0x6dfca3ae, 0x0456f727, 0xa03b8064, 0xfb8e8767, 0x2443225f, 0xc3cd8c86,
+ 0x267be3f7, 0xedec578e, 0xe997f1c2, 0x7ac02d4f, 0xb0731b1d, 0xdf991d2f,
+ 0x7cea8058, 0x006b7f02, 0x18f84f43, 0xbbbf87fb, 0x7a42a8d0, 0x72b1a9a0,
+ 0x8c175e6a, 0x40354314, 0x74661c37, 0xb56ca79f, 0x2df7c6c1, 0x64d7c77e,
+ 0xd7af8c66, 0x7a9ef665, 0xf4077de7, 0xd91d4ac8, 0x0b5a7c36, 0x8fdfbed0,
+ 0x890e0095, 0xc92146a9, 0x65cbceed, 0x2d071274, 0x69ab68cd, 0xff47c68d,
+ 0x495da603, 0xfad831fb, 0x7123feaf, 0xb33e7373, 0xb442cee7, 0xdf639553,
+ 0x4ef852fe, 0xd3f692ac, 0xfaf34c58, 0x43de8d66, 0xcbf7497a, 0xf34517b0,
+ 0xa4233deb, 0x22c0ff7f, 0x1f76c2c3, 0x76c240ea, 0x536fd07a, 0x7e394dff,
+ 0x7293d7e7, 0x198f8d3e, 0xaa8fc6c0, 0x92b7cd26, 0x52f2ecb3, 0x97b9af6a,
+ 0x77a37dda, 0x65b512eb, 0x00dbabf4, 0x77e9657c, 0x35e3ad81, 0xa01c5c68,
+ 0xafa19621, 0xe4c03d26, 0x217d226d, 0x46042adf, 0xd8b63fb7, 0xfed30c28,
+ 0x37fb8514, 0x21da2bf9, 0xbfccc8a0, 0x1829b4af, 0x9ef9ffb0, 0x80bd4fa5,
+ 0x21a30efe, 0x9b71fc99, 0x4e11fdce, 0xe008bb60, 0x039b1f51, 0xb9aadedb,
+ 0xdae517af, 0xf58537f6, 0x21fc77ef, 0xa1c3f8e1, 0x05627027, 0xd63cc9f9,
+ 0x064bb65e, 0x3b71ed03, 0xdd3d9cd2, 0xf591f15e, 0x2f5c544b, 0x7e0bd275,
+ 0x2a7e2514, 0xb01feefd, 0x6bc87dbd, 0x3c7d3058, 0x09fccd8a, 0xf018b1a0,
+ 0xc7892915, 0x1a6b582b, 0xc5f86bcc, 0x3532b885, 0x07e30cae, 0x4fda961d,
+ 0x160d75ea, 0x9142f3b6, 0xa2dfc9a7, 0x7d251363, 0xf8ffac38, 0xf5045144,
+ 0x25ccd71d, 0x05f107e4, 0xc33635b0, 0x1eea8ffa, 0x23d477a6, 0x0a8f7ff3,
+ 0xbf68bd47, 0x79e450aa, 0x9955ef5a, 0xc07cc3cf, 0xd263ecfc, 0xbbef3e2b,
+ 0xfa5bc79b, 0x79bf703c, 0x0066f625, 0xb7a6a0fd, 0xabbb4c34, 0x4d7f7951,
+ 0xbf26d4a2, 0xee56d501, 0x36ab38c7, 0x92bd3aad, 0x9f1e61f6, 0xeada7687,
+ 0xf1d00de4, 0xb85bb62f, 0xe1eb6099, 0xa0100dd6, 0xd077b738, 0x22bc77ba,
+ 0xbcf89385, 0x1e9cf6c5, 0x99796c77, 0xd9026ffd, 0x6bccea37, 0xc7ad1f1f,
+ 0x4af6d069, 0x3c28b8f6, 0x05b9517b, 0xfd9623a0, 0xe3f48ffc, 0xe44fec0e,
+ 0xae0bd73c, 0x3f87933b, 0x32e4a04a, 0xe28e1eaa, 0xbabfafe6, 0x491dc87d,
+ 0x30791f2f, 0xd6a7f2fe, 0x398ffb75, 0xe289de7e, 0xdbb4bc52, 0x5c636d8a,
+ 0x00ac956c, 0xf9b5ec28, 0x8d8fb8cd, 0x27503ece, 0x61e3e906, 0x9f02af37,
+ 0xb25bb1d7, 0x236f3893, 0xb3f707e9, 0x5f5cd629, 0x3f0ffd8c, 0x2b7f2d9b,
+ 0x42c1a23c, 0x37293f5c, 0x6c02b76b, 0x17fb017e, 0x47adea67, 0x71a2ac6b,
+ 0x775b2f5c, 0xbeb7f767, 0x8ceedd94, 0xdb915748, 0xfe5e6fcc, 0xa98ee5f5,
+ 0x89ce8d49, 0x614a5fb6, 0x8e6dc70b, 0x05834f7f, 0xdae1f7d3, 0x8bf5d5b7,
+ 0x56b34f5e, 0xe7effff8, 0x72df6b82, 0xf63aff28, 0x2bcf229d, 0x9f7c7cdb,
+ 0x271e34fb, 0x83df9813, 0xefedd395, 0x11e63572, 0xbb523cc0, 0x27cf180b,
+ 0x38180e3e, 0x113a352f, 0x81b94600, 0xcbb53cf2, 0x5755e332, 0x5c00ff99,
+ 0xacfb4d9c, 0x36626cfd, 0x525c2f20, 0x2ff6f8d9, 0x6595170e, 0x504f57e4,
+ 0xeed67265, 0x47edd4db, 0x2f7f473d, 0x530c2985, 0xa1183f03, 0x852bd5b6,
+ 0x23ee51cb, 0x5f7f13a3, 0x5499f649, 0x4e297b97, 0xbd983f06, 0xabbde331,
+ 0xfb48d083, 0x6542fdaa, 0xcfb9c7f5, 0xc06ddfd5, 0x3dcd5a85, 0xce5794f5,
+ 0xa35d7a1d, 0x49f54f38, 0x0f9f0f30, 0x66bc8e4d, 0xf6e75ca1, 0x5f24698f,
+ 0x1b4c7c5d, 0x3b5e46bf, 0x12432a3f, 0xd1ed41fb, 0xec6fe500, 0x471b40ff,
+ 0x9ef4be76, 0x4d68fa46, 0xb48f2c48, 0x7d5856ee, 0x01e0e6f0, 0xbd0fd58d,
+ 0xcd2dcc12, 0x7eb0f7ec, 0xcf262cf4, 0xa2ffd887, 0x0f9fe534, 0xfae8fe39,
+ 0x0fafeba7, 0x33667939, 0x80de4f98, 0x36f537e3, 0x6f4e746b, 0x3f666a7c,
+ 0x16d3f374, 0xf536ae27, 0x34b38ee4, 0x1c5a33aa, 0x2bb2dc3f, 0x7f373fbb,
+ 0x0fd106d5, 0xe1f94c97, 0xf9a1f244, 0x27c1c62a, 0xa1f3ad63, 0x8ebeba72,
+ 0xc15579d0, 0x91cec3de, 0x2d45c4ce, 0x25c1f542, 0xff19b4d5, 0x41fa65ab,
+ 0x4dfb907d, 0x6645c0fd, 0xe681fa87, 0x3aeeb435, 0xe926ff18, 0x4780dd69,
+ 0x37acb8a7, 0x0c369c79, 0x244b7c60, 0xfed26c87, 0x4ecf41d6, 0x41d1d7ca,
+ 0x41c3f585, 0x7a672ec9, 0x8b6af9e5, 0x8e2dd7a3, 0xa0a8b71e, 0xd1f9e316,
+ 0x0fa9ec62, 0xa2175419, 0xa779f01e, 0x2ffdbcf3, 0xbf48066f, 0xd6edc00d,
+ 0x5befe310, 0x7b60eb4f, 0x13cf2f7d, 0xf3dc9dae, 0xb2a93521, 0xf65bf47e,
+ 0x6f8b2ffe, 0xcb1f749c, 0x7815473b, 0xf7b7c706, 0xa53deb66, 0x507303a6,
+ 0xecf19d1f, 0x3d040f79, 0xe5b66e2c, 0x11bea5d8, 0x5e492af2, 0x1b36c250,
+ 0xeb4a88fd, 0xcfd02b27, 0x2c24de50, 0x60cc8c2c, 0x9d87972f, 0xaf6dc33a,
+ 0x7aa28745, 0xf9eba628, 0x4a798cc1, 0xad91d788, 0xfd22c541, 0x9e4a5f7f,
+ 0x5d5855a9, 0x86785f7c, 0x4081f8ba, 0x8e20e9e4, 0xd3a5d3ff, 0xe515bb3f,
+ 0x09e7db39, 0xbe0d9d53, 0x87e4153d, 0x6d0c9d3f, 0xf7fc5308, 0x835ec27a,
+ 0x5bae1ef2, 0xb0257548, 0xebda2e3a, 0x8e5ea9b5, 0xa8d63e26, 0xf5bac59e,
+ 0xdd6f5a79, 0x9d4ee940, 0x985213fa, 0x3e5d42f2, 0x9561b3f7, 0xdcf313ef,
+ 0x58ea99dc, 0x9ced7eb7, 0xfb9375e4, 0x671d53bc, 0x80e76c75, 0x3e34fcc4,
+ 0x294959f2, 0xfc1a97ca, 0x7919a4b4, 0xddf7c824, 0x50166c75, 0x94e1753d,
+ 0x5ca2f6d7, 0xe37c1c9f, 0x9fa3d534, 0x23c8f9f4, 0xa59f9eae, 0x3c1e3c9d,
+ 0x1ef445e3, 0x5c768838, 0x4b988c81, 0x61fcd376, 0x5c0cf1af, 0x74177e7d,
+ 0x1bac7ab3, 0x7d523276, 0xd9b7fe42, 0x7bac778d, 0x6223c31e, 0x757e73b3,
+ 0xf249f928, 0x742f376b, 0xfb8d4f54, 0x66f9fa31, 0xc535635c, 0xae4f5801,
+ 0x81e7a694, 0x5a3db2b6, 0x807c8668, 0xb1cec49e, 0xb725fadc, 0xd942516e,
+ 0x1ff789fe, 0xffba06eb, 0x967b409c, 0x7f5b1e92, 0xbc75c6fb, 0xc5fb252e,
+ 0x33f3fc47, 0x1d672bef, 0x75473c7f, 0x2e93e62f, 0x92fa615d, 0x1e389c83,
+ 0xdad75e34, 0x1d76d754, 0x10ecc43b, 0xfcc7cd7d, 0x6116ec88, 0x8cf8e272,
+ 0xe87579f8, 0x9ef4cdc0, 0xae1e188e, 0x124af219, 0x12c94fbf, 0xabf54fbf,
+ 0xefaa01e3, 0x469507a3, 0x39b8867b, 0x3b70fe43, 0x69f98393, 0x9e6fb9da,
+ 0x79ec1a0d, 0xafb700d7, 0xf519c83c, 0x87473b70, 0xdb9ddd79, 0xffde260f,
+ 0x3fe5aeaa, 0x51eecc23, 0x4ff99a4f, 0x72664c74, 0x945d3d61, 0xb45b0e79,
+ 0xbf965cee, 0x07ca02ac, 0x1eacfc27, 0x81b5fcc2, 0x458f5ce4, 0x6ae5c511,
+ 0x5fc3eda9, 0xe93cbe53, 0x7f4d1347, 0x2f2776df, 0x1e63e903, 0x7fdc1555,
+ 0x2f8fa6af, 0xd625fb9c, 0x99085af9, 0x08bcfb1a, 0xfe7583b7, 0xe5c500e9,
+ 0x865fad57, 0xbe2cbd07, 0x0d7c6ea2, 0x0673b0b6, 0x9116444e, 0xb912207e,
+ 0xf6c6f295, 0xec4596a1, 0x759dd4b9, 0x07a2bdff, 0x7dc98078, 0x914ef13e,
+ 0x7c1ef641, 0x3d1808a7, 0x676a7e4c, 0x4373439e, 0x0d491ebc, 0x59bdd9fb,
+ 0x1fdc0582, 0xfd6b2ca0, 0xec5bf8f6, 0x284f6fdc, 0xdc1ea666, 0xfc9c8b79,
+ 0x170e84b8, 0xc93117ca, 0xc7de7664, 0x9d789ed9, 0x89e6d3c9, 0xf5763b31,
+ 0x1f7f787a, 0x8b2105a7, 0x8fa3b7c5, 0xf4ccb61d, 0xee7e81d1, 0x1c75652d,
+ 0xfca75b6b, 0x8e2ccbf6, 0xfbb1154e, 0xa247bf5d, 0xee77187e, 0x37dd4e97,
+ 0xdbc9ff11, 0xc44d1754, 0x7f6006fd, 0x0f96fedd, 0xe773a71f, 0x4e281f94,
+ 0xff23ba3a, 0xf29c36a6, 0x8714cbc2, 0xea91b992, 0xce570be6, 0xe9297371,
+ 0x58d0e3bb, 0xc68aa789, 0x432c568f, 0xc6863bb9, 0x922ad44a, 0x4825fb92,
+ 0x529e98c7, 0x9e069e03, 0xd0564f3f, 0xfd8e8b77, 0x7ba0acff, 0xdfe21da3,
+ 0x7be83a1d, 0x997fee08, 0xb88bbfc6, 0x884dfbfa, 0xc38753c7, 0xaeecc061,
+ 0xaccd4110, 0xf93957e3, 0x94c94c0e, 0x73a77db0, 0xf272aefe, 0xf1eeed5e,
+ 0x747c7e1d, 0xcacd5a67, 0x3d517747, 0x0f953854, 0x78799ceb, 0xe329dbb1,
+ 0xd2554dfe, 0x9dae1ce9, 0x9df27354, 0xd5df92a1, 0x5dc27539, 0xeae79d90,
+ 0x4dedd97c, 0x862bde6e, 0xe8f79662, 0x6feb8a3e, 0x73b1f31b, 0x0a33e62c,
+ 0x4fc433c3, 0xb06df502, 0xd18fbdfb, 0x1f77f7bd, 0xf015659b, 0x1fecc93c,
+ 0xa2f6859f, 0xcde62d7b, 0x3fcb06bd, 0xf2f7994d, 0xf7fe3a1f, 0x43cf10a3,
+ 0xd9847492, 0x328e9647, 0xdbd248fb, 0x8caffb4e, 0x0f45ce57, 0x1764d1d6,
+ 0x9434b9af, 0xce5ddf21, 0x7f89717a, 0xfb95c9b7, 0x37bf1099, 0x573beae6,
+ 0xb7a65f8f, 0x6fefccb8, 0xb6c0cfa9, 0x03159f70, 0xad4f565e, 0x29b604b9,
+ 0xf59773f1, 0x179625fb, 0xc4ba42d6, 0x27b5ed8b, 0x2df940bc, 0xf1b01ef5,
+ 0xfc8503db, 0x71c16f3e, 0x2febb3b2, 0x7cfcaa77, 0xcea4fd74, 0x3d4d1f39,
+ 0x530826b8, 0x7471a47a, 0xce72ae3e, 0xc78a2ec7, 0x900f5e6a, 0xd706a73f,
+ 0xb17d5315, 0x423c216c, 0x9afa4bfe, 0x2fa99f93, 0x6ae2bdfe, 0x713b8afa,
+ 0x43df0ab0, 0xe997e6f5, 0x85c68ead, 0x72fe82be, 0x3a9faefc, 0x5f8a9fae,
+ 0xa0f8fe57, 0xefa669b7, 0x2e474938, 0x8c2d133a, 0x7a396fab, 0x9230bfbb,
+ 0x6dfe7ca4, 0x246fb9fb, 0x5ec73de9, 0xfed6bf2c, 0x7d7887f7, 0x3343c70a,
+ 0xf3732fde, 0x2c86de3d, 0xc86ebdf6, 0xca59f2cb, 0xacc92e93, 0xfc77df37,
+ 0x5a1e056f, 0x2d25b18f, 0xac1bbe85, 0x0ae32484, 0xd20f0f4c, 0x2a921573,
+ 0x23702c15, 0x8ee5ef8b, 0xca3035fc, 0x3486adc6, 0x517809a3, 0x610dde45,
+ 0xf25f6ac6, 0x655b525e, 0xbed0a62c, 0x61c9a856, 0x9eb616e9, 0xf546dea5,
+ 0x833c1ab3, 0x3414a13a, 0xf6a63ed3, 0xb719c2a3, 0x3be850ce, 0x72a7ea35,
+ 0xb92e7efa, 0x3fb931fb, 0xa1e474ae, 0xdbc1e012, 0x0d5fcba6, 0x1aee4c3d,
+ 0xf942afda, 0x96b19c6e, 0x8fb1985e, 0xae2f2495, 0x4870efb7, 0xddd6f3a5,
+ 0x4e904607, 0x0ac94972, 0x57de72f9, 0x84553f97, 0x9bae2047, 0x84b4fa1a,
+ 0xe07d2bce, 0x3d6827cf, 0x437187dd, 0xb9ea9aeb, 0x0592f72b, 0xd6ec7254,
+ 0x6a64ffc9, 0x95f806cf, 0xe7b3aa62, 0x0a0a0a08, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a,
+ 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a,
+ 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a,
+ 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a,
+ 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x0a0a0a0a, 0x660a0a0a, 0xc5357ff2,
+ 0x80006faa, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x30000d41, 0x4bb00408, 0x3f040736,
+ 0x845e8953, 0xce74fdac, 0xd8c9d5bb, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db,
+ 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xf1fdb6db, 0xbdb1600b, 0x008000cb, 0x00
+ };
+ 0, 12810);
+ 8192, 3198);
+ 16384, 93);
+ 24576, 93);
+ 32768, 93);
+ 40960, 93);
+ 49152, 93);
+ 57344, 93);
+ 0x12ba, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x1208, 0x584,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x270, 0x2cb, 0x2f9, 0x55d,
+ 0x389, 0x3ca, 0x461, 0x4a8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x355, 0x356, 0x357, 0x358, 0xe3, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0xabc, 0xe14,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x1034, 0xebc, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x1e0b, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x24fd, 0x26a4,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x26a4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x26a4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x26a4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x26a4, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x26a4,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x2de8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x2b2e, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x2c36, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x2b2e, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8,
+ 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8, 0x7ff8};
+ 0X0, 256);
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7dd50300, 0x4554780b, 0xdbdd7096, 0x7edf6fb7,
+ 0xe2f213a6, 0x04787495, 0x420ec050, 0x26867444, 0x70671660, 0x1047c06c,
+ 0xbccf0ec5, 0x1b0cb23b, 0xc1bb6647, 0x09190128, 0x01604463, 0x6718083b,
+ 0x120a09d1, 0x2c0b4034, 0xece3fcc3, 0xd99dd997, 0x1fcb31f5, 0x98c44185,
+ 0xe30ca8b4, 0x4e75baea, 0xdefba555, 0xc6743c24, 0x9f33fbff, 0x75bdd453,
+ 0x3a9d4eab, 0xad55de75, 0xb2510b10, 0xfe1af909, 0xb6f21326, 0x10990844,
+ 0x5a2e832f, 0x72a4278e, 0x2ab229bf, 0xfba99087, 0xa9c9d1cd, 0x4528deb4,
+ 0x1f2eb42c, 0xcefbe2b6, 0x341eacad, 0x0b793db5, 0x980e4f7d, 0x905a2ec8,
+ 0xa4993691, 0x23567213, 0xad3c6fec, 0xd8b213e7, 0x8d95aaca, 0xb423cc6f,
+ 0x858b497d, 0x67f7e958, 0x507c99f7, 0x8a4bba5f, 0xe5430a10, 0x00ead5c1,
+ 0x8892ffda, 0xd0f56cd4, 0x90fa2efa, 0x67dd2fbe, 0x2efb408a, 0xdfba5b57,
+ 0x90f9c841, 0xc02a3c46, 0xf6f487f7, 0x459484d1, 0xa00e16f6, 0x48f6caed,
+ 0x538e995e, 0x4e8a55b6, 0xa5cf0f1e, 0x51768988, 0x9e2764de, 0xaf860c91,
+ 0xf38b8e09, 0x8e8dba58, 0x4a25fb4b, 0xc277eabd, 0x8f541b78, 0xf39f8e33,
+ 0x238e3721, 0xd02f95ea, 0x5577e871, 0x985e492f, 0x024c9562, 0xcefc74cd,
+ 0xe7a2d683, 0x95bf301c, 0x7133ae6a, 0xc2afc51e, 0x8d22ca3c, 0xe003a16a,
+ 0x8f17546a, 0xde57f78e, 0xd70f4fd4, 0x8119a1a6, 0xf2c6f784, 0x4f10887c,
+ 0x465ebc6e, 0x01d9af88, 0x99d447f0, 0xdfcfe263, 0x9eb8c924, 0xe2264de5,
+ 0x13fde2d1, 0x8d242612, 0x46f11310, 0xd5a4af01, 0xb75c4de9, 0xbafd6e0b,
+ 0xdfe64d2d, 0x7acf01f6, 0x381b0ebe, 0xf0067e9e, 0xe7c932d1, 0xf9d0a95e,
+ 0x6e234d27, 0x6fdf32e9, 0xe6a29330, 0x2f7be65e, 0x3f850310, 0xb7846440,
+ 0x83ee048a, 0x2eae4bb2, 0xbfd3c0a1, 0xce9fa668, 0xbec4b577, 0xb07893bf,
+ 0xaac1eafd, 0xc375d60f, 0x99cff9ed, 0x525cf872, 0xf778bea1, 0xca65da5a,
+ 0xfc011f74, 0xd1b7802a, 0x6c3db2f0, 0x7b9defa2, 0xf5adc792, 0x60afe224,
+ 0x1ae7f431, 0xc7d6eb2f, 0x574dab7d, 0x6296994f, 0x7dc3afc0, 0xa75e7af6,
+ 0xd8e45a70, 0x21286558, 0xa434b253, 0x2a59e5b7, 0xdfe59bee, 0xcf2d7067,
+ 0xb4c24472, 0x707c04fe, 0x81abad33, 0xe0bddc1b, 0x932c8e83, 0x3203284c,
+ 0x7df3d899, 0xd291e01d, 0x97f64141, 0x32d1efb9, 0x9372c728, 0x4d235969,
+ 0x1e3cc309, 0xd2d23c03, 0x30d5226e, 0x2085bb6f, 0xe786ea9e, 0xc04e173f,
+ 0x8a1c9ad3, 0xbf789ca7, 0xf9f4cc6b, 0xc29b2000, 0xf881cfb0, 0xe8527566,
+ 0x567ed1f3, 0x9ec5d0e7, 0x149dd744, 0x68c3c346, 0x33cb397f, 0x4a9abf01,
+ 0x3c2245f7, 0x3467852a, 0x8073f3c2, 0xe03e99e3, 0xea2772d1, 0x290eb1e0,
+ 0xa563c1d1, 0x2478c1c3, 0x9e01a77c, 0x1a3c393b, 0x77259fd6, 0x90da3c22,
+ 0x4ea7841a, 0x783a2525, 0xecf0dd6c, 0xe05e3804, 0x3f03d674, 0xf8f493b9,
+ 0xc7a65219, 0x53f02a8f, 0x88a78064, 0x784363c3, 0x862292f7, 0x613f219f,
+ 0x71d0b1f8, 0x7571e112, 0x00abd7af, 0xc07debcf, 0x55b88da3, 0x15a19f8f,
+ 0x0458fc7a, 0x7806c53c, 0x0e3c398a, 0x2918e784, 0xba19f866, 0x58b1e102,
+ 0xfa6ebdaa, 0xab6d92ca, 0xf0bec08e, 0xd065ffd0, 0xf71d1872, 0x4e8e5a26,
+ 0x213fa421, 0x1043263f, 0xc0b6e5ae, 0xd17f6808, 0x11d5e946, 0xf70b2be7,
+ 0xa33fab14, 0x71e4484d, 0x1547f809, 0x5b0b1bdf, 0x9425bf18, 0xf0a70f1f,
+ 0x7a7cb676, 0xff0a5df1, 0x5e799dc2, 0x33f70793, 0xf88bf681, 0x862682d4,
+ 0x59fc421f, 0xdfc09d33, 0xc6b359fc, 0xf01f2be0, 0x610425a9, 0x160fb1ec,
+ 0xb6cf9bd5, 0x25cfec27, 0xd2f5f49b, 0xe02ebe88, 0xa4ff029e, 0xf94b3f78,
+ 0xf5fca118, 0xa0c7ca7d, 0x1e4cc0fc, 0x86737904, 0x26a239f2, 0xac95c7ee,
+ 0xe1d6c2bd, 0xee3b26ec, 0x1e1b8be3, 0x8050c952, 0x9b914ec3, 0xfc984e30,
+ 0xfb85247e, 0x4ebf3e1e, 0x7c8cd473, 0x0f9cf00c, 0xe7cd8efc, 0x2c791201,
+ 0x60b3f693, 0xac335edd, 0x95ad3dcb, 0xe60b8833, 0x1fdf4fd1, 0x91940df1,
+ 0x3281901f, 0xfb4507e5, 0xd2079836, 0xe645bdca, 0xda13dbf7, 0xebe809cd,
+ 0xf5f44b73, 0x2cc4734e, 0x952f3c83, 0xf71d2348, 0x7bfd6a81, 0x937fce31,
+ 0x1893c414, 0x973a1eef, 0xa55029fe, 0x03bfe90f, 0xd53f066e, 0x82070a07,
+ 0x7920595c, 0xa07cc177, 0xbf5838dd, 0x9f3c2a93, 0xbbd928b7, 0x294f5696,
+ 0x966f27e6, 0x944bc27a, 0x14efec4c, 0x87ed3b97, 0xec793eed, 0x20f1e795,
+ 0x8dde2371, 0xa3583ff0, 0x8d8717af, 0x1feb63f3, 0xefd2996c, 0xcaf3c24c,
+ 0x9dfbdbe6, 0xf293a049, 0x7aba99a6, 0xae8e6469, 0xc54d92fd, 0xea8bf7ba,
+ 0x17ef754b, 0xaba43dd4, 0xd61f8717, 0x66b07fb5, 0x03fdeea5, 0xef746bd5,
+ 0xd06c96e7, 0x3604e7d5, 0x5bdfdaeb, 0x2f7ba8d4, 0x06cd2e1d, 0x06a828bd,
+ 0xbc53fbb2, 0x85b6fc7f, 0x74e290ec, 0x5cfce82c, 0xf3cb1328, 0x2b960f21,
+ 0x7dd29f61, 0x65641f2f, 0x36714770, 0xf7416fec, 0xb3ab981f, 0xe93d1daa,
+ 0x7b0fb8db, 0x08192bd2, 0x3d2fabf2, 0x7e2242a0, 0x125defd8, 0xf9e26393,
+ 0x0907ce19, 0xadfb8559, 0xb1fb6542, 0x05fee5e2, 0xd42a2fb0, 0xa3b56e68,
+ 0xb3497eef, 0x8d28f384, 0x5ba1ddd0, 0xf806a1cf, 0x6f1dff58, 0x2afc7098,
+ 0x83379be0, 0x912fe09e, 0xb1e8fc60, 0x0063d9ac, 0x44a95f1e, 0x349691db,
+ 0xa11d87e4, 0x28cefde9, 0x963f3f80, 0x584542e7, 0xb0050d9e, 0xc12a133c,
+ 0x3550fdf2, 0x1aa1ed96, 0xc2854f2c, 0x5431fe58, 0xa13be587, 0x0adf2c7a,
+ 0x3ff2c26d, 0x3b2c1142, 0xbb2c3e43, 0xcb12d4e9, 0xbc92bd05, 0x1aa0216b,
+ 0xb7ae5493, 0xb09b7d09, 0x6fae52fa, 0xe31785f7, 0x3f89f7ba, 0xb72f9612,
+ 0x5b1b366e, 0x74ea3a0f, 0xdaf9f742, 0xe77aaf51, 0x9042bab3, 0x137b343f,
+ 0x7eeed2f5, 0x62ae2d61, 0xbc80ce5d, 0x98e13d01, 0x8920e509, 0xed9de2be,
+ 0x5d07c44c, 0x4737e023, 0x945d91ec, 0x3c950d7f, 0x80ae5e8c, 0x9f270b97,
+ 0x5d7f0173, 0xcfbb299a, 0xfcf7d8dc, 0xdc739b2a, 0x8278048e, 0x85fafa2d,
+ 0xd33a697a, 0x77493d23, 0x707a018d, 0x830ccfbb, 0x52c4cb75, 0x5334b3f4,
+ 0x07e99f75, 0x1f3822ed, 0xe91927b2, 0xd831da8b, 0x470dafee, 0xe1c4fd5f,
+ 0xd34e47d8, 0x1f3751ef, 0x3efb77da, 0x4cf942e9, 0xb49bfd05, 0x3c822f9a,
+ 0xbeffd1b5, 0x144fb906, 0x837e8bac, 0xe5b0a6cd, 0x47be7806, 0xcefd1e37,
+ 0xf8446c23, 0x53fa6fae, 0x1f4159c8, 0x05bd2594, 0x9d01a41d, 0x7e7add58,
+ 0x07abac9d, 0x75bbfa5b, 0x41fe1bfc, 0x28992bf7, 0x15074029, 0xb52a2a9c,
+ 0x49403576, 0x374e15e6, 0x4ea38a5d, 0x2506f0a2, 0x7ee97ed6, 0xa5f7ca27,
+ 0x189db81b, 0xaf206d26, 0x1de44fe7, 0xcaa1497c, 0x3947f78f, 0x7d699127,
+ 0x7b09af01, 0xac244fed, 0xd0ffbc82, 0x720f9f54, 0x72befe6a, 0xcd65eb94,
+ 0x65e82a8d, 0x3a79131f, 0xc98f9df0, 0x4c6eb9bf, 0xb24dffd0, 0xa82d708a,
+ 0xaa2dcbd3, 0x54eae8e7, 0x17d5d1cf, 0x60e95993, 0x306e2d7f, 0xf50b9553,
+ 0x4ffbdd1e, 0xe1d23725, 0x38fd5212, 0xfbd3f7f0, 0x16e7bc6e, 0x6d81c7c0,
+ 0x9f5a01f9, 0xa40f5f4f, 0xe9acb7fb, 0x93ec2a77, 0x0a5f8d2b, 0x84f5c7ed,
+ 0x98ae38c3, 0x963b0f57, 0x49b2a1e3, 0xe17a45f2, 0xe2596ee7, 0xeccc2072,
+ 0x94ec4b41, 0x88f07c04, 0xe9a0f915, 0xfa0c35b0, 0x15bb7065, 0xfb63abed,
+ 0xd61bbcff, 0x0b59f3ad, 0x597d30b1, 0xdb91bd42, 0xffec1fb7, 0xa6fff6f3,
+ 0x8f803fef, 0xd92fd2e9, 0xbe03db4e, 0x4891d8f6, 0x1a4e5ebb, 0x2c1d284b,
+ 0x8fc8f239, 0x963fd508, 0xdfd0c7d0, 0x44665f92, 0x45bf051e, 0x7d9fab1a,
+ 0x0c247071, 0x9d9785fe, 0x1858d351, 0x23d540f7, 0xed2fee30, 0xcef15404,
+ 0xd76c1623, 0x7e8ccff9, 0x3a3c7e28, 0x9e28947d, 0x00e4fc6e, 0xbde22a9d,
+ 0x89c4b5f4, 0x2fd39f28, 0x96f29ba5, 0x8e959f24, 0xb639b1f3, 0xf61a3bdc,
+ 0x8a3fbe81, 0xd232019f, 0xe8007466, 0xffbd7d6d, 0x2af8ccbe, 0xbdcb2795,
+ 0x6a7b788e, 0xf5662da7, 0xbf4c01fa, 0x3ff6c36c, 0x2e3d9994, 0x97ecf7de,
+ 0xf45dbfb5, 0xfb0fdddb, 0x3bdb8abe, 0x87bd75c6, 0xf4de5bf7, 0xf4de88d5,
+ 0xc7e05ef2, 0x54aaafe7, 0x0af5d130, 0xc08d6cbf, 0xa2b85612, 0xcebd3f68,
+ 0x5b0ae0ed, 0x01bbed14, 0x13d05c7c, 0xf6b44ea0, 0x75bfd097, 0x6ec04ac0,
+ 0xf4e23caa, 0xbe56fac1, 0xffb3e7fa, 0xec779f44, 0x1e817bb7, 0x03fc8f2a,
+ 0x25a57bae, 0xeba24f3a, 0xf54bdb17, 0x63beda27, 0x08b3afef, 0x1cc3a7ed,
+ 0x8cb94acd, 0xd9b2a69f, 0x182fd062, 0xde43e7dc, 0x779e40bb, 0xdff73dd3,
+ 0x597fbf18, 0xd32e582e, 0xbecb0ff6, 0x5e41907f, 0x650afc18, 0x13b36535,
+ 0xa7e885e5, 0x0d7e614c, 0xdf1d7cf1, 0xc6fca237, 0x7441d37c, 0x2915f37c,
+ 0xfae00eb0, 0x03a5b498, 0xfa6aab5f, 0xad550544, 0xd815740c, 0xb84d2797,
+ 0x49e1c42e, 0x8bfe4dea, 0xe2685cf2, 0x25f5056c, 0x1dc1962f, 0x5006b9ef,
+ 0xf4de2ffc, 0xa1f01649, 0xa2d643ae, 0x235fda08, 0xf0c32b67, 0xf1edca39,
+ 0x8dd23b26, 0x8e8caf18, 0xe7c52b57, 0xc571a57f, 0xaefc6278, 0xec6c9fcd,
+ 0xd3f1c1ef, 0xb8e37c61, 0x2e313be2, 0xb45f4b95, 0xb125c827, 0x584a25be,
+ 0x425a7e05, 0x128f5c14, 0x878eab52, 0x9aa9a975, 0xa4b7720d, 0x95b3fbe6,
+ 0x00f6f17e, 0x807fc807, 0xcdaeca03, 0x9e541f92, 0x0d648ee0, 0xce070a4a,
+ 0xa0756c2f, 0xa0f00cdd, 0x454e183e, 0x8c69093b, 0xf14d2bc2, 0xfaa07f22,
+ 0xe1f4962a, 0xe84eb9c4, 0x7f6c4eff, 0xe11ebe52, 0x17ba173e, 0xfa1339c7,
+ 0xe74e7c3b, 0x01ee0b9d, 0x93f85f31, 0xbeabbf69, 0x35f67447, 0xf7e24f21,
+ 0xf70cfaf1, 0x3e956459, 0xdaed35f2, 0xe748f40d, 0xc6c48175, 0xc81f142a,
+ 0x5a0e8166, 0xe0bcfed9, 0xad0bf560, 0xc32fc819, 0x89d9a2a1, 0x726820fb,
+ 0x6ad5bf21, 0x2856cd26, 0x02916f5d, 0xe309c96f, 0x17769e69, 0xf2a483d0,
+ 0xd411277e, 0x4f9fe8f7, 0x5511fca1, 0x126f0a42, 0xe8eb8689, 0x64e53bfc,
+ 0x3953afc4, 0xca8917f1, 0x73a9b0d9, 0xc24f7c22, 0xb53f206f, 0x17f0f6f3,
+ 0xfc1b75a3, 0x5767f683, 0xd3da1448, 0x4b4ed47a, 0x7ce548fb, 0x7a71ff22,
+ 0x89a4f5f5, 0x9f71bafa, 0x7a87be82, 0x886ff712, 0x9fbf6971, 0xccfdfa19,
+ 0x9767efd0, 0x2fe057eb, 0x03f0eda8, 0x0a15581f, 0xf5215d60, 0x4f14feb8,
+ 0x4f01db13, 0x87685c43, 0xa4cdf18b, 0x66f10ffb, 0x6f5cf0e1, 0xaee2fe62,
+ 0x4adf1643, 0x240d33f0, 0x5d3fe08d, 0xf4abfdc9, 0x6848efcf, 0xf21adc4f,
+ 0xbfbbc783, 0x2565fc67, 0xdb3dbfe7, 0xbf18155b, 0x5f6b7b47, 0xb7bd6ded,
+ 0x8f05f677, 0xae7857bd, 0x1d55df95, 0xd4574ff9, 0xdcf7c093, 0xebe58774,
+ 0x26f5def8, 0xf34aa78a, 0xe3b7efd9, 0xc1ea1893, 0x66674e16, 0x2cdd7eb7,
+ 0xd5bafa99, 0xa575f973, 0x4fe8e4eb, 0xe7c451e7, 0x3c54d451, 0xb4d0e403,
+ 0xfec2ccc8, 0xabee5d74, 0x6738bc90, 0x851ffd1f, 0xeb870e6b, 0xf7097abe,
+ 0x4ccb7dc5, 0x8bd48f11, 0x41fe04bf, 0x96adcfdf, 0x57a65122, 0x0e9519ec,
+ 0x8e3626fe, 0xe8229fd1, 0xffde41e5, 0xeb0a423c, 0x87f9bd4c, 0xf3151d18,
+ 0x96fe8c7e, 0x7e8bc4f9, 0xa5dfa319, 0xf5a8894c, 0x7b95e8bd, 0xd7437820,
+ 0x82e00e6d, 0x2f1179e2, 0x4fe5e21f, 0xe58df979, 0x390f6a58, 0x93d708b6,
+ 0xd04101db, 0x45be93ff, 0xfa3d99ff, 0xdaafe87f, 0x18a220ff, 0x7fa7f1e8,
+ 0xf587fed5, 0x298d7f80, 0xc1ff67ad, 0xf79436a4, 0xcc75d064, 0x4872e6ae,
+ 0x042f6df8, 0x9729493c, 0x0b6ccbf1, 0xe1dfa115, 0x2c26d0c5, 0x08f996b3,
+ 0x3eca55e8, 0x637ffa82, 0x8f9f04a8, 0x2d2ed7d9, 0xddc575a0, 0xe5a62d2e,
+ 0x3e0d50ae, 0x6fab521f, 0x479f663f, 0x323ced66, 0x14367bb4, 0x85cf76c0,
+ 0xf5dfd1aa, 0xeb0ea842, 0x58c287cf, 0x2d2036e6, 0x86856510, 0x0e7fc771,
+ 0xda3b63d5, 0xeb2f931f, 0x0970c8b4, 0x72ed65fa, 0x008c4eb7, 0xbcdc543f,
+ 0xeb04a7be, 0xb0450cbf, 0xf276ebbf, 0xea095afe, 0xeecb59f9, 0x3c35f9d3,
+ 0xf4ebe62b, 0x90f70141, 0xbb5d32da, 0xf222fb31, 0x61af3a02, 0xdbea96eb,
+ 0xc43223bb, 0x7e1b730d, 0x723e7ba2, 0xf7dd2aeb, 0xab5cedd7, 0xcf7a3f7b,
+ 0xc7ef75cf, 0xaba2dbee, 0xe8775b7b, 0x0e7d62ea, 0x40938129, 0x0a971557,
+ 0xbd72a108, 0x082fd2fc, 0xe95a11b9, 0x11c995f9, 0x9bf17b43, 0x2133c1d2,
+ 0x356fe21f, 0xcca107b5, 0x1aec7ae4, 0xfad253f0, 0xc4a7e013, 0x57f322b8,
+ 0xaafee7ad, 0xf891a10d, 0x1790a9fc, 0x26874feb, 0xc29e7d62, 0xa1cd8fec,
+ 0x9ffcf8e9, 0x4e7c7e42, 0xf00e21e1, 0x656b3d13, 0xfb2a437a, 0x5a5b6baf,
+ 0x9200ec04, 0x85453f59, 0xf41ce6fa, 0xb434974f, 0x3e97789c, 0xf3d0e0ff,
+ 0xdc79ce8c, 0xbf8894a1, 0x47f6027a, 0x12a5d506, 0x8a5786e3, 0x467b5037,
+ 0x18587f1f, 0x28fc8171, 0x3901f9ad, 0xb47bf14d, 0x3b5739e9, 0xcee97f9d,
+ 0x97776895, 0x0f558454, 0x614f4d94, 0x82a4bb7c, 0x977d8178, 0x6bfe3635,
+ 0xf5771d0e, 0x03691267, 0x5c44a879, 0xe7274754, 0x8254cc9b, 0xa6d6ebc4,
+ 0xd38024e7, 0x56f3fdca, 0xf48a37b7, 0xc3bc4a9d, 0xb67a713d, 0x9c635666,
+ 0x7b11983c, 0xf6b7fa09, 0xa9bc9761, 0xd2556edc, 0x311b7de0, 0x057b678d,
+ 0x46278bf4, 0xfc037d2f, 0x27efe792, 0xe73c4337, 0xe5c02b89, 0xf7c170a4,
+ 0x3b8f6e4e, 0x1d1e3cdd, 0x5de30b87, 0x272b804e, 0xe893970e, 0xb8049bed,
+ 0xe0132906, 0x7f425bbd, 0xf98234e0, 0xd56feb08, 0xe01eb5c3, 0x570df472,
+ 0xfc0b8532, 0x5f1cc926, 0x85f13dc9, 0x0364867e, 0xc6fb92be, 0x57000dd7,
+ 0x664bf132, 0x862ee7e8, 0xe866a7af, 0x0aea7ae1, 0x70a34af8, 0x1c69f7c1,
+ 0xf13d695f, 0x0334f585, 0xc6fad2be, 0xa3ac0157, 0xf1d64836, 0x9b30db0b,
+ 0xef881f8e, 0x4bff101d, 0xe7b19768, 0x3474a921, 0xe807c7c4, 0x1d6fbb9e,
+ 0x4ca7aba2, 0x4f574ebb, 0xd74e319d, 0x935dfa7f, 0xfbccf574, 0x01f5740b,
+ 0xfba07f0b, 0x2cc5507e, 0xfb8cfbdd, 0x1ff02aa3, 0xc1e6afca, 0xed2f2a7c,
+ 0xb8abf1d0, 0x5be7a2bd, 0x0c35665d, 0x31aebe7e, 0x07c3868c, 0x355ecc2d,
+ 0x010bb1f0, 0x3196edc2, 0xfd77188d, 0xe9cf7f23, 0xd195a963, 0x6343d2e9,
+ 0x0afbc076, 0x86f78fbe, 0xbcef909a, 0x3e466a12, 0x82633144, 0xdcfd92fc,
+ 0xf20075ef, 0xf1596826, 0xe409ae66, 0xb56fe758, 0x76bb8822, 0xccb82f5a,
+ 0x190fc063, 0xeb4ddd73, 0x829c6075, 0xe990ae5e, 0xe3e3adbd, 0xac8f8b0a,
+ 0x29c1f83a, 0x41e2e380, 0xe742c7ab, 0xd2b5f531, 0xa7909d07, 0x7ff30ef2,
+ 0xdf7fc5f5, 0x298f0254, 0xcc07ae3c, 0x4fe5eab7, 0x7e3a12c6, 0x13649ede,
+ 0x07bf9ff0, 0x71069106, 0xb02cf6c2, 0xff1dc76b, 0xe3ff0e85, 0xb7597cdf,
+ 0x9bc7793e, 0xf5d16f91, 0x17ba07a8, 0x48e421eb, 0xb8f41f5e, 0x25fee15b,
+ 0xc41e9f23, 0xf001fff0, 0xd564da69, 0xa63b296f, 0xb56f17ef, 0x2e7980ec,
+ 0xc4f2b4de, 0xfef0219a, 0x3d7789c0, 0x4f818608, 0xff3f5047, 0x1bf9fcc6,
+ 0x07413bca, 0x5f9679c6, 0x743c426a, 0xf77b9bd7, 0x30aebe77, 0x7f11833f,
+ 0x2bafaf14, 0xc6687fe8, 0x4bf2a57c, 0x9ef3e12f, 0xfd078476, 0x71e2cb03,
+ 0xf0207559, 0x2e2c039f, 0xb9af2cbb, 0x5ecbea10, 0x0a3ef64c, 0xfafcbfcd,
+ 0x5e82536b, 0x2f826cb9, 0xfc65e963, 0x2c7b155b, 0x7f8bd224, 0xe5640bab,
+ 0xf40ebe24, 0x1f912efb, 0x4336ea21, 0x57da25dd, 0x857c82ad, 0x385fcf20,
+ 0x8414d4a7, 0x95e7ea13, 0x0ef57587, 0x7aba27e5, 0xd608f2a7, 0xadef55af,
+ 0xc4e8fd6c, 0xffae24bb, 0x1cf77d52, 0x7ad187ee, 0x79d84fbb, 0x4accddc4,
+ 0x31e25f3e, 0x5d4335d4, 0xe5bfd431, 0x903fb0f7, 0x17debfef, 0x5bebd2bf,
+ 0x327b4617, 0xde02df60, 0xaa8bdc99, 0x938af780, 0x2ca09213, 0xf4e16baf,
+ 0x23f2c115, 0x4797ef6e, 0x4bcaf3d8, 0xbe90a174, 0x3ffcea56, 0xa4a4c91f,
+ 0xb37c7db7, 0x95ddd999, 0x7aaeffad, 0x467f801c, 0xdf7c95df, 0x88525e57,
+ 0x548bee8f, 0x8ddb05b3, 0xdfb15b30, 0x4898e0f1, 0x3bff65eb, 0xfec57cd8,
+ 0xec12c707, 0xe7360fff, 0x7fee9d60, 0x7ff66af5, 0x6bdf5f25, 0x0337ffdd,
+ 0xb4dfb05c, 0x0fcc5cf6, 0xe718fde4, 0x42ef555d, 0x7a7e513c, 0x4f013983,
+ 0x6f7fb015, 0x6122fd84, 0x8b45639e, 0x9b86f505, 0xbeb61ecd, 0xb01c58fb,
+ 0xb66ed2e2, 0x4e36158f, 0x8c4efb5f, 0xea3fcdd3, 0xa4fc745b, 0xf9e1bf07,
+ 0xf7e7c689, 0xbdbf199a, 0x8c7d2840, 0xfa3e9bee, 0x92f2b7ea, 0xf747074d,
+ 0xb3af777a, 0x3e39d70b, 0xf7e2c69e, 0x3c098f9c, 0x66f8a9be, 0xf88cbe03,
+ 0x10a5e389, 0xfdc9d7f1, 0x21f93d4a, 0xedc5f3f3, 0xea4fb613, 0x9ddd6f42,
+ 0xfad45fe8, 0x38ab3b90, 0x0a1e3ebd, 0x3a4cffa3, 0x3f8376ea, 0x8495a57b,
+ 0x794b4fbf, 0xd3fa115d, 0x9407402c, 0x49925a5f, 0xc4fd2564, 0xa30af902,
+ 0xe266f4e3, 0x451126d4, 0x4d263f47, 0xea95575f, 0x1fb43993, 0x5e6a5075,
+ 0x22fe83d8, 0x99b0fbdd, 0x1fadc5e5, 0xfe0c23b4, 0xb3d53b5f, 0xcae3f3b1,
+ 0x6cf97ec2, 0x7d9fc03b, 0xd74172a4, 0xe63b666f, 0xfabd3a35, 0xf51349e7,
+ 0x9d264b75, 0x9be465e7, 0xac3f31a2, 0x90200e02, 0xee0e9917, 0x1f305567,
+ 0x27973574, 0x4a39c0ab, 0x6cf1ebd7, 0xe34bd719, 0x691b477e, 0x7001d2c6,
+ 0x6245d2d3, 0x0d21ba58, 0x60299694, 0x81b2d0be, 0x72372ffb, 0x168565bf,
+ 0xadd302cb, 0x567812ca, 0xcbfbefa2, 0x1740cd81, 0x8c0e0f1f, 0x35fcc330,
+ 0x259cf905, 0xc9bf8d99, 0xd0f3ce14, 0x629acfe7, 0x165fd079, 0x0a56fc7d,
+ 0xdf21b32b, 0x57109028, 0x78e97163, 0x9eb3d4dd, 0xe218a35d, 0x488e5f4c,
+ 0xecb0ff7c, 0x5278026b, 0xe7284b4f, 0xfea3f9e3, 0x3b4fc824, 0x4e8dd7c2,
+ 0xcfc1f51c, 0x5d98735b, 0x4cfe0579, 0xc7d9a995, 0x0d797075, 0x8fb389f5,
+ 0x8219c427, 0xf6e9a697, 0xf3a04efb, 0x30c4f884, 0x5c4327c5, 0x7d3d7870,
+ 0xfacf93ae, 0x53505e75, 0x83f74e40, 0x0a7b9a38, 0xede13bd8, 0x30582f4c,
+ 0xd27267cd, 0x27549d75, 0xe6ec1c61, 0x5f98ed33, 0x9921a0b1, 0xe0b29d80,
+ 0xe7e855e1, 0xb4f36aaf, 0x8e9f03b4, 0xb4e1de48, 0x943d30c8, 0xee3a53f7,
+ 0x83c947d3, 0xfeacd1fe, 0x7c61c610, 0x7f82471e, 0x9d5cc3b0, 0x85dfa6e7,
+ 0x40f8701f, 0xe5df157e, 0xa6fc1b7b, 0x1be8944b, 0x3cf8d8d2, 0x4cf7ef8a,
+ 0x7178f884, 0xa587d5b3, 0x5d1b1446, 0x688562d7, 0x44a86650, 0xf5bd42b1,
+ 0x7de1cff9, 0xac688d86, 0x80bfebfe, 0x81f054bf, 0x9d549beb, 0x59a63a7e,
+ 0x45a1bf5f, 0xea8bcf5f, 0xd49e37eb, 0x9f4173d7, 0xfebefda1, 0x3d808995,
+ 0x12d17b16, 0xa3aabc81, 0x46c42c87, 0x4bfe55e7, 0x53a5ea2b, 0x3fb81dcb,
+ 0x3585fa3e, 0xde37f502, 0xec1f2d79, 0x3a5fb2dd, 0xdfda3c59, 0x2fbc12fc,
+ 0x0120697f, 0x352af639, 0x37fdb893, 0xabeef816, 0xefc263ff, 0xfed02f63,
+ 0x0e8ffb69, 0x23d2ff3e, 0x5e8ffbf4, 0x79229818, 0x1ecd71e2, 0x1f49befc,
+ 0x49b11c77, 0x88a8ff0f, 0x99566ebe, 0x5f8bf0fd, 0x37af42a8, 0x9999cd7d,
+ 0x45eb9d27, 0xe3d7bc74, 0x03658071, 0x3c0d1e21, 0x79fc487a, 0x37e84939,
+ 0x6538dec1, 0x0b9ffd66, 0x9f613379, 0x2f2ccaa7, 0x58e45cf8, 0x3f2d317a,
+ 0x1d2c79dc, 0x87ce85f2, 0x552e306a, 0x0a5777b1, 0x2f15d7e8, 0x3e81731c,
+ 0xf7673158, 0x2e409393, 0x066a60bc, 0x74f3e838, 0xfcd1de78, 0xf4b9ae2f,
+ 0xfd9db9f9, 0xf65d01c6, 0x234aa725, 0xfb899979, 0xe1e95ae0, 0xecff44c0,
+ 0xcbde283b, 0xdf309ab7, 0x83df3bbf, 0xe6f2c1f3, 0x06387fbb, 0x3356c1f6,
+ 0x7b15e1da, 0x53f604cd, 0xb416f1b0, 0xfcf7cbc3, 0x8321f30e, 0xcf318b9b,
+ 0x7e215f35, 0xad7438d3, 0xb9e505df, 0xf02efdd6, 0x57ff952f, 0x4078aa83,
+ 0x1fafd13f, 0xafcc03a5, 0x7f371ca2, 0x7cb90416, 0xae21f32b, 0x9cf79e29,
+ 0xe37bfeaf, 0x4aa1dcba, 0x64738f22, 0xdb1afae2, 0x46119bf5, 0x66a2ae3b,
+ 0x5cce2e95, 0x055ea671, 0x071c6421, 0x3e04dd8d, 0x7882e945, 0x68bf9f60,
+ 0x493a7115, 0x0f3e93a3, 0xeaca1aff, 0x80cb17c0, 0xd7fe608e, 0x8a1e6991,
+ 0x6459f28f, 0x4c03943a, 0xc9f2f304, 0xdc8e2c2b, 0xfd846141, 0x7ae7b1d0,
+ 0x92edb3cc, 0x13ff77da, 0xbe44eff6, 0xba8ee1d5, 0xd65f1e20, 0xfe78c56a,
+ 0xc8ab1f47, 0x1f365637, 0x641e4173, 0x59564bc7, 0xf7cfa24e, 0xb9302bf6,
+ 0xc37e7e80, 0xfdcd2cfc, 0x65d7540a, 0xdea6a7f4, 0xf1f6f8e3, 0x3af607c4,
+ 0x717b15e8, 0x58a3227d, 0x5928b27e, 0xcc9a613e, 0x1e1da9d6, 0xf15d7f81,
+ 0x827c87f5, 0xe443a58d, 0x88de2cb5, 0x7ea8b2f4, 0x2bd00ec4, 0xfe31769e,
+ 0x3e40e549, 0xd407ade8, 0xc1547f82, 0x7829647f, 0xfac09d58, 0x8490fd07,
+ 0xd47ea1fb, 0xf6dddc17, 0x31976f03, 0xb7af3ab4, 0x2ed1493c, 0x25f86555,
+ 0x7ad8925b, 0x07dc7b51, 0x31bf30f9, 0xf165ae37, 0xb5079622, 0x12b5c98d,
+ 0x9d718f52, 0x835faa0a, 0x2358b27e, 0xb75d1761, 0x493e74c5, 0x77480f2c,
+ 0xb49ca22e, 0xc0d23b61, 0x7e00a9e0, 0x5bfd42ef, 0x6352aed7, 0x698ad771,
+ 0xa174ea24, 0x5f7bae3e, 0x1830ed45, 0xff59b2b7, 0x2335337c, 0xdf6029ac,
+ 0xede9657d, 0x38d24bbc, 0xc063ce5f, 0xf66d7faf, 0x3e40f0ee, 0xf1e9d116,
+ 0x4782a496, 0x9336bf01, 0x485ff88c, 0x6bac14f9, 0x3993c867, 0xf5a5f28c,
+ 0x59c1e4c9, 0xed6fe0bd, 0xa012d66b, 0x59549783, 0xaa951f67, 0xafe7ac66,
+ 0x6c40fa62, 0xc2728a8e, 0xedd12376, 0xc4aafddb, 0xa32209f3, 0x30dd2266,
+ 0xb921ab3b, 0xdb7e0a39, 0x17920d2d, 0xb3e9c4f4, 0xff014a4a, 0xa06c8a17,
+ 0xb085927b, 0x1f8f1426, 0x0396c5a7, 0x5ce62b5e, 0x082d4ddc, 0x1c0e4732,
+ 0xca747981, 0x72c7acb1, 0x024fbf50, 0x88fdfefd, 0xfa53361c, 0x1e361f7f,
+ 0x2756fbc8, 0xaf891fb3, 0xefda22ff, 0x5e1935e9, 0x9e1363f0, 0x20fa714f,
+ 0x9a36afb3, 0x3f9085fd, 0xf4cfde1c, 0x9ecdf783, 0xeb4fc82c, 0xd851abf2,
+ 0xcf640b37, 0x13d01af6, 0xbdf1db0f, 0x27c13f11, 0x32fc6097, 0x47e2b658,
+ 0x2cfb32e4, 0x67dfa2d8, 0x0596249d, 0x3252daf3, 0xf90a39a4, 0xbca3ad53,
+ 0xcc673e40, 0x38f987c4, 0x4f88cc87, 0x39c0188c, 0xbd17ee03, 0x9e61feda,
+ 0xc20cb710, 0x4aaf41bf, 0xafc85fe4, 0x100cfcf4, 0xaf65f985, 0xcebd3065,
+ 0xe7eabef0, 0x83553e7f, 0x22e58bf8, 0xffbc369f, 0xe18becd0, 0x7967adfe,
+ 0x511e74c3, 0x6677f68d, 0x3be513b3, 0x01cf1eed, 0x2ddc862c, 0x0af64fda,
+ 0x362adfb6, 0x3e1c6065, 0x5f6b1a79, 0x0ec469b1, 0xfae24fa8, 0xa91362db,
+ 0x59df60d5, 0xe9469d48, 0xea85817f, 0xcf1eb06f, 0x7b3af5b2, 0xb093f4cf,
+ 0x5afbe8cf, 0xe2615f78, 0xe984f8f9, 0x124d2575, 0x2ac77881, 0xf7e429fb,
+ 0x1243f946, 0xf7953cf9, 0x4d1b9a93, 0x5f008468, 0x2e7f191c, 0xbccf73f6,
+ 0xe8b1ffa7, 0xfc1618f1, 0x89f4c026, 0x3fa01961, 0x4968fd8b, 0x505ba7f2,
+ 0x8032793e, 0x05359e8f, 0x4287bb96, 0x9fcb229e, 0x2c51252c, 0xf23348cb,
+ 0x186fca01, 0xdf18d1df, 0x0bd6d281, 0xed24a9ff, 0xf915ddf8, 0x77ca0ace,
+ 0x3be4f6c6, 0xa1e75484, 0xe1dfbf5c, 0xe4617d85, 0x0ef83d3f, 0x9d6273e7,
+ 0xfc8abea8, 0x088ad269, 0x1e057bfa, 0xc7f8b16e, 0xfbff705b, 0xe3cfd172,
+ 0x054b0df3, 0xe784267a, 0x7d22d4a7, 0xb2ffbf8b, 0xf43e587b, 0xbdfa18e8,
+ 0xf90916a5, 0xa4790f64, 0x3f19f378, 0x30dea2f1, 0xaef4c5d9, 0xc0924fc9,
+ 0x053cb4cb, 0xf7c66eaf, 0x966ed0b9, 0x9305e985, 0x265d6c6d, 0x50eda5af,
+ 0x13efa51f, 0x1da211fc, 0x4e533fb9, 0xbd0a2ff4, 0x3eefb8ce, 0x044993ae,
+ 0x0435f5ec, 0xdff78fcb, 0x5f7a0b94, 0x729bdec7, 0x567bef41, 0xf385dff5,
+ 0xf0b2f9f7, 0xc9939f3c, 0x4a56adbf, 0xb71d74cf, 0x8d6e8c4a, 0x7e9a93f0,
+ 0xe6929e4c, 0xbcbf802c, 0xb39bf84f, 0xbf2fe112, 0x03cff846, 0x29ff54fc,
+ 0x7f9ff0e5, 0xea1640e1, 0x640ebbad, 0xff684fcd, 0x5c7eb751, 0xe415eb8f,
+ 0xc9575ef6, 0xefc41705, 0xe9718b96, 0x9a0f414c, 0xbe77d7cf, 0xe80f7b5f,
+ 0x29ab7e71, 0x685f016a, 0x9d3e6ddd, 0xe629badd, 0xba3ffe62, 0xeff1e9b6,
+ 0x70be4aba, 0x8ae5bf81, 0xcb3a73df, 0xff43682f, 0x8490ec4a, 0x7cdd8c79,
+ 0xa1c58db1, 0x89f0e71f, 0x993b37e7, 0xc5bdfa5c, 0x63f61ab7, 0x469adbc7,
+ 0xcf18fca8, 0xcaa46162, 0xb44888ef, 0xefd82a9f, 0x41586710, 0x49fa412d,
+ 0xe91948d5, 0x2665aab0, 0xe7fc3881, 0x5806c0d6, 0x38efd5df, 0xfdfa26c2,
+ 0x08b391da, 0x2b83e9c4, 0x41becfda, 0x1ad57abb, 0x77de1a78, 0x37decdbe,
+ 0x163f3acc, 0xd7fe50f8, 0x7d3e3e9f, 0x06ebc23c, 0x616a9d79, 0x7c04e0e7,
+ 0xde4c2cc7, 0x116a328a, 0x57ea9472, 0x2259c790, 0x30677e63, 0x029ee7d5,
+ 0x0aadcd7a, 0x4f76a9da, 0x57de0f9b, 0x4d4a63ed, 0x3ea7f0be, 0x61e50832,
+ 0x7929bed5, 0x66f502ff, 0xf3e81e6b, 0x903aeff9, 0x3c3c77ef, 0x761cfd00,
+ 0xc00f6047, 0xb91f1ceb, 0x3650e41d, 0xfaf4071d, 0xe7b7bd8e, 0x5f5ddc01,
+ 0x2e8f3869, 0x7557f327, 0x21148cfd, 0xb1b16abd, 0x565da740, 0x39fb2746,
+ 0x30d6bbbe, 0x743e12b9, 0xa497cf3d, 0x5ebd28ed, 0x0007fc52, 0xf27e94ef,
+ 0xf93d231f, 0xc6498642, 0xab98ccf5, 0x39451e45, 0x29013b1d, 0x183f829e,
+ 0x13e086f9, 0x7dec2d5b, 0x8bf19530, 0xb24ceb60, 0x3baf11c8, 0x3cf02978,
+ 0x56db79c6, 0x45ab6380, 0x377976f9, 0x91a9519f, 0x28d25790, 0xc85fb005,
+ 0x75f1612b, 0x5fb75fe6, 0x869e9052, 0x2fa455b8, 0xf9611d67, 0x20be9418,
+ 0x58d6f1ff, 0x3a24d4db, 0xd10d61ef, 0x87ef015b, 0xef2cc92f, 0x689be662,
+ 0x6c49256f, 0xdaeba1bc, 0x85488cd7, 0x3dff7e7e, 0xef57663c, 0x1fa3802e,
+ 0xeffd5b9f, 0xaa517ca3, 0x0578c247, 0xff63307f, 0x31d90f17, 0xab21bc6f,
+ 0xf4193b22, 0x982c778d, 0x3e97d80f, 0x06ab2611, 0x21dc39c2, 0xfe8eff2d,
+ 0x493ee752, 0x7e513787, 0xde207165, 0x856dc2aa, 0x30e8079a, 0x3a2b9d95,
+ 0xe4186ef4, 0x2306b2b9, 0xecd6a4f0, 0x67a0ad93, 0xb72824ad, 0x65b83787,
+ 0xdcd9efe0, 0xf875d4cf, 0x9806c7bf, 0x29fd881d, 0x21c7f6e6, 0x6caca37e,
+ 0xd6187eff, 0x5cb25f61, 0x6a572095, 0x462ab1cd, 0xfa027657, 0xd0cb767c,
+ 0x7ad0b755, 0x489b9d76, 0x2b5e3fc0, 0x903d46cf, 0x2f7873ce, 0x616b3cf3,
+ 0xd03b6bfa, 0x6bc01a4b, 0xf3c03597, 0x5185e206, 0xee7d6a72, 0x70fdfa62,
+ 0xfff482b7, 0xadc04b7b, 0xed88bb31, 0xe61b1aa7, 0x1e1538cf, 0xe779afc7,
+ 0xb66fb045, 0x706e2cab, 0xb3f5f0f4, 0x35c5dda0, 0xbf78048a, 0x0d9c5c98,
+ 0x4d20ea7a, 0x38a1f1d6, 0x7c628fbe, 0x7fa1c872, 0xd807ba47, 0xfb857fa0,
+ 0xa9359565, 0x43bd9f18, 0x1c03640b, 0x9a8dabdf, 0xbb0f2c80, 0xdd353ccf,
+ 0x0c23f283, 0x49af25f8, 0x3908df68, 0xbafca412, 0x42539d86, 0x31af9239,
+ 0xe4b0727f, 0x8377c7fd, 0xb922dedd, 0x92575f01, 0xe71af92b, 0xb9237f3f,
+ 0xa7defc62, 0xd889e5e9, 0x0f201557, 0xd152fea8, 0xd079312a, 0x8241e54c,
+ 0x5a7f069e, 0x29ed2f7a, 0xed8cb07f, 0x7c8c67c9, 0xc61de844, 0xcecbff7e,
+ 0x3e0893ce, 0xa0bc1ef3, 0xe6977e74, 0x83d613bb, 0x9d7932d4, 0x764aefd1,
+ 0x079e7568, 0xc39e6868, 0xda93eccb, 0x2ebbd01c, 0xc0bd3204, 0xddb98bcf,
+ 0xfbc4f543, 0x8cc3e435, 0x9a4e52de, 0x6d3e2f50, 0xb8bea2f2, 0x3f51f890,
+ 0xa03e385c, 0xe84a9f82, 0x12140b8f, 0x064f4055, 0xac58e3bf, 0xd82cfd23,
+ 0x5d1f2129, 0x8bacceb8, 0x933d0b6f, 0x1dbd32d4, 0xea24d3ce, 0x9f5ca5b7,
+ 0x91fd032c, 0xd5b257f6, 0xa37fd06c, 0x76cad7c8, 0xec579fea, 0x3892caf9,
+ 0xe7ff988e, 0xb7cfcc44, 0x5b87e61c, 0x21b6e81e, 0xf043e509, 0xe09949e1,
+ 0xd9645d7f, 0x525ff4cb, 0xf739658d, 0x7cbb0a9f, 0xe0f4c291, 0x5f2edc45,
+ 0x72f2edc4, 0x760c476a, 0x74f879b1, 0x357a64f3, 0xa75b3df9, 0x633f4a72,
+ 0x893e6c5c, 0x3cf82aed, 0xcf893e61, 0x3debf5bb, 0x9e6279f4, 0xbde98d88,
+ 0xb2befb55, 0xef997af8, 0x137addd3, 0xf4e37fb3, 0xa160ecc0, 0xf77d3ea7,
+ 0x5f20fee2, 0x7fff83d7, 0xf280ef00, 0x78f1b5df, 0xd0d35473, 0x7c7516be,
+ 0xac6fed4f, 0x69fe6a37, 0x9c81069b, 0x7887f40c, 0xb03501e8, 0xc0bbf013,
+ 0xb9b947e4, 0x4165f540, 0x2bd0bade, 0x3d57199f, 0x7d97baaa, 0x28dee027,
+ 0x7c3cfb31, 0xeed5ea50, 0x33fbe56d, 0x09fb68e9, 0xf6c5fff0, 0xb68bbd53,
+ 0x77bd2cdb, 0xe6f6f802, 0x51e43ddb, 0xeba4cf5a, 0xcdc07e02, 0x2895cf54,
+ 0x3973c69e, 0x8a6fb952, 0xfcc1d2a9, 0xb74fe80e, 0xdc423757, 0x91c1e333,
+ 0xd1fce0e3, 0x69261051, 0x8b309fcc, 0x155ccfbe, 0x7d7881ce, 0xd348d1d2,
+ 0xc69bd00e, 0x91cfd0d8, 0x4ce27141, 0xef392b01, 0x9947d80d, 0x20e33c33,
+ 0xd79f4fde, 0xf85cbf81, 0x354fc09b, 0xe3f7fc13, 0xda853d58, 0x5d703b13,
+ 0x1938e036, 0xe01d3216, 0x2fa0e783, 0x63233b0a, 0x8c1e756a, 0xa5a5fe0b,
+ 0x0c87f209, 0xeb907ce3, 0x7e0f82c1, 0x0497c836, 0x7e2eba7e, 0x0e67c7ef,
+ 0xdb9c125f, 0xf547c721, 0x0d9737ca, 0xfb4065f6, 0xe0f39520, 0xefc01aca,
+ 0x5d160843, 0xbc1bb944, 0x827092a4, 0x2978327f, 0x6eef5f45, 0xc7df8e97,
+ 0xef90d9db, 0x42e76cf6, 0x476f1cbe, 0xfcb5fdf4, 0xb053b799, 0xddb1323f,
+ 0x4eb8fe05, 0x1ffa3b4f, 0x02cfc0bb, 0xe0844579, 0x374ebe79, 0xefbe2e7b,
+ 0x1449522c, 0xfb0c47e5, 0xc06908e9, 0xd696c899, 0xafcf304f, 0x428df5a2,
+ 0xda495e78, 0x655e5cf0, 0x7b849db3, 0x08eccfc9, 0xc13b6441, 0xd4725b2f,
+ 0x44899df0, 0xe96fd97a, 0xb1fd8a8f, 0x2b77d6a6, 0xa2d18da5, 0xc178f6be,
+ 0xa8e4da30, 0xeb513fa8, 0xdd25fba3, 0x13f6eb24, 0xdf9e77ca, 0xb4fb4b01,
+ 0x71fbe26c, 0x41b4ed5d, 0x3ed67589, 0xa6cffdfe, 0x8de3a34d, 0x5965e3e7,
+ 0x4abe3c9f, 0xf9643c41, 0x52f3ce13, 0x775f593d, 0xf9f4b2c4, 0xa9f78613,
+ 0x8699f786, 0xfb7d20fa, 0x63befece, 0x5da96fb8, 0x836fb891, 0xe238b760,
+ 0xc8ed677c, 0x4702ea0b, 0xa3b4bbfc, 0xb0a3b1cd, 0xdc252b8f, 0x9f65f657,
+ 0xfd7f04ac, 0x4def1503, 0xa375fd00, 0xdf02b114, 0x464728dd, 0xe8cc1f01,
+ 0xc643f8c7, 0x5f983d0f, 0x63e72ef3, 0x7f02cca7, 0xf3834dcf, 0xbcaca78e,
+ 0xd59e7e1e, 0x35bf829d, 0x0738834d, 0xef8083de, 0x34fbd89b, 0x5605fef1,
+ 0xbfea2fef, 0x8b07ed61, 0x473d79fe, 0x560bff7c, 0x1fda2e1f, 0xbc51f564,
+ 0xfac83e1e, 0xafdac31b, 0x5a70735d, 0x0fdfcd98, 0x460cb27e, 0x22ff8c4a,
+ 0x6fd0517f, 0xf36acce5, 0x0fe8bf00, 0x87f297bc, 0xf7aaeb8c, 0x6f325da2,
+ 0x8129f234, 0xdf343bbf, 0x7284d633, 0xcf959392, 0xd0de9958, 0xe23ccf6d,
+ 0xeb95f3c4, 0x090f8cad, 0xaf8386bf, 0xd32b5ccf, 0x995ae6b3, 0xbb4cb7dd,
+ 0xdb99fb0d, 0x739bfcc8, 0x3d061225, 0x5154cc95, 0x3324365e, 0xf4a1afbd,
+ 0x24773c3a, 0x790d26e2, 0x8710febe, 0x86abf115, 0xc9febe99, 0x43497a09,
+ 0xf82f7b23, 0xad0e434d, 0xaa47f027, 0x0bbc2100, 0xa0a4e636, 0xe7615c7f,
+ 0x186e37d0, 0x07ea03b1, 0x58cf59d4, 0xb11b8fd1, 0xaacf77c2, 0x81738401,
+ 0x0599c989, 0xe8172fb2, 0xff5819e5, 0xffe18fff, 0x240ce7e6, 0x8d8639e3,
+ 0xcd655e30, 0x907b3a07, 0xa013ed28, 0xcd4528dc, 0xb2df6c19, 0x73e8aafb,
+ 0xa0bd6bf0, 0x1359b605, 0x1ef3eefc, 0x813d44a9, 0xfe393054, 0x76f7b2c0,
+ 0xd9dfa6ed, 0x9da2b11f, 0xf3beea72, 0x5af31263, 0xd32e7d04, 0x27398f7c,
+ 0x3ecde9c4, 0x80864fde, 0xa696f07d, 0xba006e79, 0x4576829d, 0xb42f9f90,
+ 0x235f11b7, 0x4acdbf7d, 0xbdd287d7, 0x4ce3cb9d, 0xcd63f995, 0x39e49f8a,
+ 0x0512efd0, 0x234b1db9, 0xb670c7e8, 0x39b7feb1, 0xe0e377e9, 0x8827a63b,
+ 0x9977c5ef, 0xfd05a91a, 0x7635e0ad, 0x41e2effe, 0x8591c627, 0x9af9d49d,
+ 0x220ee313, 0xfbb5262f, 0xb1c79cbe, 0xb2e0379f, 0x5d9834b4, 0x44a9da01,
+ 0x7640c1fa, 0x1fb3147f, 0xb401cd2b, 0xb6de3aff, 0xdfb45590, 0xb30f5683,
+ 0x42b12d53, 0xeaadcfb8, 0x21980488, 0x5dfcafa9, 0x16fbe81e, 0x347bb2d3,
+ 0xa685eeba, 0xe987b115, 0x1d839577, 0xa70d306e, 0x3ff1ff65, 0x87fad0e6,
+ 0x1678ccfb, 0xd4d774ab, 0xf3997222, 0xe0f3c6fc, 0x7afa4de5, 0x1ebeb365,
+ 0xdfd7d16c, 0xe1533ab1, 0x11d521dc, 0x808f70bc, 0xae7d52c5, 0x796bc291,
+ 0x9ca5e2dd, 0xff49fc1b, 0x4aa1e817, 0x7c009d8e, 0xd03bb259, 0xfd6c149f,
+ 0x8e7bc244, 0x7b3889fa, 0xeb941b20, 0xcf86568b, 0x7fa5e0be, 0x4d073b1a,
+ 0xf8265dc5, 0x1eb81c07, 0xe84b2f0d, 0x67cfa2ef, 0xbd07c84c, 0xc97b709b,
+ 0x41977987, 0xfc0dd74e, 0xabc362bc, 0xf04ac8a6, 0xada95197, 0x36b85c41,
+ 0xeda51f96, 0xde18d947, 0x7825fc4b, 0xca43401f, 0x970051f4, 0x87e295f2,
+ 0x9d0d5df5, 0xccf9c424, 0x9ddbf936, 0xe32455e3, 0x6db31ef9, 0x4cc3f302,
+ 0xfe4ca0a1, 0xefb433ea, 0xc045fea8, 0xb3b645bf, 0xb6976bf8, 0x41c0e314,
+ 0x7fe6356b, 0x7e664e4c, 0x9983259a, 0x700bb01f, 0x648bfe01, 0x1710b7c6,
+ 0xcd07fdf4, 0x80c60f3c, 0x58db25a7, 0x6fd9037e, 0x92cebf42, 0x37ac666d,
+ 0xfd1336bc, 0xfd6c1f6c, 0xc014dfb4, 0xdcdbf6db, 0xf6d396a0, 0x8acf947e,
+ 0xf5ee0daf, 0xe4dfb653, 0x7c753e01, 0x2e3ff31b, 0xc376d649, 0xcafe4f7a,
+ 0xe14dfc84, 0xd506bbf1, 0x93f60a37, 0x42aeeb67, 0x3307ebc0, 0xfed8c807,
+ 0x61b88945, 0x749ae4dc, 0x5244be78, 0xe8ff6cfc, 0xcbac4fd7, 0x98fdacaf,
+ 0x12fa6f7d, 0xcf8f7ff3, 0x34e782da, 0xfd6f64a6, 0x6fe824d1, 0xe5cf1997,
+ 0x0f71fdd1, 0xe92a75f8, 0xca9e007c, 0x17487f6d, 0xfcd15b49, 0xdf55bdf8,
+ 0xec581f76, 0x73ab8e82, 0x592d9f81, 0x789b9d55, 0x3a0f4f4f, 0xcdf74ade,
+ 0x9b5e14f5, 0x73c6be44, 0xe6bd295b, 0xa2f91a31, 0x979abb90, 0xd03976f8,
+ 0x1049f00e, 0xf829b167, 0x654db17e, 0x2cbfa8fe, 0x07adfa6d, 0xda77bdfd,
+ 0xe56fc0d2, 0x4f2cbcc3, 0xc5405dcc, 0xfd00a01a, 0xcf2b6440, 0x10bf055b,
+ 0xa2349bc8, 0xbe6cbfbb, 0x4177dd8d, 0x0d9171f7, 0x9e5fc2fd, 0x6556bc00,
+ 0xbe058c75, 0x19f4bc1f, 0x568ec9ea, 0xbc392766, 0x6cbfe67e, 0x8e16499d,
+ 0xa0c1f38e, 0xe367f197, 0x666d9abc, 0x8d49dfe6, 0xc1eb3f61, 0x72869a5f,
+ 0x4b68e916, 0xece50d8d, 0xcfaa5496, 0x9f7dae39, 0x5290fc89, 0x3b68f76e,
+ 0x1e61f15f, 0x83724443, 0x807d193f, 0x9dd7e0a9, 0xe1fe7487, 0xac61a1ce,
+ 0xf9829bef, 0xcf9d8e21, 0x3c010dd5, 0x127cb0b5, 0x05ddb787, 0xe770fbf3,
+ 0xafcc1769, 0xe709a764, 0x24f9125d, 0xf8e8d17d, 0x02946ebe, 0xb93bc021,
+ 0x7eb3f7a4, 0xf4d3f3b8, 0xfe788e85, 0xdeb7c823, 0x996c92f0, 0xf7df0b52,
+ 0xbf70b388, 0xc9b76898, 0x2baff4c6, 0xbb44c3f9, 0xd61fcaef, 0xf523c628,
+ 0xbe57c6bd, 0x0ae55c75, 0xff63317e, 0xbee9c57d, 0x92fedf31, 0xcebe6bae,
+ 0x436c5e7f, 0x04ec79ff, 0xe946fbdc, 0x68b7e304, 0xf1be81df, 0xe3e31963,
+ 0x8143956a, 0x70d77bf8, 0xf54cad5b, 0xa6407518, 0x9999f803, 0x661e63d4,
+ 0x7be58daa, 0x24a89066, 0xf2eb4651, 0x015defb1, 0xd1fd7c82, 0x9db19b9b,
+ 0xe7e1cf62, 0x143cffc3, 0x603c19c6, 0x993bf624, 0x5c4b17df, 0x2aafce9a,
+ 0xa8f825f0, 0x6da75f11, 0xc97fdc39, 0x956a4be8, 0x257aee30, 0x1dfd3aba,
+ 0xb5c755d3, 0xd24795d2, 0xed9f53d1, 0x7eabb2fa, 0x06bcf1ac, 0x83351f96,
+ 0x734333f7, 0x5b32fde0, 0xf109bea9, 0x168f81d0, 0x551e587b, 0x71e83b5b,
+ 0x94349bf6, 0x6dc84f87, 0x0a7f6039, 0xcd788c7b, 0xda7e891d, 0xa0d9f69e,
+ 0x200b9064, 0x94be6163, 0xc3fb303f, 0xbeffa2af, 0x42f3e433, 0x5340de5e,
+ 0x3ae7de0e, 0x82f6e430, 0x4cb06adf, 0x4c718935, 0xcff5c04f, 0xa67e2c25,
+ 0x3bbea334, 0x2f6e87e0, 0x4a82deb8, 0x2f566f24, 0x6486917e, 0xc95c8f66,
+ 0xfa75219e, 0x9aec29fd, 0xe09d272e, 0x0efc710d, 0x92387130, 0x42d79e34,
+ 0x2efd1e59, 0x44d3dc5d, 0x07d43c77, 0x9c59d774, 0x1b3f7bb6, 0x4bd847d6,
+ 0x7fc8ff71, 0x12502f1e, 0x76ff23fd, 0xf091fe6d, 0xffc1c7d6, 0x247fa7d1,
+ 0xf82a647c, 0xae88344f, 0x0e18f7f0, 0x9f77291c, 0x7d150197, 0x1efe33b5,
+ 0x5ad44aae, 0xdbfdfe24, 0xe30db785, 0xbf8e187a, 0xefb031fb, 0x6e895bd7,
+ 0x14f844bc, 0x2470ff43, 0xede1e1c1, 0x069bbfc3, 0x4e3d3dfd, 0x31f43f7c,
+ 0xb37aef98, 0x19443fbe, 0xbd5b8fad, 0x11d6b0b8, 0x0f54fb97, 0xe2d3dbf0,
+ 0x3bf57ff2, 0xa06fea33, 0x9fdddb7d, 0x90a0fe62, 0xded4c1e3, 0xb7cd3fcf,
+ 0xcf4edf4b, 0xb9e87ad5, 0xcf4cedf3, 0x46ad842d, 0xcbe401ed, 0xcc7e15c1,
+ 0xc6faa43f, 0x1bea3b62, 0xee97181d, 0x89c5f59c, 0xf7681e81, 0x8fbc3cd0,
+ 0x1092e205, 0x21326a0f, 0x255ad45f, 0x662d6f46, 0x9e8227dc, 0x6a3f38ca,
+ 0xf9e30e48, 0xd24386e0, 0x94e03084, 0x4ddd6754, 0xdda4eed7, 0x638e10f7,
+ 0x2873dfd6, 0xa676b5ca, 0x164707df, 0xfe85ce6c, 0xf4044a77, 0xdf23b580,
+ 0x76885f4f, 0x8be97bcc, 0x6d2bbe12, 0x63e59a79, 0xc57b9936, 0x89bb5ae3,
+ 0xf70775d9, 0x7cfbdc63, 0x5ebdc244, 0x80d644a2, 0x22525ade, 0x3e379da3,
+ 0xf5073c52, 0xe31522f1, 0x2f5cd581, 0x0ecd360a, 0x906dfe43, 0x47d127fe,
+ 0x8b8bfc5b, 0xd22a4f51, 0x3d1f101c, 0xe300b23f, 0xeabf61ed, 0xcd283c46,
+ 0xbdbddf98, 0xf40e31ca, 0xccefc1ba, 0x8171ee98, 0x7f3bdefd, 0x0679e14d,
+ 0x7c3f92b5, 0x93a7f327, 0x765cbf44, 0xb6f3d30b, 0x5c5d55da, 0xc59dab70,
+ 0xb70d6fa3, 0x9f38c54d, 0xfd076ed2, 0x9f7c4837, 0xfc4a7d80, 0xf7bb0f0e,
+ 0xd4a3f184, 0xdbf30790, 0x27f6d4b4, 0x3cf7806e, 0xed28801f, 0x9db8c14f,
+ 0xdcf1526b, 0x6a7ae137, 0x31a3c3e7, 0x08eecdff, 0x95eb00bc, 0xcecaf5cf,
+ 0x37977f83, 0xcb93e41f, 0x4fc873f3, 0xe8285f20, 0x64fc9fff, 0xe02a6dac,
+ 0xcc218bef, 0xfde3c13f, 0xc2bd9e42, 0x35ca99e9, 0x7c3cbf16, 0xd4df3f3d,
+ 0x0fdfef1d, 0xbf7888e3, 0x009eb539, 0x0233527d, 0xaa5a0bfd, 0x325e809f,
+ 0xc0ac5c35, 0x3ea308f9, 0x7fc79532, 0xf3e94890, 0x27f74e02, 0x014bbcbf,
+ 0x00b596fa, 0x2b4e0fe6, 0x3bd011b2, 0x8755d387, 0xabe8f7fb, 0x7cf1afda,
+ 0x19e655d7, 0xd011b6a5, 0x5ee12b67, 0x72a4da4d, 0xc7e8cbe4, 0xbb18e716,
+ 0x3b4aa8fd, 0xecdb61fa, 0x6be72e76, 0x6901de59, 0xd907f8c3, 0x9099d6c3,
+ 0xf3c4acf6, 0x2affc24e, 0xb15753fa, 0xee4ac97c, 0xb29bc197, 0xed77fbe9,
+ 0x7f332e42, 0x1e2f1886, 0xde9de99f, 0x2e22ecba, 0xfd842b13, 0xe2283b19,
+ 0x02149f32, 0x9719f49d, 0xd55874e1, 0xccb8f972, 0x7f6f1ce7, 0xd7ccb8eb,
+ 0x8a6be4f6, 0x8ff674cb, 0x494f982a, 0x02efb7da, 0x82c5bd3b, 0x2d19effe,
+ 0xe40b7abf, 0x348d0ce7, 0xd7745e43, 0x63b767c7, 0x6f4189be, 0x5536adf8,
+ 0x38804c73, 0xf45eabdc, 0x06f419af, 0x43b0dda3, 0xdfae61f0, 0xceae3b65,
+ 0xbeed106e, 0xebacfceb, 0x98d7b8c4, 0x87bc659f, 0x93acfa6e, 0x78bcf167,
+ 0x1af315b3, 0x73b3375e, 0xccfde1f9, 0x31b0adee, 0x987152fe, 0xc0381bdd,
+ 0x567cc7e2, 0xf9198af2, 0xfcecb048, 0x798cb24b, 0x203b37bc, 0x646b3e1e,
+ 0xfaefb412, 0x6df709b5, 0xaec7bf05, 0xa753eb91, 0x9551ca47, 0x2046fbee,
+ 0x9d67187c, 0xebb7af3e, 0x5f190367, 0xaeee71e3, 0xf7af2c35, 0x264a75a2,
+ 0xb30fc3c6, 0x3c05dcfc, 0x6a75773f, 0x749997e0, 0x3e7fcb5e, 0x8bb9e305,
+ 0xcdc58048, 0x9d79f4eb, 0x964c7cf1, 0xb70e5dff, 0x4bf3b3fe, 0xdc6abcfc,
+ 0xfff7066f, 0x0294ea79, 0xc4395390, 0xb4f80abd, 0x7bb14c27, 0x096b2d13,
+ 0x925c67bb, 0x9427d025, 0x5836a935, 0xf2b5d58f, 0xe16fd874, 0x1fef195a,
+ 0xd0b8eb17, 0x5fba4261, 0x80f260e1, 0xe3022ca2, 0xdf96b288, 0x5bfa2dd7,
+ 0x9428e449, 0xd5cac4b2, 0x6f7a656e, 0x57f45272, 0x20d6ae6b, 0x58362c5f,
+ 0x45ed7f46, 0x798457d5, 0x04b9292a, 0x9d6a4bf2, 0xd9d375d5, 0x8bf1a47b,
+ 0xdf1f98d6, 0x0a614f7f, 0x00a4f11b, 0x21cfbb3f, 0xf53b7bf3, 0x6f545b78,
+ 0xdf21a3c0, 0x8c090176, 0xe7b43fe8, 0x6b8b8af9, 0x021e5873, 0x5cf1afc7,
+ 0xe7307dc2, 0xaff9f109, 0x26f0c41c, 0x90e5660f, 0x984505c1, 0x62ac9557,
+ 0x6490d35e, 0x33a45fe6, 0x7c87f841, 0xba02552f, 0x0b5bc230, 0xd5d012ca,
+ 0xeae9091a, 0x3cf7f04a, 0x04cbe217, 0x56e05efa, 0x08cf1f31, 0xf983ad77,
+ 0x77e4ae8f, 0xf92afe78, 0x3b7ff3c7, 0x89eec1fe, 0xb9426358, 0xeef25a7d,
+ 0x8efca28e, 0xf985c9ac, 0xefe131ad, 0xe501e047, 0x2a7f7674, 0xed9d4dfc,
+ 0x755f7940, 0x5a4bdd98, 0x0b3da2b9, 0x41556e84, 0x6d5bde3b, 0xab4037c4,
+ 0xdb43fe08, 0x78254fcd, 0xd3a927df, 0x92f761e7, 0xfc0ade5f, 0xdd1ccba2,
+ 0xce3a2bfd, 0x1440e61b, 0x622b55ea, 0xed7f41bb, 0x429df878, 0xbf37c289,
+ 0x6fcba2d6, 0x2c297521, 0x3e9d780f, 0xe8349b9f, 0xf55b25eb, 0x03546ddf,
+ 0xffbdd8a3, 0x4f77e7bd, 0x2e73b176, 0xfbc64ca4, 0x32bae959, 0x6393ef7f,
+ 0x962079f8, 0xfbf02c77, 0xaaba43be, 0xeed163fc, 0x7c7f95af, 0x09fc0d40,
+ 0x5cd1b4f0, 0x75fd83ef, 0x09ff36e6, 0xf4cae739, 0xe13e97f8, 0x5fe3d3d5,
+ 0xbfde11ae, 0x9c533c96, 0x37ca37d2, 0x29a5fc3e, 0x6f3a056c, 0x5b738935,
+ 0xf9d8ff06, 0xb91ca21f, 0xff104b24, 0x5f97f630, 0xf3ef8ed0, 0xe80990bf,
+ 0x091a9943, 0x30c21fa3, 0x70c40b4e, 0x9dfae2d2, 0xdc190f11, 0xf4e3182e,
+ 0x06ff653d, 0xeb696076, 0x402af0ef, 0xe12d8fe1, 0x2bc8b56d, 0xa8b7bc3e,
+ 0xfe837255, 0x51a279af, 0x3aa9cfc8, 0xff06ec54, 0xe9c8b9eb, 0x97fb8874,
+ 0xb59f9846, 0x2e7be774, 0xb84e63c8, 0xc434621f, 0xfe874909, 0x9dfa361e,
+ 0xf0a3be0b, 0xde3d07ae, 0x81531a9e, 0x644aabfe, 0x4ab84fbc, 0x501e6189,
+ 0xd2f12a55, 0x49f5421d, 0xc5b5bdbd, 0xd8fee2af, 0xfde12ad2, 0x206ae961,
+ 0xbe239067, 0x85bea89f, 0x7d8a6df7, 0xbbe9c936, 0x9f88e017, 0xeaddf09b,
+ 0x39ccbb4c, 0x3534ffae, 0x09ebe5ae, 0xcadf3fef, 0x2f9100f4, 0x029e7096,
+ 0xf316e3f3, 0x473838fc, 0xffcc4d11, 0x205c7382, 0x06f9f887, 0x7ba14738,
+ 0xf081ce2f, 0x8e7014f3, 0xe27df122, 0xe7c4adf9, 0x98a5a619, 0x28e70817,
+ 0xf9c79f12, 0x37f295c9, 0xc68d79f5, 0x791ecdfc, 0x1b3f7c8e, 0x399718f3,
+ 0x88ce4eaf, 0x1f95df76, 0x78c51ff2, 0xf9ef9ad7, 0x5c93cf0d, 0xbe6dff89,
+ 0xfe6d3c4a, 0x2fa9e31b, 0x1bf3b7fe, 0x57ffbff2, 0x3d0f8171, 0x1ae0e9f5,
+ 0x3fd0f67c, 0xa05208fc, 0xee8e4d0b, 0x30b361df, 0x71b2fe7d, 0x266dcae6,
+ 0xab939c2f, 0xfcc4e43c, 0x2cb7116c, 0x010b7b23, 0x6378c6e5, 0x0e6be405,
+ 0xe3b8f6bd, 0xc77671ff, 0x7f1273df, 0x40bf2037, 0x398fc7cf, 0xf897ed3e,
+ 0xa305663b, 0x0bdfc2a9, 0x984a6b5d, 0xbdc7e624, 0xf37a64ed, 0x1f3bfe31,
+ 0x073b2a99, 0xc769deb4, 0x8a94bd73, 0x49d03cf0, 0xe05dffbb, 0xe1879a77,
+ 0xf783d9f1, 0xe5e29912, 0xe6337359, 0x1d2b870f, 0xc213e05e, 0x9ffa227f,
+ 0x5730fc21, 0xafcfefa0, 0xff3fbe92, 0xffc0f98e, 0xd5f5d374, 0x8e28b9c6,
+ 0xe919da12, 0x3ebbfbb5, 0x7d05bcf2, 0xc263a4f6, 0xf1622fef, 0x226fe10e,
+ 0xee2eb0be, 0x13f9c053, 0x603cf7d5, 0x0f388917, 0xea7cf4d1, 0xf9e11b13,
+ 0x90959e89, 0x29fb1487, 0x88893f41, 0xcbe1194f, 0x81abf1e4, 0xce256e3c,
+ 0x244c6633, 0x6dc3d06e, 0xdfd821ae, 0x33ade236, 0x78f9850d, 0x888f9824,
+ 0xc1f5d067, 0x966417f3, 0x0416e3ca, 0xb980e2e5, 0x87c811e9, 0x797b7209,
+ 0xf891dcc0, 0xf109883b, 0x1767660b, 0xf50e50d9, 0xe2c59f92, 0xe632a56f,
+ 0xb1e435c7, 0x7b861b7e, 0xebfadcf0, 0x99f88ec2, 0x886f7d93, 0x8a3c0873,
+ 0x9fc08738, 0xe232e3c8, 0xff9ae7ed, 0x3c5a5756, 0x3136415e, 0x54abbbbd,
+ 0x76dce226, 0xa55dbf62, 0x1279645f, 0xb5682dfa, 0xe8663e30, 0x9e774b77,
+ 0xe78ac46a, 0x5ebaf915, 0xdf891cab, 0xc136111b, 0x7fc398fe, 0xb528857f,
+ 0xdddc9eac, 0x6f69ea05, 0xcb5aa26b, 0x0a8edcea, 0xc7bf67ce, 0x9cc1f620,
+ 0xc02896c3, 0xfee1f6ff, 0x5e17c005, 0xda8ec737, 0xcc7e5d61, 0xfbefb1f2,
+ 0x803371c3, 0x3bf7ffb4, 0x1687c09c, 0x9d3ed8b9, 0xa0666247, 0xbdff009b,
+ 0x313f7128, 0xc4e6ffdd, 0xa3fbd13c, 0xa0efbb91, 0x478e07b5, 0x307100ee,
+ 0x5fec64ef, 0xcd029960, 0xfd2042ee, 0x13de2df9, 0x7fd31d4c, 0xbc5f3097,
+ 0x5f3e272f, 0x3093e70d, 0xf117e45f, 0x0f886af9, 0xe0cfdf31, 0x33f212ff,
+ 0x3f02bae6, 0x39e84d71, 0x4e6f716f, 0x8ff0397f, 0xa6550740, 0x50fa7640,
+ 0x1a4e6f76, 0xeaedabcc, 0x32e809ee, 0x097d7bb3, 0x758a3b8f, 0x3df10c1e,
+ 0xc8f90188, 0xf674d4b0, 0xbcf02dfb, 0x7b23c78a, 0x6a983bc8, 0xeecbec3a,
+ 0x9ba054bf, 0xfebbfc41, 0xe03fada4, 0x25bc033b, 0x3a3cab74, 0x8c965bd1,
+ 0x103637fb, 0xcf1d2ee4, 0x241bbf07, 0x2feafeb5, 0xf45a37c8, 0x3bf4487e,
+ 0xc77ee35a, 0x9775e6be, 0x91c277e6, 0x1793bbfc, 0xbdfec198, 0x27f78497,
+ 0x33cf8d0f, 0x854af9c8, 0xf00bb02b, 0x1e7d96fa, 0x13a1139e, 0x1ef57bc5,
+ 0x5dbb7d96, 0x75456fa8, 0xbdf14271, 0x1e374bc0, 0xe231f80c, 0xcc14f805,
+ 0xf8c49b7b, 0x993f9896, 0xe712d5e8, 0x376f9c6d, 0xde72ae1e, 0xc47fce22,
+ 0xf7053b1c, 0x4af91cc5, 0xc0437b43, 0xc1eac47d, 0xa7f86e38, 0x11999cec,
+ 0xadf8beee, 0xf8133f80, 0x6af809a9, 0xc3ffc23d, 0x0fcce1a4, 0xc06f3c4d,
+ 0xef010a39, 0x4ab3e051, 0x8cb87c42, 0x205523dd, 0x74eceaf8, 0xaa9d5f1d,
+ 0x80f3b8b0, 0x39ecb9d9, 0x938073f0, 0x938073f2, 0xa3f459f2, 0x15c9cc34,
+ 0xd4ed167c, 0xe30da958, 0xe2cf94e5, 0x730dacbd, 0xe6ee1f18, 0x330f94b3,
+ 0x1f384b3e, 0xefd84776, 0x00720627, 0xc9e57def, 0xfdca3fa6, 0xe74f8a88,
+ 0x32c5b8a7, 0x0aba4d45, 0xae57d57f, 0x880ff3ab, 0xfe95df76, 0xf5e926a0,
+ 0xeebe4287, 0xc80f4285, 0x6a79cbd4, 0xbe617a57, 0x6ed8d65d, 0x635117cc,
+ 0xc8ae8167, 0x5fbc166b, 0x558f6837, 0x173eecc9, 0xfeab33b4, 0x9d99d995,
+ 0x9dff0c69, 0xdf1ccd07, 0xf7e1dbed, 0x196d3e55, 0x8325f781, 0x7dc2a07e,
+ 0x214bfe1d, 0x12159dfc, 0x17fd0529, 0x3c4869ee, 0xff49d427, 0x93a7192b,
+ 0x5b5d6cbf, 0xc13fdcec, 0x73555ae2, 0xaaef286d, 0xd972f7e4, 0xff161439,
+ 0x15527617, 0x71a51bd5, 0x92ae75f1, 0x90ed17df, 0x707b895f, 0x10e3bb68,
+ 0xd6d0a94f, 0x043c41b5, 0x1d22c87f, 0x77455f7f, 0x9f6ab41e, 0x09ce7745,
+ 0x9fd4c3ee, 0xefe352a7, 0x38b0ce11, 0xf385117f, 0x2643b1ab, 0xb3a1e791,
+ 0xf264fe33, 0x5ef8872f, 0xbf7626d7, 0xb6735756, 0x37a7a577, 0x8f9a23bb,
+ 0xefa8c772, 0x35c02435, 0x2debcd84, 0x0121efbc, 0xbcfc531e, 0x71b9f198,
+ 0x4bdfe01e, 0xe2f94f7c, 0xe20f40ed, 0xf7909fbc, 0x7839f7dd, 0xeae80524,
+ 0xd0bbc704, 0x5cf90b0f, 0x0f363555, 0x740dcff3, 0x34baf026, 0xfd2abe49,
+ 0xeae934bc, 0xf76897f6, 0xa5afed5d, 0x88bfb8d7, 0x790ade41, 0x2bcf0cf2,
+ 0xf8b124df, 0x083ba6e0, 0x37b5a7bb, 0x87109879, 0x0ccf72a3, 0xa93dc62a,
+ 0xf3dca10f, 0x612b03b8, 0x7c468abd, 0x43bf0592, 0x23c5fc4c, 0xcfba6e80,
+ 0xec234ee9, 0xdbaf2e9c, 0xfbb1b7a7, 0x15bdf9a3, 0xfb02ef98, 0xf509ab6b,
+ 0x7f4cdbd9, 0x85d9ff44, 0xe41c64d1, 0xf1cf0665, 0xd849367e, 0xc6d6a4cf,
+ 0x4ae7e063, 0x1836de9e, 0xefc83c96, 0xdf5c228f, 0xf937bee9, 0xbb614fd7,
+ 0xf5627fa5, 0xe7163e69, 0xe1349e0a, 0x385d95ef, 0x3cc15b39, 0xe91283dd,
+ 0x2b76fe07, 0x70494b95, 0xbbac999f, 0x44546377, 0xd7cc7bff, 0xeae8a537,
+ 0xe8079a63, 0x32d0dfda, 0x2f3ef744, 0xfdee9d7a, 0xe9c7278d, 0x26da13ea,
+ 0xf4dfdae9, 0x7eae8156, 0x740ffb73, 0x37396fed, 0x5eff574b, 0x7b5d3eec,
+ 0xc1b5f612, 0xe42ec0ef, 0x78ec2deb, 0x5f267fc1, 0x77bfaf9a, 0xa5452a24,
+ 0xe2eff8fc, 0xe2c75c2e, 0x75a6e575, 0x0537f798, 0xfd096f22, 0xb65df8f7,
+ 0x4f3c4696, 0x65dfa571, 0x0c5a911b, 0xc3d398bf, 0x249bf01f, 0x19c3ef6a,
+ 0x1fa47ea1, 0xf4beffec, 0xbfb8db8e, 0x13a502e2, 0xba6b7bfe, 0xc325cef5,
+ 0xefa3819e, 0x126693c1, 0x44bdc0f1, 0x74a7b584, 0xc2e1f203, 0xf197bfc9,
+ 0x7af8d5f7, 0xc964f11b, 0xd5bbafd4, 0xfb775fa3, 0x3bbafd48, 0x4f75fabd,
+ 0xf75fa89a, 0xdd7e9f64, 0xafd74dfb, 0xbf5f9a7b, 0xfa4519ee, 0xd01fef75,
+ 0x12c0fbaf, 0xae0fbafd, 0x767bafd6, 0x735d7e8d, 0xba7a65c2, 0xd081d030,
+ 0x2dd686c3, 0xbf63b435, 0x41e8282f, 0xee42c1d0, 0xff5e19ef, 0x4638dd13,
+ 0xfe5ff87a, 0x00f95254, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7de50300, 0xd554787b, 0x733ef8b5, 0x932795e6,
+ 0x13848bf7, 0x0f209212, 0x28204807, 0x042010ea, 0x2d004c44, 0x42438b54,
+ 0x20c79020, 0xb6de2f58, 0x08a3c337, 0x51b43488, 0x341d82d1, 0x83b05428,
+ 0xc49498c6, 0x2d110f0e, 0x60b4406a, 0x2880697b, 0xc189212a, 0xf5b6f452,
+ 0xfbdad6b7, 0x124ce724, 0xeefdbd41, 0xf9f8bf1f, 0xafd9f66d, 0x6b5ed7b5,
+ 0x5ad7b5ed, 0xfa92cf7b, 0x6066661d, 0xd356f16c, 0xa32b16b9, 0xffe1afbf,
+ 0xbe7d1e25, 0x1f3e9774, 0xfc890b60, 0x11fe0838, 0x96bfc2ce, 0xe0c87b19,
+ 0x3165b408, 0x5e0a61d6, 0x5ac00d2f, 0x32c6c63e, 0x54ff8156, 0x31844b18,
+ 0xdff868d8, 0xf08d52c1, 0x2bdf125d, 0x793ec1ac, 0x30666624, 0xffbacd16,
+ 0x624f9812, 0x976d8c29, 0x618d28aa, 0x38c1896e, 0xcd6edb2c, 0x39fd411f,
+ 0x35266c60, 0x84a5f1be, 0x6d4debed, 0xbe02192d, 0x6277d8c1, 0x8c01c7d8,
+ 0x009d7c9a, 0x6ddfe3ff, 0xccd3d3bd, 0xc042d4dd, 0xbc20326c, 0xae1c6cf3,
+ 0x3c69f8cb, 0x5e643f63, 0x1a7f8e13, 0xfc0364ea, 0xca66b2f7, 0x949d67cf,
+ 0x8ccd993a, 0x53b32169, 0x53e590ba, 0x196d665a, 0x388e00cb, 0xc446f383,
+ 0xc70595cb, 0xcc0048cf, 0xc20fc469, 0x0a022c7b, 0x318b87fb, 0x8c516337,
+ 0x3b9cac1d, 0xd8c8d5bb, 0xece74ae1, 0x6fc054d6, 0x6f95e480, 0xc4aa14c4,
+ 0xf21bb563, 0xef11c31c, 0x9e737e6a, 0x21f21823, 0x309beff0, 0xe52a733f,
+ 0x89f2d4c3, 0xca251f3c, 0xa9536bd9, 0xfe5aa27d, 0x10dfde6b, 0x3ccffcb5,
+ 0x9fe6a71f, 0xf327fde7, 0xdeaad3fa, 0x470f73c9, 0xb5b008fa, 0xdca3e86a,
+ 0xbbcba61b, 0xad6ce3ea, 0x52f93d19, 0xd9f607fc, 0xeeb88cca, 0x5fdd6265,
+ 0xd9779c96, 0xd672b600, 0xc719aeb2, 0x5c669d60, 0x66ae956f, 0x21e73a86,
+ 0xcd054f3e, 0x75830dcf, 0xd1311b9a, 0x82f5061c, 0x321e8132, 0x8b64faa1,
+ 0x53b50867, 0x19231956, 0x6c951e3b, 0xe0b908df, 0x2c40200c, 0x0cf00e0f,
+ 0x5860c491, 0x6787721e, 0x560fd423, 0x9632dc5a, 0x10fb24db, 0x896d0b05,
+ 0x8bdc6073, 0x1923a101, 0x64a2fbe0, 0x5003d1fb, 0xb2090eee, 0x6572a4ef,
+ 0x33940140, 0x166032a7, 0x572b65a4, 0xc31d6ecf, 0xbed58e58, 0xc74919ad,
+ 0x005645bb, 0x3b2a272f, 0x3d8d18e7, 0xc49efaeb, 0x7b837ae6, 0x9b16f7af,
+ 0xcb3deb44, 0xce5baea0, 0x09fbc451, 0x932eba83, 0xe64b3f29, 0xb95595f9,
+ 0xde17bf47, 0xef0e926d, 0xa796d6e5, 0xffc215ab, 0xc56fc416, 0xb921fff4,
+ 0xd2fd3ed0, 0x222f4c58, 0x4e11c3dc, 0x4664e085, 0xd201667b, 0x267b5ad8,
+ 0x7957bfce, 0x7e239430, 0x48794136, 0xd156e51f, 0x5f6f3d7e, 0x324ced66,
+ 0x0c797e72, 0x82caffd7, 0xf3220fb3, 0xf9c8183e, 0x3989b8e6, 0xb8ff884c,
+ 0x5c4ecf10, 0xd6919b3f, 0x30a0c8ef, 0xdb663f5a, 0xf314293a, 0xa7bd7c29,
+ 0x057cdd01, 0x799d387c, 0x338fc88d, 0x085f251a, 0x58d4ddf0, 0xc1a2d293,
+ 0x9f4534c7, 0x6edac3bf, 0x619dbe44, 0x3e401df4, 0x5f433dbd, 0xcc68f40e,
+ 0xb0efb807, 0x99dfbfeb, 0x6d74cffd, 0x1ee1e41e, 0x807ee3c4, 0x9fbee095,
+ 0x2523b871, 0x61f904b7, 0xd8efc6af, 0xc250e9c8, 0xae2df875, 0xb5c6a019,
+ 0x079d8732, 0x1962c0d1, 0x6e7cc333, 0x7e685428, 0x759962c3, 0xbabbc810,
+ 0x481c457f, 0x9f9def80, 0xa08cf632, 0xbfa15be1, 0xaa58acba, 0x917f2dd7,
+ 0xcffbf146, 0x407e3952, 0xf74646ee, 0x27c05dc8, 0x8f5c21b3, 0xdd5c1206,
+ 0x344d9472, 0x918e7ca2, 0xa40ebd78, 0xabe7927f, 0xa213fbe8, 0x0204877d,
+ 0x9967db0a, 0xefe0bcf9, 0x6ba5802b, 0x278f8d8e, 0x826c62f8, 0x07f91035,
+ 0x6be48608, 0x40af9086, 0xa83fb438, 0xa09f2a7f, 0x133843dc, 0xc4c99ff0,
+ 0xa39c3e2f, 0xc62ace3b, 0x913ed1b1, 0x31fb5568, 0x389fb03a, 0x2c2d9701,
+ 0x9b17d38c, 0xd17ac16d, 0x5f377be2, 0x514795b1, 0x15f3757e, 0x55e519fb,
+ 0xb55f3abe, 0x57c5dffa, 0xbd516151, 0x5243aaf9, 0xd38f098a, 0x3f346c02,
+ 0x5d013e63, 0x6b62c623, 0x1a9f299b, 0x2851b3c0, 0xe47ab2f4, 0xcfbcecc6,
+ 0x703518e7, 0x84e57f41, 0xb64169af, 0x0cbf809d, 0xa05ce9c0, 0x4f9c161b,
+ 0xcdfb56f8, 0x888e6588, 0xd8fe9ef0, 0x572a66a6, 0xdfa3e9c7, 0x437ef31f,
+ 0xf55afdf4, 0x4777c2f0, 0xbf4d68c4, 0xf7f0f5eb, 0xc3cb97ee, 0xd55bcd6b,
+ 0xf58ba627, 0x0deaae9c, 0x19601f42, 0x1b3ffb7e, 0x30f1f618, 0x9e03ffb1,
+ 0x57fd048e, 0x773be22a, 0x3e91fdc0, 0x086f0790, 0x56b3c93e, 0x72dd48e1,
+ 0xd2872342, 0xc4aebd70, 0xdf8b1d9d, 0x7c7c1c1f, 0x4e7ae33e, 0x6f54587a,
+ 0xebbe5478, 0xcf4fcb86, 0x34dfade9, 0x03bf6007, 0x4149af51, 0xa94659d2,
+ 0xf9ba3cff, 0x6199f512, 0xae4cfa3d, 0xe7cd1975, 0x826e258d, 0xafd86a7b,
+ 0x6c57988c, 0xbe105bce, 0x9e7e37b9, 0xb1cac464, 0x5e51d20b, 0x86b7dc01,
+ 0xc3dffd65, 0x702431dd, 0xc1e401ad, 0x7d4daf6d, 0xc8d06ad2, 0xa4f93f2b,
+ 0xe40c8fb6, 0xa57b6ffb, 0x4ffa8ec3, 0xee2df224, 0x240d4bd3, 0x7c8c2a0f,
+ 0xb4af8f9f, 0x3b4357d9, 0xc7979197, 0x6acf14bb, 0x831e8794, 0x12fa84db,
+ 0x0fdddfe3, 0x5ef83b40, 0xd5f3c61d, 0x981e2bf7, 0x9955c809, 0x02e76964,
+ 0xcb0679e6, 0x57ca3147, 0x9072f317, 0xe9196ee3, 0x5b8f843f, 0x70c2d05d,
+ 0x36f1eadc, 0xac139b9b, 0xef559e4e, 0xf548fae0, 0x1f6a34bc, 0x8360a32f,
+ 0xbcb87b82, 0xe3164ead, 0xca81b92f, 0xf3150b6f, 0xb7f7ccda, 0xf1f336db,
+ 0xf0429a59, 0x8d149fe2, 0x0fe6b07a, 0x14da9fca, 0xfac8fb40, 0xdc3fae30,
+ 0xb89cc816, 0x91b6decf, 0x8e1a5f39, 0xc34f657c, 0x1795567d, 0x6f763d6a,
+ 0xf5d701ac, 0x018f2101, 0xf4beceaf, 0x0deb4b92, 0x51fb03cc, 0xe94606d9,
+ 0xa5c657a5, 0x6d7a802d, 0x15a5c6fb, 0xd9aafa42, 0x55d208f9, 0x924770f1,
+ 0x0f1f3069, 0x93e811f9, 0xb63ca0f4, 0xc14e552c, 0x49d978fd, 0xe7d10a43,
+ 0x61cfa216, 0x3a299f40, 0xa725fcfa, 0x9bd1374f, 0x87579f3f, 0x015cff79,
+ 0xd1aa79f8, 0x5d137762, 0x3b6124b6, 0xdb7bba7f, 0xef35f8ea, 0x1affcf47,
+ 0x391a1678, 0x4cb2913c, 0xf58b3cf0, 0x8fe9e1fd, 0x9798624f, 0x7e5a21ce,
+ 0x76edd2d1, 0xb8c8b73c, 0x8b73f37d, 0xf2a85d3f, 0xa408c62a, 0xfc37ba34,
+ 0x6bf2190f, 0xfd9e9e11, 0x721e6fd8, 0xddc9d130, 0x058f64f3, 0xa9057506,
+ 0x4663b3fb, 0x2051c01c, 0x437bb8e0, 0xac30e4fe, 0x7c712057, 0x803fe0f9,
+ 0x2f289663, 0xc19f2c68, 0xb6d9ffa0, 0x3bea1302, 0xf9c326b3, 0x38e7a74e,
+ 0x8ae61d68, 0xe86673fa, 0x2d8c7fcf, 0xe69e2133, 0xcb9f4db2, 0xcf77bb40,
+ 0x7b9fb7d1, 0x6eff3eaf, 0x87179c18, 0x5fe95f51, 0x9b0e5e03, 0x2077bd38,
+ 0x5e3cc1bf, 0xedbc5a8f, 0xf4e7a07e, 0x2d1f0f5f, 0xa25378c3, 0x816cd497,
+ 0xdd4ff3fc, 0xa3d7f940, 0x38e079ef, 0x469d3f96, 0x8906c9f9, 0xc7e3bfe8,
+ 0x8cd7e206, 0x27a6f3b1, 0x03871c03, 0x73f7bf44, 0x740d8e3e, 0xbd401756,
+ 0x478391d8, 0xc9a281af, 0x1d37ce66, 0xf6fcbcc5, 0x3f28431b, 0x23c53ef6,
+ 0x03939743, 0x8ed3e215, 0xfa8ec910, 0x1651b1d5, 0x29311f2a, 0x860f9799,
+ 0x17cb0dfd, 0x63fb5084, 0xa87c83a3, 0xe1f0bd47, 0x2c3f2a50, 0x1f3f3e7d,
+ 0x3cbda896, 0x52eb88d8, 0x62b56f11, 0xf2432c3a, 0x4f7c050d, 0x97e3170e,
+ 0x18cf79f3, 0xf91e3bbd, 0xe74e7268, 0xd7e07cfc, 0x286b78f6, 0xcba03bca,
+ 0xc307482b, 0xa43713ec, 0x74b41d20, 0x52e96926, 0x9502e75d, 0xd3fb270e,
+ 0xc81fe391, 0xd7c9fd67, 0x4752e8fe, 0x743d0177, 0xf539dfd7, 0x414f9e1c,
+ 0xf9e2b72e, 0x47a1a8d4, 0x35225307, 0x24e148fb, 0xa5ca1969, 0xf4881fc2,
+ 0x0b8d3cef, 0xf04f4897, 0xe4acd74f, 0x47ca8afb, 0x20ef9103, 0x90ae131d,
+ 0x1a0edafc, 0x97f13066, 0x817886dd, 0x7cfcb8fe, 0x12f24cd6, 0x0abc62a6,
+ 0x8a061eb8, 0x83dbb628, 0x76e68c80, 0x3fbe0908, 0x39136462, 0xc06fda7f,
+ 0xcc8c23f6, 0x5dca157a, 0x72865b32, 0x40dc3d30, 0xf1c50ce3, 0xf79a9e00,
+ 0xca033599, 0xc662ee6b, 0xb35f680c, 0x4a98f20a, 0xf08d1f90, 0x645bd7d9,
+ 0xb79c4a8e, 0xc0c6bfaa, 0x932ddb81, 0xf5e0286a, 0xfc395fd7, 0x6dcc4cdb,
+ 0x6412fe85, 0x17282010, 0x63ec2998, 0x0ff1b5eb, 0xab1f64d3, 0xe0f72eeb,
+ 0x0adebfd9, 0x63cc0f9c, 0xbba9e57d, 0x51e7355a, 0x6ccdd1ab, 0x0500df30,
+ 0xdbf86bbe, 0xe21c7a0a, 0x7ba55d61, 0x9cfeb6b6, 0xcbc270f0, 0xdb9703c3,
+ 0xee3e509c, 0x0408b2e0, 0xe700d5f2, 0xcd215b9a, 0x332f54de, 0x68900859,
+ 0x3f88a132, 0x35f48c8f, 0x63f194ee, 0xdf185cad, 0xfcdfcfa2, 0xaeaf3e89,
+ 0xe127f607, 0x863ea2f9, 0xa09c9b9f, 0xfd3e5080, 0x625bcc19, 0x3b4d4e01,
+ 0x5967f9ff, 0xfb017ce1, 0xa78d9657, 0xcf572bb1, 0x5de98e31, 0x8fa115ef,
+ 0xfef81966, 0x9c8f1bd9, 0xdde7bb3e, 0x914658b0, 0x7f5d5d92, 0xffc9cfe8,
+ 0x2c2ef37b, 0x8b175e4d, 0xecc09cf4, 0x6cb1213b, 0x80e2c55a, 0xb7ab8a5e,
+ 0x2ffbc430, 0x992e1c05, 0x60382bcb, 0x8ed53d50, 0xf78dbcf5, 0x6dc03695,
+ 0xca1f3a40, 0x7784063c, 0x7e51f318, 0xfca16b04, 0x9062488d, 0x5a14c51f,
+ 0x93ac31b7, 0xd90ac1f6, 0x48009bf9, 0x9f3a252f, 0xe837f3c7, 0xe9c31bc3,
+ 0xf489bedc, 0xde30f486, 0x03cbdb7f, 0xf73d9e48, 0x3fc9031b, 0x09a53e55,
+ 0xe5534fbe, 0xbfa356d3, 0xfea2aa7c, 0xd91b40d8, 0x6afd0511, 0xedfa9bd6,
+ 0x83b1163a, 0x8f4093ce, 0x0cf29f3c, 0xa50f0fe5, 0xfe858a71, 0x1f989c52,
+ 0xaf59ae1d, 0xceaf2ae7, 0x005ddad6, 0xc5f2071e, 0x3980caae, 0x77df3593,
+ 0x287d7387, 0xf95e7583, 0xa8bff433, 0x21eec836, 0x79a0ccbe, 0x7ffd172e,
+ 0x8777392c, 0xb52fbe03, 0xa2067528, 0xca032aef, 0x48dff29b, 0x278029ec,
+ 0x617e719d, 0xb83ab1a9, 0xcdc65576, 0x71f20c99, 0x25c718a5, 0xabd871f3,
+ 0x9c548edc, 0xf42858c8, 0x0a4afc53, 0x228081e9, 0x58e101b7, 0x48f1e21f,
+ 0xc7036e34, 0xff1e1e93, 0xbee257f1, 0x8f724592, 0x46c18deb, 0x0d0323d2,
+ 0x8eb01eb0, 0xf909c68f, 0xda2870e4, 0xabb5407d, 0x45bd09c6, 0x11d9efd5,
+ 0x8dd30dbb, 0x2c7ffce2, 0xe79f993c, 0x2fcd1558, 0x39438550, 0xb97ea0ae,
+ 0x89c73d51, 0xf768a63c, 0x3fbc0ab1, 0xcbeec21c, 0x25cfacd7, 0x092f5f21,
+ 0xb95874bc, 0xcc7a8f9e, 0xa7b468a8, 0x1b0bfef2, 0xd0b0668b, 0x63a7bd1e,
+ 0xa83de81b, 0xcaae1fd7, 0xb47dc409, 0x4237e84a, 0x4822595f, 0xafd37167,
+ 0x3e08fac6, 0x2de00ff8, 0x778bdf12, 0x5dfce939, 0xcfaf5eb4, 0xebf95714,
+ 0xca336e37, 0xc5d96be5, 0x76170b3f, 0x851b3b70, 0x4df9cd7a, 0x01024729,
+ 0xb332734e, 0x20929ea1, 0x596a34bf, 0x59c1e230, 0x79f91135, 0xd4f891b8,
+ 0x46c4ae5f, 0xbbbf099a, 0xee7ebe24, 0x8fb4c121, 0x76e2caed, 0xba075db3,
+ 0x7e810e66, 0xf8e6896e, 0x12dddb52, 0x8376a26d, 0x7bfaf822, 0x4bedc541,
+ 0xe08e0f8f, 0xdb3bfff2, 0x0a61b235, 0x8d763563, 0x412396fa, 0x8235d90a,
+ 0x7feed022, 0xe1d0abe4, 0x639d0eb4, 0x3efdde51, 0x7083c39a, 0x3ecf002b,
+ 0xb5f3e7c3, 0xc2283feb, 0x1418f348, 0x3be0e9c1, 0xc3d0e5c3, 0xc9f86975,
+ 0xae1ce9e8, 0xb7e808a4, 0x1a2e77dd, 0x23b55bd7, 0xcbed70ab, 0x03ec7a01,
+ 0x2fbea34f, 0xe2fd993c, 0xf4f08ec9, 0xe67da787, 0x15c9e1be, 0xbaf0bcf0,
+ 0xcfa7ae79, 0xc1fbe972, 0xab2409bb, 0x9a7b7f16, 0x2363c6ef, 0xeb8b9bc0,
+ 0x1adb1eda, 0x8120674d, 0xa0a66f3f, 0x5f2e4ccf, 0x3059ee80, 0x8e1f5de4,
+ 0xec3ee0f3, 0x1988b235, 0xd0bb1f98, 0x79e60abe, 0x0839cc25, 0x3f570bf5,
+ 0x8affcbe7, 0xbed8fbe0, 0xf9cfa978, 0x77e6243f, 0x20e158e0, 0x391fefdc,
+ 0xffc86165, 0xb11ebe2a, 0xb1a3ad79, 0x22e7737f, 0xbf33e63b, 0x7dc12ab0,
+ 0xfde06ff4, 0x3f8fc2ff, 0x74d5fed4, 0x97064445, 0x1961d273, 0x98bfb06d,
+ 0x1279b270, 0x9917f9cc, 0xdf999246, 0x816bcf19, 0xc176342e, 0xd193be4b,
+ 0xac5d3933, 0x48573c40, 0x09de851f, 0xf9d49779, 0xd73c70ce, 0x5f349d99,
+ 0xb61687d7, 0x978dea43, 0xd42e82f9, 0x57f3a9f9, 0x65b90ee1, 0x33b420e1,
+ 0x90b69c87, 0xd4487fb0, 0x00f7e557, 0xbce27fa1, 0xc1322ec8, 0x90917e48,
+ 0xff576e2c, 0x1e4df645, 0xc6f09939, 0xcde322ed, 0x87f15e74, 0xff18b763,
+ 0x35efab91, 0x1a7ec60f, 0x8ff2364d, 0x67625b18, 0xdeb8bd03, 0xdd23e636,
+ 0xede4dd02, 0xec75c60b, 0xf4816d0a, 0xc11308b9, 0x99845cf3, 0x72abffcb,
+ 0x8eb9ca1e, 0x64d85f63, 0x3e789c8d, 0x4efb1642, 0xd0cdf373, 0xccd1e6ff,
+ 0x0ffa11b6, 0xf06dfb16, 0x8412d6b1, 0x3ffb383f, 0x4f72522d, 0x2c2227bb,
+ 0x7366efd4, 0xfa1db467, 0x62813573, 0x16c6764d, 0xc8ae3633, 0xb8b20c3c,
+ 0xb12e1f07, 0x9a37059f, 0xf3ef081c, 0x47b50a11, 0x5ea0ebb8, 0x6c2fd0e0,
+ 0x67069045, 0x7b8378c2, 0x3d0885da, 0xe60b302b, 0xe5e91c39, 0xa4216d84,
+ 0x8f962403, 0x9a46c5f0, 0xd7daf674, 0xbd2a0da3, 0xbc470d07, 0x9ce81a26,
+ 0x99b1b0f9, 0x2db0f7f0, 0x118ab6d5, 0xd47ec9de, 0xe74ade39, 0xce9109cc,
+ 0xcd93a406, 0xdb973626, 0x27f39a75, 0xa36c3e11, 0x8231dfd0, 0x7da5cf35,
+ 0xf64cd33f, 0x488fd059, 0xa0b1f85f, 0xfe7f754d, 0x01fcc0db, 0x221927a8,
+ 0x785dbaf9, 0xee13783d, 0x1f7c2abb, 0x67068255, 0xdb17c9ee, 0x4f1173f3,
+ 0x1d73988b, 0x6aa2f1f2, 0xde86a3c0, 0xbf78982f, 0x990357c5, 0x2ed3422f,
+ 0x6c6687fb, 0x94357c57, 0xbecf40f9, 0x5debc010, 0xd9fbe108, 0x5dbf055f,
+ 0xf7f3f414, 0xecc72bef, 0xfdb5fc7e, 0x7215cf4f, 0xc457f639, 0x62d4b95b,
+ 0xf374fd46, 0x51995f4d, 0xd2a8fe7f, 0xdf697cc6, 0xe608cf34, 0x513ce3eb,
+ 0xf34ad57c, 0x4886f351, 0x99efe085, 0xe1e1306f, 0x6bd8caa3, 0x874131e0,
+ 0x07fe9ec7, 0xbbd8f0eb, 0xff1a34ff, 0x6b8ccaa3, 0x9fac3ff4, 0xfc1d15fe,
+ 0xd2a6fd3d, 0x0b07edb8, 0xfa020f9f, 0xfd5be83e, 0x2fa07ed4, 0x9b166bd7,
+ 0xdeb9f905, 0x78f4839b, 0x12d02f65, 0xaf83d7d0, 0x27e6797d, 0x19f07f90,
+ 0xe8c71db3, 0xb7ce7530, 0x53bf21f7, 0xc86dcd99, 0x220349ee, 0xfd9d6853,
+ 0x1e8d5bbf, 0xad5ffa1b, 0xee1b4619, 0xecd6561b, 0x6cf44d59, 0x9ea27925,
+ 0xbb7ed5df, 0x3c9d65c2, 0x76790973, 0x8c4ce8d5, 0xd0c47d44, 0x7a885759,
+ 0xa117c662, 0xe1181fb8, 0xacfa88c0, 0x0333e585, 0xa8c2d39d, 0x8f0e7a9d,
+ 0x62a6768b, 0xbb035fbb, 0x1e5c39e2, 0x7b44e351, 0x6fc2a3d1, 0x734068f9,
+ 0x97235dac, 0xdf8d22b2, 0xfbd75e8f, 0x07d66bd1, 0x7ef8f9cf, 0x94708590,
+ 0x222fcdcb, 0x62d62efc, 0x850a76e6, 0xccc2d1f4, 0xd024a723, 0x73d50b87,
+ 0xbf7f7ad5, 0xea186247, 0x20ddaaa3, 0x1aa70f14, 0x105172bb, 0x31fd17cf,
+ 0xa246b3c2, 0x21c902f3, 0x5f8595e6, 0xba27db9b, 0xac3a1cc4, 0xff50939b,
+ 0xe7e408ef, 0x43c6ae80, 0x5de0ed0c, 0xbad087eb, 0x27e1fd17, 0x073f5133,
+ 0x5aedc679, 0x4fb4214d, 0x38c45914, 0xacf50c8f, 0x9e247dc1, 0xa35e7feb,
+ 0x46b4742f, 0x60787c1f, 0x6860f34e, 0x887eb6d7, 0x1ee5f501, 0x077be6f9,
+ 0x3abd73fb, 0x50cde894, 0xb9f1f437, 0x334f2f90, 0x9cebb1d8, 0x0ceb2fba,
+ 0x0cd9fe78, 0xd78c00fa, 0xd71a7206, 0x7a7750c9, 0x382fee24, 0xe59fee36,
+ 0x7e740975, 0x24ea0a2c, 0xa0795cbb, 0xf506cd3d, 0x4e6eea8a, 0xff3fba43,
+ 0xdc24d0e8, 0x2945ce0f, 0xd718e149, 0x192028f0, 0x29ae79e6, 0x30df7f9d,
+ 0x8bca246e, 0xce41cd90, 0x552ff4be, 0xb7ad17be, 0x5d4761d0, 0xa3f17de7,
+ 0x1f11ebda, 0xdf24ad43, 0xfe914041, 0x73b47454, 0x83da1296, 0xa39cf567,
+ 0x49b363e2, 0x29501f1f, 0xc29ab4e4, 0x82d499fe, 0xa166bf70, 0xcc7f3ff5,
+ 0x448f33e8, 0xc7cec87d, 0xe34410db, 0x6c1cc115, 0x173f2fc0, 0xb85ce3f2,
+ 0x5ef11232, 0xb6951864, 0xe7d6387c, 0xb60dc6f6, 0x0fdc50ce, 0xbd6c8c8a,
+ 0xb037f50c, 0xcd30d0ce, 0xb28d45f8, 0x7beb4ccf, 0x7f3a1de0, 0x5c308535,
+ 0x421fc35f, 0xfaee3ce8, 0xd419e583, 0xeeff00c7, 0x4f0bd420, 0x72dce859,
+ 0x7a42c9b0, 0x20e9c761, 0xe3f9af3a, 0x26770587, 0xfeb9fae1, 0xdbeb4090,
+ 0x34f9d891, 0x980323d7, 0x9dc7f31b, 0x3fb46ce3, 0x2c4338b3, 0xd4388e26,
+ 0x0534ae6b, 0x81af50f8, 0x35f683d4, 0xa589ab37, 0x3105afef, 0xea43373c,
+ 0xaa4d4521, 0x0b33858d, 0xbed107ca, 0x983fda99, 0xf9474ce4, 0xf40a60f8,
+ 0x5bed8c1f, 0xc195dea9, 0xdc6d1bce, 0xc62f10ee, 0x137ea78b, 0xa4cafeb9,
+ 0xe81c682f, 0x5337944f, 0x1ce2cbb9, 0x73f8f347, 0xc7d1db08, 0xf4ab8b3c,
+ 0xf55bc5f9, 0x7d1e25f9, 0x74af855e, 0x757bfe97, 0x2a779724, 0xe5e3fb9d,
+ 0x2bd72460, 0xd3f87c54, 0x5e7af769, 0x36b63e03, 0xea17e750, 0x69a3d73e,
+ 0x568e7342, 0xfd0cfbfb, 0x2c9fb043, 0xcfa1fe11, 0x42485f76, 0x3ba7d0ff,
+ 0x6a15242f, 0xc85da8e8, 0x1434e851, 0x76c103ed, 0xe910b425, 0xf5ec90d0,
+ 0x1a3c9d21, 0x19bb7440, 0x474802fd, 0xdf85d25b, 0x74e4832b, 0xceb3d0a1,
+ 0xfe76790b, 0xd20f64b9, 0xe5e652c9, 0x79cc56f1, 0x61c63c5f, 0xc3632905,
+ 0x6c8df435, 0x8c59f386, 0x11428134, 0x57f416a5, 0x7a199d82, 0x523da3e3,
+ 0x387073b5, 0xf08faf16, 0x250d38f0, 0x9557f91a, 0x68c92e63, 0xd2fc0958,
+ 0x2284a61a, 0x486eb63d, 0x4d055f09, 0xe894c30b, 0xbb799ad1, 0x059f330e,
+ 0x846953f8, 0xb8c1c64e, 0xa5342cdb, 0x3181396e, 0x6de7a86c, 0xf9b92209,
+ 0xf996c4d2, 0xdfd073da, 0x5dffdf05, 0xf709afac, 0xccf7da3c, 0xbcc0fd3d,
+ 0xb79dd836, 0x293af9da, 0x2c5dbfe8, 0x6f5fe7e6, 0x8e01d6f1, 0xbe3ed080,
+ 0x0fffed57, 0xd36ffbb2, 0x93f603e0, 0xb858e35f, 0xbb351e9f, 0x71d08fd1,
+ 0x943ca9f4, 0x64c7aed7, 0x1a07ff92, 0x3f3e932f, 0x99ca69b1, 0x16fbf19b,
+ 0xca0ac790, 0xdcefc1a9, 0xbd62f283, 0x175e50cc, 0xb344a536, 0x87397ae1,
+ 0xedf0be72, 0xfa06a139, 0xe71335de, 0x47b14e7d, 0xb3ecd68f, 0x2f5c5129,
+ 0x3ff2da2c, 0xd75f5ca1, 0x26c95faf, 0x44a7cd13, 0xf0a1dfc0, 0x0aa8eb75,
+ 0x747ae0f2, 0x7ea4ec0c, 0x68cc8c4b, 0x250fe8d6, 0x9e757f38, 0xb28a07e8,
+ 0x76e77589, 0xe764d69f, 0xef707b58, 0x0afd16f1, 0xb6fec0e0, 0x46023886,
+ 0xeab8ff5e, 0x2d4c69bc, 0x3d395a3d, 0x4c9d3eb7, 0x71c36d76, 0xcf793923,
+ 0x424d4d55, 0x390228ba, 0x229ae78a, 0xee0cf3a9, 0xd0579067, 0xa5b4584e,
+ 0xaf1c3ef4, 0x80c5b4e8, 0x4dafade5, 0xf970491d, 0x8de017d1, 0x79ff31f6,
+ 0x26772474, 0xe2a33ea1, 0xd12fe40f, 0x0d1f3a9d, 0xe80704dc, 0x21cf0c81,
+ 0x6eb0c91d, 0x2e9cfa1a, 0xdbea07d6, 0x70b7e4cc, 0x75fc448c, 0xff9fd7cf,
+ 0x3df37e6c, 0x982f88c9, 0x59f349dd, 0x80c5a1f8, 0xf2fe17df, 0xdbd434f6,
+ 0xa24e375a, 0x3b86b579, 0x6c5ca246, 0x87fe824d, 0xc2e79ef7, 0xfb3cc25f,
+ 0x79ee8fa0, 0x7ad00556, 0xf0cf3bf5, 0x37d9a7ce, 0xdfb173cc, 0x2a323f3c,
+ 0xdfac46a1, 0x7855b320, 0xdfcc4f5e, 0xdbcf337c, 0x2ed0c356, 0xc05cc721,
+ 0xed5eb8d7, 0x3c3ca68d, 0x93fb421f, 0x75de3e46, 0xe88183d2, 0x794735a1,
+ 0xa4e49b3c, 0x677b436c, 0xef31c6eb, 0xadf204fc, 0xca1b659b, 0x8e1cd6e9,
+ 0x1fc056bf, 0xa4d6c5ca, 0x7f9499fc, 0x2d5b64cd, 0xffd35c61, 0x7e91207c,
+ 0xcd185266, 0xea337f2f, 0xef001d53, 0x72f0852a, 0x4ddfdf37, 0xeb0dff34,
+ 0xe58f5b1f, 0xda37adee, 0x1fd21e30, 0x50f9bddf, 0x3321f1d6, 0xeb9e342a,
+ 0xce0a0997, 0x4833c543, 0x0b8c34ba, 0x7981f153, 0xf154b38c, 0xf8f332e2,
+ 0x9996c605, 0x95507e29, 0xc19f8867, 0x1fa17e5c, 0xfa15e515, 0xd9f9bb7b,
+ 0xc9faae5f, 0xf07dff19, 0xfe9eb119, 0x36897072, 0xe256f5cf, 0xdf7ea5e3,
+ 0x47e4fd4b, 0x45b95f99, 0xfb5569d8, 0x12a3c749, 0x6f1577c9, 0x856f0285,
+ 0x9cbcc546, 0xb7823fcb, 0x7ca768c8, 0xb5ad91a1, 0xd406e468, 0xbd816b5f,
+ 0x97205f62, 0x679e502b, 0xf955e4d6, 0xadefcea9, 0xa86fbe28, 0xa73e77e9,
+ 0x29cfe9e4, 0x5be67b1a, 0x33d87d51, 0x7df26f5d, 0x9d89a5e2, 0xfb41ef8f,
+ 0x9ecc9346, 0xfa3afa41, 0x30c1d08f, 0x66a3f68f, 0x6c2c078a, 0xbd21c88c,
+ 0x0753bc32, 0x59fe9ab7, 0x44d2fdc0, 0x376be76e, 0x681684b6, 0x12d609f5,
+ 0xaeb34b3a, 0x2b97f585, 0xf0019e31, 0x783596e2, 0x9514df3b, 0xd1727a83,
+ 0x0639f15b, 0xd625ff48, 0x7949b37d, 0x77d21376, 0x3dce8583, 0x35ce6fed,
+ 0x37f6fb60, 0xa0fa444b, 0xce8fd283, 0xa1f8e127, 0xea974e06, 0xf8a39778,
+ 0x38645c7e, 0x282df4fb, 0x931f7fa7, 0x7f6346bc, 0x268c322a, 0x9c0f7b3d,
+ 0xd06e118b, 0xdfa3d67f, 0x5fe7ed59, 0xd1c10a51, 0x69e170de, 0x9bf3e3e4,
+ 0xfb234713, 0x8fa437b7, 0x4e9e2274, 0xb8c3498f, 0xe347f682, 0x7bbfc8ec,
+ 0x4483ca4c, 0xec421b47, 0x7f6a9fc8, 0x17fa0e38, 0x8dc61bda, 0xfb4a73c5,
+ 0xe42f0e69, 0xf502dce9, 0x564fe8dc, 0x28350dfb, 0xe78098bf, 0xe44cb7bd,
+ 0xcffe5887, 0xf7d41894, 0xdb7dcd43, 0x523f5167, 0x9abf7c74, 0xef1fede6,
+ 0x2d47afee, 0xefc5fe02, 0x0965fafe, 0xf1875aab, 0x307afef6, 0xeeadd01c,
+ 0xf533e468, 0xb0fb4bcf, 0xba5c7ebf, 0xae8b6beb, 0xa793889d, 0x42af804a,
+ 0x748db3e0, 0xfb70f5ae, 0x4fb97ac1, 0xe8d8cb7f, 0x44f76a64, 0xb7e6bfd0,
+ 0x9cf5d668, 0x01631981, 0xcccce7af, 0xaaf28b1a, 0x07b87d1f, 0x5a1c533f,
+ 0x1cb9d07f, 0x8c0e554f, 0x6ca36e7b, 0xb7c1fb47, 0xe1fd8fd5, 0xf7156c64,
+ 0xc13f0b37, 0xe10d8039, 0xd7bf5feb, 0x27e2a3c3, 0xfd55f840, 0xf614cfeb,
+ 0xca7f8cc8, 0x577001cc, 0x483c9934, 0xbe3b416f, 0xa41efc78, 0x2d9346b7,
+ 0xa9fb2159, 0x1be3e283, 0xefaf8a64, 0xba1f3c68, 0xc37be514, 0xc1ac9b18,
+ 0x647fec2f, 0xbfaf6d07, 0x52f68d1c, 0x3ffc87e8, 0xecc7a6ae, 0xc1fd8f48,
+ 0xbf968ce1, 0x82653d9f, 0xf8453d9f, 0x7c77da81, 0x1672869c, 0x1a3395e4,
+ 0x1fed2df9, 0xb717ae66, 0x02fa458c, 0x4e3142f8, 0x8573c3bf, 0xa36b3af4,
+ 0xb1f4f0ec, 0xcda3cb0e, 0xc9be0fdf, 0x9e00f87a, 0x0a8f08e5, 0x69d28567,
+ 0x5aedfdc6, 0x0dc9d07e, 0x3203abc5, 0xf513dfb9, 0x3c8d85ec, 0x36e1716e,
+ 0xbac0a3d9, 0xe9ff4e4c, 0x0bd400c1, 0x4ec8931f, 0xf84f2b92, 0x5fd42e60,
+ 0xf94ca8fc, 0xfc1e3b03, 0xbaeb84c0, 0x947e44cd, 0xcdb34dc5, 0x1f8b37c8,
+ 0xf68d9893, 0x8fce8727, 0x232e44ba, 0xa5fdfcb8, 0xc16e59ed, 0x77df7edf,
+ 0x30759bac, 0x93235312, 0x53fede94, 0x8d1c3bfc, 0xb7fe2d76, 0x78a6c86b,
+ 0x5fbfbbc4, 0x4e003db5, 0x6a0764d8, 0xf30373a1, 0xf6bf78f1, 0x70928f86,
+ 0xffbf5cbd, 0xfa6fd93b, 0xc8d603e3, 0x61dbb2fd, 0x80dafe1f, 0x66797df4,
+ 0xbff51f7e, 0x5de87e12, 0xea3c7726, 0x5c770789, 0x474afb21, 0xf7f73f03,
+ 0x07733fdb, 0x2fb7f3f0, 0x9902ec80, 0xe474db5e, 0xd0b7d007, 0x667aef1e,
+ 0x2067acdd, 0xa4dfb01f, 0x435d5a20, 0x902f8982, 0xfd358a0f, 0x4bb0fcaa,
+ 0xdfd515c8, 0x8bf095fb, 0xd55efeab, 0x870febff, 0x4afdffea, 0xa2e3fff8,
+ 0xb3a31bf3, 0x19dfefd0, 0xf7f0faca, 0xe55717f7, 0x6fe54f1f, 0x9fc3ec47,
+ 0x61e9cfc0, 0x19835efc, 0x1cac63f6, 0xbbd66232, 0x9d305e78, 0x725ce994,
+ 0x6889d8e0, 0x675d7cad, 0xbb450e6c, 0x935aa5ce, 0x9274c7f0, 0xec74d9fd,
+ 0xca32730b, 0xa3273817, 0x3c82e9be, 0x304d777e, 0xb776b43a, 0x1ef988bf,
+ 0xb4a34e8b, 0x8a38e8dd, 0x5b76c6fe, 0x62f519a1, 0x7985b1d3, 0xd8a6cf48,
+ 0x3f1f3342, 0xeb8c9ac7, 0xfa246612, 0x8ea8d75f, 0xfec36cdb, 0x48477f55,
+ 0xd21b49d8, 0x9ce67161, 0x0877f66f, 0xefea897f, 0xd47ff6e8, 0x52bf26cf,
+ 0x7f8efe7f, 0x880c758a, 0xcc5469e1, 0x2acbd377, 0x799e4f32, 0xefdfe948,
+ 0x9fe57201, 0x37e5feb8, 0x7c8d107c, 0x6fb8720b, 0x79af477f, 0x43bf9f5e,
+ 0x3fb85189, 0xfdbe7ba2, 0xf57a3bf8, 0x8efe7d7f, 0xe3f7fdde, 0xffd5e8ef,
+ 0xba3bfa75, 0x8efee5fb, 0x140dc3b5, 0x94f6b37f, 0xad0ddb85, 0x116f7fdc,
+ 0x37d6b2fc, 0x564fe759, 0x9c9b3753, 0xb5c37680, 0xd21e72b5, 0xa15b25e7,
+ 0x14d3f90d, 0xacf3a066, 0xc3c8e4c5, 0x2c25a0f3, 0x72e9023c, 0xcd0a4c48,
+ 0x32d84aeb, 0xa02bcfa2, 0xbec9b9ee, 0xf31f2cb5, 0x942e076b, 0xef499db9,
+ 0xfd0108cf, 0xe3f7ec99, 0x7ddf62ad, 0x4c1456cf, 0x629bc0fe, 0x90c57e34,
+ 0x1714c3ac, 0x839deac6, 0x061f7f90, 0xe899a57d, 0x26ec85bc, 0x1bf9c966,
+ 0xd3b0cfb4, 0xd0fa8616, 0xba670095, 0xd397c34d, 0x8f42cc63, 0x3ca025f2,
+ 0x4a6ab373, 0x0997f55d, 0x4afdaacf, 0x4eb1772d, 0x2bf23bc2, 0x19c7a505,
+ 0x77af2a15, 0x0c7dd3a6, 0x5eb74701, 0x1bb046f0, 0x4d2dfee3, 0x4c7f24ff,
+ 0x2673b187, 0x8dbc57da, 0xbf169072, 0xe45f040b, 0x76417e24, 0x376c0afc,
+ 0xa54dfd00, 0xb5b7e4e9, 0xb8448e74, 0x3ff6be0f, 0x5cae5123, 0x841d2a69,
+ 0x7d4177df, 0x9dcdc7da, 0x943f5a15, 0x87e99fbf, 0x9ffb7d31, 0x89ad3576,
+ 0xe0f63847, 0x69641db9, 0xa4ffcac5, 0xe6567cfb, 0x0fca15f8, 0xce837206,
+ 0xe5b3f509, 0xbd27a889, 0xe403ba0f, 0xfef81b33, 0x3cc8999b, 0x68aa57e8,
+ 0xae2e7f7a, 0xd9964557, 0xc0bf4786, 0x158fdc51, 0xe1b56598, 0xce15d87e,
+ 0xfb8cc0e9, 0x9fb60a6c, 0x16eb8112, 0x77e5c91b, 0xeb7babf9, 0xa5bf80dc,
+ 0x942c7bbf, 0x353efe01, 0xbaff9156, 0x43cfe76c, 0x27dffef1, 0xe2287746,
+ 0x9c8f53fd, 0xf29e97d7, 0x3e5f215b, 0x3323edfb, 0x9a76ce89, 0xcf2e3c6c,
+ 0xee692c11, 0x5976bae3, 0x27d0167c, 0x50976a2a, 0xcfe4381c, 0x9fc3fcf2,
+ 0xe96979e3, 0x2b458ff3, 0xbdfeb821, 0xc412a2e2, 0x507447be, 0x2e51f351,
+ 0x07a55fe2, 0x1e38faff, 0xbcbae1c6, 0x80f302f2, 0x9073fabe, 0x03eaa1be,
+ 0xde9197a0, 0x847daaef, 0x104bcae2, 0xdbbdf1f6, 0xe223193d, 0x71b1c7c9,
+ 0xf1576e78, 0x24513cc1, 0xb757e517, 0xedcb3c8f, 0x4e6e3c41, 0xcd5b53f0,
+ 0xfa25431f, 0x5d31cfce, 0xfc5f67de, 0x4eb3fa3d, 0xd99ec859, 0x0edf7edf,
+ 0xc8d304fb, 0xd05ea54f, 0x42ff4abd, 0x79332ecf, 0xfa0a7b9e, 0xefcd3b2b,
+ 0xe5ed9429, 0xdee970fa, 0x09b83fd7, 0x9f74a3d6, 0x9f067229, 0xe7de3046,
+ 0xf80f5ee8, 0xeac9ed1f, 0xf97d2c7a, 0xf87f8e75, 0x9ef0d3fe, 0xf7dd2975,
+ 0xed3a347a, 0x0931f1fc, 0xef0cb7be, 0x7cbc7d63, 0xff57e47d, 0xa7de7a49,
+ 0x262c49af, 0xc47b77b9, 0x58a3ad0b, 0xf375eea7, 0x23faa7ab, 0x76c1f5d5,
+ 0xd5f98fa4, 0xd30c49fb, 0x29a83dc5, 0xbbe137d0, 0x1d8b43e4, 0xe2f250f1,
+ 0xcf9c508a, 0x4e32e305, 0x1e7fdbe7, 0x4af1f78d, 0x1b68ee4c, 0xc97bfca5,
+ 0x7c263fd3, 0x63fe3e2c, 0x47320fae, 0x3bfc819c, 0x147ff26e, 0xb74bbb6f,
+ 0x976c941f, 0x6fe4ee29, 0xafb79646, 0x62513e0f, 0xf0b99cb9, 0x7dfc858c,
+ 0x00bdc417, 0xdc5909f7, 0xe49fbc33, 0x00efaab0, 0x6ffe5105, 0x1efe8e82,
+ 0x04fd5063, 0x7efd2d56, 0x4188e896, 0x79aae4f9, 0x4bd719b8, 0xa6253e3e,
+ 0xe8c3f885, 0xbe91f816, 0xe127fe86, 0x649f4e77, 0xb0f6a2df, 0x4d9abb5f,
+ 0xc754a764, 0xa78c407b, 0x25f64f69, 0x02503b80, 0x9a217a79, 0x6e75f495,
+ 0x07e6219c, 0x434ccd7f, 0xe77e1a67, 0x81b35ffc, 0x938beae8, 0xe5ba7f9c,
+ 0x8f20a780, 0x7c9b35ea, 0x7dbca131, 0xe7a7d202, 0xefb41cc0, 0xba2deab9,
+ 0x5e9bb6fd, 0xcf824c6a, 0xdd2ae5f5, 0xb446dc00, 0x03f4a90f, 0x06f12f78,
+ 0x8427f9f3, 0xd16e3ee3, 0x1c2e21e9, 0x7f77b42f, 0x162eff2a, 0x562121f2,
+ 0xb6d80f2f, 0x5fbaeba8, 0x4d5f9bdf, 0xf717afc4, 0x87e0fa1c, 0xbd172fc0,
+ 0xc9fabf2a, 0x2d7e3f4f, 0x7e6fa979, 0x6efde8bd, 0x92effafc, 0x91fb8ba7,
+ 0x456293a7, 0x5fc0ab1c, 0x37e8b797, 0xc7fa57bf, 0x6c3cbfa3, 0x6f5b7a11,
+ 0x6a4ec8b9, 0xf15081df, 0xd2ddd2a5, 0xa107ca17, 0xde9baa5d, 0xf414ba54,
+ 0x2a8f43d6, 0x7ef37ddd, 0x821e5fe4, 0xd9789a65, 0x73f786fc, 0xcb5d6013,
+ 0x19f9f91a, 0x3cc11fda, 0xc741cbe0, 0x0475561e, 0xe4f757ef, 0xaf797e3d,
+ 0x5f877d5f, 0xbeafdf3e, 0xab2f9753, 0xfee6643f, 0xed7e6598, 0x38ed7e7c,
+ 0xff87be7d, 0x1e3ffc04, 0xb11fff9b, 0xebbb87e8, 0xc9f875cd, 0x493a7065,
+ 0xdab78c2f, 0x233a4fc9, 0x303a5f82, 0xfb408fe6, 0xe77a6f7a, 0xd636b2fc,
+ 0xa8fd8951, 0xfbbfdff5, 0x3ece119e, 0x7c755bf4, 0x3f7bd9b3, 0x0795a1c5,
+ 0xdd11dd93, 0xd9eed835, 0xa43e2dbb, 0xd17ef527, 0x47f9a0a9, 0x3339a4d0,
+ 0x2c68f9d4, 0x83fb9bb4, 0x2f30eb69, 0x96508c1d, 0xa0b7bea3, 0xc6d1ee85,
+ 0xb05b9c19, 0x1ceaccbc, 0x4ba7a684, 0x01f4ce89, 0x11f9afc8, 0xfe7712e2,
+ 0xe13efc88, 0x94fd0b77, 0x62e5e7ef, 0x536abb8d, 0xdb3e2006, 0xf6bd5c05,
+ 0xa606ab9b, 0x2e51e7bd, 0xebfdd1e2, 0xe5cb18bd, 0xff2f67f9, 0xa04fcaee,
+ 0xab7f8bab, 0x5c79434b, 0xdc11b52a, 0x9f1f7657, 0x8ddfe02f, 0xabb07bf8,
+ 0x700cc933, 0x980f7997, 0xe02ddeb9, 0x7da67637, 0x5ea2fc23, 0xc553de39,
+ 0x00c694f8, 0x5f9617f2, 0x44633335, 0x3209faef, 0xf3a2b77f, 0x01c51267,
+ 0x7bb41fd2, 0x3ddfcdd5, 0x9f2e18b0, 0xf6768d9c, 0xb08e3c11, 0x41deecce,
+ 0xb1859cf1, 0x0aef1744, 0x77436cbc, 0xb3d3f005, 0x68190d39, 0xf2027aff,
+ 0xc05f9001, 0xdb9e3314, 0xe483988b, 0x7ece7373, 0x608fef5a, 0xf3fe31bd,
+ 0x51e758ed, 0x835fef9c, 0x0c9595fe, 0xf127f2ed, 0xa72d72fb, 0x5e907703,
+ 0xdefae139, 0x6cc59931, 0x882f7e26, 0x25994fdf, 0x99b3f9fc, 0xb951de83,
+ 0xfca9398b, 0xe94dcc07, 0x03b37689, 0x98f35ded, 0x30f7f287, 0x11fbd51f,
+ 0xb17ca16b, 0xa542f9c4, 0xfba7a02b, 0x5d3d3922, 0xe3f28188, 0x57132341,
+ 0x7f5eb42a, 0x782b7a45, 0xce087d22, 0x0efa84fb, 0x9f54754d, 0x770fe2f4,
+ 0x8f979081, 0x413f3ac7, 0xfde5743c, 0x1bf3ee8d, 0x775a3eac, 0x4d99ae35,
+ 0xffeb128e, 0xdcd7fccd, 0x0bdf6dd5, 0x4c3c038e, 0xd53a4b15, 0x3df64a51,
+ 0x4ee82e35, 0xe453df41, 0xeb0e1660, 0xfbf0acd1, 0xde914c9e, 0xbcf9031e,
+ 0x38c33289, 0x315637d8, 0x46378fa2, 0xa5cf14c9, 0xa299ffca, 0x671319df,
+ 0xf5001daf, 0x92d1ff72, 0x5a7483e9, 0x78b58ee4, 0xa06f2775, 0xede67efe,
+ 0xf748d9ac, 0xdff5535a, 0xcbd70c67, 0x063803d3, 0x96e027bd, 0x99995f71,
+ 0x1c1fafa9, 0x1b91f627, 0xcb5f0dd8, 0xceaafc3d, 0x65c66ba7, 0x27cafa33,
+ 0xe22339c4, 0xefcb6500, 0xc53e68f8, 0xdbd91ad3, 0xf55cf063, 0x2b579f0e,
+ 0x91402fec, 0x2b4ae3ec, 0xda549fa5, 0x9bf60398, 0x29632acf, 0xe854ab6d,
+ 0x99ce33bb, 0xa0768710, 0x2fca0cca, 0x88dcfaac, 0x4eab09fb, 0x085771a3,
+ 0xf8366b3a, 0xf49f140c, 0x9efe448c, 0x39cd0115, 0x15b78041, 0xb0ed933b,
+ 0xbd696cd2, 0xbd8208f7, 0x8b9f97d0, 0xe8e8b9cb, 0xfe9823b2, 0x4e99d628,
+ 0x773c9ffd, 0xf90c1df7, 0x7904c614, 0x7b3c68e2, 0x2f844304, 0xdc69da54,
+ 0x29b32b4f, 0x39ce3fbd, 0xac5feb02, 0x0e9c1074, 0xc9d139f6, 0x1ace7b1d,
+ 0x14fea013, 0xa9b8a245, 0xe3cc1d5b, 0x6adafe01, 0x6b7c72e2, 0xfe8ed59c,
+ 0x662389a3, 0xa1807f6d, 0xc38e769c, 0xbe9aee7e, 0x338e0a64, 0x11817b33,
+ 0x1fe0fdeb, 0xf724458c, 0xe8b5dbd0, 0xcbc9f997, 0x4449af4b, 0xca0c977f,
+ 0x700f689d, 0xb9d325bf, 0xefc8cbb6, 0xe29d77ab, 0xbf97d1f7, 0x72831292,
+ 0x8949b975, 0xfd9a78c1, 0x11713fc2, 0xb1a8c5d6, 0xfbdc5cc3, 0x340bd1a7,
+ 0xc5f4b4f2, 0x421f2b86, 0x099c2fbf, 0xdf3c63b7, 0xbfee70c5, 0x082efd83,
+ 0x4dda7ee3, 0xb2d13c6a, 0x541fbc20, 0x804efc21, 0x4ef461d5, 0x3faf204c,
+ 0x1c84c5f6, 0x4f1c07e4, 0x6c72f331, 0x13e2f69f, 0xf4a27f83, 0x5bcbb78c,
+ 0x9053e1fc, 0xfcf784bf, 0xc4ba1f61, 0xbe78edbc, 0x9304d770, 0x324327df,
+ 0xa8dde206, 0x8f6e2fdd, 0x15e535ff, 0x3dd1cae3, 0xe52fd9f8, 0xe5087fcf,
+ 0xff5e76e5, 0x2a1fc7f9, 0xb1f4c06c, 0xcec897f2, 0x7c461716, 0x25a9e8bb,
+ 0x8d5d2037, 0x10c076d8, 0xac6fdf0f, 0x531abb39, 0x83ca5e17, 0x247b51f2,
+ 0x8e7cef19, 0x835e4da9, 0xdb7c3ceb, 0x39e307e7, 0x977de9ca, 0xf7fe041b,
+ 0x87977bc6, 0xa57abc81, 0xf77bf671, 0xee1c2d30, 0xbdc22b38, 0x73f7ccc0,
+ 0xc871c80f, 0xd866725f, 0xef942ec9, 0xe7d7127e, 0x8eda3392, 0xe0cebf72,
+ 0xeb09bd0e, 0x89f7e19f, 0xe557e52e, 0x727ee3c6, 0xb63d230b, 0x2e67547c,
+ 0x544b0fdd, 0x4b1786f0, 0x1e6a7a7c, 0x2bfdf3a3, 0x2a5c3fb4, 0x3ed1dab3,
+ 0x65caf25a, 0x34d83bd2, 0x9f27c766, 0xfcf2d52e, 0xb41d9323, 0x78884f7e,
+ 0xaae35758, 0x20ef7c64, 0x7da569d3, 0x248cb581, 0x06244339, 0xbb26b6f5,
+ 0xde5f51a3, 0xb590c23a, 0xd799e946, 0x0dfbc50f, 0xd013f1a7, 0x677c46eb,
+ 0xf961de81, 0x67b40ce3, 0x51085a10, 0x1e618e27, 0x33979279, 0x89fa019f,
+ 0x2ff3c83a, 0xa6def93c, 0x3b1903b5, 0x15bf9f12, 0x970fc6e5, 0x5f212406,
+ 0x91ee287d, 0x77f047bb, 0xecfde615, 0xfa8e7457, 0x50df61b5, 0x8dee8bf4,
+ 0x13f7e70b, 0x2efdfccc, 0xd61cefd0, 0xf0dfb8b1, 0x024abbbf, 0xc2bc52ce,
+ 0x6d0e299c, 0x945eed1c, 0x2a9859e5, 0x0cf99262, 0x26edf5f7, 0xef080ee6,
+ 0xe9921ef9, 0x2384bc26, 0x8de5505e, 0xbdf74658, 0x8637d198, 0x1e39d1db,
+ 0xb714de60, 0x982afee8, 0xd7e7f4e0, 0x5e7e38d6, 0x373333ab, 0xbbba13c6,
+ 0xc6e63df8, 0x7e179690, 0x2e37fd07, 0xbaeb4819, 0xe309ef1f, 0x728817ba,
+ 0x71bddf71, 0x677f345e, 0x58f9c2c2, 0xd1a2677d, 0x38f9d9e4, 0x52c41796,
+ 0x4f8253fb, 0x3ddf314e, 0x7773cfe8, 0x47bd199a, 0xa7dfc611, 0x4e955ea8,
+ 0xff757571, 0x11c7f15a, 0xe2ac57a8, 0xa3d5a4f1, 0xee31eb3c, 0x2967faab,
+ 0x97c90e1c, 0x4bf6c2e0, 0x569e4902, 0xd0e23817, 0x199cec8f, 0xabdef744,
+ 0x30e23877, 0xfd1e369e, 0xbdf1c31b, 0xa70fc80b, 0x807112f5, 0xc7c4388e,
+ 0x90870b53, 0x43c5412f, 0x19ce5c5b, 0xc579df5c, 0xaf48033b, 0xb9d0f612,
+ 0xa670e7dd, 0x2553bf5b, 0xfed043ab, 0x5de3aea0, 0x0fce994e, 0x16d9ebfe,
+ 0xf28338e7, 0xf5542d94, 0xe2115f64, 0x2b4eb5e9, 0xb9029fc5, 0x6dead18d,
+ 0x355dbaea, 0x3c202f3a, 0xe7ae661d, 0x9cbf4aba, 0xe9a2b779, 0x7f9dafc7,
+ 0x5659bcfb, 0xd6b96f7e, 0x7df7fb42, 0x59716f42, 0xdea3777c, 0xfce0cf32,
+ 0x2d77fb02, 0xea246cfd, 0x32b39127, 0xce1c5006, 0x7a43329b, 0xebd6233a,
+ 0x8271e30c, 0xdd2165ee, 0xde612def, 0xfe0893f9, 0x11d192de, 0x15f98c57,
+ 0xabfde8c3, 0xe9271116, 0xfea890ae, 0x75771119, 0xc78231a6, 0xfabacd23,
+ 0xe3cc1a78, 0xb795fe4c, 0x677c01c7, 0xdf3c79ea, 0x78f2565f, 0xa7358adf,
+ 0xde95ea93, 0x3577baf3, 0xdee2377f, 0xb8a53fa5, 0x9ff6feef, 0x7ef4cb7b,
+ 0x11de257b, 0xf3851f1a, 0x728b9abb, 0xecb4be25, 0x3ef862c9, 0x8119de31,
+ 0x2dcc2bdf, 0x8a8f8815, 0x849dfffd, 0xc3475b7a, 0x408efbf3, 0x19d9877a,
+ 0xa7abe543, 0x3b1cff26, 0x8575fa13, 0xe403d611, 0xcef10bca, 0x4d772c04,
+ 0xbb61a5f6, 0x2e735336, 0xbd3fa5e9, 0xb3eefd3e, 0x12759dc6, 0x8d81f9ea,
+ 0x9eca9415, 0x45c70891, 0xa52a17c9, 0xbec91e10, 0x85f366d2, 0x4adfa186,
+ 0xf1fe83ec, 0xb45a04b9, 0x1f90cbf0, 0xdef143cd, 0x171e5ea5, 0x14bf5fe5,
+ 0xf5deb1ca, 0x5ce3577e, 0x37eac34b, 0xcdeb4cdf, 0x8c4cbe7c, 0xf7421827,
+ 0xf2bd2fa1, 0x9e369a7c, 0x0ded3fc0, 0xcbff9f2f, 0x6d739712, 0x369c9de2,
+ 0xdb2bde26, 0x777ee963, 0xfb42e506, 0x674138ee, 0x77da8e9c, 0x7cb47ba7,
+ 0x6bdf1ddb, 0xb8a58ef7, 0x2c77872d, 0xff2ae7ee, 0x2477ab33, 0xf0ce0bdd,
+ 0x58fd448e, 0xbe5827d5, 0x61a7de97, 0xd61a6f1e, 0x7b7033af, 0xd2ee3a90,
+ 0x7df81217, 0x8b972b7f, 0x46185f4b, 0x7ed5fdf7, 0xf4cf35af, 0x7e5d66ad,
+ 0x2f9f47a8, 0xf772e78a, 0x8eedbfb7, 0xde8592df, 0x3d7514ca, 0x1b8efe15,
+ 0x496ed3f1, 0x0903cbc5, 0xc87cf163, 0xdfd9bf68, 0x70a85d0f, 0x9fb9e239,
+ 0x8828cf19, 0x7f21f65f, 0x90cead37, 0x940efb3f, 0x38f34fe7, 0xf951ba95,
+ 0xaddca3b7, 0xf4843edb, 0x274376d2, 0x4fdc09d9, 0x75fdfbf1, 0x9404ce61,
+ 0xfe6215a3, 0x63da549f, 0xcf867df1, 0x3bd2572a, 0x8a789f1c, 0x942e5012,
+ 0x20368e9d, 0xc35a7c1f, 0x7b6513fd, 0xdf3ee853, 0xbe0fd3ea, 0xd7940777,
+ 0xfd9135ed, 0xa1f76ca3, 0x68f38c68, 0xe3b465db, 0xde6ca8d1, 0xaf519b73,
+ 0x7b2ddb28, 0x7b472899, 0xf5f79b6c, 0x49f7ac50, 0xbfbd044d, 0xebe06752,
+ 0xc72dfee3, 0x2c3aff87, 0xd58a8cf1, 0x644b31fa, 0x7f1c66f7, 0xfe3d2ed8,
+ 0xc27ba93f, 0x4afe846c, 0x147b9cfe, 0xaf08f7e5, 0x7ac6fcbe, 0xf15afe7d,
+ 0x9ce9bdf3, 0x652ccfc7, 0xbe4623ee, 0x75da196e, 0x917faff5, 0xe076ef79,
+ 0x877d5eb9, 0x78f1f04f, 0x8f3316ef, 0x78d6b853, 0xa1fef16e, 0x2f9dee83,
+ 0x3765e6c8, 0x3a6dfda9, 0x5b788b9e, 0xfb4488f0, 0xd39782de, 0x3d1ca30f,
+ 0x74de6fbb, 0x23ceef4a, 0x71e7a83c, 0x73c7365b, 0xee8956f1, 0xef162c3b,
+ 0xf5ae1618, 0xe4dd7f8b, 0x7d656717, 0x5aebbf9a, 0xb44be07f, 0x555da29f,
+ 0x39e9bf1f, 0xd2de7a84, 0xb79d184f, 0x9727e3fc, 0xd16d7cd6, 0xbaf3e7d7,
+ 0x1397076f, 0xadb98fb0, 0x9c05c748, 0x40c3ab8e, 0xf7c4c94f, 0x7e9386ac,
+ 0x992ff750, 0xc79c5fdf, 0x8f568def, 0x5605efe2, 0x7d41bbcf, 0x25692b4f,
+ 0x558175d2, 0x9e7c0fe8, 0xa9e24bd5, 0xf7dc29fc, 0xf223d465, 0xa59e3073,
+ 0x4e7e31fa, 0x1f39978b, 0x74045fb2, 0xfb85a3bf, 0x7496f56b, 0xd9aaf76a,
+ 0xa4f1dff9, 0x1e29d9af, 0x33ac3ab1, 0xb891ee84, 0x583f6faf, 0xde9fad6c,
+ 0x53cf811a, 0x7a4f044a, 0x6df6819b, 0xe344a66b, 0x52356c66, 0x96c1b8fe,
+ 0xbccdf085, 0x0f8bd5f9, 0xde31fe21, 0xc7fb610d, 0x184f5fd7, 0xcd087e8b,
+ 0x8107be1f, 0xe9c63269, 0x28605f30, 0xec48cdc6, 0xf5ae8e9c, 0x35bbfc79,
+ 0x6b9fa7ba, 0x5e6fefd5, 0xabe9dbff, 0x073b1e70, 0xd301a6f2, 0xa8de1a54,
+ 0x6b8f37b5, 0x1d7278e4, 0xc4c19e63, 0xeb590e6f, 0xc09a9e07, 0xfeaf93fd,
+ 0x7831a5e5, 0x31d89a9e, 0x83b7007c, 0x5539d2a7, 0x31777bf5, 0x71fa0065,
+ 0x06531abb, 0xeba75fa0, 0xece21ca8, 0x16efde43, 0x2a17e876, 0xd47694ad,
+ 0xef192ab0, 0xf24eb029, 0xac6bba7f, 0x7b7d2fac, 0xffb74274, 0x7163c986,
+ 0x577898fd, 0xbdf89f23, 0x66da9d7b, 0xd91c6a7c, 0x77f8ff1b, 0xfc37134e,
+ 0xf68af17d, 0xeeebc46e, 0xbedc9680, 0x0b2761e2, 0xf83ccdbc, 0xf80159a5,
+ 0x61dc686e, 0x86f8fd40, 0xef8e831a, 0x3f082427, 0x1a3668c8, 0x30799ae1,
+ 0xd7132420, 0x0f6ca8e3, 0xf71cf050, 0x87d9d9b9, 0x478feabe, 0x63cf1fec,
+ 0x7bf0250f, 0x5e4dfb11, 0x5ff797d2, 0xacfdd2b2, 0x69557306, 0x1f9e705f,
+ 0xf9bce1c8, 0xbf332cc2, 0xafc7ad27, 0xf8fecf8a, 0xd785dfe0, 0xbec11d89,
+ 0xd46fb41c, 0xeb476e30, 0xae5c6f45, 0x6462ed74, 0x7112ed8f, 0x187b5d75,
+ 0x2a0085c5, 0x11209d1e, 0xf5a6df7f, 0xefd7a467, 0x4fe5017b, 0xfe44a345,
+ 0x8b630afe, 0xd79bee99, 0xf7e8c987, 0x7788a519, 0x11b68c61, 0xf07c3473,
+ 0xf0918250, 0xfda6e87a, 0x97b8e0f7, 0x8f14ccdb, 0x49dc38e7, 0x372e69f7,
+ 0x57d0198e, 0x6843db7c, 0x55f8d05c, 0xd364ae5f, 0xf8d9efb5, 0xb2cdc3d3,
+ 0x68f91e33, 0xdd409ef8, 0x969699f7, 0xafbafa07, 0xefd6271b, 0xe799e5ba,
+ 0x767913ff, 0x4e679552, 0x3bde7b59, 0xc59e5bd7, 0x96cf25f4, 0xe20c4a4b,
+ 0x4a53797b, 0xf2ebae0c, 0x7d514d37, 0x00bdb3c9, 0xf7fc0287, 0x4c43e03b,
+ 0x9e416a3b, 0x6791a8dd, 0xfacf20b5, 0x258eb7d0, 0xf43befa8, 0xff3ccf23,
+ 0x2f6cf237, 0xe63eb3ca, 0xae04d7f9, 0x6cf2ab77, 0x9259e364, 0x0d6b2367,
+ 0x0ff378ba, 0xb93d8412, 0x4526795f, 0xd9bf41cd, 0xa83d9351, 0x7c41ba0f,
+ 0xc40cd5e2, 0x0e38a627, 0x81c8b5ca, 0x75ae4edf, 0xeb5caf5c, 0x5dfe1f87,
+ 0xdae555f8, 0xdd1857f2, 0x774dedb3, 0x7977e88c, 0xb435c803, 0xb97136eb,
+ 0x9189bcb6, 0xcf2fe93e, 0x33c97a32, 0x7c2bf546, 0x3eabbdbc, 0xa17b89f9,
+ 0x930ed1bf, 0x47f50add, 0x2cb7c8f7, 0x1c8b7cad, 0x3b7c8fd8, 0x4df2cdfa,
+ 0x72115f4d, 0x60d7e40d, 0x74fea794, 0xd40c6f61, 0xbf8ff7e5, 0xe465e7b0,
+ 0x7a65b78f, 0x81b8fdbf, 0x19dfdb9f, 0xe913217f, 0x7e40f16a, 0xb116ff5f,
+ 0x6e95ed8e, 0x61d27fea, 0x3df2bf3e, 0x150bed12, 0xabef5cb5, 0x183d91a8,
+ 0xd37b9bb8, 0xb3371497, 0x37a249a4, 0x552c0bb1, 0x653de38f, 0x0989bcf6,
+ 0x518ccc3b, 0x98583a1a, 0x91f64a5d, 0x45664685, 0x366975ff, 0x8a9773f7,
+ 0x51ef133c, 0x589a0b15, 0x91ff7f54, 0x8e3bd604, 0x3fb8a67a, 0xc959f33f,
+ 0x7b8af783, 0x73f351c7, 0xa77eb5c9, 0x9c81dee1, 0x16e40acf, 0xb77b0fc2,
+ 0x6a10fbef, 0x1cbc6ebd, 0x91a97815, 0x48f178f5, 0x8d45e27d, 0xb0f15757,
+ 0x7596ede4, 0xf25d6e78, 0xbb7a44a4, 0x3c55bcff, 0xbfe46e2d, 0xfdfbd13f,
+ 0x97d9072d, 0xff9a73d5, 0x5ebc55fc, 0x07f3fe6b, 0x14687d0a, 0x73ef831b,
+ 0xfc905d01, 0xdfc5bf70, 0x389fc83b, 0x872b4624, 0x18fa0a17, 0x12713553,
+ 0xc40b809a, 0xd6d17b39, 0xc1c48ffb, 0x294eb3fc, 0xe6e74f74, 0x1ef42c9b,
+ 0x4e80eec0, 0x9d2a6f92, 0xdb3a09d5, 0x1fd9fa22, 0xee872cbf, 0x364bd601,
+ 0xbe5c2bd4, 0x102f7e00, 0xaa002de8, 0x4af27a1c, 0x8da3c0ae, 0x17ad73de,
+ 0x1de00dfb, 0xd57309e3, 0x8ef007fd, 0x91a633fc, 0x176b83af, 0xc64c875f,
+ 0x5b1503ed, 0xe60fbb25, 0xbf7f5153, 0xcaa3e719, 0xd60bf85d, 0x3e868bae,
+ 0xa4fa5a8d, 0x57becd42, 0x5a67ca2a, 0x73c03eaa, 0xf7a04ce2, 0xf076441d,
+ 0xfd1d669f, 0xfedbedd7, 0xa0ad488e, 0xc788bdbb, 0x2757c460, 0xb07c9fd7,
+ 0x94f4842f, 0x1d6e8cbb, 0x753d271e, 0x9357d395, 0xa31da0a4, 0xfc354f1b,
+ 0x152cb87d, 0x88af484f, 0x3205c6f7, 0x7e0117e6, 0x37e67fc9, 0x6ac7f45f,
+ 0xd34978f9, 0x76ffde59, 0x98facec9, 0x6fc78ab7, 0x76ddb74b, 0xdfa4ebc1,
+ 0x7dfa3f3a, 0x18f3a027, 0x4ddd7ffa, 0xc6c7bde2, 0xf01f9d30, 0x0f5c8183,
+ 0x74001dd8, 0x37fbf68e, 0x7fbc764d, 0x6fefcfe7, 0xbd44fa08, 0xf3f8d15f,
+ 0xd004e286, 0xcacbbbbf, 0x0c70abce, 0x56a57ae6, 0x600deede, 0xfb327351,
+ 0xd17dffef, 0x8dfa7f7f, 0xe3811f9a, 0x87ac5ca1, 0x7af634f1, 0x9eaf797f,
+ 0xaf35afcf, 0xbe5e8273, 0x71d4bceb, 0xbe5c6dbe, 0xfb73358b, 0xa3887e2c,
+ 0x13dbfc38, 0xe8a97cf0, 0x7d400f7f, 0xa17fed47, 0xa2138fff, 0xc59feffa,
+ 0x42ce28da, 0x71ab7ff5, 0x1ee2f905, 0xc27914db, 0xbf1f709f, 0x82f7e0ec,
+ 0xfdec0d32, 0xe43fb809, 0xfc3e2898, 0xd91331f2, 0xe64f2e6f, 0xf9dc69ef,
+ 0x5f7a21f6, 0x8a144efe, 0xb33bff80, 0x1d273a24, 0xa3c7aec7, 0x7f256d1e,
+ 0x0c6fe037, 0xd5477fda, 0x78c24d54, 0x3cbbd1ea, 0x4fb5306b, 0x077c8cea,
+ 0xbf226dd7, 0x88ecda0f, 0xe8fb8498, 0x28d88f8a, 0x7ec227b4, 0x1f47ed4f,
+ 0xef585165, 0x1d144726, 0x7ed7c63f, 0xc0367271, 0x6c98fe31, 0xc15ea057,
+ 0xf460e0a1, 0x3cc4de27, 0x2e3e306b, 0x39819b63, 0xdf1b7835, 0x708d98ea,
+ 0x82fe8097, 0xc692c6f6, 0xbe306b1d, 0x449b64bf, 0x676e5ded, 0x67cc286e,
+ 0x73cfd6ef, 0x803ca187, 0xb5dcd87a, 0xd573d78d, 0xa9747648, 0x62dc6a2d,
+ 0xc3517926, 0xf5ed45ef, 0xfbcacc48, 0xdfa158f5, 0x7da0dbbd, 0x6ce3d926,
+ 0x6ab907a8, 0x1c38a73e, 0xed49c017, 0xb2b8f0f7, 0x414ed045, 0x9fb9a97e,
+ 0x4db25bfa, 0x599a1862, 0x43ef87b2, 0x764cc725, 0xf03daf2c, 0x33a7ed24,
+ 0x64b8bc60, 0x937c77dc, 0x4635cec9, 0x6d79efe2, 0xbb9d31fd, 0x6c7b1de8,
+ 0x9700f250, 0x8bc8925f, 0xc7aa8b73, 0x9838933d, 0x7d9178e8, 0xfa023995,
+ 0x0a3b2779, 0xae8077c3, 0x357ba73e, 0x25dc45c7, 0x013859c6, 0xcfb287ef,
+ 0xf2dcf19b, 0x9f1e4487, 0x227eb0be, 0xb31621c5, 0x9c438a7c, 0x8deb9e39,
+ 0xe012deef, 0xbbf1bf41, 0xf881cea6, 0xfc2dd0fd, 0xbdf6ec7d, 0x27b6ee5c,
+ 0x053bd0b6, 0x6341f017, 0x36cd6d80, 0x85c4e499, 0x2cdedc3d, 0x9c91376f,
+ 0xeb97bc5e, 0xf1b68715, 0xe2ec2f7e, 0xeda4d7fa, 0x3ee2e577, 0x1aa778bb,
+ 0xb2e5c79f, 0x645c6e7a, 0x5596f113, 0x3efccc3b, 0xb7f2df78, 0x5fc1e05c,
+ 0x1f6de2be, 0xf1728fe4, 0xbcbfb96e, 0xc7faf72d, 0x9cf7073b, 0x7ddd703f,
+ 0x571d125f, 0x3c31331c, 0xdbe7487f, 0x29fb9ec8, 0x3e50dfee, 0x847251be,
+ 0x94e4be40, 0xb3fa43c5, 0xff7dc167, 0x69c8fb89, 0x8c14930b, 0xa37c0167,
+ 0xf9d2da2f, 0xf7c15f97, 0x315b8f4f, 0x64e80832, 0x317be101, 0xcef8465b,
+ 0x50e3c9dc, 0x47578f33, 0x7c7dc22f, 0x5ab38f32, 0x4e6655bc, 0x54f85c8d,
+ 0x21fecc72, 0x9de80fdf, 0x65de552c, 0xe116ab9a, 0xc891da3e, 0xd3b2a1e5,
+ 0xb637f744, 0xf7e83c8a, 0x496aaf74, 0xb36896c3, 0xd259ff46, 0x9f1a25b4,
+ 0xe2275d5a, 0x7b88d738, 0x7ccc4b1f, 0x49af259c, 0x719a1db6, 0x7ed47ed4,
+ 0x5dbc0dcd, 0xfb4f134a, 0xc2097feb, 0x9bfcf347, 0x7f83e519, 0xefc6bd3f,
+ 0xf7ec9fa7, 0xbfa356ae, 0x995dfb23, 0x9f65b92e, 0x57d2919f, 0x93d8e33c,
+ 0xe0d0e606, 0x812ffb2d, 0xdd87d1cc, 0xf80b36be, 0x8eefd61c, 0xd59fae7a,
+ 0x97359d66, 0x86de5267, 0xec215d7c, 0x439315c2, 0x1f2c563c, 0xf22d7c75,
+ 0x894c8cf9, 0x9db981e8, 0x1e1f7c66, 0xed0531f4, 0x79338bea, 0x1ed0c5fb,
+ 0x49f6aff9, 0x17208fce, 0x151b9414, 0x52e4b6db, 0xc1491afd, 0x2c776bfe,
+ 0x24a3bd20, 0x5e54665b, 0xa0f49673, 0x91b3fa92, 0xa7c0b7c8, 0x57ffb8d5,
+ 0x50d8b04c, 0xa87cab6e, 0x6abbf1f2, 0x36d58d7c, 0x9c5fdf02, 0xc9f4a892,
+ 0x2631f2cf, 0x3bf150f4, 0x4f9cd902, 0xc26bdddf, 0x5f0f5e19, 0x7cab1f13,
+ 0x66df232b, 0xa1edf0f6, 0xc8cc936d, 0xfc3c17c7, 0xe424ea1e, 0xddebe47b,
+ 0x71bfb092, 0xaf9fd4bd, 0x5796f1cb, 0x23d7b7ca, 0xe7f67e55, 0xcb6366df,
+ 0xc5771c1c, 0xf704012d, 0x3e1b5ba4, 0x11e5c158, 0xe93353bd, 0x0e2887d6,
+ 0xc791917b, 0xc478ab1b, 0x478c4cf8, 0xcabd525f, 0xb7de5b8c, 0x8e0fc786,
+ 0xbb7a8945, 0xfe44d6ec, 0x1aee453b, 0xb5f9d113, 0x5f17b1f8, 0x5e3f275d,
+ 0x8b5d1f2f, 0xe5f1d51f, 0x5b3f7d26, 0xf7f97d05, 0xd7bc4537, 0xdb98a2bc,
+ 0x9c485625, 0x339456de, 0xefa8d3f2, 0xf7c40f4e, 0x90f635a6, 0x56813a5b,
+ 0xdb7a7c35, 0xa85b2b55, 0x1644e3c1, 0xb24fcba6, 0x4feae9c6, 0xcaeb25b1,
+ 0xd50ec6a7, 0x46534f95, 0x67b7f2e9, 0xbfd5d78c, 0x97513ec3, 0x9a7b33bf,
+ 0xa3817eae, 0xe0779740, 0xbd01910f, 0xe9df8a36, 0x0efc4d7b, 0x99fcbf82,
+ 0xdf883160, 0x27741b75, 0x042753fa, 0xe64b3c89, 0xf10601f9, 0x77a96f3b,
+ 0x426a7da2, 0x21b3c88c, 0x96a09f3c, 0x07f5e10f, 0x78d3eda9, 0x3cb530f9,
+ 0xa8df978d, 0xfcf3a796, 0xf3ca8ccd, 0x13bf4e9f, 0x6d6adf7f, 0x0920b3ac,
+ 0xabeeefe8, 0x9fc75ecb, 0xd57f786b, 0x5464e2ac, 0x210d96b8, 0x2fbd433d,
+ 0x73ac40f5, 0x4f56526a, 0x597f5ab9, 0x7e017e52, 0xc79cf8ef, 0x0471a977,
+ 0xdf5535df, 0xa8e1cf8d, 0xbef83965, 0x58f1c621, 0x7cdd6d4d, 0xe4bdfb04,
+ 0x379d6fe0, 0x1619d256, 0xd4a56df0, 0xf4a36957, 0xa52c6560, 0xb6152b87,
+ 0x23b19530, 0x1e941995, 0xf7d3b4ad, 0x29b32ab7, 0xa0e9563d, 0x3cca9df4,
+ 0xf32b9b4a, 0x46ac6529, 0x6c477bf7, 0x0c5df8ae, 0x8bdd9225, 0xf1b707e7,
+ 0xc32efd3b, 0x45470643, 0xff53cd12, 0xd4877dde, 0x57bc50ac, 0x0fe38f16,
+ 0x651ded59, 0xa9093e03, 0x3c63b608, 0x2f8e486f, 0x0a19df0e, 0xf8a66e59,
+ 0xfc4427d0, 0xff084d59, 0x59d489dd, 0xe628f7e2, 0xe1887cf3, 0xfbbd3278,
+ 0x278f20fb, 0x4778b18d, 0x718edca1, 0x9af0fef1, 0xb6dfb627, 0xa05159aa,
+ 0xab2cb6de, 0xf9c52fda, 0x7fca3cd5, 0x84f522d7, 0x338bbdf8, 0x4f13df3c,
+ 0x3229d3ca, 0x9fa1dbf7, 0x1dabfd0e, 0xebdd0052, 0xbfd008e9, 0x15be9163,
+ 0x97e1a130, 0xd32b1ea1, 0xb0d7fefe, 0x7e5d365d, 0x57563784, 0x457ac6ff,
+ 0x97ca3e57, 0x731f2ba1, 0x67cbaed4, 0xeaeb6735, 0xd0e53b8f, 0xe4b7c7e5,
+ 0xfcdfeae9, 0xdf2ebe49, 0xf3e61c35, 0x5334710d, 0xfd5d2563, 0x6b6bb069,
+ 0x233dbffb, 0x0aef974c, 0xe351f8e6, 0xbbfbfc10, 0xefefaec3, 0x7f7d6cce,
+ 0x7f7d0e05, 0xcfff16df, 0x53189f01, 0xac0877f1, 0xf816fe94, 0x61177f04,
+ 0xe609f00f, 0xc13e045f, 0x827c0bd4, 0x3e025fdf, 0xf02d7cc1, 0x80ebe609,
+ 0x0f5f304f, 0xefe9827c, 0xfbf04f81, 0x4474f0b5, 0x8c547b8c, 0xf71896fb,
+ 0x2638f85a, 0xda23bdda, 0xd4bb6335, 0x0c4f799e, 0xf68cd4ff, 0x21bcf2e3,
+ 0xe507bc06, 0xf742de58, 0xe4df3a79, 0xf4e64ae7, 0x7d44ad1c, 0xe28221aa,
+ 0xcbd436fa, 0x5ed36f14, 0x2a77a26f, 0xfe5fd60f, 0x7b5bf223, 0x53fa4cad,
+ 0xef7bc345, 0x82bcf254, 0xd5db63fa, 0xb187ba40, 0xdd3cfeb1, 0x92fb2e53,
+ 0x4c65eee9, 0x1f3327db, 0x52f46fc2, 0xaa5b483c, 0xb9d0f79a, 0x3ecf7f2a,
+ 0xee95473a, 0x6fe547da, 0xf2fa4d7a, 0xe5743b5d, 0x8c1fac36, 0xdd0f36f6,
+ 0x5eacfdeb, 0xf547cfed, 0x3ef952cb, 0x43aed9fc, 0xbb5e30eb, 0x0882df7c,
+ 0xee972f3c, 0xf45d1e39, 0x54bff80d, 0xb470c2f7, 0xa8379603, 0xfef35eef,
+ 0xf7d41bca, 0x65fc380f, 0xf172fba9, 0xb03e017e, 0xa5bff18b, 0x70cb3bf5,
+ 0xb8cd2edf, 0x81fe84c7, 0xf7455636, 0xfcbc3adc, 0xf1133b9e, 0x8ec265e4,
+ 0x1cbde6d0, 0xfcbcef8a, 0x4cfafbc1, 0xc6d89dfa, 0x6e38a143, 0x7efead47,
+ 0xae20e472, 0xe20e4447, 0x6adbccf7, 0xd1bdd10f, 0xe443de0d, 0xfa33680f,
+ 0x4507fe68, 0xc45203be, 0x997ab4ff, 0x8f7845eb, 0x830eb347, 0xc177f106,
+ 0x090fd5a7, 0xf09d79c1, 0x0e86f1f2, 0x183f5452, 0x6e3a2fd9, 0xc6277db8,
+ 0x5d4b4cd9, 0x6ff310b0, 0x42cbcec5, 0xe5c600bb, 0xfa7f75f5, 0x11efd166,
+ 0x99bf47a1, 0x8c11f2fa, 0x2f2b7eab, 0x9df69462, 0x7883319b, 0xd9ae40fc,
+ 0xbef18a99, 0x8a158227, 0x979d5933, 0x7beb8212, 0x9efc5310, 0xffc52cf7,
+ 0xe3e5ad2f, 0x8735b09d, 0xa89e7d22, 0x1ea3231d, 0x1b076dd4, 0x6be4eb24,
+ 0x69b9bacf, 0x3b3c4a9d, 0x9e9fb182, 0x87dfe3f5, 0xfd51b20e, 0xefc73cb7,
+ 0x4f16f7c6, 0x71d90464, 0xf3888e5d, 0x7e1ee97d, 0x98d1395e, 0xdde703b0,
+ 0xc41b0f6d, 0x191d73ed, 0xe0575a06, 0x9eef510f, 0x8f574c9d, 0x56d1b7bf,
+ 0xe6c787a3, 0xe319bb39, 0xf3b6cac1, 0x4ccb1df7, 0xfe71a2cb, 0xc1d03e78,
+ 0x665cf02d, 0x6b4745f2, 0xa1acb5e8, 0x89826f9b, 0x3e541bce, 0xd53d6851,
+ 0xc1913c75, 0x622703ed, 0x650cfbf9, 0x5d1276fb, 0xd3350427, 0x1ff0973e,
+ 0x3602ff7c, 0xa67de374, 0xa9a7891a, 0x1a4fb106, 0x290cde78, 0xe3527fde,
+ 0x29794db7, 0x78c18659, 0xc51f6abf, 0x0bbfab6b, 0xbbd0fd05, 0x3926afb9,
+ 0xf1820e16, 0xcfe525d7, 0xee41e34d, 0xf8376421, 0xe31bb05b, 0x7fc8a79b,
+ 0xefc71c79, 0xe8efe5aa, 0xa1b88b94, 0x77a33b2e, 0x99b6bb68, 0x077dfc3c,
+ 0x51746f7e, 0x0b97e736, 0xfe2c738a, 0x2af95e1e, 0x83cb8f03, 0x324057f3,
+ 0x72894fbf, 0xe4bed2ee, 0xcb4e913b, 0x3c36ca8e, 0x26f24e5f, 0x72ed02ff,
+ 0x527ec265, 0x18ec95e1, 0x1b5159f7, 0x8facf642, 0xe3062a03, 0x55e3e9b9,
+ 0xfa3f649d, 0x5ff3f418, 0x1db971f1, 0x959fc444, 0x3f216fd4, 0x5f3c52d3,
+ 0x3cfedfc9, 0xf1e6b643, 0x1b35cfbd, 0xcd738907, 0xf5143650, 0x04f22999,
+ 0x1bfcefba, 0x77d43f5c, 0x6ec9c3aa, 0x3d8462b1, 0x837bf906, 0xef4e9951,
+ 0x6c9a3598, 0xd3571f88, 0x6e104bcb, 0x9da0594f, 0x7f2b25ec, 0xf8ec784f,
+ 0x7e8cf002, 0x075b7a6f, 0x9f1c5eed, 0xaec2f51d, 0x3876e26f, 0x0ec59df5,
+ 0xc9fe44ab, 0xbd17770e, 0x7e21d093, 0xbcf961e7, 0x17d40621, 0xc6f8781d,
+ 0x0e42c5fb, 0xe297ef75, 0x8d5b9ddd, 0xf7c6322d, 0xe9f1161e, 0x4c1a0c2f,
+ 0xf78b26f5, 0xd8845708, 0xe816fb75, 0x2577a449, 0x7e897844, 0x7d231f40,
+ 0x755fe549, 0xda302e1f, 0xd57eda4c, 0xf97e1df6, 0x1eefddc9, 0x35627bf2,
+ 0xd73eb85b, 0x5e987fdd, 0x0f3c030f, 0xa66a3f20, 0xa4e1f69d, 0x8fbdf502,
+ 0x2a77c465, 0x5d01b59f, 0xd10fefe1, 0xfac35e6f, 0x403b6d95, 0xd6728076,
+ 0xdc80764c, 0xae6e3e50, 0x1b9387b8, 0x8437d3c8, 0x8bd7a07c, 0x456c9e00,
+ 0xfba7c9d2, 0x41d1c715, 0x8a47fdf0, 0xae20d8f3, 0x07b8888f, 0x215e676e,
+ 0xdbf96468, 0x19704edc, 0xcae51ce8, 0x4a49968f, 0x29df46aa, 0xee59fb7d,
+ 0x9a3b774f, 0x7bc5a233, 0xfd0f4a92, 0xfb99feaa, 0xa9280656, 0x1f283d5a,
+ 0xf3db1bfe, 0xda09554e, 0xb89ef00f, 0x44fe46dc, 0x2568cae7, 0x3fb7cc75,
+ 0x0e7ba3a7, 0x2217c9e9, 0xff3a7dd1, 0x0c9fc4fb, 0x8208f112, 0xfd0493de,
+ 0x744a70ed, 0x0ff1ddae, 0xee19fbfe, 0x3dfa257b, 0x23e0bb8d, 0x131336fd,
+ 0x52264af5, 0x5fde34dc, 0x7544f3a0, 0xebc7f124, 0xea326f26, 0x5b97affd,
+ 0x54496eed, 0x11cdf986, 0x7e2798f8, 0xfdfd5e87, 0x2a820ff9, 0xa751f15e,
+ 0xefd444ee, 0xd0b4e4ff, 0xf0bba0bd, 0x0f01ab77, 0x433ed63b, 0xd92372f1,
+ 0x439e1b5a, 0xbebb2500, 0xcef7e3ee, 0xcda51ffe, 0x8000fdec, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0x7ded0300, 0x45547c79, 0x5e9d6fbe, 0x0b3b59d3,
+ 0x93c40859, 0x3624813d, 0x34e8a8ab, 0x3501104b, 0x113e0280, 0xc3d9ac3a,
+ 0xce2f3332, 0x6469b9f8, 0x8c2e7077, 0xede88db8, 0xb41209b0, 0x83410081,
+ 0xee22c8d3, 0x33bd1511, 0xc2e0370e, 0x50624c12, 0xc661be1f, 0xd55fdf57,
+ 0x1269f749, 0xff3379d1, 0x2b19f3d9, 0x9d554e75, 0xfbfedfaa, 0xef8aafd5,
+ 0x5fbfe7bf, 0xb133fe30, 0xfd18722f, 0x563237be, 0x684bcc68, 0xcdcd43c9,
+ 0xeec62f58, 0xeaac8b57, 0xc5cec610, 0x90389633, 0xf70ff2b1, 0xc634b246,
+ 0x67b97f5a, 0xaade54ca, 0x1858758c, 0x60b657ef, 0xa8199989, 0x50ce735b,
+ 0x84304ac6, 0xe97b4bca, 0x7f491604, 0x2f3f8cab, 0xbc67f265, 0x31c59138,
+ 0x465ffd56, 0xede54c66, 0x627ddff8, 0xf98f7bf8, 0x9c884b4c, 0x2fffff0f,
+ 0xfc3ffccc, 0x8a03fcdd, 0xd8c28967, 0xd5856e3d, 0xdbe576f0, 0x32a6edf4,
+ 0x33a5998f, 0x79837676, 0x31d7da03, 0xf680c3ab, 0xde74ddfc, 0x6fabd2be,
+ 0x46f3d6cf, 0x68a3f849, 0x8a8fda3a, 0x7987b2b3, 0xe27464fb, 0x8a79e4f5,
+ 0x132a6967, 0xbef3e71f, 0x3ee7ae5b, 0xc2d83ae6, 0xfb094f9f, 0xf0380cc4,
+ 0x7855f705, 0xab2ee993, 0xfcfe61e3, 0x23b9e623, 0x98f79787, 0xbe14877c,
+ 0xfd46eaee, 0x32d80b77, 0x41cde03b, 0x41fbedb5, 0x43c499fc, 0xbc2d7970,
+ 0xc35d542c, 0x73ff1781, 0x471c633b, 0x16b7e58b, 0x0d3bcdbd, 0xbd52ec66,
+ 0x7cf8c3d1, 0xbbc7542a, 0xa2bd79c3, 0xf0f0ecde, 0x146b33f7, 0x3fc72335,
+ 0x3676e62f, 0xf1fbc4e7, 0xc69398c6, 0xe5f0d6ab, 0xc00bffe0, 0x5226ab9f,
+ 0xc7e418cd, 0xdeb1b56f, 0xe3047802, 0xf07f12af, 0x2a3656ef, 0xd5ea5f1e,
+ 0x8bc60b78, 0x8e1fe14f, 0xd36e1ab9, 0x2fb888d4, 0x723ff3fa, 0xa1e02e59,
+ 0xff5b4fe1, 0x7013f0d5, 0x1031693a, 0x36bfdd0a, 0xeff0b67a, 0x1df155ff,
+ 0xfef2f3b5, 0x409913dc, 0xaffed682, 0x2efb9a4b, 0x75fce3e4, 0x5a4f2884,
+ 0xa0378958, 0x33650cee, 0xb24f508b, 0xbfdeb1ba, 0x3923b92a, 0xbff97932,
+ 0x04f514ef, 0xbdfa8a8b, 0xbced2309, 0xda2cd27e, 0x6310f633, 0x86fcf043,
+ 0x615ef4d1, 0x6d3eb047, 0x825c7c7e, 0x8a03c74f, 0xbd272367, 0xc18d8c99,
+ 0x3e4752fc, 0x3f8d3631, 0xf49bf53f, 0x7387c001, 0x5bbc7e91, 0x8b98772f,
+ 0xb15dbd79, 0xc7af5299, 0xbcf425f3, 0x61a6c6dd, 0x7f4713de, 0xefb5ef45,
+ 0xe78b311c, 0x1699159d, 0x939b0ff0, 0x4b7e0069, 0x319d8c24, 0xc26751b9,
+ 0x7a4f7bf9, 0xcbb78194, 0x376173e4, 0x3df1faf2, 0xf800aee1, 0xcfe5af9e,
+ 0xdcf5012d, 0xb8585247, 0xeb687ebf, 0x8f80b2ef, 0xc0bb8b12, 0xab9f9fc1,
+ 0x89c53a7b, 0x5995d6fa, 0x75b25768, 0x728a9675, 0x9cb2efe3, 0x79730f54,
+ 0x09dc89c2, 0x6f3bad0e, 0xd23e04dc, 0x6e9a3bc6, 0x0f4ff9a4, 0xf8c85439,
+ 0x7ffae338, 0xdbcedcb9, 0xb146fe65, 0x67ee0c83, 0xbcedcbcd, 0x411c8cff,
+ 0x887d6cef, 0xe26ee687, 0xbef1c474, 0xcd8ef725, 0x7237ebe0, 0xe1cf353e,
+ 0x26a8f6ed, 0xf3066f1a, 0xefe049ac, 0xbec52ad9, 0xefb60585, 0xc5f6875b,
+ 0x224b14cb, 0x20bfdfaf, 0x4551807a, 0xef8268bf, 0x8e0355ac, 0x078cf9e1,
+ 0x5671f3c5, 0x8c09c34f, 0xb1c584f3, 0x28a6f885, 0x3fdf28ad, 0x85aa3dff,
+ 0xa35ccdfa, 0xfe793d38, 0x1e3e64ef, 0xceb8175f, 0xf342aa3d, 0x443d9f62,
+ 0x892ee6f2, 0xbe0f0997, 0x8f912477, 0xebb7a67b, 0xbfdfca80, 0x1917d8f3,
+ 0x747cfe3e, 0x173cf9cc, 0xc5a64f5f, 0xac52c7f5, 0x81d5a37b, 0x482e0c75,
+ 0xf6f02636, 0xe2397f03, 0x1f339451, 0x2963fe2c, 0x2193e7e4, 0x3fcc8c03,
+ 0x6a8a45bf, 0xfcf2e1a8, 0x59d4dd70, 0xc7b9db80, 0xcf959842, 0x765d5167,
+ 0x9f86eb02, 0x8e39f2b4, 0xb18b357f, 0x5421b5ed, 0x33b5a8ee, 0x6d67712c,
+ 0xac5fd522, 0xd364a955, 0xb22d7d04, 0xd3d2790b, 0xe3eb7f78, 0x1aeb00fa,
+ 0xa9943974, 0x5e0c9e5c, 0xe58dc7c5, 0xb957eaeb, 0x575cb571, 0xc03fef26,
+ 0x700a3a9d, 0xe17abc18, 0x09c844b1, 0x7af04cd5, 0x14aac4f3, 0x07fcf1f0,
+ 0xca5b3f4f, 0x16a447df, 0x317215fd, 0x1657c364, 0x03e1e1d0, 0xde00672b,
+ 0x62ad1b25, 0xe7dd727d, 0xf84acb1e, 0xfddf1f23, 0xf26599ba, 0x9c37aaf1,
+ 0x2f35767e, 0x6859af67, 0x9ef7a409, 0x3517fbd6, 0xbc1af093, 0x67ca9fee,
+ 0xa7e5c13d, 0x52efd9f3, 0x72369f88, 0xe7fbcb3e, 0xc1faacf9, 0x41cf0425,
+ 0x549645a9, 0x3bb37de8, 0x2e75fc05, 0x7ba216f7, 0xf08541f7, 0xad5fc9a1,
+ 0xe05529bf, 0x5de0dca3, 0x2fd53c33, 0x1961be77, 0x0743ef04, 0xf0b566ce,
+ 0xbc69be71, 0x1d702a37, 0xbe3ee5c1, 0x775f1f6e, 0xcfb78723, 0xa1fbf572,
+ 0x83ba5716, 0x81a86faf, 0x8cddbcb9, 0x106a9053, 0x0a7fc47c, 0xa6857b87,
+ 0xa5b358bf, 0x9bd78228, 0x01685f14, 0xe76dd1f4, 0x3fd0914d, 0x68133b0a,
+ 0x99dff017, 0xd3dbbd00, 0x5655af3c, 0xbf931c61, 0x06c7c37e, 0xb7d00be6,
+ 0x3284b637, 0x7abbee9f, 0x85180d39, 0x1db53c70, 0x89c9d248, 0xa215525b,
+ 0xbe16d1bb, 0x63e3b47e, 0x01da0258, 0xd438a6bf, 0x7ea23773, 0xddf022de,
+ 0x4fdb8fb6, 0xc67be2a9, 0x9cb87ea1, 0x005ad03f, 0xa5c1acf9, 0xa256a5ea,
+ 0x95c68a9f, 0xa704295f, 0x0a9bcfdb, 0x43a70dae, 0x800b5b5b, 0x96e6f3df,
+ 0xbfde76a1, 0x0052d2cd, 0x2cbd553c, 0x854fffe4, 0x3e2ae957, 0xb87e41f1,
+ 0x03762954, 0x78d0a9f8, 0xeb0571f1, 0x7e266e39, 0x89b03aae, 0x53676fe4,
+ 0xa6720398, 0x263cd0da, 0x62a88381, 0x9063e9c1, 0x8e899d7f, 0x1f2fd028,
+ 0x0d7809df, 0xd47a974f, 0x113291d4, 0x5e8bb072, 0x073cfe84, 0x1c60b77e,
+ 0x06e4056f, 0x5b63082b, 0xc01778f8, 0x8cf9fcff, 0xe015d49a, 0x5e9e7383,
+ 0xdf4f2103, 0x155bf82c, 0xa7fe5be0, 0xd8ec3b30, 0x1a7f2f4a, 0xf5aee780,
+ 0x19cc8c78, 0x6df2bf00, 0xd019cc61, 0xdea2daae, 0x1bf0f645, 0x5c4dc646,
+ 0xf04fdd56, 0xf0497b1b, 0x43b2e55b, 0xf180c496, 0x1b7e4866, 0x11bfa7f7,
+ 0x9a706abf, 0x41b99fd4, 0x8dbf6c37, 0x87d61dec, 0x671f01f3, 0x0f04fed2,
+ 0x63cda1e8, 0x78a39b70, 0x87ae7afd, 0x558f6ed0, 0x87544bb4, 0x8c6d1e00,
+ 0x2a9c058d, 0x62b39a63, 0x1fefb978, 0x1c4599c6, 0x7903957e, 0x2b2f979d,
+ 0x272b3e82, 0xf3456735, 0x33629b7a, 0xe55e3e30, 0x84fef146, 0x954dd841,
+ 0x1b7fa269, 0x277219e8, 0x91329bc4, 0xc1fb5ff3, 0x78b329fd, 0xdf70e1fd,
+ 0x5f07813c, 0xae739e16, 0xbfc49acf, 0xdddd0adf, 0x3519cb1b, 0x35ab7211,
+ 0x9e8fab42, 0x856a3a08, 0xea13703f, 0x4dbde285, 0x75118fab, 0xad759145,
+ 0xfd9756bf, 0x178d057b, 0x07de82cd, 0xaa0a4fb5, 0xbfb20d9b, 0xd15f7efc,
+ 0xdbc6dd7f, 0x7d79ba26, 0xbc73d5bc, 0xd17d7016, 0xdb5700cc, 0x005fbdce,
+ 0x8407e5fe, 0x73b919fe, 0xa0ddc5ef, 0x0e11bd97, 0x9a9d562b, 0xf4b7744a,
+ 0x066b73c0, 0x9977ae82, 0xef8e561d, 0x7c3feb87, 0xced4b7f6, 0xf19200ca,
+ 0xd66f3956, 0x8eef8452, 0xb379ca37, 0xe35e69db, 0x45f7b4c3, 0x51f1af34,
+ 0x8a26bada, 0xbf78ac7a, 0x44f26d2d, 0x77b2f037, 0x3741afe7, 0xe89b9dbc,
+ 0x17a70760, 0x88b6a1fe, 0x6ef819e6, 0x8756f3d5, 0x6ca3cf9b, 0xd868ee4f,
+ 0xd6fda5b9, 0x7abfc0a6, 0xe88d353b, 0xf6d2f0cc, 0x438dbfad, 0xd4c31b3b,
+ 0x8c24f6ca, 0x46203f24, 0x6332a5c8, 0x4485d0dd, 0x3eb69b3f, 0xb76d758d,
+ 0xbc7c8db1, 0x8f2148d2, 0x7a66b74a, 0x2fe97cdc, 0x19d3fdff, 0xe34283a0,
+ 0xfe78ad86, 0x019b66f5, 0x71613a70, 0x7d02dd46, 0x764cc273, 0x97aca955,
+ 0xf3158c9e, 0x43196b0a, 0x36b713f4, 0x91a71265, 0xee07d8b2, 0x1bc73cc4,
+ 0xbd0b3ed7, 0x32b39ece, 0xb7e743d8, 0x7ef2b873, 0x0798b7e7, 0xdb6d3a02,
+ 0xd7a04c23, 0x8ced6556, 0x2dfc623f, 0x6dab5da2, 0xbddbc12d, 0x7be19b25,
+ 0xd7631dbc, 0xdd3adda3, 0x9e5bf3f3, 0x75dd802b, 0x64f1f9e1, 0xa4fc697f,
+ 0x66d965f1, 0xf1ff8eab, 0x27e1e353, 0xcddd9fcb, 0xa8fc03c2, 0x6a9efb0b,
+ 0x5f0063fb, 0xfb37a85f, 0xa5461c2c, 0x242cb656, 0x658fcfc6, 0xc58db7c9,
+ 0x750ccafa, 0xbd788b59, 0x0ccb5074, 0x1b79e5f0, 0xede4490b, 0xf1df04de,
+ 0x92c3597a, 0x3ddb9089, 0x4d3e27cd, 0x126f8fe8, 0xd37fff05, 0xde40f368,
+ 0x3f9724f4, 0x5bea65a9, 0xfef97201, 0x39d25605, 0x5a6f78da, 0x3fb015bc,
+ 0x3e8462aa, 0xd7dbc53e, 0xa4b47067, 0x66767b09, 0x2dbdbe8d, 0x5fbe862d,
+ 0x82c96965, 0xa9a4b65c, 0x0efb4ed4, 0x4164b533, 0x23f7074f, 0xdc3c877a,
+ 0x2abc90a1, 0x1b4e506b, 0xe3482523, 0x0b2cf0fd, 0x058c7b71, 0x7121e3dd,
+ 0x1f03c4a8, 0xe09a7b6b, 0x96d0f2bb, 0xb2a9e848, 0xc6d39b7a, 0x6888abc7,
+ 0xfa0fbc89, 0xdb2325f3, 0xa717d128, 0xffe69f8d, 0x9727e69e, 0x5b4ecd7a,
+ 0x1bf72301, 0x3c7cde76, 0x5bdac307, 0x4b2e8286, 0xdc68c31a, 0x92bcf9e0,
+ 0xc94ef426, 0xac73fd06, 0x8fc81ed3, 0x03e29b8d, 0x319bd1ed, 0xfbf05eef,
+ 0xb4df134e, 0x0a4cfdff, 0xc0cca0e8, 0xb41c2996, 0x5b1f7817, 0x8859d50c,
+ 0x9c6dbba8, 0x0dbecbf2, 0x5cfd050f, 0xf882a6f8, 0xce4badb4, 0x687c9316,
+ 0xab2ce4d3, 0xce4d7511, 0x5f24f9b2, 0xece4bada, 0xe4d75122, 0x57bed6a6,
+ 0xe0a4ff50, 0xd4dca4f1, 0xf37293c6, 0x43ff1b1f, 0xc7634dc8, 0x77e0069b,
+ 0xfc2ed993, 0xf9af8128, 0x51dcce12, 0x7a4b593b, 0x3d92acd7, 0x8c8be924,
+ 0x443b00e4, 0xa636c7e3, 0x7f006cee, 0x5f938497, 0x7ea798c4, 0xdfb7af37,
+ 0x5878ef1b, 0xd4ee1abd, 0x71bbfb86, 0x03cddf31, 0x5d9bcf9e, 0x3e9c6925,
+ 0x845af32a, 0xbf0a757e, 0x2b15eaad, 0xe6ed55d9, 0x8790ad8e, 0x8aaecc87,
+ 0x0a8f3e34, 0xc18af34b, 0xcd174a7c, 0x4210c72d, 0x257a071a, 0xb5e82439,
+ 0x85936f2d, 0x431f59c6, 0x256ff376, 0xdc6e1dfd, 0x53e416f3, 0xc93a735b,
+ 0x7c95c67d, 0x114de81d, 0x8fcc1474, 0xc4fb731f, 0xbe7c97cd, 0xc848d1f1,
+ 0x9f8b8f9f, 0xb69ca0b3, 0xfb02cead, 0x64caf3ab, 0x2d6677b2, 0x35ffa20b,
+ 0xf1d07501, 0x183d7d7a, 0x9f57a01e, 0x04dc7f8e, 0x76a91def, 0x9b2337c1,
+ 0xaefeb0ab, 0x375e24fa, 0x0d5fd406, 0x67b507aa, 0xf82cde45, 0x7b603ba1,
+ 0x7d7d7e00, 0xdd4ec927, 0x0bd06669, 0xa4beb94b, 0x8f30defa, 0xb0c1c395,
+ 0x38c3eb93, 0x6fa10fa1, 0xc99b23ca, 0x6bdb6baf, 0x43fda3b5, 0xb4a6ce07,
+ 0x90b59d10, 0x607e52bf, 0x58ec3c7f, 0xe34aaa5f, 0x8f1bbd73, 0x0f7be5f7,
+ 0xd6b6c3c4, 0xbc18579e, 0xf7179859, 0x77200a0f, 0x4695e7b4, 0x5fe6165f,
+ 0xe01734ae, 0xa6f30fbd, 0x446ebcf6, 0x2a3ad19d, 0xd82f2114, 0x87e92301,
+ 0x24bd7c60, 0x2b972de5, 0x1f8bb005, 0xc9d8497a, 0xb9211c9a, 0x157bc7c2,
+ 0x1c84f3cf, 0x53f16bb1, 0xf214b5de, 0x36791ba3, 0x91c24d20, 0x66bf202d,
+ 0x10e8e41f, 0x571a7f7f, 0xbef461f8, 0x82d6e5ea, 0x93f43cb4, 0x1c8058ed,
+ 0x53900f4b, 0xf1cc8786, 0xcf653d7c, 0xaaa58e2a, 0x2fd02790, 0x8c97d3a5,
+ 0x9af70789, 0xff218e16, 0x0057b992, 0x0af3c1ce, 0x6949a3a6, 0x3265bf02,
+ 0x55b65aae, 0x982f55c4, 0xcb993c45, 0xd6e41f29, 0xc64bd1fc, 0xc6e6ef80,
+ 0xe3025a55, 0x7f1ad772, 0x7d7d7ade, 0x632582fe, 0xd597f760, 0xabd63bac,
+ 0xe3c1f69b, 0xc6eaba95, 0x3f57abc4, 0xa47bcff7, 0x3c2057b9, 0xa5de626c,
+ 0xe98c96d3, 0x43f3ebc5, 0x887859fe, 0x60385f75, 0x735f41f5, 0xf4fc52f8,
+ 0x740bcbd6, 0x8d6b87f1, 0x143cca57, 0xfe69ec2f, 0xe28565c1, 0x89ff093b,
+ 0x42dafe71, 0x26f9c67c, 0x49f77be0, 0x50693d7a, 0x25678ec8, 0x2fc1d7c5,
+ 0xebe2ae60, 0xb27acfa0, 0xec80b813, 0xf446186d, 0xc3e72546, 0xe06e8e19,
+ 0x22b7b5a1, 0xdf0430de, 0x7bdc7413, 0xbb53f97c, 0x2995fbf9, 0x5e74b8ce,
+ 0xe11cc30f, 0x7946250f, 0xb633d260, 0x5562e296, 0x6f0826d2, 0x3d54f412,
+ 0xabef48d6, 0x092c8d1b, 0x3c23127d, 0x635d7c99, 0xe8135ad9, 0x0ef31c7a,
+ 0xbb717f07, 0xf337f7e2, 0x64ffe3f7, 0xaf30f41c, 0xfc8c6cfa, 0xaea1319a,
+ 0x7c53d80c, 0xf42fd2bd, 0x10189e0e, 0x2e949bbf, 0xa370ccf4, 0x23bff242,
+ 0xb4e28c29, 0x9cab4fb7, 0xffa7481e, 0x5d7688ad, 0x1474f370, 0xebe35f90,
+ 0xdb840828, 0x2d853f94, 0xf32038a0, 0xf0129e0e, 0x16e9d99d, 0x5a697fea,
+ 0xaa4bc526, 0xc37709bf, 0x5e342cfe, 0xc3fe1c79, 0xdfdc83a2, 0xea7e3055,
+ 0xa3d80647, 0x7d844fdc, 0xd2fdcad0, 0x5df1f0d1, 0x3c84e9cc, 0x7e45efcc,
+ 0x854ef55e, 0x1fc76099, 0xe10c6eb0, 0x2dccaaed, 0x5673b0f1, 0x81687e37,
+ 0xfbdeadfe, 0xbf85459e, 0x2989f5c5, 0x0181a483, 0xf196adf0, 0xecc6caba,
+ 0x2ad7208f, 0x61a88b8f, 0x0b3de9a5, 0x52e226e4, 0xc3795ef8, 0x57a831ae,
+ 0x7dd11f30, 0xefdebd45, 0xa3544ced, 0xfdf8ddec, 0xfc85d3b3, 0x3fb7ead1,
+ 0x29fcfc29, 0x2bc0b646, 0xa5d922e4, 0x502627b7, 0x4fdfd61c, 0xd8d3a5d0,
+ 0xdb711cba, 0xa1c534f6, 0x43daa1f0, 0x2f60cbdd, 0x1c44b3b9, 0x1d95fdb7,
+ 0x5c51e783, 0x327833c4, 0x8cbb5f5f, 0x6abedfe3, 0x3018c99d, 0x8c9bdb9f,
+ 0x0f6d8f14, 0x08fb2565, 0xc03eaeef, 0xa294c9c7, 0x76bfa0b9, 0x373bc74b,
+ 0x4bb64ff3, 0x1d783abb, 0xf813af53, 0xe7da437e, 0x27c7bcda, 0x0c388b27,
+ 0x1d1d10f3, 0xd3b0fe93, 0xf40fdfc0, 0x74926ff7, 0x2c5feda5, 0xf6091c52,
+ 0x6d8b881f, 0xc39f70e5, 0xe38db4f1, 0xb5f3e51b, 0xdb873676, 0x89b5f5cb,
+ 0x56a17f54, 0x9b5bd2a5, 0xd777cf43, 0x50dea83a, 0xfbea8c3b, 0x6f549d6a,
+ 0xe54b1dac, 0xf445b54b, 0x954c0dfc, 0xd6d7baec, 0xd63b4ec1, 0xfa8a1765,
+ 0x7aa098c9, 0x93fb7d6f, 0xdebe8a31, 0x8ff6a15b, 0x1d6d7a6c, 0x2915ccfc,
+ 0x23529e9a, 0xf8b5efa0, 0xa3b189d6, 0x8f01d632, 0x1103f94d, 0x35766747,
+ 0x84f2fc0a, 0x5365cb84, 0x10e9e3d1, 0xa41d21e0, 0xe4c74797, 0x1e2e4146,
+ 0xf6993e3f, 0xace33aeb, 0x4dbf0fc4, 0xbb406d75, 0x9eef98ea, 0x63ba0bdd,
+ 0xe446ee82, 0x98365a0c, 0xb84463e3, 0xb5c7ed22, 0xfb6917d7, 0xa33f1c59,
+ 0x9b078a9a, 0x63b0bc84, 0x58d0a0bf, 0x2ee30731, 0x820db24a, 0x3affb9ff,
+ 0x571873d7, 0xde98ff83, 0xfdf033f3, 0x23f56663, 0xb7eea9d8, 0x38bf7f85,
+ 0xf3a3a1c2, 0x62375fdf, 0x9eddfa2f, 0xfe0cbe93, 0x87cce33c, 0xc2d38df8,
+ 0x4e1f41ea, 0x94b29843, 0xc26a99e4, 0xf5caf77a, 0xfec5548e, 0x9aa2cf80,
+ 0xbef8f862, 0xf07111d0, 0xbc498f73, 0x7f78971f, 0x2dfde243, 0xa72f21f0,
+ 0xffd4a965, 0x5e01c81d, 0x51efe66f, 0x7a2d494e, 0x3ac7e085, 0x76f70052,
+ 0xe071f709, 0x527f2133, 0xd7d9d700, 0x285abe09, 0xa87fcfe5, 0x09d34745,
+ 0x2b3ec25f, 0xaebf08b7, 0xba71c655, 0xf3f651f8, 0x85fa17f7, 0xd0b7efcb,
+ 0x81a316ff, 0x1d306be4, 0xdbd7287f, 0x2bf11f1c, 0xdb37f846, 0x1b24e761,
+ 0xbc81df3a, 0x508f8e49, 0x17f43297, 0x5470b1fa, 0xd0776898, 0x6d888766,
+ 0xc51df83f, 0x8797dbb9, 0x29fb134f, 0xbf892ce1, 0xbf98963f, 0xba4e3031,
+ 0x8bcc4338, 0xcbe211eb, 0x0ff31cea, 0x88bc91eb, 0x7e423d2e, 0xed185e66,
+ 0x5e35b523, 0xbda4bf22, 0x741d8869, 0x09ecd6da, 0xfea95e87, 0x8789fffb,
+ 0xfa6b68be, 0xf671123c, 0x23672bb6, 0x1babbfc1, 0x7d848d3f, 0x7a636af7,
+ 0xcd13ca04, 0xb79e046a, 0x0c74fd8f, 0x4b2c3dda, 0xd3311cbf, 0x88f2b53c,
+ 0x0eb199d9, 0x0331ecf2, 0xdc9a2df9, 0xbf97e608, 0x7b4b47a7, 0x720628af,
+ 0x15cbf386, 0x1bdcbf3d, 0x2fc0bf03, 0xee84d45f, 0x7ca071e4, 0xf90930c9,
+ 0x25f21282, 0x17c84323, 0x505f21d4, 0x39e0be42, 0x90ea0be4, 0xbe43a82f,
+ 0x82f90ea0, 0xcf05f212, 0xa33e86bf, 0xd9386db8, 0x18b78bf3, 0x76afe03d,
+ 0xf9e2a86e, 0xdf6283e2, 0xe29d716e, 0xe45c1d01, 0xc5965fdf, 0xf42d7fdf,
+ 0x9e823b5f, 0x837b7dfc, 0xed45e299, 0x2fb475de, 0xe8d7bd5a, 0xf02f0a00,
+ 0xbc432f79, 0x1471dcd6, 0x977aa17a, 0xe2a258e2, 0xc79a34f9, 0x1f21a6ea,
+ 0x2df3c74d, 0xfa018766, 0x789be9a2, 0xa6b2bde8, 0x46bfa42d, 0x10b41c27,
+ 0x8615ebfe, 0xab14f1b8, 0x234a8fe0, 0xf6903a7f, 0x57fe498f, 0x9e299b5a,
+ 0x514dbe55, 0x25c404e7, 0x457d87aa, 0x7fb69ff6, 0x62bc4f3e, 0x3a9b5e95,
+ 0x393fe747, 0xfb403e29, 0xfe132ae1, 0x3b7f8064, 0x88e8fb0f, 0x98af1823,
+ 0x65fcbf68, 0xd82ac585, 0x83efd3b7, 0x5aed3597, 0xdeaecc91, 0x20e48767,
+ 0xfec6bd7e, 0xb90c88fa, 0x0d803e8f, 0xf63cbf80, 0xf73b39b1, 0xae75eff2,
+ 0xc9ff92b5, 0x0cd8e9e5, 0x4147574e, 0x472e1c87, 0xde28da0f, 0xecbad9f6,
+ 0xebc3c228, 0x79246646, 0xdbe487d9, 0xfe42b322, 0x77979718, 0x1bfa7066,
+ 0xc9367635, 0xae5c51d5, 0xdd1a9f02, 0xa2bafefd, 0x945fbc22, 0x2b9e92af,
+ 0xd15fb2b4, 0x09ff9c78, 0xe2664daf, 0x8aa5c2bb, 0xc5ebc0c7, 0x9f0161cc,
+ 0x8360e4cd, 0xcfd1a43d, 0xf90a75a2, 0xf0e6ed83, 0xed144a55, 0x477e5397,
+ 0xf3ec41b2, 0xfdcc3f27, 0x3ef3e20b, 0x1219ef04, 0x8b9973be, 0xc3e654f2,
+ 0x7f92367b, 0x6f0b4af4, 0x93eb0ae7, 0x6a3ae222, 0x7e2fc602, 0x4720ccc3,
+ 0xc8ee130a, 0xb6ccff02, 0xccca388a, 0x53bed7a6, 0x9a34de28, 0xdf1437f2,
+ 0xfbefc67d, 0xac3d90ff, 0x6a38dfcf, 0x7583ea2e, 0x665d031f, 0xf1f6e5f8,
+ 0xdfd5175a, 0xb2a12da8, 0x5dfee0fd, 0x75614798, 0xce7003b8, 0x4df88a30,
+ 0x20c4e1b2, 0x36fbeb15, 0x69f581dc, 0x8cb36172, 0x781864ef, 0x39b9e7c9,
+ 0x5e169454, 0xfbcfe10f, 0x06f912f2, 0x4953afb3, 0x1c26145e, 0x297b001c,
+ 0x8c3f1b5d, 0xc818908b, 0xc065a2ed, 0xb99233bb, 0xd23ec751, 0x31bf0e5a,
+ 0x7b028058, 0xc234ebd9, 0xd8a83dfe, 0xc9ddaa37, 0xedcb75d1, 0xc50ca3e0,
+ 0xabb0a8ae, 0xf3c616d7, 0x4b498cef, 0x739e4075, 0xadfa4ab9, 0xef02978d,
+ 0x8a8c7b37, 0x878a6be8, 0x74f02e9d, 0x44f5c532, 0xf3ff10c6, 0xda9f92f1,
+ 0x42452e9b, 0x7b08feff, 0x77c6336c, 0x8b639b33, 0x31741f1c, 0xb25f7fbe,
+ 0xea3a34cb, 0x08d84fac, 0xf521da3a, 0xefe9f4c4, 0xfe07e199, 0x0adaea87,
+ 0xe7319d3a, 0xb4f1e5ab, 0x20f5eece, 0x9051ab97, 0x507ac1ab, 0x4ab66fb3,
+ 0xd4f21abb, 0x9335ed24, 0xd24cd7b4, 0x7b49335e, 0x35ed24cd, 0x4cd7b493,
+ 0x49335ed2, 0xed24cd7b, 0xfde91335, 0x53be5405, 0x7365435b, 0x1fde9bad,
+ 0xc17110ca, 0xae2aec9e, 0xd7047c1f, 0x834a7b20, 0xd576375f, 0xaed2196b,
+ 0xd9a39f82, 0x436fe055, 0x6d5f7f00, 0x5acf4557, 0xbd67bb05, 0xf57d81c5,
+ 0xc6571631, 0x0f9270e2, 0x6b7465ef, 0x0cf0694f, 0x93abfb27, 0xfbe206d9,
+ 0x4dd27323, 0x4bff1fd8, 0xd6abc086, 0x3263fc0f, 0x7507f9e9, 0x67ca0ff0,
+ 0x07d59c2c, 0x4dc17b0b, 0xf08d82f6, 0x970962bd, 0x9b3ebc2b, 0xe57275d9,
+ 0x8c2394a2, 0x7c2ffd15, 0xc8935e7f, 0x4ae4d303, 0x76ef50df, 0x155beff4,
+ 0xc2dc40ea, 0x7f1e1889, 0x9717923e, 0x05af8207, 0xad5d1d7d, 0x583d1c50,
+ 0x4561ccee, 0xe46ebdf4, 0xdae0244e, 0xc9f4b07e, 0xda7e3e62, 0x9fa411d3,
+ 0x863ac766, 0x98f0e02e, 0x93fffde9, 0xd3e12737, 0x0e8cf871, 0x1e802c8d,
+ 0x8df5ab6d, 0x7c832cfb, 0x17efb137, 0xe5f14113, 0xf68526ea, 0x12e2aa7f,
+ 0x0d0b1f88, 0xc1cf1545, 0x4f79345f, 0x141d80af, 0x5af22117, 0x89c0de64,
+ 0xe00f6498, 0x55ad8273, 0x73666e28, 0xba726445, 0x40b79c9a, 0x0290fb11,
+ 0xc363891e, 0xf04c3e36, 0x3c021ecf, 0xa092824f, 0x9323f178, 0x0a4dbf60,
+ 0x0703aa0b, 0x547e1f14, 0xde8363d4, 0x65ef6827, 0xb3d4593d, 0x84991f32,
+ 0x36f971f8, 0x9d33fd9b, 0xd5d68bde, 0xec931bab, 0xe3e8059f, 0x1881fc72,
+ 0x62628675, 0x7be1fb01, 0xd6165714, 0x4bf63953, 0x1d65af11, 0x8e5957a4,
+ 0x937c043a, 0x3b20ee62, 0x698afdaf, 0xb053e52c, 0x03bbc88e, 0x9b67f8fc,
+ 0x183cf48c, 0x0a651f3f, 0x119d50f9, 0xa8f806be, 0xa1090c4a, 0xb22be9b2,
+ 0x28a99843, 0xdc9ffb03, 0x4438a04f, 0x33d7ff70, 0x753fd40d, 0x81c24585,
+ 0xf99551e3, 0x66eea263, 0xfbab18c3, 0x1b84a875, 0xb795c273, 0x77d51fa0,
+ 0x867461fe, 0xed13bdae, 0xf6c5effd, 0xca7fd6b4, 0x587f8d96, 0x07bf2196,
+ 0xc8c7997a, 0x1c664e1e, 0xa98446cf, 0x95ff847d, 0xf95d3159, 0x33fbc016,
+ 0xdbf23671, 0x03bcc393, 0xfe9ac740, 0x7a136cda, 0x194f4ba9, 0xd70b73c4,
+ 0x9aafd057, 0xe2915a9e, 0xc7c5969a, 0xd2ee364b, 0x40fb33fa, 0xdf4bcaa0,
+ 0x6027ded3, 0x6e08dc97, 0x1ca1b66b, 0x1ba37f0e, 0x1ccc5db8, 0xd9f000f1,
+ 0xe7e9e5c6, 0x6d58fb01, 0x81359161, 0xf20aaa78, 0x8e662e57, 0xff5a7ea4,
+ 0xfb031aca, 0xed29341c, 0x030ccaac, 0x232ab3e9, 0xced0a23b, 0xd12fc8a2,
+ 0x72e49dfa, 0xbf0e73ff, 0x401eb80f, 0xff9731f9, 0xb99ffef8, 0x09f947fc,
+ 0x7e78ff97, 0x947fcb8a, 0xe3fe5c2d, 0xff2e19f9, 0x2fb94e51, 0xa6f83062,
+ 0xfb0471ba, 0xb9cf6f5c, 0x93b9ed02, 0x97a7ba23, 0x9cbd2547, 0xfdfeed4c,
+ 0x5bfbdaf3, 0xe7dade05, 0xd4c6cf32, 0xd7cbf1ab, 0x38bac365, 0x5d832e5d,
+ 0xe4211ed0, 0xe3f4ac75, 0xfd4493da, 0x1f2299f7, 0x27c7cb81, 0x5d362ed1,
+ 0x434dbde4, 0xbf10d82e, 0x8fe9c9ff, 0xf1e6d1c6, 0x6b471ca6, 0x8c30c9e7,
+ 0xdf3374f5, 0x1da299f3, 0x6ffc27d1, 0x006a63d0, 0x44a9567d, 0xb174c19f,
+ 0x33ac4b32, 0xafc84c39, 0xd91b04e4, 0x41561987, 0x51da3d87, 0xd9067d1a,
+ 0xe4fa7e51, 0xdbf18a1f, 0xbbf93d4f, 0xa27f327b, 0x7c32bbbf, 0xe3f27741,
+ 0xfaf57f8b, 0x5e0cbe35, 0xfb7ba5b7, 0x7775a7b1, 0x7e82afe5, 0x270f91ba,
+ 0xfc646333, 0xc5d1d047, 0x6673674c, 0x0ab7912f, 0xabe5abbd, 0x3637af06,
+ 0x6a8fec5d, 0x4b32b1f4, 0xac64b3e8, 0xff3fdd2b, 0xdd2f7c24, 0xee4d3dff,
+ 0x542bad74, 0x9f0833ae, 0xebe15c9a, 0xaafc0cfa, 0x3b9353ad, 0x7ec4b2d3,
+ 0xb3af7b4f, 0x4ff1d633, 0x8710412f, 0x20da7bb7, 0x793461f2, 0x315cf5dd,
+ 0xa7989cce, 0x4ecce393, 0xf895b2f6, 0xd6edc7ca, 0x7dfee1dd, 0xd79d6d46,
+ 0x76758965, 0xedb93f4a, 0xb6f7e15b, 0x8538eef5, 0x93db6fb8, 0x8f8c3f62,
+ 0x6cf90138, 0x57631173, 0xb26c9f85, 0xc4d7ff08, 0xfde6d361, 0xfae214ea,
+ 0x11194fd5, 0xa7c66272, 0xf64299be, 0x1db341cc, 0x27d2f6fe, 0x7a0e3d1f,
+ 0x5141a2fb, 0x1adb8aa1, 0x67e09a38, 0xd8f08fae, 0x0d31fb78, 0x7f320e22,
+ 0x5483d19b, 0x556dcfd4, 0x4747f069, 0xf876653d, 0xbb79bb78, 0xe1cabe44,
+ 0x7f931727, 0xfb8785fa, 0x31dc7ccb, 0x218f07c6, 0x8cf65eee, 0xd963fe42,
+ 0x37a5b776, 0x14ea4bf6, 0xbf351bf2, 0x7bce42b7, 0x8fee7ade, 0xbc2ff6ea,
+ 0x6c951f64, 0xdb2f3fd0, 0xd457afac, 0xded8fdeb, 0xe0f95d59, 0xb83e4403,
+ 0xe4d557d8, 0x91f6d5e6, 0xaea7c85b, 0xe3afea3c, 0x1e379711, 0x4ce526fc,
+ 0x944fa8b8, 0xfebcd3f5, 0x6bbf8ca5, 0x9cfcd7f3, 0x60d8932f, 0xd825ec2f,
+ 0xebe22a97, 0x8e32469f, 0x96d0eaef, 0x5f0f893b, 0x1711da32, 0x7468dd5c,
+ 0x4d959e03, 0x3bb04db6, 0x8f6f10ab, 0x92179c00, 0xfb0dbfbe, 0x71f78845,
+ 0xe899b5bf, 0xebe299a6, 0x8f31d9cc, 0xd80f3df6, 0x55a3d0ec, 0xec747d2f,
+ 0x5507da3e, 0xdbe0b618, 0x5d10b6fa, 0xe44a7bcc, 0x04dff189, 0x2e9fa865,
+ 0x0578018c, 0xe107e7de, 0xf094f8d5, 0x8aede7b3, 0xe97a3f22, 0x0f874693,
+ 0xf815e174, 0x435c631d, 0x3f8e10f1, 0xa7a8efc2, 0x0a1e3cb6, 0xfb176ffc,
+ 0x705d1a0f, 0x7fbc203a, 0xdde041b1, 0xe1397072, 0xd24eadbd, 0x316ff601,
+ 0xd71116ce, 0xe90e9ee1, 0xfffc60c7, 0x6677bc54, 0xff713d0a, 0xbb99d384,
+ 0xc54e77f8, 0x03e67d9f, 0xe6db28fe, 0x086b3fba, 0x5f5feff6, 0x189c340e,
+ 0xe80063b7, 0x769e2ba0, 0x58ec26d0, 0xfc85040e, 0xa92f9903, 0x04f2de9e,
+ 0x7f7472e4, 0x33e2c3c7, 0x4e20242c, 0x1a77f1c3, 0x747b7876, 0x68fdceeb,
+ 0xc0eacbd7, 0xac9b2a72, 0xf4016b3e, 0x42dfa09f, 0x858cc74b, 0xb15f97b0,
+ 0xc2843ed2, 0xa9ce86c9, 0x31f6bd34, 0x4358f7f6, 0x1d6bb3a1, 0x773dfc69,
+ 0x945fe1e6, 0x90fb8487, 0x709e92af, 0xe6f64a8b, 0x11624734, 0x266dc3e5,
+ 0x8a7ed3ba, 0x4e316dfd, 0x1762f9bd, 0xcb38f87c, 0xcbf0fca5, 0xef93a677,
+ 0x5ca598cf, 0x0afec9ef, 0x765df392, 0xccef9497, 0x8bfa27dd, 0x66a2da30,
+ 0xebfc2794, 0x80b14c37, 0xe88566df, 0xf34b9345, 0x95398987, 0x13f97136,
+ 0xa229f147, 0x05ee73b7, 0xd0460cfb, 0xd1a327d5, 0xe8bb62af, 0x44741677,
+ 0xf1ef8dfe, 0xa2fede50, 0x577e4cd7, 0xf1c9bf17, 0xf095ce18, 0x143b55f7,
+ 0x55f1cb16, 0x456eb9ba, 0xa6e86eef, 0x745fdb9c, 0xf41ae90e, 0x7fa0d553,
+ 0x047209bf, 0xf965cbb0, 0x3e3c73df, 0xabe82194, 0xf289bf3b, 0x5045c653,
+ 0x8cb5473e, 0xb1cd571b, 0xe9a4df93, 0xa6fd1edd, 0xb11eb171, 0xe30faf3e,
+ 0x9533b89c, 0x97e250f2, 0x8ebbfc8a, 0x13d208e8, 0x19456d47, 0xafe8e718,
+ 0x1e81e5c7, 0xe9ae3d34, 0x695969b9, 0xd844bf34, 0xa9afb4c3, 0x6b1c810e,
+ 0xe20bde47, 0x7fe44ca5, 0xe42c8bba, 0x568faddf, 0xfaf03677, 0x923cd2fa,
+ 0x21fefbc7, 0xf71ddbe2, 0xaf5f485a, 0x1d34501f, 0xdefebb74, 0x65fef47e,
+ 0xfb047d45, 0x50d2ee26, 0x89faff9a, 0x7eb80e22, 0xffbd2262, 0x6258eb23,
+ 0x463abf42, 0x247face3, 0x7fb2e29f, 0x0dbd7108, 0xf72debfe, 0x3aa7d617,
+ 0xf9ff9093, 0xef7452b8, 0x1f978c5c, 0x7e69e34e, 0xfb7bd1fb, 0xf015b23d,
+ 0xdfe623e9, 0x11d8f5c6, 0xab5ecfae, 0x2c7944df, 0xfa7f3e5f, 0xfe5f8c4e,
+ 0x3e27a732, 0x047d5b7e, 0xf49c91f3, 0x2d6f1058, 0xf3ca306b, 0x93a1be14,
+ 0xfce50223, 0xfe879152, 0x3f908462, 0x099eadbb, 0xbed97fbc, 0xa7200b4f,
+ 0x38ea1edb, 0xe9fb0c96, 0x05e44579, 0xb00a5bb9, 0xea66584f, 0x956e4ede,
+ 0x03c5d3f6, 0x9760d361, 0x510edb29, 0x779949de, 0x50f219aa, 0x4b26776b,
+ 0x1dbcbfd8, 0xb7bb13ed, 0x8a1cf22b, 0x7ee0686f, 0x7c6796b2, 0x9fa0bb71,
+ 0xc7b346b2, 0xdb6df986, 0xea12f6d5, 0x201d5b1f, 0x5f6deac7, 0xa8ed3ed1,
+ 0x7ed27717, 0x8e25f602, 0xcebde2e8, 0x2afdc870, 0xb7aaa729, 0x551e4919,
+ 0xf38a5435, 0xa78cdb58, 0xddfdeea9, 0xce6ec657, 0x2619f1a1, 0xff89121b,
+ 0x14739192, 0xc5fcbefc, 0x1cdcfb83, 0x9e7be584, 0xbade848b, 0x1225bcd0,
+ 0x16e3e770, 0x77c4a25b, 0x4e73772f, 0x6373aaeb, 0x7ee485ac, 0xcd3577b5,
+ 0x251e02e3, 0x2e2fdd5d, 0x1bf3ea5b, 0xcfa40dd8, 0x9d92c5b7, 0x3437e7c4,
+ 0xb04d3cf0, 0xf9df2f3e, 0xfe6eb3cd, 0xd6eee2fe, 0x8adf3167, 0x3ca25c7f,
+ 0x8d8af621, 0x9faac8f2, 0xb3f490ff, 0x5b20afd6, 0xdb6d93d8, 0x3c8adb9f,
+ 0xb6ffb6d1, 0xdb5a303a, 0x2a29b3c1, 0xbebb93e2, 0x5f81fda3, 0x73a42c1e,
+ 0x3bdcbf30, 0xce87e12a, 0x3d6e802b, 0xdabafe59, 0xb180c248, 0x79ca5926,
+ 0x9c386e1e, 0xc97d7982, 0x0eed6bf1, 0x4788aa7f, 0x692b7955, 0x07f5001f,
+ 0xeaab7c39, 0xfd057e57, 0x55fc2d70, 0xebbe4c35, 0xdf24c196, 0x6aab601c,
+ 0xf2fb41d6, 0xf0bafdc1, 0xe3c701f6, 0x7f013ff5, 0x1e69abf5, 0x8dd1e25f,
+ 0x909bf757, 0xc4a8e52d, 0x730d37df, 0xad790bff, 0x775621ac, 0x6e10244e,
+ 0xb7011fbe, 0x2f7c4512, 0x3539db29, 0x7bb5fc1b, 0xede456c7, 0x54136f02,
+ 0x937d8be4, 0x4e7022c2, 0xc90663a5, 0x3b5683d1, 0xc1d95ae4, 0xda7f888f,
+ 0xff039e64, 0xb54f4385, 0x358bad75, 0x31919e93, 0x11cdeae2, 0x1fa46b3e,
+ 0x899e55fe, 0x7a48d563, 0x7b9e9a7e, 0x7e02fd04, 0xe793c0c9, 0x8fa4ddd0,
+ 0x7d68bd3d, 0x42ff9b95, 0x5c305bf6, 0x9dad9f7e, 0x4be3f02f, 0x9d3c0619,
+ 0x27b03b26, 0xb0f0693c, 0x04371e03, 0xe0b36de0, 0xd5f6e0bf, 0x2fb44f1c,
+ 0xfc04f129, 0xe63da325, 0xc3ea2919, 0xc47caea9, 0x6d0791ba, 0xc7f25675,
+ 0x79f682da, 0xce26fcfd, 0xc20eae1d, 0x9efeb6b3, 0xfceba3f8, 0xffe635c6,
+ 0x9bf3e153, 0x13e6956c, 0xc359a70c, 0xae14b3a2, 0x00c67122, 0x2f59f0f4,
+ 0x7e0879e6, 0xadb989a9, 0x4c7d6f1c, 0x1194de22, 0x8851dcc2, 0x3d84993b,
+ 0x2b07fc54, 0x5e28939d, 0x5c28f561, 0xdba6671e, 0xb93d20bf, 0x146ea6dc,
+ 0x18969dfd, 0x62a2cfea, 0xfe710524, 0xfe19d4a5, 0x017cbebd, 0xc27cfe06,
+ 0x038ba628, 0xd7f8959c, 0x54723bca, 0x7bb61f2a, 0x338f9042, 0xd12e596b,
+ 0xf765accd, 0xce1f6256, 0xf6461f55, 0x9bddeb65, 0x9778e2da, 0xde67a372,
+ 0x253e7c87, 0xd903ae39, 0xa78f9043, 0x00aee0ce, 0x61cf759b, 0xb9c3ce0b,
+ 0x7f6dd1bc, 0x74efede6, 0x79c267bf, 0x2b073b91, 0x93bff476, 0xb09f4979,
+ 0xcf48c3bb, 0x325fd6b5, 0x3ff1f225, 0x86cc2e1c, 0x05bb10e2, 0xe07799fb,
+ 0xf8374c5c, 0xe22d98be, 0xccfbda95, 0xca7575a0, 0x42d99df7, 0x8ba6663f,
+ 0x595673f7, 0xa247a74f, 0x79b2fb34, 0xc8ee65f9, 0x09ef3077, 0x93cc6ce9,
+ 0x2203e780, 0x8db4faaf, 0x07be08f9, 0xe21d93fb, 0x56b34562, 0xf94dbe63,
+ 0x1e9c2764, 0x44594f61, 0x67d89a7e, 0x92f32b9a, 0xdf108f4e, 0x896f6539,
+ 0x0213c988, 0xe228642b, 0x79f7e2fa, 0x73dfa5cd, 0xd7b36032, 0x3edd9087,
+ 0xb4c9b1f7, 0xbd7b3f3f, 0x0d6c8fd0, 0xec03c3b7, 0xe726cbe7, 0xd695c819,
+ 0x98a7e71c, 0xcf91a667, 0x8a49d38b, 0x0e04d3c4, 0xc3f6852c, 0x0720925a,
+ 0xcf96cc5f, 0xe159ed63, 0xec183e82, 0x7b66d3b6, 0xd38afc16, 0xd8066dcb,
+ 0x8a9613df, 0xb136ae79, 0xe18b9c50, 0xc26213f4, 0x3fec817e, 0xa8a9897d,
+ 0xc3ef3f8e, 0x3e08f8dd, 0x01ee1dfe, 0xfa030744, 0x3cc0deb9, 0x86c63dce,
+ 0xbd9cfec1, 0xf7e51d66, 0x7ee7f06a, 0xe7d1d922, 0x840ea4b6, 0x63e1a2bf,
+ 0x7f91bf40, 0xf0ba3ac3, 0xf042b770, 0x0e39ebe7, 0xdccbfebb, 0xe60e4a59,
+ 0x1837ca3d, 0x0fefe570, 0xc6854f01, 0x8ba015bc, 0x7a4638ce, 0xbe0993a9,
+ 0x3ccb5ce9, 0x56b0ee22, 0x8f8d5f07, 0x77f9be34, 0xb87173ed, 0x78699f10,
+ 0x76c1c19c, 0x1e3f40eb, 0x3cc47e34, 0x3da9030c, 0x7e3075f1, 0x10f7f053,
+ 0x73b6373a, 0x1255d63f, 0xd769fe4e, 0x6843c33a, 0x42e966df, 0xbe6af167,
+ 0x6b0b14de, 0xc3f7ae54, 0x80ae3ef5, 0xc2fe014c, 0xcc6c0bfd, 0x66872014,
+ 0xeaeb44d6, 0x3fde6bd3, 0xee53fc8a, 0x780f5e8f, 0x8bfc7a9f, 0xcfe23e67,
+ 0x217e3cb7, 0x5c63e453, 0xbe04f2dc, 0xce543ebb, 0x6bcc45a3, 0xebec85bd,
+ 0x3be8d4e2, 0x049d4bb7, 0x1316743f, 0x5cbc5f74, 0xdda7edd8, 0xcca9e50a,
+ 0x100a5c02, 0xaf04664f, 0x4ffc244f, 0x5acff849, 0x957de926, 0x8964efde,
+ 0x68fde52a, 0xc799e9fe, 0x1fc052b2, 0x5aea3f9a, 0xa555fc25, 0x3fed38e6,
+ 0x929fe0b9, 0xf7a4d69f, 0x098e6b47, 0xfdcdd47f, 0x5bf1c0d1, 0xace2fef4,
+ 0x6fb4dd9c, 0x762ad6cc, 0xd7c2ca84, 0xcec0b08e, 0x945e139a, 0xce7b7b02,
+ 0x7d44dbfa, 0xd27fc895, 0x47353ee0, 0x9ddd479c, 0xdbf2a26d, 0x88e3266c,
+ 0xf4681e42, 0xaae70738, 0x076bef41, 0xc805e658, 0xf9f259a7, 0x33831cec,
+ 0x3bba9e30, 0xbfa5c45b, 0x796b36cd, 0x68df6469, 0x0ce566ed, 0x92fc815c,
+ 0xc4466b59, 0x9afe00b1, 0xf6a26395, 0x2a3ce5bb, 0x9a9b907a, 0x49e7cf7d,
+ 0x2f6504fb, 0xec8178ec, 0xb888bffa, 0x32f5d941, 0x43cf2aff, 0x1db04b7e,
+ 0x5fc77a38, 0x5cafb123, 0x7b2460dd, 0xfec29784, 0xec225f58, 0xdead6e12,
+ 0x0e74f1ca, 0x745db9ed, 0x48bf85e4, 0xf65ae0ff, 0xa794a7e1, 0xad3e93d2,
+ 0x8a44ae56, 0x8f71083c, 0x577ca544, 0x7c4cd078, 0xe4407d52, 0xbdef545d,
+ 0xd5f3f944, 0xbbc79707, 0x8fff59ba, 0x9ad927b6, 0xc7daed6e, 0x00fc8272,
+ 0xd4bca313, 0x3e022145, 0x1fcc9e9d, 0xfd5c3f3c, 0x49f281a4, 0x146a4d3b,
+ 0xf23b6bf4, 0xff69bb33, 0x5fd08e7e, 0x61fe725f, 0x37aa37c8, 0x5ed6df92,
+ 0xaac0f22f, 0x763d1fea, 0xcdfbfc33, 0x2acb3e0a, 0xadc13359, 0xa3fb81aa,
+ 0x9136e781, 0xf3db1abf, 0x4477cb3c, 0xd4bf3c50, 0xf0b738ab, 0xa88674f9,
+ 0xe602bd51, 0xd0473fb3, 0x3bd5b977, 0xe722f094, 0x67fa13bf, 0x695dbf88,
+ 0xf7e4a3d3, 0x7f6d76f2, 0x18be6506, 0x9939c4c6, 0xcf30778e, 0x28830dd6,
+ 0xddea509e, 0x6bf94555, 0xd79461f5, 0xdbd14178, 0x3a4aaf73, 0xbfae557e,
+ 0x25e96b12, 0x2bfe07e6, 0xcc8e9ef5, 0x36cfede0, 0x5be54fbe, 0xe1a57e72,
+ 0xd7e005cd, 0xb4610db3, 0xe1b6733f, 0xc32f31e9, 0x888ef19f, 0xe4f80253,
+ 0x1f84727f, 0xb106e5fc, 0xb13cca0f, 0x2f159ef2, 0x3eb5abcd, 0xaddc4159,
+ 0xb6fde652, 0x3489ec36, 0x0b771e90, 0xfbb3fc38, 0x898a79b8, 0x71f6ebc5,
+ 0x7d61e5d7, 0x7dba2d21, 0xf8f77fdc, 0x80bb570c, 0x7f92ec7f, 0xe46ee18c,
+ 0x62da2c4b, 0xd199fe23, 0xe74a9d5f, 0x1334de45, 0xaae516fe, 0x969ee953,
+ 0xf9c52366, 0x1f32a517, 0x0fc588ec, 0x7c51d444, 0x61399137, 0x91d8ce97,
+ 0x53a3f14d, 0xe51b7b16, 0xa08becb7, 0x558aeffc, 0x8838c39c, 0xb8dd39cb,
+ 0x3c2b3c39, 0x75e2e606, 0x3708fec3, 0x88f781c5, 0xfa72b6ef, 0x1957bf86,
+ 0xb2aeec26, 0xbf4823e7, 0xe679a457, 0xc57af235, 0x00c049f3, 0xee8c656b,
+ 0x366f70bd, 0xf638dd93, 0xd764e3f1, 0x466d7a74, 0x5151738c, 0xfdcc0f29,
+ 0x2f3fc8ba, 0x6595be34, 0x792fede6, 0x97de0a6d, 0xf743513d, 0xf46c54a1,
+ 0x8be079d1, 0x62baff32, 0xf10b2f92, 0x3e818aee, 0x3dac373a, 0x2b5c8d2f,
+ 0xb07f72ea, 0xf3d79434, 0xe7914eb0, 0xf5116a53, 0xd76166d3, 0xa4f2485c,
+ 0x94975c60, 0x8bcf65bf, 0xf7e74273, 0xff21d446, 0x1b16fce4, 0x7d79ddc5,
+ 0x5a93d523, 0xf4fe7022, 0x82b34efc, 0xf2df9df5, 0xfe34aadc, 0x660bc2fe,
+ 0x90998fca, 0xdcf921ee, 0x03a858f1, 0x72c14d79, 0x42fcf822, 0x2708fed9,
+ 0xcad962f4, 0x9d63461b, 0x04764665, 0xb369e2f6, 0x8c69eb2f, 0x21cc3db3,
+ 0x27320dcf, 0xc655bbbe, 0xf48c7cfd, 0xf9adf9f7, 0x9daf9f94, 0x2b109cf3,
+ 0xcdec779e, 0xf9dff8a7, 0xb005b598, 0x7760cb6b, 0x0bcc7ce2, 0xf3ee49b3,
+ 0xf51a33ba, 0x4ef6fcdf, 0xf9153711, 0xde5215fa, 0x39bcae54, 0xd81be70a,
+ 0x37ca46bb, 0xf91264be, 0x5ff3c1e4, 0xcde52b9c, 0x6e8867be, 0xb8dd382b,
+ 0x137e5106, 0x79fcb1c1, 0xbe52c791, 0x4827e6e2, 0x6663bc8e, 0xe8bc67d8,
+ 0x7032347d, 0x397ee55f, 0x83bfbf8e, 0xf6f397da, 0x919bffa2, 0x66ad9f34,
+ 0x0c1ebf3a, 0xffdd1fd7, 0xd53fe379, 0xe22bccbf, 0xbfebc15f, 0xfd7f9ac4,
+ 0xebeede17, 0x4dc39b7a, 0x741e454f, 0x4f3bd9ab, 0x23618bdc, 0x168d6c3e,
+ 0xad6cf372, 0xbe576f38, 0xd27ffc62, 0xc989cefe, 0x7cce3774, 0x5ae7f74f,
+ 0xbb0ae566, 0x11d632a2, 0x7cafbe05, 0xc735f057, 0xffd45dcf, 0x0ff5335d,
+ 0xf6538f5e, 0xfc4e74e3, 0x9c53b1de, 0x7bf3e133, 0x8579a141, 0xad374019,
+ 0xe026adcb, 0x5687e35f, 0xbec08585, 0xea2d1d3f, 0x14decda7, 0x01c13fd1,
+ 0xe11d6a7a, 0xd79f814d, 0x68c6def5, 0xd955b29f, 0xc0e9cf45, 0x6ac5ce21,
+ 0x171c95fe, 0x97f38af4, 0x3a439815, 0x34d629f6, 0x1e435f43, 0xab28fec2,
+ 0xf949f611, 0x5d39fd36, 0x7fd4cf4e, 0xb388ae4f, 0xcb62e769, 0x13f90e31,
+ 0xa1e20b5e, 0x118f7f9c, 0xa844357d, 0xd457a788, 0xf261c7eb, 0xe3f52ddc,
+ 0x5bb94976, 0x7be2e671, 0xe29616cb, 0x65f2a51e, 0xa4a316eb, 0x8deef01f,
+ 0x94ab3e26, 0xc6abe7f1, 0xbefa0bb3, 0xf2952bb0, 0xf3939e53, 0x2777b0bb,
+ 0x44d4bfd9, 0xbc46ef93, 0x08fbc557, 0xadaf9d0f, 0xf3a566d8, 0xd9ff9a71,
+ 0xf834bad3, 0xc35f7f05, 0x2d5cdef3, 0xb73fa41e, 0x232e6afa, 0x95cdaffc,
+ 0xfb7125e7, 0xd67b8709, 0x9c6e8b06, 0x7afacd9c, 0x3d7d7abf, 0x2f5f41af,
+ 0x1dd7d268, 0xaf75f447, 0x7936eefc, 0x2ffc05bf, 0x515363dc, 0x3813f627,
+ 0x5e749dfe, 0xb88b5eec, 0x0afe0227, 0x3ed2a4ec, 0xffc06f64, 0x7df83f43,
+ 0x0fbf07e8, 0x287df875, 0x39e1f7e1, 0xe1d43efc, 0xbf0ea1f7, 0xbf08b54f,
+ 0xe3dc650f, 0x1e41e797, 0x74cd29b5, 0xbcf8367e, 0x0e32cded, 0xfcecde78,
+ 0xee97b738, 0xa827edfc, 0x0dedfce3, 0xfc4ede22, 0x91c62ecc, 0x22bceede,
+ 0x26db41ef, 0x65acdae4, 0xac5d3d66, 0xb9d3a809, 0xccbaa0d8, 0x6f5d2c0b,
+ 0x92e0bca1, 0x99fd410d, 0x7cec9637, 0xba9c672e, 0xf3c26ee7, 0x2843dba7,
+ 0x9953ebdf, 0xc795d0e7, 0xf94288fc, 0x5d9a6ca7, 0xe52493dc, 0x4572dff8,
+ 0x71e744be, 0xb3763f6e, 0xb395a11f, 0x70187c91, 0x35ecdc7f, 0xc9df018a,
+ 0xb1b808b4, 0xffda4693, 0xa4918961, 0xe17bb427, 0x065f61b2, 0x4f5cadc8,
+ 0xfd3d6ea8, 0xeae8c5b7, 0xbadedef9, 0xa637d7f6, 0xf00fdee9, 0x9fbdd3f5,
+ 0x4392f773, 0xc92f17f0, 0x9b4baf7d, 0x98cec813, 0xae9066bc, 0x9ba29cdf,
+ 0xcbe7ce83, 0x69bb4a79, 0x1668b9b1, 0xbc5a7fee, 0xf4e48937, 0xe76f3e1c,
+ 0x155e7920, 0xbdc519f1, 0x9d69e482, 0xce5d00e2, 0xd5807a96, 0x67e2f5e8,
+ 0x83b01e7c, 0xd026f62a, 0x262581fd, 0xd1acdf91, 0xe6bf6953, 0x2de59c02,
+ 0x50d37d7d, 0x634a99c8, 0xd39d8a5d, 0xcf152fd5, 0x76305c56, 0xfc576621,
+ 0xc77fd08d, 0x0c33bc87, 0x46f594fb, 0xade667ba, 0x7eff5704, 0xe80f90bd,
+ 0x8e181f8b, 0x7e84f07b, 0xc52ee8d6, 0xfe850f6c, 0x246b5bad, 0x1371197b,
+ 0xb1ea0c63, 0x7ee119a1, 0xf8b4c8fa, 0x3ac62cfa, 0x39e4db76, 0x1f9d48f5,
+ 0x23cc6851, 0xb8e971bd, 0x92abec91, 0x761b8a11, 0xed4eb69c, 0x3d6d2d7e,
+ 0x867f499f, 0x7e7188e5, 0xcc5fdf29, 0xf2a0543d, 0xd13c54f5, 0x5c446298,
+ 0x35bf50d1, 0xbab880c9, 0x51d60c6b, 0x11f99752, 0xfb2c07ee, 0x1760c8d0,
+ 0x547ebe7d, 0x93b08de4, 0xce299a76, 0x26ed72be, 0xccab4fba, 0xafc0b1e4,
+ 0x475ed92a, 0x70dbf5f1, 0xf3979cee, 0x7f9315b6, 0x202d9f39, 0x769ce93f,
+ 0x47848bef, 0x836548c9, 0xb9fbcf9d, 0x83def27e, 0x5d4f9150, 0x347e1c68,
+ 0x00e7f04e, 0x2eee9fc4, 0x862965da, 0xc44fd77d, 0xa3f98315, 0x85c9adf3,
+ 0x551ec8bd, 0xf13d0f08, 0xbc383dc7, 0xf261e9ce, 0xbbca9565, 0x3f23f72f,
+ 0xb9c643ed, 0x796d7915, 0xc4ad7f7a, 0x1c3bbea2, 0x9573837c, 0x191de70c,
+ 0xe450361b, 0x7284dc01, 0xdd855bbd, 0x7f5c3457, 0x0e8d91ce, 0x698bc9d3,
+ 0x387f802c, 0xb2414cdd, 0xeefd4065, 0x3e3ae909, 0xff777a98, 0xe8183e20,
+ 0x2f474f7f, 0x09e9d26f, 0xa80e3cca, 0x520f7e63, 0xae9c7a3c, 0xe49b255f,
+ 0xdefa076f, 0x15c11efc, 0x4fc88a79, 0xf1d513e2, 0xe3ba665b, 0xe3bfac23,
+ 0x67c5336d, 0x7b8ad6ab, 0x183e5136, 0x31916e70, 0x6e39388e, 0x34ceff14,
+ 0xf4bb0fee, 0xf039bb7a, 0x8ca54b9c, 0x84cfc05b, 0x6ee950dd, 0x80bf20b6,
+ 0x2c94d7c3, 0x7d821be0, 0x8f85760a, 0x62d3143f, 0xef046f64, 0xec3c63d3,
+ 0x171d541f, 0xefc156fb, 0x7ffee4ab, 0x880ae215, 0xabf1c897, 0xbd1af8e4,
+ 0x669e755d, 0xc863aedb, 0x245c995b, 0xf0abf3ee, 0x137ba44e, 0xcb3fc783,
+ 0xd79c47c9, 0xe7451e1c, 0x67e883f7, 0x7ee9531e, 0x8dc779cd, 0x1b5ea3cc,
+ 0x60e3880e, 0xbdd2afbf, 0x7de742c0, 0xd1ec2836, 0x0be9abd4, 0x8c5f80ed,
+ 0xbc4cf583, 0x7c74491c, 0x5c25fad5, 0xf414e0ba, 0x57dd783e, 0x1f8e4bc1,
+ 0x0b0d8fdc, 0xc7eba75a, 0x039353ad, 0xd3337ada, 0xe4212d9b, 0xd80e28e7,
+ 0x0b2e93b5, 0x83a35fff, 0x544d9729, 0x70922aaf, 0x7bbb7891, 0x5f8e9842,
+ 0xb8f01ef0, 0x68bc72e7, 0x93a62fff, 0xd414e0ab, 0x6baf8b5f, 0x17cfd6f2,
+ 0xcbec7f62, 0x6c7f727e, 0xfc421b08, 0x4f5fe52a, 0x07afca72, 0xc9767d04,
+ 0x17b7297f, 0xf804d599, 0xef1e9abf, 0x35268392, 0x3ec03a2a, 0x0ffae628,
+ 0x1a1627f7, 0x173dd0fb, 0x5a47192e, 0xce9d2cb1, 0xd4726bf7, 0x633dc725,
+ 0xc7205356, 0x5f3fcb5d, 0xa77d8357, 0x11f6e847, 0x9624b296, 0x36c57be2,
+ 0x2f179d3b, 0xf22c625e, 0x9f1b1950, 0xd5bdf811, 0x6ebdd1b7, 0x4eb3ae9f,
+ 0x355f2eeb, 0xb388bfae, 0x31fe3e56, 0x0d2f9be9, 0x034e456f, 0x1bdf2d7f,
+ 0xf29ed489, 0xb50fefe5, 0x28b97973, 0x1fde95c1, 0x4752b676, 0xebd996fa,
+ 0x694f600a, 0x796cbe7a, 0x72f40261, 0x3f0e3fc5, 0x5aecbd0b, 0xfe478e62,
+ 0xc40ff9cc, 0x67ae3439, 0x439f9f48, 0xf61c5c72, 0x7ee8c245, 0xa1e35289,
+ 0xdf4ebb02, 0x77c14d35, 0xba1e282f, 0x6c9ee3ef, 0x70e65df1, 0x739ef9d3,
+ 0x7ec5cedc, 0xa6496b86, 0x704c5cee, 0x57ea55b9, 0x6128cbd8, 0x8794c2f7,
+ 0xd3fa8bdd, 0xf6125f72, 0x7fb0ea2f, 0xfcebbef1, 0x78a32563, 0xcc4562cc,
+ 0xb942f177, 0xab9f52cf, 0x835f7bc3, 0xaf673f58, 0x96efcc24, 0x05036e0e,
+ 0x2e2fe1d0, 0x73c0b087, 0xb4582388, 0x242a3eae, 0xd0bed749, 0x7f7baa9e,
+ 0xeeae625b, 0x00eaedfd, 0xce7c7d5d, 0x77f6ba8d, 0xeae84638, 0x5dbb0d77,
+ 0x73a27ed7, 0x793eaea2, 0xf6babdec, 0xeb1514f7, 0x569d4fde, 0xaf7f7baa,
+ 0x7eaea16b, 0xba03c95f, 0x582ff7f6, 0x17df7ba2, 0x5f1cdb79, 0x7ee2b54d,
+ 0xd3b3274e, 0xdf8b0f7d, 0x6afba4ce, 0x75f7915f, 0xf57b0f0e, 0xfa61ca92,
+ 0xf7abdc41, 0xb87ce68c, 0xc42836d8, 0x1f3af14a, 0x98a3bdf9, 0x9928f780,
+ 0xf5c2c787, 0x3eda75f9, 0x7383be09, 0xa51718d7, 0x7ec39e4f, 0x79efe715,
+ 0xbf9e4479, 0xf7f3863f, 0x21db5e74, 0xf3cbd7ce, 0xfce16ff7, 0x1adb9d3d,
+ 0x3cb3654b, 0x76a27f7f, 0xd41f951a, 0xc9dfa8ba, 0x3f2a12da, 0xcf405dae,
+ 0x435b5cff, 0x6eb527e5, 0x3ed57e7a, 0x61b7dc8c, 0x2fe8a62d, 0x2efbfc42,
+ 0xfd1bcb3d, 0x0c07a139, 0x0f8887ce, 0xc93b1f58, 0x6fbcf92d, 0x9e39739e,
+ 0xe8cc6677, 0x70f6103b, 0xea356ba2, 0xbd9c0cf7, 0xebd38a3c, 0x302cae2f,
+ 0xf61fce03, 0x666f1e70, 0x69e7617f, 0x0bf4ecfb, 0xde0f2fd8, 0x45b76c47,
+ 0xb65ee016, 0x71767d80, 0xabee442e, 0x717e4bb7, 0x87e462f7, 0x4c23fd6a,
+ 0xe81867cc, 0xf6d797df, 0xdd781303, 0x8d3bde22, 0x89df4ea2, 0xf2203f80,
+ 0xc8394d21, 0xca249803, 0x125f58e4, 0x2f26adce, 0x2f39d0b6, 0xed110ff4,
+ 0x37dfe8dd, 0x26e74bc6, 0xd38556fb, 0x59abcdfb, 0xc8f20e48, 0x6672884f,
+ 0x8bd6957f, 0x9fa2617e, 0x70e1df0f, 0x9b70017c, 0x23eb7d1c, 0x9fae1c2d,
+ 0xf776ba25, 0xbde1f2e7, 0x075f6a83, 0x98a4eb87, 0xf0ce7bf4, 0xe20d13e7,
+ 0xe09ebcde, 0x8357ada8, 0x1fa706a7, 0xe1abd70b, 0xbf001de9, 0x4e195dde,
+ 0x0abfd3fe, 0xe370c18e, 0x780a399c, 0xe461f733, 0x0a87273f, 0x384b2638,
+ 0x9cd1186e, 0x86d5788a, 0xb9d0855f, 0x570b1fd6, 0xe2a7b82e, 0xaae3d39e,
+ 0x537d1bc8, 0x69fb13ae, 0xfaf80203, 0x72405b38, 0x3759ab81, 0x825a34e0,
+ 0x7cde546c, 0x5cc653b2, 0xc5165a29, 0xef0e8ddb, 0x3b4adf7e, 0xbc9b7a97,
+ 0x9c4c664f, 0x27181ede, 0x7db188ed, 0xe8679e82, 0xe5fd1deb, 0x4b2a56be,
+ 0x668d7f05, 0xb62f310e, 0x68fee486, 0x2593f729, 0xb3b9d3bc, 0x429d7c86,
+ 0xa98132e6, 0x2a6e636f, 0x2a1e676f, 0xf51f33c7, 0x3e3383bf, 0x107177ea,
+ 0xd2115ea3, 0xcf2b8291, 0xffae8cab, 0xb2fcbe81, 0x761b2baf, 0x3bb0e1fa,
+ 0x2ca723a7, 0x6032e0c9, 0xa0d462df, 0x7a679451, 0x04e2cda4, 0x2d1d5e1c,
+ 0x1abf69ce, 0x0ffa4e92, 0xf18e65f4, 0xf2ebe1d3, 0xb5c3801e, 0xa3809ee2,
+ 0x138027b8, 0x27b86bdd, 0xe5c7d780, 0x37e8612c, 0x97efd546, 0x3bc7fd6b,
+ 0x0fd33247, 0xfe3f77dc, 0xb07d83fa, 0x7466f89f, 0xdfd5c536, 0xee81be8c,
+ 0x3a337c9d, 0xab4a20c1, 0xfdfcca85, 0x77dbbb83, 0xffc4e8d4, 0x14cc31bd,
+ 0x3db6fd8b, 0x2b73f055, 0xaf3e44c3, 0xc3047f73, 0xbda2c6fe, 0xf3821ee2,
+ 0xe0126898, 0xec17e626, 0x65ad9f37, 0xb64eb07d, 0xff9e8a2d, 0xdcc8d24a,
+ 0xfc689b9a, 0xa8c33579, 0x572c89df, 0x717ae001, 0xa7cb2fa0, 0x5821dfe0,
+ 0xf613791a, 0x3a305ec7, 0x15f6f026, 0x838d7546, 0x228c7df6, 0x61caf82f,
+ 0x6d92b7ba, 0x91d9d58e, 0x2211595a, 0x1f65dfe6, 0x3efa0a86, 0xe5f25ac5,
+ 0xf19bcbb9, 0x71d624bd, 0xb5e5e714, 0xe342e3fc, 0xafb85395, 0x8226b3b2,
+ 0x44660bf2, 0x7c4c51a9, 0xc86bf697, 0x527ec0b7, 0xa5e29db5, 0x7c0f86b8,
+ 0xf13ae33e, 0x14662d9c, 0x927eca37, 0xeb98f0e9, 0x39e5d109, 0xd766dff4,
+ 0x89bdf3d5, 0x37d7f6ba, 0x03f7baaa, 0xf81e3fb8, 0xf283cf9e, 0x113c679e,
+ 0x8321fb4f, 0xef743b8e, 0xd30f3487, 0x9c819ff5, 0x9e49c440, 0xbffc9130,
+ 0xeea763e1, 0xe51c5f7d, 0xcabdc18a, 0x7ce37563, 0xe32a9f92, 0xba8ec2ad,
+ 0xee915cf9, 0x0a0804fd, 0xc0f8ff3a, 0xc8e1ce63, 0xf775929b, 0x9ce3efdb,
+ 0x2635b3e9, 0x1bcfcfaa, 0xa073853a, 0xcb8a1f3f, 0xe05fc821, 0xc5cbcad6,
+ 0x615f22f9, 0x5eed6c25, 0xe3cce701, 0x2759d118, 0xceb97113, 0xaf2e8b1a,
+ 0xd2a625c6, 0x325db725, 0x9ddfe5df, 0x01e9a357, 0x332bf726, 0x7a10f3fc,
+ 0x1e7dddc5, 0xa4d7968d, 0x6d17342e, 0xa8fca70c, 0x9c804ab1, 0xe22f9158,
+ 0x384a2f36, 0x87fc1da0, 0xb3fdda9e, 0xd9f4d270, 0xc14e0bbf, 0x5e1a81f9,
+ 0x601e6c7e, 0xced3f04f, 0xd08cae37, 0xca9f9be7, 0x2478f013, 0x9fcbec4f,
+ 0x06f1ed56, 0x733e1fa3, 0xdf92331f, 0x7e446ac0, 0x3c9f7686, 0x177d7373,
+ 0x630f87ef, 0x0d37f145, 0xeb8efc46, 0xdefb9545, 0x3d7c464e, 0xa9e2ad6b,
+ 0x128eb053, 0x53270fca, 0xcd9f3f90, 0x70e21f9f, 0xaf77762e, 0x49fbb4ff,
+ 0x7e0aaf66, 0xeefda2ef, 0xcdff52f9, 0x1f7fab5d, 0xe73747ec, 0x60e7fd49,
+ 0x658bf20e, 0x875b52fc, 0xee029f76, 0x09ff87c5, 0x81fb083d, 0x006b3e97,
+ 0x6bf0a8dd, 0x0e75fd63, 0xd81cd0cf, 0xdd4ccb31, 0xf06a13ee, 0x66ab8e0c,
+ 0x997c445a, 0x82e713ed, 0x45eb38b4, 0x774159c4, 0x5784ecd3, 0xd17f6c97,
+ 0xc44dfdcd, 0xf4ac1b7f, 0x7f70a9ef, 0xea9a4a76, 0xf6afb3f7, 0xe22459cf,
+ 0xbdf59dc5, 0x27abaf28, 0x316ae7bd, 0x57f8e2e8, 0x97b25fbd, 0xd8acf9ee,
+ 0x8af0fc29, 0x33e3879d, 0xb7dff402, 0x839f2279, 0xa77fd1fb, 0xbf19047c,
+ 0x9ebffb2e, 0x38139402, 0x5d7e02bd, 0x5c577ffe, 0x70ddf259, 0xe9d3d791,
+ 0x9d65f916, 0x1f5a1563, 0x7c0c6f97, 0x652f15d6, 0x55f63376, 0xb5d7ff34,
+ 0x41e1186a, 0x7d8b83f3, 0xf71d68c3, 0xc66f9d2c, 0xefacd091, 0xb9c48ed7,
+ 0x15fb96b1, 0xdfaa43c7, 0x2be96e4f, 0x7f3441f6, 0x9e4fd839, 0xe341d97c,
+ 0x26f97dde, 0xe42faf1a, 0x9732f237, 0xf910b23d, 0x31b6fd66, 0x62d1e033,
+ 0x68dcfeee, 0x232b94ae, 0xfdbf05f3, 0x5c1ef9d3, 0x7c98fc5c, 0xeeb5fc8f,
+ 0xee21b0a3, 0x0476d0d8, 0x7b044b65, 0xb84be156, 0x5313e761, 0xb7af5c4c,
+ 0x689494d8, 0xcf2b375e, 0xebcd194c, 0x536fb92e, 0x800c3ac0, 0x4bee4bab,
+ 0xfce27cba, 0xc83f16ac, 0xde512eff, 0x74f82f7f, 0x7da30340, 0xd6bded4b,
+ 0x46ecc1df, 0x8b674f94, 0xbd7f437d, 0x3fdd76a7, 0x0ffb8adf, 0x3eb75c39,
+ 0xea4e66c4, 0x25f3ae06, 0x761ab75c, 0x5af38abd, 0xe50ac51d, 0x5dafe44b,
+ 0x2f721030, 0xe38ec4cb, 0xf2bbed86, 0x5dbea5a3, 0xcce21370, 0x3b34bcda,
+ 0x460e96f5, 0x3bc37679, 0xff0e6598, 0x335f2dce, 0x11e85ccb, 0xe557dcab,
+ 0xda8fb0fd, 0x3738addf, 0xbdf9d006, 0xd6bf62f9, 0x13785ee5, 0xfe971dfe,
+ 0x9a6e0bf5, 0x2612bd0b, 0x5ff73dfa, 0x3ba70491, 0x711b2997, 0x7af0ff0f,
+ 0xed7e44e6, 0xfeef392c, 0x1ccb76f5, 0x32ddaefa, 0xb58e3037, 0xfd82c521,
+ 0x32d662df, 0x1fdbee9a, 0x5ffc50ac, 0xd75f1383, 0x938bac11, 0xc3d871e8,
+ 0xba7a6eff, 0x21747065, 0x9bb843f6, 0xdca7f74f, 0x3978b831, 0x79751fee,
+ 0xa7c40e9c, 0xc17af96f, 0x2e6faa51, 0xc7913aa2, 0x03e5b150, 0x2b76cebe,
+ 0xe448b0be, 0xe219d783, 0x2f15e454, 0x5d5cfba1, 0xb101ccf5, 0x0d9ac796,
+ 0x238bef38, 0x5f94b19c, 0xfa242f60, 0x40b0ad1a, 0x239a42fa, 0xf5b56df2,
+ 0xe0cbcb07, 0x9f972538, 0xb8e98f22, 0x14f524d9, 0xfb962fbd, 0x9996970b,
+ 0xef167e49, 0xa0f38ab5, 0x8b52f241, 0x49b9725f, 0x1b3b51e7, 0x5fbed3c6,
+ 0x290fc2c5, 0xd521784e, 0xd39a35b3, 0x5db485e9, 0x42a58653, 0x139232ee,
+ 0xc86dee5c, 0xd8fc821f, 0xd29f94a3, 0xf243dee2, 0xc7b2d2f2, 0x855c0522,
+ 0xc247383f, 0x1714b987, 0x7895979d, 0xf717ce28, 0x15a99cb2, 0xc8e7b667,
+ 0x71a175f8, 0x45e431f8, 0xce20da5f, 0xb7eb062b, 0x4fa2ab59, 0x1e64bf62,
+ 0x9d4f45d6, 0x7e401f22, 0x687984a7, 0x9974beff, 0xc1d0e299, 0xea5cb0fa,
+ 0xbc7be0cd, 0xdaefef82, 0x37a41f9f, 0xeda6bda5, 0x7dbf16e7, 0xdb921ef8,
+ 0x0f32cc0b, 0x7e0f4f41, 0x7f3e0b7c, 0x89efca57, 0xbe494397, 0x9bdcba4c,
+ 0x72e538e0, 0x2f539522, 0x49b37d8b, 0xefc845e0, 0x4fce8542, 0xf4e52fbc,
+ 0x0347d83d, 0x4409dc9e, 0x4e9c9da7, 0x4e7ea9f1, 0x95dc30e5, 0x8952d329,
+ 0x2ac6729e, 0x9dcd9f14, 0xf9085d1e, 0x39e40770, 0xf20d306f, 0x5ce8107d,
+ 0x31dee7e4, 0x8d4fa358, 0xd03c85be, 0x67a353f8, 0x09b4fb97, 0xadc3bd78,
+ 0x4bb0be50, 0xd13de1da, 0x4f9bbfeb, 0xc63fa49b, 0xf98bb0fd, 0xe3a60474,
+ 0xd61fa070, 0x20ecf07e, 0xdaade3d0, 0x2bee37bd, 0xdc4fe053, 0xd754161a,
+ 0x1b71bdee, 0x363d52a6, 0xef76bde8, 0xf797568d, 0xb85f98de, 0x7c5fe532,
+ 0x00b98def, 0x517cbceb, 0xcf834ebf, 0xdbb88d96, 0x901f22ad, 0x3e524785,
+ 0x3ce5e763, 0x8858dbf2, 0x979dbb90, 0xe9fd537b, 0x67c89957, 0xf940cefb,
+ 0x70aa966c, 0x49a9f813, 0x5c026df1, 0xfe10286e, 0xafb833d8, 0xabd9e881,
+ 0x56453be0, 0x43530f71, 0x80be2ba2, 0x2afe6fbf, 0xa7207334, 0xf498e69b,
+ 0xf8ae1cff, 0xfcd37bef, 0x6fa4a701, 0xfda4e9c5, 0x28476722, 0xaa2bc3e5,
+ 0xb8a74d89, 0x6b79d053, 0xf326dfdc, 0xaf579085, 0xa1ea67f5, 0xdbf794d9,
+ 0x4ff24211, 0x63bda71b, 0xdfdc00df, 0xee115ed0, 0x672079c0, 0x0a77c893,
+ 0xbb9db71e, 0xde6f8419, 0x3709c69f, 0xb3b0fe50, 0xf0c7f0e9, 0xd573b417,
+ 0xe189de96, 0x5a9dbbb0, 0x639e199c, 0x6fb71c40, 0xe714b1ef, 0xc5d598e0,
+ 0x37da999f, 0x714ffc1a, 0x4c7a64dd, 0xe52d5ffc, 0xf552fc66, 0x76ffe45d,
+ 0x7fa46ebc, 0xdf31835f, 0x92f3c0a0, 0x74d20b23, 0xd7efc479, 0xd622fb8a,
+ 0x048d1524, 0xd3c999be, 0xfddd7617, 0x11325a57, 0x79d53a1f, 0x197799ee,
+ 0x0db85f9d, 0xdf3ae3ef, 0x7f3d7e58, 0x7dffcafe, 0x0fd3ce9e, 0x79d0b637,
+ 0x42c97679, 0x37ea70f4, 0xee07a66f, 0x502acc97, 0x022f7de4, 0x347e1a5f,
+ 0x8784f4bc, 0x08407576, 0xff87e916, 0xf3e091b7, 0x32fdc36b, 0xe0d1ef9d,
+ 0xaf7c13dd, 0xe7abd705, 0x3feae22b, 0x86e3df30, 0x7ce57ff4, 0xe8dfc86b,
+ 0xfacdbe71, 0xe2b7fef9, 0xfc9f01ac, 0xfe5cfe5c, 0xfe5cfe5c, 0xfe5cfe5c,
+ 0xfe5cfe5c, 0xfe5cfe5c, 0x5e5cfe5c, 0x4f7ffcab, 0x00219aed, 0x000080
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x40c83584,
+ 0x86d2ab2c, 0xcd9f6e20, 0x193757e9, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x3fb6db6d, 0xf55d017e, 0x8000de46, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x40c83584,
+ 0x86d2ab2c, 0xcd9f6e20, 0x193757e9, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x3fb6db6d, 0xf55d017e, 0x8000de46, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x40c83584,
+ 0x86d2ab2c, 0xcd9f6e20, 0x193757e9, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x3fb6db6d, 0xf55d017e, 0x8000de46, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x40c83584,
+ 0x86d2ab2c, 0xcd9f6e20, 0x193757e9, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x3fb6db6d, 0xf55d017e, 0x8000de46, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0x00088b1f, 0x00000000, 0xc5ed0300, 0x20000141, 0x33b00408, 0x40c83584,
+ 0x86d2ab2c, 0xcd9f6e20, 0x193757e9, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d, 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x6db6db6d,
+ 0xdb6db6db, 0xb6db6db6, 0x3fb6db6d, 0xf55d017e, 0x8000de46, 0x0000
+ };
+ 0, 13355);
+ 8192, 14614);
+ 16384, 13895);
+ 24576, 94);
+ 32768, 94);
+ 40960, 94);
+ 49152, 94);
+ 57344, 94);

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