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Date:   Mon, 10 Oct 2022 04:18:03 +0300
From:   Vadim Fedorenko <>
To:     Jakub Kicinski <>, Jiri Pirko <>,
        Arkadiusz Kubalewski <>
Cc:,,, Vadim Fedorenko <>
Subject: [RFC PATCH v3 5/6] dpll: documentation on DPLL subsystem interface

From: Vadim Fedorenko <>

Add documentation explaining common netlink interface to configure DPLL
devices and monitoring events. Common way to implement DPLL device in
a driver is also covered.

Signed-off-by: Vadim Fedorenko <>
 Documentation/networking/dpll.rst  | 157 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Documentation/networking/index.rst |   1 +
 2 files changed, 158 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/networking/dpll.rst

diff --git a/Documentation/networking/dpll.rst b/Documentation/networking/dpll.rst
new file mode 100644
index 000000000000..00c15b19aefb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/networking/dpll.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,157 @@
+.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
+The Linux kernel DPLL subsystem
+The main purpose of DPLL subsystem is to provide general interface
+to configure devices that use any kind of Digital PLL and could use
+different sources of signal to synchronize to as well as different
+types of outputs. The inputs and outputs could be internal components
+of the device as well as external connections. The main interface is
+NETLINK_GENERIC based protocol with config and monitoring groups of
+commands defined.
+Configuration commands group
+Configuration commands are used to get information about registered
+DPLL devices as well as get or set configuration of each used input
+or output. As DPLL device could not be abstract and reflects real
+hardware, there is no way to add new DPLL device via netlink from
+user space and each device should be registered by it's driver.
+List of command with possible attributes
+All constants identifying command types use ``DPLL_CMD_`` prefix and
+suffix according to command purpose. All attributes use ``DPLLA_``
+prefix and suffix according to attribute purpose:
+  =====================================  =============================
+  ``DEVICE_GET``                         userspace to get device info
+    ``DEVICE_ID``                        attr internal device index
+    ``DEVICE_NAME``                      attr DPLL device name
+    ``STATUS``                           attr DPLL device status info
+    ``DEVICE_SRC_SELECT_MODE``           attr DPLL source selection
+                                         mode
+    ``DEVICE_SRC_SELECT_MODE_SUPPORTED`` attr supported source
+                                         selection modes
+    ``LOCK_STATUS``                      attr internal frequency-lock
+                                         status
+    ``TEMP``                             attr device temperature
+                                         information
+  ``SET_SOURCE``                         userspace to set
+                                         sources/inputs configuration
+    ``DEVICE_ID``                        attr internal device index
+                                         to configure source pin
+    ``SOURCE_ID``                        attr index of source pin to
+                                         configure
+    ``SOURCE_NAME``                      attr name of source pin to
+                                         configure
+    ``SOURCE_TYPE``                      attr configuration value for
+                                         selected source pin
+  ``SET_OUTPUT``                         userspace to set outputs
+                                         configuration
+    ``DEVICE_ID``                        attr internal device index to
+                                         configure output pin
+    ``OUTPUT_ID``                        attr index of output pin to
+                                         configure
+    ``OUTPUT_NAME``                      attr name of output pin to
+                                         configure
+    ``OUTPUT_TYPE``                      attr configuration value for
+                                         selected output pin
+  ``SET_SRC_SELECT_MODE``                userspace to set source pin
+                                         selection mode
+    ``DEVICE_ID``                        attr internal device index
+    ``DEVICE_SRC_SELECT_MODE``           attr source selection mode
+  ``SET_SOURCE_PRIO``                    userspace to set priority of
+                                         a source pin for automatic
+                                         source selection mode
+    ``DEVICE_ID``                        attr internal device index
+                                         for source pin
+    ``SOURCE_ID``                        attr index of source pin to
+                                         configure
+    ``SOURCE_PRIO``                      attr priority of a source pin
+The pre-defined enums
+These enums are used to select type values for source/input and
+output pins:
+  ============================= ======================================
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_EXT_1PPS``        External 1PPS source
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_EXT_10MHZ``       External 10MHz source
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_SYNCE_ETH_PORT``  SyncE on Ethernet port
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_INT_OSCILLATOR``  Internal Oscillator (i.e. Holdover
+                                with Atomic Clock as a Source)
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_GNSS``            GNSS 1PPS source
+  ``DPLL_TYPE_CUSTOM``          Custom frequency
+Values for monitoring attributes STATUS:
+  ============================= ======================================
+  ``DPLL_STATUS_NONE``          No information provided
+  ``DPLL_STATUS_CALIBRATING``   DPLL device is not locked to the
+                                source frequency
+  ``DPLL_STATUS_LOCKED``        DPLL device is locked to the source
+                                frequency
+Possible DPLL source selection mode values:
+  ============================= ======================================
+  ``DPLL_SRC_SELECT_FORCED``    source pin is force-selected by
+                                DPLL_CMD_SET_SOURCE_TYPE
+  ``DPLL_SRC_SELECT_AUTOMATIC`` source pin ise auto selected according
+                                to configured priorities and source
+                                signal validity
+  ``DPLL_SRC_SELECT_HOLDOVER``  force holdover mode of DPLL
+  ``DPLL_SRC_SELECT_FREERUN``   DPLL is driven by supplied system
+                                clock without holdover capabilities
+  ``DPLL_SRC_SELECT_NCO``       similar to FREERUN, with possibility
+                                to numerically control frequency offset
+DPLL device can provide notifications regarding status changes of the
+device, i.e. lock status changes, source/output type changes or alarms.
+This is the multicast group that is used to notify user-space apps via
+netlink socket:
+  ============================== ====================================
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_DEVICE_CREATE``   New DPLL device was created
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_DEVICE_DELETE``   DPLL device was deleted
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_STATUS_LOCKED``   DPLL device has locked to source
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_STATUS_UNLOCKED`` DPLL device is in freerun or
+                                 in calibration mode
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_SOURCE_CHANGE``   DPLL device source changed
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_OUTPUT_CHANGE``   DPLL device output changed
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_SOURCE_PRIO``     DPLL device source priority changed
+  ``DPLL_EVENT_SELECT_MODE``     DPLL device source selection mode
+                                 changed
+Device driver implementation
+For device to operate as DPLL subsystem device, it should implement
+set of operations and register device via ``dpll_device_alloc`` and
+``dpll_device_register`` providing desired device name and set of
+supported operations as well as the amount of sources/input pins and
+output pins. If there is no specific name supplied, dpll subsystem
+will use ``dpll%d`` template to create device name. Notifications of
+adding or removing DPLL devices are created within subsystem itself,
+but notifications about configurations changes or alarms should be
+implemented within driver as different ways of confirmation could be
+used. All the interfaces for notification messages could be found in
+``<dpll.h>``, constats and enums are placed in ``<uapi/linux/dpll.h>``
+to be consistent with user-space.
+There is no strict requeriment to implement all the operations for
+each device, every operation handler is checked for existence and
+ENOTSUPP is returned in case of absence of specific handler.
diff --git a/Documentation/networking/index.rst b/Documentation/networking/index.rst
index 16a153bcc5fe..612d322a3380 100644
--- a/Documentation/networking/index.rst
+++ b/Documentation/networking/index.rst
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Contents:
+   dpll

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