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Date:	Thu, 4 Oct 2007 09:45:05 -0700
From:	Stephen Hemminger <>
Subject: [BUGZILLA] network device bugs

94 bugs found.

ID  	 Assignee  	 Status  	 Resolution  	 Version  	 Summary
2283 	c-d.hailfinger.kernel.2004@... 	ASSI 		2.6.3 	(net forcedeth) NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out...
2776 	ASSI 		2.6.5 	(net dmfe) Davicom 9102AF only works in 10 Mbps
3048 	NEW 		>=2.6.6 	(IRDA) smsc-ircc2: can't get sir_base of 0x2f8
3050 	NEW 		2.6.7 	(net b44) Link is down! problem
3156 	NEW 		2.6.7 stock kernel 	(net de2104x) Kernel panic with de2104x tulip driver on boot
3299 	NEW 		2.6.8-1 	(net tlan) receives interrupt for uncompleted RX frame du...
3526 	NEW 	(net 8139too) CardBus NIC locks up system with PIO
3575 	NEW 	(IRDA) PNP Support in nsc-ircc
3661 	NEW / 2.6.9 	(net 8139too) gives strange errors, drops and overruns in...
3765 	NEW 		2.6.9 (also 2.6... 	Network link down, when writting to sata disk AND network...
3777 	NEW 		2.6.10-rc2 	(net tun) driver fails to open when built in, must be mod...
3801 	NEW 		2.6.9 	(net 8139too) does not set PME-Enable upon setting WOL
3938 	NEW 		2.6.9 	(net tun) device driver doesn't fill in interface name on...
4143 	NEW 		2.6.10 	(net via-rhine) my eth card (via-rhine HP xe4100 laptop) ...
4420 	NEW 	(net tulip) Problem with 6 bit addressing in tulip_read_e...
4434 	NEW 		2.6.11 	(net Tulip) NIC card causes hard lock up of PC
4451 	NEW 		2.6.9 	(net via-rhine) VIA Rhine II: media detection fails on re...
4566 	NEW 		2.6.11 	(net B44) Randomly driver starts sending garbage and stop...
4701 	ASSI, also... 	(net tulip) No driver works with Asant´┐ŻFAST 10/100 PWA ...
4755 	NEW 	At system startup b44 doesn't report correct mii status
4803 	NEW 		2.6.12 	3c59x: regression in time to establish connection
4844 	NEW 	HERMES driver should be more specific about IPW support
4849 	NEW - 2.6.... 	WAKE ON LAN not working.
4883 	NEW 	tg3 driver doesn't send ARP reply on 8021q 802.1q dot1q V...
5033 	NEW 		2.6.12 (and pre... 	NIC responds only every N seconds
5149 	ASSI 		2.6.13 	Wake-on-lan broken using Intel e100 driver
5519 	NEW 		2.6.14 	Bonding Driver Marks itself as not VLAN Capable
5569 	NEW 		2.6.14 	xirc2ps_cs based pcmcia card stopped working in 2.6.14
5624 	NEW 		2.6.15-rc1 	Lockup in B44 driver on 'mii-tool ethX' when 'ifconfig et...
5827 	NEW 		2.6.15 	pppd with MPPE fails
5839 	ASSI 		2.6.15 	uli526x partially recognizing interface
5870 	ASSI 		2.6.15 	SiS 190 doesn't download files
5979 	NEW 	Davicom DM9102 Network Card cuts out every 60 secs
6108 	ASSI 	Failure of r8169 ethernet i/f after resume from S3 sleep
6149 	NEW 	Fiber Optic interface don't works on 3c905B-FX
6366 	NEW + susp... 	Oversized Ethernet frame spanned multiple buffers
6444 	NEW 	transmit timed out on 3c59x
6610 	NEW 		2.6.16 	dummy interface broadcast destination hardware address is...
6690 	NEW 	forcedeth 0.57 problems at gigabit speeds
6807 	ASSI 	r8169: freeze at higher speeds
6929 	ASSI 	T60 and e1000 long ping
6986 	ASSI 		2.6.15 	e1000 doesn't update trafic counters frequently enough
7071 	NEW #2 SM... 	Can't bring Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet interfaces up (Ca...
7085 	ASSI 	System freezes when load the module sis190
7133 	NEW 		2.6.17 	ibmtr_cs seams working as fine with 64bit kernel than wit...
7226 	NEW 		2.4.33 / 2.6.18 	Problem in forcing RTL8139 into 100Mbps full-duplex mode
7440 	NEW 	3c59x suddenly receives no more packets
7443 	NEW 	8139too and transmit timeouts with edge triggered PCI irq
7487 	NEW 		2.6.19-rc5/2.6.... 	Sundance driver fails to recognize carrier status
7588 	NEW 		2.6.19 	Race: Lock is not acquired before calling read_zsreg in z...
7617 	REOP 		2.6.19-rc6-mm2 	sky2 driver crashes
7633 	NEW 	Race: Caller of function alb_swap_mac_addr() must hold bo...
7659 	NEW 		2.6.19 	Race: a lock must be held before entering update_stats
7660 	NEW 		2.6.19 	Race: lock must be held before entering function z8530_re...
7696 	NEW 		2.6.20_rc1 	b44 driver doesn't work under heavy load
7821 	ASSI 		2.6.20-rc5 	sundance driver not activating D-Link DFE-580TX adapter
7853 	NEW 	Get "mppe_decompress: osize too small" while forwarding f...
7856 	NEW 	b44 WOL problem (bcm4401)
7924 	ASSI 	same issue as closed bug 7555 with r8169 and slow transfer
8007 	NEW 		2.6.20 	3c905 Tornado dosen't work (eeprom mac address is invalid)
8009 	NEW 		linux-2.6.18 	PPPoE+mppe Server fail with Win Client
8043 	NEW 	curious communication breakage with e1000 and NBT
8061 	ASSI 		2.6.20 	is VIA Network device statistics calculation wrong? missi...
8084 	NEW 		Linux-2.6.20 	phy_mii_ioctl(...) forgets to return phy_device's speed s...
8106 	ASSI 		2.6.20 	tx_errors and tx_fifo_errors not updated consistantly
8107 	NEW 		2.6.20 	dev->header_cache_update has a random value
8132 	NEW 		2.6.20 	pptp server lockup in ppp_asynctty_receive()
8143 	ASSI 	System freeze when two applications access a NAS while it...
8146 	NEW 	A bug or a bad comment? scc_net_rx is not called from sc...
8252 	ASSI 	Via Velocity "eth0: excessive work at interrupt."
8329 	NEW 		2.6.20 	mtplan.c: kmalloc while spinlock is held
8330 	NEW 		2.6.20 	lmc: copy_to/from_user cals while spinlock is held
8381 	NEW 		2.6.21-rc5 	forcedeth doesn't wol on suspend
8430 	ASSI 	BUG: e1000: scheduling while atomic: mii-tool
8443 	NEW 		2.6.18-4 	Forcedeth v0.56 delivers MAC-Address backwards
8568 	NEW 	forcedeth: autonegotiation weirdness with dual port nforc...
8604 	NEW 		2.6.17-14mdv 	Forcedeth IRQ / soft lockup
8612 	NEW 	Ethernet spin down (mcp51)
8637 	ASSI 		2.6.22-rc4 	skge doesn't wakeonlan (wol) whilst hibernated
8642 	NEW 		2.6.21 	forcedeth doesn't work on MCP61 chipset mainboard
8688 	ASSI 	r8169: high latency when packet fragmentation occurs (NFS)
8699 	NEW 	bnx2 driver needs delay for VLAN tagging
8700 	NEW 	(forcedeth.c doesn't work correctly) Any ethernet going down
8733 	NEW 		2.6.22 	forcedeth stuck in long loop on loading
8776 	NEW 	tg3 I/O lockup after a certain number of packets
8780 	NEW 	tg3 crashing
8808 	NEW 	Large file transfer causes kernel panic showing b44_poll
8952 	ASSI 	tulip driver oops in tulip_interrupt when hibernating wit...
8981 	NEW 		2.6.23-rc5 	got a kernel panic with 2.6.23-rc5 - something concerning...
8991 	NEW 	(IrDA) nsc-ircc not working anymore since
9015 	NEW 	network load can break nforce nic (forcedeth driver)
9047 	REOP 		2.6.23-rc7-git1 	2.6.23-rc7-git1 forcedeth w/ MCP55 oops under heavy load
9094 	ASSI 		2.6.22 	dmfe driver stopped working correctly in kernel 2.6.22
9106 	ASSI 	Sun Fire v100 dmfe driver bug

Stephen Hemminger <>
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