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Date:	Thu, 4 Oct 2007 09:47:31 -0700
From:	Stephen Hemminger <>
Subject: [BUGZILLA] network bugs

68 bugs found.
ID 	Assignee 	Status 	Resolution 	Version 	Summary
2803 	ASSI 		2.6.6 	isa modem detected but does not initialize
3258 	ASSI 		2.4.27 or 	kernel IP autoconfig with PCMCIA
4206 	ASSI 		2.6.9 	NAT/Masquerade not working
4595 	ASSI 		2.6.11 	Error inserting ebt_ulog
4809 	ASSI 		2.6.12 	AF_PACKET sockets ignore the SO_TIMESTAMP sockopt
4885 	ASSI 	IPv6 Route entry being wrongly removed
5088 	NEW 		2.6.x 	disable ECN per connection
5091 	NEW 		2.6.10 	connection tracking can give abnormal throughput result
5131 	moin@...ckhole.labs.rootshe... 	ASSI 		2.6.13-rc3-mm1 	Computer hangs when default-gw becomes unreachable
5248 	ASSI 		2.4.33-pre1 	Rapid loading and unloading of iptables modules gives oop...
5731 	REOP 		2.6.14 	Zero-length write() does not generate a datagram on conne...
5999 	NEW 	Iptables modules fail to load on Alpha arch
6036 	other_other@...nel-bugs.osd... 	NEW 	mmap'ed write to socket hangs when connection remote end ...
6161 	NEW 		2.6.14 	Modem Slow down speed 50% after kernel upgrade
6171 	NEW 		2.6.15 	3c59x: netlink only updates online status each 60s
6187 	NEW 		2.6.16-git 	netlink: possible use after free in netlink_recvmsg
6197 	NEW 		2.6.15 and all ... 	unregister_netdevice: waiting for ppp9 to become free. Us...
6319 	ASSI 		vanilla 2.6.16 	ipsec tunnel asymmetrical mtu
6322 	NEW 	Kernel Panic (tc filter delete panic)
6339 	NEW 		2.6.16 	Wish: /proc or /sys-access to counters
6548 	NEW 	MPPE Encrypt Decrypt module bug.
6681 	NEW 		2.6.16-gentoo-r6 	TC crash and rule freeze
6682 	NEW 	BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0! / ksoftirqd takse 100...
6830 	NEW 		2.6.9 	Need a /proc to view IF-MIB counters not in /proc/net/dev
6917 	NEW 		2.6.18-rc2-git6 	BUG: warning at net/core/dev.c:1171/skb_checksum_help()
6966 	NEW 	ftp conntrack doesn't work
6998 	NEW 		2.6.17 	rp_filter missing for ipv6
7058 	NEW 	CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_FWMARK breaks rp_filter checks
7198 	NEW 		2.6.18 	balance-alb bonding oops when disconnecting primary slave...
7202 	NEW 		2.6.17 	sun happy meal ethernet driver problem
7512 	ASSI 		2.6.19-rc5 	irda: sock_error in af_irda.c:irda_recvmsg_stream
7554 	NEW 		2.6.18 	oops after insmod rfcomm and rmmod rfcomm
7709 	NEW 	Exposing the string field lengths of the ethtool_drvinfo ...
7732 	other_other@...nel-bugs.osd... 	NEW 		2.6.19.* 	System freeze every 10 days
7846 	NEW 	Strange trouble with samba and 2.6.19 kernel
7952 	NEW 		2.6.18 	slattach only works every other time
7974 	NEW 		2.6.20 	(bonding): scheduling while atomic
7983 	NEW 	kernel BUG at kernel/workqueue.c:150!
8054 	NEW 		2.6.21-rc1 	tipc_ref_discard tipc_deleteport locking dependency
8085 	networking_netfilter-iptabl... 	NEW 		2.6.20 	performance drop in 2.6.20 (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SUPPORT)
8203 	NEW 	Race: a lock is expected before calling llc_conn_state_pr...
8215 	REOP 	A lock is expected before calling zero_fw_chain, but it ...
8218 	NEW 		2.6.20 	8021q - Vlan - Tag lost/missing on base interface when sn...
8253 	NEW 		2.6.20-rc3 	BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual ad...
8325 	networking_netfilter-iptabl... 	NEW 		2.6.19-1.2911.f... 	-j REDIRECT --to-ports 1000-1009, always first choosen
8338 	networking_netfilter-iptabl... 	NEW 	NAT of TCP connections broken
8382 	NEW 	2.6.20 cannot route packets outside tunnel
8474 	NEW 	regression failure, can't even ping modem
8525 	ASSI 		2.6.20 	Realtek RTL8168B does not initialize when rebooting from ...
8536 	NEW 		2.6.x 	Kernel drops UDP packets silently when reading from certa...
8561 	NEW 		vanilla kernel ... 	list_add corruption. prev->next should be next (f7d28794)...
8654 	NEW 		Linux version 2... 	possible connect() bug
8726 	NEW 		2.6.22 	MSG_TRUNC not regarded in unix_dgram_recvmsg()
8732 	ASSI 		UBUNTU 7.04, PC... 	Samba - very slow -one way- speed on AMD 690
8736 	NEW 		2.6.22 	New TC deadlock scenario
8754 	NEW 		2.6.20, 2.6.22 	Kernel addrconf modifies MTU of non-kernel routes
8755 	NEW 		2.6.20, 2.6.22 	"ip -6 route change " behaves like "ip -6 route add"
8766 	NEW 		2.6.20 	802.1q VLAN stacking + REORDER_HDR is broken
8891 	NEW 	in-kernel rpc generates broken RPCBPROC_GETVERSADDR v4 re...
8895 	NEW and al... 	An ioctl to delete an ipv6 tunnel leads to a kernel panic
8914 	NEW 	filter attached to prio qdisc breaks priomap handling of ...
8961 	other_other@...nel-bugs.osd... 	NEW 	BUG triggered by oidentd in netlink code
8962 	REOP 		2.6.23-rc4 	sky2: network intermittently unavailable after ifdown/ifu...
8971 	NEW 		2.6.18.* - 2.6.... 	htb class delete causes kernelpanic and other htb bugs.
8996 	NEW 		2.6.22 	atl1 driver cause kernel oops IF ram > 4Gyte and a lot of...
9077 	ASSI 		2.6.23-rc6 	build #301 failed for 2.6.23-rc6-g0d4cbb5 in linux/driver...
9079 	other_other@...nel-bugs.osd... 	NEW 		2.6.23-rc3 	NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out
9080 	ASSI 		2.6.23-rc2 	Weird network problems with 2.6.23-rc2
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