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Date:   Fri,  1 Feb 2019 01:19:46 +0100
From:   Maciej Fijalkowski <>
Subject: [PATCH bpf-next v5 0/8] xdp: Avoid unloading xdp prog not attached by sample

This patchset tries to address the situation where:
* user loads a particular xdp sample application that does stats polling
* user loads another sample application on the same interface
* then, user sends SIGINT/SIGTERM to the app that was attached as a first one
* second application ends up with an unloaded xdp program

1st patch contains a helper libbpf function for getting the map fd by a
given map name.
In patch 2 Jesper removes the read_trace_pipe usage from xdp_redirect_cpu which
was a blocker for converting this sample to libbpf usage.
3rd patch updates a bunch of xdp samples to make the use of libbpf.
Patch 4 adjusts RLIMIT_MEMLOCK for two samples touched in this patchset.
In patch 5 extack messages are added for cases where dev_change_xdp_fd returns
with an error so user has an idea what was the reason for not attaching the
xdp program onto interface.
Patch 6 makes the samples behavior similar to what iproute2 does when loading
xdp prog - the "force" flag is introduced.
Patch 7 introduces the libbpf function that will query the driver from
userspace about the currently attached xdp prog id.

Use it in samples that do polling by checking the prog id in signal handler
and comparing it with previously stored one which is the scope of patch 8.


* add a libbpf helper for getting a prog via relative index
* include xdp_redirect_cpu into conversion

v2->v3: mostly addressing Daniel's/Jesper's comments
* get rid of the helper from v1->v2
* feed the xdp_redirect_cpu with program name instead of number

* fix help message in xdp_sample_pkts

* in get_link_xdp_fd, assign prog_id only when libbpf_nl_get_link returned
  with 0
* add extack messages in dev_change_xdp_fd
* check the return value of bpf_get_link_xdp_id when exiting from sample progs

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (1):
  samples/bpf: xdp_redirect_cpu have not need for read_trace_pipe

Maciej Fijalkowski (7):
  libbpf: Add a helper for retrieving a map fd for a given name
  samples/bpf: Convert XDP samples to libbpf usage
  samples/bpf: Extend RLIMIT_MEMLOCK for xdp_{sample_pkts, router_ipv4}
  xdp: Provide extack messages when prog attachment failed
  samples/bpf: Add a "force" flag to XDP samples
  libbpf: Add a support for getting xdp prog id on ifindex
  samples/bpf: Check the prog id before exiting

 net/core/dev.c                      |  12 ++-
 samples/bpf/Makefile                |   8 +-
 samples/bpf/xdp1_user.c             |  34 ++++++-
 samples/bpf/xdp_adjust_tail_user.c  |  38 +++++--
 samples/bpf/xdp_redirect_cpu_user.c | 196 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 samples/bpf/xdp_redirect_map_user.c | 106 +++++++++++++++----
 samples/bpf/xdp_redirect_user.c     | 103 ++++++++++++++++---
 samples/bpf/xdp_router_ipv4_user.c  | 179 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 samples/bpf/xdp_rxq_info_user.c     |  41 ++++++--
 samples/bpf/xdp_sample_pkts_user.c  |  81 ++++++++++++---
 samples/bpf/xdp_tx_iptunnel_user.c  |  71 ++++++++++---
 samples/bpf/xdpsock_user.c          |  30 +++++-
 tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.c              |   6 ++
 tools/lib/bpf/libbpf.h              |   4 +
 tools/lib/bpf/            |   2 +
 tools/lib/bpf/netlink.c             |  85 ++++++++++++++++
 16 files changed, 796 insertions(+), 200 deletions(-)


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